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Pepero Kiss [m]

smut // everyone knows the peppero game right? too bad your boyfriend acts as though he doesn’t know how to.

The aluminium wrapper crinkled in between your fingers as you took the stick of pepero out.

“You bite, then I bite. Got it?” You said. “But not all of it, we need to leave the smallest piece we can get. Then we compare.”

“I know how to play it, but why do you want us to do this?” His eyes blinked open as rose up from the bed and rested himself on his elbows. “I thought we were watching tv?”

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44335557! (5)

Part 5 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language, Mention of drugs and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 5,013

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You were sitting in your last lesson of the day bored out of your mind, your pencil swivelling around in your hand. This time you were seated between Nel and Chanyeol; you hadn’t been on good terms with Nel since the night before and to be totally honest you were avoiding her to a certain extent. You looked to your right at Chanyeol. He looked tired and pale he was unusually quiet and something was off.
Your wrist was hurting and you were tired of taking notes it was a long day and you just wanted to sleep. Exam stress was really beginning to catch up on you and it was really obvious from the bags that were hanging under your eyes just how difficult revision was becoming. Baekhyun was back at school today and everyone was keeping a close eye on him, just to make sure he was okay but for the most part he was his usual self.
Your teacher dismissed you, his voice bringing you out of your afternoon slumber, slowly you dragged your body up from your chair and hung your bag on your shoulder. You looked as Nel walked outside, she seemed to be waiting for you but when she realised you were not following behind she walked away. You walked as fast as your legs would take you to catch up with Chanyeol.

“Chan are you okay you look really tired?”
Your eyes widened as you saw a tear spring free from Chanyeol’s eyes. He shook his head as he looked at you through wet lashes. “Oh God, Chanyeol. It’s okay.” You wrapped your arms around him, stunned to say the absolute least. You dragged him to the side into an empty classroom. He was crying into your chest; his hot tears soaking into your jumper as you cradled him back and forth. “Do you want to talk about it? Is it your sister?” You asked slowly rubbing his back with the palm of your hands. He nodded into your chest.

“This morning was really bad. She had a really bad day.” He sobbed and he kept his head buried into your jumper. “I just couldn’t handle it Y/N.”

Chanyeol’s sister’s brain was undeveloped. In truth she was two years younger than him, but her mental age was similar to that of a 3 year old child. One day Chanyeol’s parents decided that they didn’t want to do it anymore. They had enough and so they simply just upped and left. Leaving Chanyeol to fend for himself his brother and his sister. Chanyeol was a very hard working man he had to juggle taking his brother to school, his sister to a day care centre, revising for exams and working part time, he truly was an extraordinary person and you had the utmost respect for him. On the weekend Chanyeol would work 12 hours whilst his brother would have to stay and look after his sister, Chanyeol’s brother was only 14 but they had no other choice, he had to make money somehow in order to sustain the small family that he had left. The rest of you tried to help Chanyeol out whenever you could. He was still weeping in your chest as he clung on to you tightly.

“I just…I can’t breathe it’s so hard. She had the worst tantrum she’s had in a while this morning. She didn’t want me to take her to the care centre, she didn’t want me to leave and I felt so bad but I had to. She went crazy and then it scared my brother so he started crying and now he’s scared to be at home with her alone in case she does something to him.” He coughed as he cried on your chest, his saliva spluttering about but right now that was the least of your worries. “I can’t do this Y/N. I can’t breathe.” His grip around you tightened and you let him cling onto you for as long and as hard as he needed. You waited until he settled down a little bit, he took a deep breath and withdrew his head from your chest.

“Listen Chanyeol, you’re a great brother. You’re a great man and you’re a fighter and although I know you’re under a lot of stress I also know that you can do this.” You squeezed his hands tightly as you looked into his red wet eyes. “I have faith in you Park Chanyeol because I know that you and your family will get through this horrendous struggle and when you make it in life one day, you can stick your middle fingers up to your parents proudly because you earned it.” You used the pad of your thumb to wipe the tears that stained his face. “How about us guys help you out. You and your brother deserve a day out. Take him to see a film or something, or go to a restaurant. Just treat yourselves. We’ll look after your sister for the day.”
Chanyeol shook his violently at your mention.

“No Y/N, you have no idea how high maintenance she is. I couldn’t put you all through that, she is my responsibility.” He shook his head violently as he leaned back against a desk.

“Chanyeol, don’t be stubborn. You need this okay. You’re our friend and we need to help you when you need it. You’re not coping right now so let us help, just for one day.” You hugged him tightly denying him the chance to say no. “Come on Chan, let’s go meet the others. You don’t have to stay strong for us you know that right, just let it all out.” You took him lightly by the hand and led him through the dull and depressing corridors into the common room, where everyone but Nel was. Baekhyun looked up at you through soft eyes and gave you a light smile before his attention shifted to Chanyeol.

“Yo, are you okay?” He asked, causing everyone around the table to look up at him.
His face was painted with dry tear stains and his eyes were still blood red.

“Yeah, I’m fine now.” He mumbled. “I need to get home, Min do you want a lift?” He looked up at Minseok more so desperate for his company. Minseok nodded; the two boys waved goodbye as they left the building.

You looked up over at Sehun who frowned at you and then avoided your gaze.

“Anyway. My girlfriend wants to meet you guys, so dinner for 7 at Food Heaven and don’t be fucking late.” Sehun turned his back on you and started walking towards the door he was clearly in a foul mood from yesterday as he hadn’t replied to your message and had been avoiding you all day. You were just hoping that you hadn’t gotten him into too much trouble with his girlfriend.

“Wait.” Jongdae scoffed in disbelief “Girlfriend? What?”

