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What if Elain and Azriel are mates?

I know it sounds crazy, but bare with me.

In the Throne of Glass series, Rowan was convinced from the moment he first laid eyes on Lyria that she was his mate. He believed that for centuries and every day since, even after falling in love with Aelin.

However, in the end, it was all a trick orchestrated by Maeve to turn him into her servant. What if that’s what went on with Lucien, Elain and The King of Hybern.

What if the King of Hybern (who we all know is NOT an idiot) saw how faltering Lucien’s loyalty to Tamlin was becoming and how dangerous that could be to him during the war, but couldn’t risk killing Lucien and ruining the alliance with Tamlin and The Spring Court. So, as a way to ensure Lucien’s loyalty, he tricked him into believing that Elain was his mate, because he never expected her to get away with the rest of The Court of Dreams at the end of ACOMAF. He expected to have Elain locked away at his side (as she temporarily is in ACOWAR) with Lucien right there, ready to do anything for The King as long as he didn’t harm her.

The King of Hybern had The Cauldron. He broke an unbreakable bond, turned humans into high fae, destroyed the entire wall in the blink of an eye and he almost cleaved the world apart with it. Creating an elaborate illusion is certainly not beyond him.

It would also explain why Lucien, despite always being concerned with Elian’s safety, wasn’t hesitant about leaving her at The Night Court when he left for The Continent. In fact, when he returned, he didn’t even ask about her or try and find her in the middle of a deadly battle where she could be in serious harm. In fact, Elain shows little to no interest in him at all. She is simply indifferent to him.

If Lucien was not Elain’s mate but Azriel was, it would also explain why Azriel was so quick to take a liking to her. He was supposedly in love with Mor for five hundred years, but if both Elain and Mor were in the same room, his attention would always be directed towards Elain. Even Mor noticed it and pointed it out herself.

Elain trusted Azriel enough to not fear him, even though she knew exactly what and who he was, and exactly how dangerous he could be. She was never scared of him. Oh, and here’s the real kicker, Azriel gave her Turthteller. Remember, that weapon that he has never so much as let anyone touch, not even his high lord, not even his brothers or the woman he supposedly loves? He handed it over to her despite barely knowing her.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I find Azriel and Elain as a couple makes more sense to me then Elain and Lucien together, and perhaps I think Azriel and Elain have much better chemistry. However, there were way too many hints and clues pointing towards Elriel, and we all know SJMaas does not just do that for no reason. They could be each other’s temporary romantic interest, but they’ve both had they’re hearts broken by the person they believed they were meant to be with.

So maybe this isn’t a crazy theory, and maybe they are mates. We’ll just have to wait and see.


natgeo Video by @ronan_donovan // The lingering twilight in the far north illuminates the evening commute of this Atlantic puffin colony in Scotland. The adults spend most their day at sea, sometimes flying more than 60 miles in order to find shoals of small fish to dive on. They’ll then bring home a beak full of fish for their single chick that’s been tucked away in a burrow. Turn the sound 🔉on for this one and listen to the wings and bodies whizzing by!!

Lucien Vansarra

Ballpoint pen

My collage of Lucien adoration (and major hair goals) is taking shape. Here he is in the reading room gazing at Elain, added to my image of his beautiful form in Illyrian fighting leathers. 

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I’ve seen many blogs hating Sarah J. Maas. Ok, I do understand why someone would ever dislike her books. People are free to discuss about it, but please be respectful. Many of you are hating her and making fun of her work. Are you better than Sarah while you write and post shit about somebody you barely know? Because people aren’t just hating her books. No, of course not. They are spitting hate on her. They are creating blogs and tags against her, offending Sarah’s characters, fans, ships and shippers. Honestly, how childish. How can you ask for respect without being respectful? Grow up!
She is human just like you, my dear hater. And if she is human, she is imperfect and so are her books.
I’m tired of seeing hate on my dash. It’s disgusting and it bothers me so much. And I know I’m not the only one.
Use your time for the greater good. And if you can’t, just be respectful and we’ll be okay. But if you aren’t capable of arguing without being an asshole, please… just don’t.

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Elriel 15 (innocent and NSFW)

It’s always the quiet ones that seem to know how to use their mouths the best.

Touching Headcanon:


Elain and Azriel’s hands are usually found clasped between the other one’s fingers.

Azriel’s thumb moves against the back of Elain’s hand anytime she looks lost in thought. Sometimes this little gesture is used to encourage her to speak or to soothe her troubled thoughts.

On occasion Elain will speak aloud after she receives a vision from her seer powers which will result in confused or blatant stares from the fae around her.

This causes Elain to become slightly embarrassed, but Azriel somehow always manages to appear from shadows when she needs him.