“Stop asking questions and just make sure you come.” He rolled his eyes and disappeared from your sight.

“What the fuck is wrong with him nowadays?” Rozz frowned as she bent down to pick up her satchel from the floor. You noticed that her hair was plaited neatly into a single braid today and she looked absolutely adorable. You shrugged, pretending that you weren’t sure what had gotten into Sehun.
“Has anyone spoken to Nel today?”
You, Jongdae and Baekhyun went eerily quiet at her question. She frowned. “I know guys… but she’s still our friend. Besides Baekhyun you’re a grown man she didn’t force you to hang out with Reiji and the rest.”

“Yes but she didn’t exactly encourage him to stay away did she?” You scowled as you looked at her; you felt the anger bubbling up in your chest and had to take two deep breaths to calm yourself down. You looked over to Baekhyun who was looking uneasily at the ground as he swung his car keys in his hand. The clinking sound making your teeth chatter and you watched his slender fingers move nimbly around the key ring.

“Let’s just make sure we get to food heaven early then shall we? I still don’t know why they’d call it something so cringe-worthy.”  Baekhyun cleared his throat as he looked back up at you smiling broadly, completely ignoring Rozz’s previous statement. You couldn’t help but smile back. “Let’s go.”

“Oi, but wait! Why was Chanyeol crying?” Jongdae pulled your wrist back.

“His sister, she had another episode this morning. He says that this one was really bad. We just need to be there for him a bit more I think he’s been trying to hide how bad things at home have been for him lately. I’ll see you guys at 7” You allowed Baekhyun to drag you out of the building and to his car where the familiar smell of Baekhyun mixed with cinnamon and apple filled your senses. You breathed out in satisfaction as you stared out of the window at the trees whizzing past.

“You okay?” Baekhyun’s warm voice filled the car and your ears began to heat up.

“Yeah…why wouldn’t I be?” You hummed, turning your face so you were staring at his profile. He was focusing so hard on the road but you noticed the corners of his mouth were upturned ever so slightly.

“Just want to make sure you’re okay… I umm…I have something for you. It’s in the back.”

You looked to the back seat and saw a black bag made out of card. It looked like one of those expensive bags you’d get from Tiffany’s but this was on a much larger scale. You frowned as you grabbed the bag and dragged it to the front upon your lap.

“What is it?”

“Why are you asking me? Just look at it.” Baekhyun laughed as he indicated into your road and slowly pulled up outside of your house. He switched the engine off and shifted in his seat so that he was facing you. Curiosity took over your body as you dipped into the bag and pulled out a large card board box, intrigued wasn’t the word to describe what you were feeling at this point in time. You threw the bag to the back as you sat there with the box on your lap, you let your fingers slowly trace around the edges as you wondered what would be inside.

“Could you hurry up?” Baekhyun shoved you in the shoulder playfully. “I want to know if you’ll like it.”
You purposely took your time lifting the lid off of the box, just so that you could piss Baekhyun off. His reaction was somewhat cute as he puffed his cheeks outwards and his eyes doubled in size. Your breath caught in your throat as you finally lifted the lid; placing it on the dashboard you slowly lifted the fuchsia dress so that it was halfway out of the box.

“Byun Baekhyun. What have you done?” Your heart was beating against your chest and you weren’t sure whether or not the correct response was to laugh or cry. “Baekhyun you idiot this was so expensive, why did you buy this?” You dropped the dress back into the box and pulled Baekhyun into a tight hug, squeezing him tightly so he would know just how grateful you were.

“You deserve it…for always being there. For always being a friend, I mean we’ve practically grown up together.” He breathed into the nape of your neck as he hugged you tightly back.

“You didn’t have to Baek.”

“No. I did. Because I needed to say sorry for everything I’ve done…and everything I may do in the future that may hurt you. You know what I’m like once I’ve made my mind up about something there’s no changing my mind. I’m always blinded by my decisions they always seem like a good idea at first and then I realise too late into everything that it was wrong and I regret it. I just hope I never do anything stupid enough to mess up our friendship…” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously as he stared blankly at the dress in your hands, his brain seemed to be running at 100Miles per/hour and you could still feel his hot breath on your skin which was making your body tingle and you wanted nothing more for him to land his lips on your neck in that moment.

“What’s that supposed to mean Baek, why do you sound so ominous?”

“What? Uh-nothing there’s no reason. I just wanted you to know.” He pulled away and gave you a cheesy grin and you narrowed your eyes back at him. “Now get of my car and go and get ready for tonight. I still can’t believe he has a girlfriend…before me? Like what the fuck?”
You nodded grabbing your things as you stepped out of his car.

“Thank you Baek!” You called as you walked up to your doorstep.
He shifted the opposite way so he could see you go, a sad smile creeping on to his face.

“I’m sorry Y/N, but I’m already too far gone.” He whispered. But you didn’t hear him because you were already inside.

You looked up at the majestic golden restaurant sign.


You had always heard of ‘food heaven’ apparently the food was as exquisite as the interior design and decorations but you never had the pleasure of visiting because to put it in the most basic terms, you were simply to poor. And if you could afford it, you would probably look too out of place in such a grand restaurant. It was a place for those who had class and delicate taste and life sure as heck hadn’t dealt you those cards. You pulled down your dress it was A-line and was just brushing your knees. You knew that Sehun was paying for the whole meal, but didn’t he consider how out of place you would all feel, ‘posh’ wasn’t exactly your comfort zone and as a matter of fact the last time you remembered it wasn’t exactly his either. He preferred plain and simple. It must have been Mei’s choice.

“Oi you!”

You spun around to see Jongdae behind as you stood at the step. He looked handsome dressed in a suit; it wasn’t the best but he was definitely playing the part. He hadn’t come alone though. Standing next to him was a girl you had never seen before she was cute. Her hair was thick and her glasses framed her face perfectly, her dress was similar to yours but yours was a navy shade of blue whilst hers was a baby blue. She smiled at you politely and you smiled back at her, the vibes she gave off were much better than the vibes you were trying to dodge from Mei. It appeared that Jongdae had brought a date with him.

“Ana this is Y/N, Y/N this is Ana, we’ve been talking for a couple of weeks now. It’s nothing serious but we’re just seeing where it goes.” He smiled at her and she smiled back.

“It’s nice to meet you Ana.” You extended your hand to shake hers.

“It’s lovely to meet you too.”

Apparently everyone was seeing someone and was keeping it secret. Maybe Baekhyun was married to someone and was keeping it secret. The thought made your stomach turn and you decided to quickly push it out of your head.

“Shall we?” Jongdae asked, linking his arm through Ana’s and leading her up the stairs. You followed closely behind and felt your stomach spin. You were nervous and you weren’t sure why. Maybe it was the fact that you were about to see Baekhyun in a suit, or the fact that you would be seated on a table with an awkward Sehun or maybe just the fact that Mei didn’t like you and this could go any which way most likely it would go down south. You drew in a deep breath as Jongdae swung the door open.


It was beautiful.

The interior was much more beautiful than you expected it to be, it was white and a dusty gold. You stared around in awe.

“Y/N close your mouth, you look amazed and you’re sticking out like a sore thumb. We have to pretend we’re used to this kind of stuff remember.” Jongdae whispered as he located the table you were supposed to be sat at and led the way. Jongdae, Ana and you were the last ones to arrive since Minseok, Baekhyun, Mei and Sehun were already seated, Rozz had texted earlier to say that she would help Chanyeol out so she wouldn’t be attending. Your eyes first caught Baekhyun; it had been a while since you had seen him in a suit and he looked ridiculously handsome. His hair was swept backwards professionally, gelled down in all the right places. He looked almost ethereal to the point where you opted to sit between Minseok and Ana since you were too flustered to sit beside him. Besides you didn’t want to sit next to Sehun; who by the way, you had noticed staring at with his cold eyes the exact same way Mei was looking at you.

“This is Ana everyone.” Jongdae pointed beside him at her as she bowed politely; exchanging smiles across the table. “So Sehun, you kept your girlfriend quiet huh?”

“Yes. He kept his friends quiet too; I really didn’t know about any of you.” Mei smiled sweetly at Jongdae and then turned to look venomously at you. You felt slightly shaken by the way she looked at you, she was wearing a beautiful red lace dress and her hair was swept neatly to the side. Some say red is the colour of love and passion but from where you were sitting it was the colour of the devil. “My name is Mei.” She smiled around the table and then snuggled into Sehun’s side. You felt sick; she was already trying to prove a point that didn’t need to be proven. Sehun was all hers and you were more than okay with that.

Sehun’s face remained blank as he attempted to make no move in snuggling back.
“We should order.” He said blankly. “Let’s get this over and done with.”

“Sey!” Mei slapped his arm as he started handing the menus out around the table. “I know nice isn’t your ‘thing’, but less of that okay?”
He huffed as he looked down at the menu in front of himself.

You looked at the menu. It was impressive, you weren’t sure you had ever seen such a wide variety.

Moments later and a waiter approached your table lowering two bottles of red wine.

“May I take your orders ladies and gentlemen?”

“Yeah we’ll have one of your Kaiseki Ryori dishes.” Sehun pointed to himself and Mei.

“Umm..we’ll have the Chef’s special.” Ana smiled as she pointed at herself and Jongdae.

“Actually make that three.” Baekhyun raised his hand and you focused on how slender his things were. You felt a pair of eyes burning into your skin and then felt a violent kick from under the table. You hissed as you looked opposite you; Sehun was glaring at you.

“What the fuck is all this shit? I don’t understand any of these dishes, don’t they have plain and simple chicken and chips.” Minseok mumbled under his breath.

“Minseok shh.” You knocked him in the side with your elbow; admittedly what he had said was funny but currently he was displaying no class at all and that wasn’t a good look.

You cleared your throat as you shut the menu and put it down on the table.
“I’ll have the Sukiyaki.”

“I’ll have what she’s having.” Minseok let out an unimpressed breath and you had to knock him in the ribs again just to remind him where he was.

Sehun slowly began to pour some wine into the glasses on the table. Keeping his angry eyes on you as he did so. He had made it perfectly clear in the last couple of moments how much he didn’t like you.

“So, what are you doing, education wise?” Mei looked up at Baekhyun and smiled at him widely. You felt sick; you felt like poking her eyes into the back of her skull. Why was she smiling at your Baekhyun? An overwhelming wave of jealousy crashed over you. Maybe this is how she felt when you were alone with Sehun, and it didn’t make it better that all he was wearing was a towel around his waist.

“Actually I want to go into International relations. So yeah…that’s where I’m headed.” He smiled back at her, his genuine warm and loving smile. She didn’t deserve his smile. “How about you?”

“Oh me? I’m just busy dating Sehun.” She kissed his cheek as she stared at you coldly. “What about you…sorry I seem to have forgotten your name.” She smiled at you spitefully.

“Just studying. Not sure what I’ll be doing in the future” You smiled back just as spitefully. Two could play at that game and you were a professional when you had to be.

“Of course not.” She smirked. You frowned, what did she mean by that?

“Excuse me?” You frowned


“I just thought I heard you say something.”

“Uh, no…nothing at all.” She smirked again and she was really beginning to push your buttons, she was enjoying herself and you could see it on her face.
You felt Minseok rest his hand on your lap; he was always a fast one and he had noticed what was happening as the tension began to rise around the table.