He’ll then take hold of her hand and ask her to explain more about her vision. He doesn’t want her to hide in shame from her abilities and he’ll start running his thumb across the back of her hand again.

A comforting touch that gives Elain the courage she needs.

Elain is also fond of running her fingers along the burns on Azriel’s arms. She has always seen them as beautiful and anytime she notices Azriel is having a rough day she will idly run her fingers along his skin.

At dinner when Azriel is seated across from her she will sometimes rub her foot against his.

The first time she ever did it just for fun Azriel almost leapt from his chair in surprise.

One evening Elain didn’t realize how close Cassian’s feet were to Azriel’s and accidentally brushed the Illyrian Commander’s foot.

Cassian choked on his food and went to look down at who touched him, but Azriel’s swift thinking made him shove his own foot against Cassian’s shin.

“Azriel did you just kick me? Twice?”

“Maybe if you got your large feet out of my way I wouldn’t have to resort to it.”

“Well you know what they say about large feet and large wings.”

Cassian waggled his brows and everyone at the table either laughed or groaned at the joke he made.

But across the table Elain gives Azriel a thankful look.

In return Azriel has a hint of a smile as his foot slides silently across the floor and lightly taps against Elain’s own foot. 


Azriel, the fae male known for being quiet, is actually quite skilled with his tongue much to Elain’s astonishment and delight.

He swirls his tongue in slow strokes as he relishes the taste of Elain.

Azriel’s hands have to grip Elain’s thighs tightly when she bucks up in urgency for him to move faster and harder against her.

Elain’s narrow legs are no match for Azriel’s powerful grip as he ensures that their pace is slow until he is ready to devour her like a ravenous male whose thirst can only be quenched by the wetness that gathers between Elain’s thighs.

The effect is instantaneous and Elain bows off the bed in pleasure.

Azriel’s scarred hands move underneath her back as he finishes licking every last drop until he is satisfied.

At this point Elain is trying to catch her breath causing her breasts to rise and fall in time as she comes down from her release.

Azriel then runs his fingers up the slope of her breasts and palms them so they fit in his hand.

He plays with them and even flicks the raised nipples until Elain is writhing underneath him.

Azriel’s shadows also play a part by stroking Elain’s legs and moving upward.

It doesn’t take long before Elain decides that Azriel deserves a piece of his own medicine.

Elain swiftly wraps her legs around Azriel’s waist and pulls him down with all he strength.

The quick motion brings Azriel’s hardened length against Elain and she begins rubbing against him in ways that make Azriel moan above her.

But Elain’s not done yet. She tries to wrap her arms around him to bring him in for a kiss, but Azriel’s shadows pin her arms to the sheets.

Azriel smirks with hunger in his eyes at the sight of Elain beneath him.

“Not so fast Elain. My mouth isn’t finished yet.”

And Azriel proceeds to lower himself until is lips are kissing above Elain’s pounding heartbeat before moving his mouth lower until he latches onto her breast.

When it’s finally Elain’s turn she has no mercy on the shadowsinger and to give him the same treatment she received. Though this time Azriel will be the one begging for release. 


You felt like you could barely drag yourself up to the door to get inside. Climbing those few steps seemed to use the last bit of reserved energy you had. You had been slammed at work all week–working overtime, covering other people’s asses when they screwed up, pushing forward on way too many tasks at once–and you were burnt out.

The only thing on your mind was a pair of sweatpants, a soft blanket, and a particular blue-eyed angel that you hoped was waiting for you inside.

“Cas?” you called out, tossing your stuff down just inside the door. 

“In here,” his deep voice answered. You were a little curious as to why it echoed out from the laundry room and you made your way over to investigate. Your eyes widened as you reached the threshold and you suddenly had the urge to laugh, but you suppressed it in favor of asking Cas what exactly he had going on in there…

“I’m doing your laundry for you,” he said, nearly puffing out his chest in a swell of pride.

“I see that,” you said, stepping over the nearest pile of clothes. The washing machine and the dryer were already going. “You, umm… you haven’t ever done laundry before, have you?”

Cas tilted his head thoughtfully. “No. I called Dean. He told me to separate the colors for different loads. So, right now the blue clothes are in the dryer, and soon the green load will be done in the washing machine.” His eyes sparkled again with pride and you smiled widely at him, shaking your head and laughing a little before placing a kiss on his cheek. Cas suddenly looked concerned, albeit a little starry-eyed from the sign of affection you had just bestowed on him.

“Have–have I done something wrong?” he asked, looking down at the many remaining piles of clothes, all sitting with only garments of the same hue or shade.

“No,” you said, giving him a warm and fond look. “You’ve done it just right. Come on,” you said, tilting your head in the direction of the door. “You’ve freed up some time for me, and I think we should use it to do something fun.”

Cas eagerly accepted.