“So how did you all become friends?” She asked looking up Sehun as she pecked his lips. She picked up her wine glass and took a sip from it, staring at you from behind the rim.

“Actually we all met at school. Well all apart from Ana.” Jongdae smiled as a waiter returned and placed 3 plates down in front of himself, Ana and Baekhyun. “Ahh thank you.” He smiled as he picked up his cutlery.

“Ahh that’s nice. I’m glad Sehun has good friends. Some of them may be a little bit too good. Hmm?” She laughed theatrically as she looked at you sardonically.  

“Mei stop it.” Sehun mumbled from opposite you as he reached out for his glass and took a sip. His face remaining blank as usual as he stared right through you.

“I’m just saying Sehun. Some of your friends are so enthusiastic that they’d go so far as to come to your home uninvited.”
You closed your eyes slowly; you knew where she was going with this.

“Mei…” Sehun breathed as he put his glass down.

Another waiter came handing you and Minseok your dishes and bringing a jug of iced water with him.

“Enjoy.” He smiled down at you before he left.
You picked up your cutlery along with Minseok and took a bite of your food. The taste was amazing, a range of flavours burst in your mouth as they danced atop of your taste buds; complimenting each other perfectly. But your joy was outlived as Mei continued to talk again.

“No Sey, I mean don’t get me wrong it’s great to have close friends. It’s just weird when one of your female friends are so close that she feels the need to join your naked self in the shower. But like I said it’s cute how close you are.” She spat in your direction. At this point Minseok, Baekhyun, Ana and Jongdae were staring at you with wide eyes; mouths agape. You looked up at Sehun who had closed his eyes out of frustration and was running his fingers through his hair. You reached for your wine and took a sip.

“Mei… I thought we cleared this up.” Sehun whispered, but the rest of you could hear him anyway.

Your breathing had become sporadic as you stared at her through angry eyes. You knew that this wouldn’t go well. She was wearing red lace and if that wasn’t a foreshadowing of negative events then you didn’t know what was. You felt Minseok desperately digging his nails into your thigh, telling you to calm down. But you were sure you were too far gone to be calm now.

“I mean what the fuck did you think you were doing?” She continued, her smile was gone now and her face was shaking with rage, showing the table what she really thought of you. You had to applaud her for keeping herself together for so long because clearly she was desperate to gun you down. Her voice was raised now and it was earning glares from a few surrounding tables.

“Mei calm down.” Sehun said coolly as though none of this was happening, he just continued to stare at the watch on his wrist.

“No Sehun! I won’t fucking calm down! She tried it on with you in the fucking bathroom!” She was shouting now and three quarters on of the restaurant were staring at you.

“I wasn’t trying it on with him; we already explained what happened to you.” You hissed, as you pushed Minseok’s hand off of your thigh. You were too riled up to calm down now and he wasn’t going to be able to stop you.

“Ahh so you’re not just a dirty slut, but you’re also a dirty liar!” She clapped sarcastically as she laughed in your face. How dare she degrade and humiliate you publicly. “What did you expect? Did you think Sehun was going to pin you against the tiles and nail you there and then. You’re disgusting!”
Now you were 100 percent sure that the whole restaurant was staring at your table, keeping  in mind it was a huge restaurant. Approximately 400 pairs of eyes were staring in your direction. They were staring at the ‘dirty slut’ and you had never been so humiliated in your life. At this point the restaurant manager was walking over to your table a scowl painted on his old face.

“If you don’t keep it down I’m going to have to ask you to leave!” he hissed as he banged his hand on the table.

Baekhyun nodded hurriedly.
“I’m sorry about this; it’s just a big misunderstanding. Guys keep it down you’re causing a scene.”

“I will not keep it down; if this bitch thinks she can fuck my boyfriend and get away with it she can think again.” She stood up from her seat now, so that she was looming over the table.

“Stop it.” Sehun breathed through his nose, trying to keep himself calm.
You decided on a whim to be a better person, you didn’t want to make yourself look like a fool in a public place nor did you want to look like a fool in front of Baekhyun. You stood up from your seat and turned around to leave. Mei slammed her hand down on the table.
“Stop it.” Sehun repeated, his breath faster and heavier than it was before.

“Don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to you bitch, didn’t your mum teach you manners.” Mei screeched, she reached for her glass of red wine and threw it across the table at you. A chorus of gasps rang out a across the restaurant, as you stood their soaked in red wine. Before you could think your hand was reaching for the jug of iced water.

“No Y/N don’t.” Minseok said trying to hold you back. “Don’t d—”
Another chorus of gasps rang out across the restaurant as splashed the iced cold water directly in Mei’s face, her makeup becoming an instant mess.

“FUCKING STOP IT! I SAID FUCKING STOP IT!” Sehun screamed as he stood up. He grabbed the table and pushed it upwards causing the table to flip over, all the plates and cups smashing into a million fragments and the food spilling onto the floor. You saw Jongdae pull Ana to safety and you felt bad that she had to witness such a spectacle.
Sehun’s face was beetroot red as his chest was heaving up and down. He looked like beast as his body was shaking violently. And two security guards were holding him back whilst placing handcuffs around his wrist.


An older woman walked up to the table, she looked pale and her eyes were wide in shock, she was followed by a male that looked ten years older than her.

“Mum?” Sehun breathed.
You looked between the two of them in astonishment. This was definitely not the right time for a family reunion.

“What are you and all your low class friends doing in this restaurant? This is embarrassing; you know people know us around here. We have a reputation to keep.” She hissed, saliva spraying from her mouth as she was watching her son struggling against the cuffs. But he was ignoring everything she had just said.

“Why are you with another man?!”

“You can’t hang out with low class scum Sehun.”

“I hang out with low class scum. And what?! What are you going to do about it?” He stormed over towards your side of the table and planted a rough kiss on your lips.
“Now I’ve kissed low class scum what are you going to do about it mum?! Why the fuck are you with another man?! I LOATHE YOU! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!” Sehun was a state and was shouting like a crazed man. There was no point in trying to save your pride and honour any more because such a big mess had been made and too many people had seen it.

“Can you get him out!” The manager screamed as he pointed towards the security guards, who dragged Sehun towards the exit.

“What the fuck is happening?” Minseok whispered from beside you. “What the fuck just happened?”

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Dating Sehun would include
  • Sassy comebacks that’ll honestly make you wanna smack him on the head
  • Seriously you must be the most patient person in the world to endure such a pain
  • Making each others lives hell
  • Throwing shades
  • N to the O to the NO NO NO when it comes to PDA  but when you’re home alone he wouldn’t keep his hands off you
  • Sometimes you’d have to go through hell and back to get his attention and sometimes you’d have to fight to get him off you when he clings to you like a child
  • Honesty like Too honest
  • “ Sort yourself out you look  like a mess”
  • Him being shirtless like all the time
  • Hipthrusts
  • Using his Aegyo when he’s in trouble cz he knows that’s the soft spot
  • When he’s sick you’d have to do everything for like literally everything cz he’s the spoiled little baby maknae in the dorm
  • pissing each other off like
  • “How do i look ?  ”
  • *feigns uninterested* ” Not bad”
  • “Hoe on the scale of 1 to 10 im 11″
  • “Lol 11 maybe on PH scale cz you’re basic”
  • Backhanded Compliments
  • “Woah you’re the prettiest face i saw today ….still early though”
  • Being torn between giving him a bone crushing hug for a second and strangling him to death for another
  • he’ll secretly always want to impress you with everything he does, whether it is dancing or rapping because he wants you to be proud of him 
  • showing up at your doorstep late at night after practice to sleep or just cuddle and enjoy your company
  • his hands always got to be in your hair
  • imitating your voice very high-pitched when you fight
  • will only tell you he loves you every once and while, but hopelessly means it when he does
  • you playing with his hair and brushing it back from his forehead when he’s sleeping only to be scolded for messing up his hair style
  • Forcing him to take lots of cute and ugly selcas with you
  • “who changed my phone background ? ”
  • “Oh please. It would be an honor for my face to graze your stupid phone” 
  • Occasionally picking outfits for you
  • When you’re working you’d 12 msgs and you’d start worrying something that happened but it’s just 12 selcas from different angle
  • Getting jealous of suho cz they are always together
  • Over the top flirting when you two are alone but when the members are there he’d be shy af
  • He’d pretend to be all tough around you but you know deep down he’s such a softie
  • “If you keep teasing kyungsoo he will kill you and im not into necrophilia” 
  • When you try to leave the bed he would drape one of his long lanky legs around your lower body to keep you pinned down
  • When he tries to leave you would lay your whole body on top of his to keep him down
  • “You do realize I could just lift you off right?”
  • Well you  sure can try
  • *groans at the weight* jeez you need to lose few pounds im telling you ”
  • When he does something right for the first time he’d be like
  • “Yehet bitches  that’s me bow down to the almighty oh sehun”
  • But when you win he’d be like : “ congrats you dont suck as much as the others CONGRATS YAAAY”
  • Catching him playing with rubber ducks and secretly taping him to blackmail him later 
  • Often pulling pranks on each other
  • Inside jokes , like you’ll be sitting & when someone refers to something you’ll just give each other a look and start laughing 
  • He’d never forget your birthday or anniversary date
  • Happy 2 years anniversary. I’m glad we haven’t killed each other yet
  • Whenever Suho would drop him at your flat he would give you “im sorry and be please be strong” face
  • You’d sass him out when he’d get pissy about random things  he’d be really shocked at your reactions and start wondering how so much sass could fit into your petite frame
  • He’d always make fun of how tiny you are to him and he’d often pick you up and throw you over his shoulder
  •  Dates would consist of the beagle line following you secretly but getting caught each time 
  • Instead of visiting the dorms ,the dorms come to visit you ; beagle line always creating mayhem, kyungsooo chasing down beakhyun, chanyeol eating your food bottom line it’s a mess
  • “-Don’t you have anything else to drink than bubble tea for godsake”
  • Only when things start heating out beagle line would ruin the moment
  • “oooh get it maknae”
  • “just use protection we don’t want any accidents running around” 
  • He wouldn’t be able to help nuzzling into your neck when he’s had a bad day, and you wouldn’t even mind cz duh who would
  • Never being able to stop staring at him, completely enthralled in his beauty and taking secret photos of him when he isn’t paying attention, never realizing that he does the same to you
  • He may be a lil shit at times but under all that sass there is a caring cinnamon roll who’d fight anyone who dare to mess with you & vice versa
  • ‘No one messes with my babe’
  • Always cheering for each other
  • There will no secret kept from each other  tbh
  • Being the first to go and knock at the other’s door if something happen
  • You’d both be so in love with each other and at the same time wanting to rip each other’s guts 
  • Suho : ‘ Sehun is a typical true & genuine man but he easly cry & can’t tell lies’


anonymous asked:

oh gosh i love your writing <3 how do you think each member of exo react if they had a crush on you but saw you wearing another member's shirts?

OKAY I REALISED I MISREAD THIS I’ve done how they’d react if they saw you wearing their shirts but if you want me to do another member, please ask! i’m so sorry i should pay more attention to real life

because i see ksoo as being v shy around his crush, i think he’d be the most reserved about it. he’d probably be teased a lot by his members because he’s so quiet about it, and that might overall lead you to have the suspicions that he did like you. he’d say it looked nice on you but that’s about it, though his blush would say a lot more than his words. similarly, chanyeol would also be floating in the shy, smol bean category and he’d be a mess when he saw you wearing one of his oversized shirts and probably would avoid all eye contact with you until he’d calmed down a little. but i actually think he’d be one of those people who talk a lot when they’re nervous so he’d be throwing compliments at you and straight after cover his mouth because did he really say that????

coming away from the shy guys, jongin would be kinda shy but not really?? he wouldn’t act any different around you and he’d be very chill about it, but on the inside he’d be having a mini panic attack because does this mean you like him too?? is this your chance to be together?? it will leave him with many unanswered qs. in a similar way sehun would be like jongin in a sense that he’d not present himself as caring too much. he’ll notice you in his shirt and be like…k… but internally he’s having a crisis because he wants to tell you how good you look and that he’d like for you to wear his stuff more often but his mind won’t let him do it. the only was to describe suho is soft bean. panics because he didn’t expect to see you in his clothes and he doesn’t realise how much he likes it at first. would definitely be able to keep calm but is actually v nervous because he doesn’t want to out himself so keeps a distance but texts you later saying you looked pretty and that you should just ask if you want more clothes of his.

not that he doesn’t care, but minseok is surprisingly calm!! he smiles to himself bc he thinks you’re v cute and would ask to maybe take a picture s he can use it against you in the future (more like keep it for personal memories) and it would probably bring him closer to confessing to you because he’d want you to be happy n comfortable around him at all times! yixing would take it as a sign of affection like minseok. he’ll blush a little when it dawns on him that it’s his shirt you’re wearing and it will leave him in a state of despair because he knows that means that he’s got to tell you he has a crush on you. for the mean time though, he’ll just be extra close to you

on the other end of the scale, i think baekhyun would be totally ott around you and you’d know literally all of his feelings about the situation. he’d outright say that he likes you wearing his shirts and it would make you smile a lot but he’d never actually admit that he likes you (bc he’s still nervous, he just handles situations differently. jongdae would also be very vocal about everything, teasing you himself like ‘oh, you like me do you??’ with loads of winks in your direction. leave it to another member to expose him for how he feels about you tho, he’ll be blushing like mad and won’t tease you anymore~

Baby, I Got Your Back (Sehun, You) Scenario

My first SPY! au… enjoy! This was inspired by @creativepromptsforwriting Prompt #236

(1st person POV)

“Agent AG1, your presence is requested at headquarters.”

I sighed at the robotic female voice’s message before biting my lip and replying with a curt, “Copy. Give me 15.“

It was half past 1A.M. and I was in the middle of transcribing an interview for my boss when my phone rang—my blackberry, that is which had my fingers stop from typing. The phone vibrated inside my drawer and as I took it out, I sat up straighter and answered with a hushed, “Agent AG1.”

It wasn’t that difficult to leave work considering my hours are pretty flexible so I merely told one of my co-workers that I had to leave to pick up a package and will be back later tonight. The thing I loved about this place was that people never really asked questions and so I let myself out without further notice.


Keep reading

When he becomes uneasy about his body (You x EXO Suho)


“It’s not that bad…”

“My mouth is open!”

“You were singing!”

“Well at least I look good.”

Everyone in the room gives Tao the side-eye, but he shrugs indifferently, continuing to scroll through photos on his laptop. You had crashed EXO’s dorm for the afternoon, seeking out your boyfriend Suho. It was a lazy Saturday, one that the guys didn’t have off, but you did.

After a lunch of leftovers, the thirteen if you lay spread out across the room, browsing the internet. It had proved to be a dangerous idea after you had ended up on one of their fan cafés. Now everyone was looking at fan-taken photos, whether they were high-quality shots or a collection of continuous derps.

Suho lays on the couch behind you, tugging at the ends of your hair and glancing at the screen. He’s been pretty proud of all the shots so far. You hadn’t come across any embarrassing ones (yet).

“Um, wow.”

You lean against the back of the couch, your mouth open. You had come across a series of edited photos, each one in black and white. This one was of a full-body shot of Kai, tank top flipped up to expose muscled abs.

“Look at this one, guys.”

You flip your computer screen around and show them. Mouths drop open at the quality of the shot. “Why can’t I look that good when I dance?” Chen whines. “That’s so cool.”

“Eh.” Kai ruffles his hair shyly at the picture, embarrassed. “It’s nothing. It’s not that great of a shot anyway.” You widen your eyes in surprise. “What are you talking about. It’s amazing.”

“It’s in black and white so you can’t tell my skin tone.” He snorts.

“You don’t know that!” You announce with confidence. “Besides, you look sexy in this one. Trust me, I know.”

Every ear in the room perks up and the boys hoot and holler. “Yah!” Suho whines. “You’re going To call another guy sexy in front of me?” You brush him off.

“You think so?” Kai rubs the back of his neck, his cheeks pink. You nod. “I know so.”

A few days later you’re on the hunt for Suho again, this time bringing a meal that you cooked. The two of you had been texted back and forth all day, and you could tell he was having a hard time. Usually some of your homemade stew could fix things, so you had decided to come over.

But when you arrive at the dorm, Suho isn’t there. Luhan lets you in, and the smell of the food brings every guy out of his room. “You brought food!” Sehun claps giddily, reaching for the lid.

“For Suho!” You correct him, tapping his knuckles with the serving spoon. “Where is he, anyway?”

“He went to the gym with Tao earlier.” Sehun pouts, running his knuckles. “They’ve been gone for hours.”

You frown. It was a bit unlike Suho to go to the gym, but nearly all the guys worked out once or twice a week. You pull out a bowl to save some stew for him while the other guys dig in. Once it’s wrapped up and safely stowed in the fridge, you flop on the couch to wait.

“We’re back!”

You crack an eye open sleepily. Had you dozed off? What time was it? Tao and Suho come in, kicking off their shoes in the doorway and dropping if feel bags by the door.

“Hey, babe.”

You raise up, shaking off the sleepiness and giving Suho a peck on the lips. “Hey.” You yawn. “I’ve been waiting for you. Where have you been? I brought you dinner, too.”

“Working out with Tao.” He says. He pads into the kitchen or a glass of water, and you heat up the stew, sitting it in front of him.

“I can’t eat that.”

You give him a funny look. “But this is your favorite stew.” You huff. “I made it just for you. You don’t want it?”

“I can’t have it.” He says firmly, leaving the kitchen.

Weird. Suho usually didn’t act this way, especially when it came to his favorite foods. Why was he acting like this? You had barely been able to see him all week. Did something happen?

“Suho.” You follow him to his room, squeezing him in a back hug. “Did I do something wrong?” He winces, pulling your arms away. “No. Let go.” You give him a funny look. “Suho, be honest with me. Are you dieting again?”

He looks up, bristling a little. “No. Of course not.” Even though you understood the pressures he was under, you hated when he dieted. He still ate, but you knew him to well. You’d had to deal with a grumpy boyfriend for weeks. “Don’t act like you’ve never done it before.” He turns his lip up at you. “It’s not like that.”

“We need to talk, Suho.” You close the door to give you privacy. “What’s going on with you?”

“It’s nothing.” He sighs impatiently. “I’m just sore from the gym. Don’t worry about it.”

“Suho, you sing and dance for a living. You shouldn’t be this tired. How many times have you been to the gym this week?”

He avoids your eyes. “Nine.”

"Nine?!” You squeal. For someone who worked as hard as Suho did, that was way too much. “Why?”

“Because I don’t have any muscle.”

“Of course you do, babe.”

“Not like you want.” He blurts defensively. “You like guys who have abs. Guys who are sexy. This body is not sexy!” You look at him in surprise as he gets flustered, sitting on the bed. “Is that why you’re working out so much?”

He nods. You sigh, sitting beside him. Just because I like guys with muscles doesn’t mean that you have to be that way.” You say. “I like you because you’re more than appearances or anything like that. You’re my best friend. You don’t have to do all this for me.”

“Babe.” He sighs. “I don’t know…I just thought that I should. Even my juniors have good bodies. Do you…do you think I’m old?”

You roll your eyes. “No, Suho, I don’t. And you aren’t going to get muscles in a week. I thought even you knew better than that.”

“Everyone has to start somewhere.” He counters grumpily. It’s your turn to sigh, and you grab his hand, lacing his fingers into yours.

“Suho, I didn’t even think it was possible for me to like you even more than I do right now.” You laugh, blushing. “But I don’t want to change a thing about you. You shouldn’t either.”

He laughs. “I guess I went a little overboard.” He rubs at his nck, moaning and flexing his arm.

“On a scale of one to ten, how sore are you?”

“Fourteen.” He groans.

“That’s what happens when you work out like that!” You laugh. He flops back on the bed. “I couldn’t keep up with Tao.” You snort. “I could have told you that. Now lay there.” You flip him over, pressing your palms into his back. He jerks away, giving you the look of a kicked puppy. “It hurts!” He whines.

“Shhhh~” You shush him, slipping your hands under his t-shirt. The whine dies in his throat, giving way to a strangled noise. “Feels good?” You ask. He nods, flopping onto a pillow. “Yes.”



“Don’t worry about what your juniors look like. I like you for who you are.”


Scenario end! I was kind of iffy on the ending, but the concept was really cute! ~Jjangpanda

anonymous asked:

Rate everyone in Exo on that "how hot is that band member" scale please! ^_^

Sorry for not doing this last night but I fell alseep while watching a movie so…..I’m doing it now and I don’t know if you’re still interested  but this looks fun so why not.

Just a head up: this my personal preference and my own opinion and I will do the rating judging by their new looks so let’s go!!

Sehun: Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Now don’t get me wrong I’ve always liked Sehun cause he’s a bratty maknae and I’ve always saw him as my little brother but is it just me or in this couple of months he’s became hotther than hell? I mean look at those arms? Someone’s been working out.

And please don’t make me mention his hair that looks so soft and perfect to play with.And the fact that he’s tall and lean it’s a plus.

Kai: Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

This kid is like an enigma to me cause sometimes he’s so cute and adorable and gets shy raelly quicly and next things you know he’s all hot and bothered making all the girls drool.


then BAM 




See my point?

TAO:Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Okay I know many of you will call me blind, I meam just look at him

But sorry….

Kyungsoo: Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY











Chanyeol:Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Even though Chanyeol is my bias I have to be realistic and admit the fact that he’s not oozing sexiness form every poor of his body  and I’m okay with that. In fact what I like the most about him is his dorky perosnality and the fact that he always finds the strength to smile and be the happy virus that he is.

But sometimes I see pics like this and then my whole world turns up side down

but then I remember this

Chen: Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

I don’t know what the Exo m members have  been eating latley but are becoming hotter and hotter as the time goes by and Mr. Jongdae is no exception.




Baekhyun: Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Baekhyun stan or not you’re lying to yourself when you say that you don’t like him.









aka Byun Baekhyun

Lay:Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

Lay’s my second bias from Exo and if until last month i thought he was cute and adorable with that liitle dimple of his and that dazzling smile of his well now I think he’s gorgeous as hell.

Suho: Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

In my opinion blond Suho is the best  decision  that the SM stylist could have taken in their entire life but still it grandpa Suho is not my style 



Luhan: Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

He can say his a manly man all he wants but pics don’t lie 






 Xiumin: Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

XiuMin more like XiuMan!




Exo reaction to you (their crush) asking them if they think another member likes you.

Submitted by anon


Originally posted by osehu

“Hey Baek.. can I tell you something..?” you ask giggling at him

“Sure thing, what is it?” Baekhyun answers, noticing a subtle blush in your cheeks.

“Do you think Sehun likes me?.. I mean, he’s friendly and all, but I wonder.. does he like.. like me?”

He is not prepared and just freezes for a few seconds, before realizing how dumb he probably looks and nodding a “I don’t know..”

You don’t understand his reaction and a part of you regrets asking him in the first place.

“Is everything ok..? Baek?”

He then quickly responds, putting on a bitter smile, avoiding eye contact “ All good. No, really, I’m fine.”


Originally posted by vane-sky948861

You and Sehun are just hanging out at his place, watching a TV show when promo starts. You feel a bit awkward asking him stuff like that, but he is the member you are closest with.

“Sehun.. I kinda like Chanyeol. Do you think he likes me?”

He glares at you, at first a bit confused, he then frowns before replying.

“ Chanyeol likes Baekhyun.”

You smile at him and give him a small punch in the shoulder, indicating that you’re not joking.

“I’m serious this time.”

He raises an eyebrow. “Me too, really, you should search for someone else. Like, maybe the right person is standing right next to you.”


Originally posted by dezalvertkr

“ Aw, you look so cute in that dress !” Chanyeol says while you step out of the changing room.

“ Thanks, haha. Dress to impress I guess.” you casually reply.

“ Who are you trying to impress?”

You blush, quickly look down and bite your lip.

“ Ok, but it’s a secret. Suho. I mean, I know I probably don’t stand a chance, but do you think he likes me?”

At first Chanyeol is really hurt by the thought that you actually like another guy better than him. He really likes you, but respects your decision to stay just friends if that’s what you want.

“ I don’t know, he might. I mean.. look at you, who wouldn’t?”


Originally posted by osehu

“ Suho, ok. So I’m dying, help me. HELP.”

Suho starts laughing at you “ What is it this time?”

You start jumping up and down in excitement as Suho keeps going.

“ You know, Y/N, you look like one of those annoying small dogs that pee a lot.”

“Chen got me a necklace. Does this mean anything? Maybe he likes me?? OMG Suho, what do you think?”

*that bastard, Chen*

“OMG, he totally likes you!”


Originally posted by engr-overdose

“ Do you have any idea if Lay likes anyone?” you ask Chen, while eating together.

His attention is suddenly directed at you “ Do you like Lay??” He quickly asks.

“ Does Lay like me?” you reply, playing with your food and making a mess on the plate. You distract yourself from making eye-contact.

“ Oh, come on Y/N, you can do like 10 times better.” 


Originally posted by laygion

“ So, what do you think about this new song?” Lay asks you after playing a peak of one of their new songs on the guitar.

“ Sounds great! Who wrote it?” 

“ Kyungsoo did.” he simply answers. You really like Kyungsoo, but you have no idea what he thinks about you. You start beating around the bush.

“ Really? Is it about some girl he likes?”

“ Umm.. I don’t know, it’s just a song, I mean it can be about anyone I guess.”

Lay doesn’t seem to understand where you’re trying to get, so you decide to get a bit more specific.

“Well, do you know if he likes anyone? Like me.. maybe?”

Lay is surprised, but keeps it cool, even if he is a bit affected. He doesn’t want you to know, he just wants you to be happy.

“ If you like him, you should know he’s a great guy.”


Originally posted by wooyoung

“ I need your help.”

“ Sure, anything you want !” 

“ But can you keep a secret?”

“ Uhm.. depends, I suppose if i-”

“Ok, I’ll pretend you said ‘yes’. I need you to tell me if you think Kai likes me. Did he ever like, say anything about me or..?”

Kyungsoo looks at you for a few seconds. He had no idea if you liked him or not. True, but that’s the first time you ever confess about another guy. He’s not bold enough to complain, but he sure is hurt.

“ Kyungsoo, focus ! On a scale from 1 to 10, what am I?”

“10! Umm.. ”


Originally posted by kaibility

“ Kai, Xiumin smiled at me today.”

“ So what?”

You raise an eyebrow at him.

“ What do you mean ‘so what?’ I’m crushing on him and I can’t figure out if he only sees me as a friend..”

He had no idea you like Xiumin. He tries to imagine you two as a couple for a second, but quickly dismisses that thought. 

“ Xiumin? He’s like.. he doesn’t even wash his own underwear and, and two weeks ago, I’m pretty sure he didn’t brush his teeth before bed and he eats Omelette for dinner, who does that?? Gross, you don’t want him, trust me. He’s not for you, you’re better than that !.”


Originally posted by secrethideoutme

“ Xiumin, so you and Luhan are close, right?”

“I’m not gay.”

“Ok, but you and Luh-”

“I’m NOT gay.”

“ Oh my God Xiumin, I’m trying to be smooth here and ask if Luhan likes me !!”



Originally posted by parkchny

“ So, I’m staring to like this guy and I don’t know what to do about it.. He’s so cute and charming and ughh..”

Luhan gets excited, he thinks you’re talking about him.

“ You should 100% confess, I’m sure he likes you back. Just walk up to him and tell him ‘Hey Lu-’ Umm..  I mean ‘Hey, I really like you’ “

You smile at him and hug him tightly. “ You think? I wonder what would Tao’s reaction be?”


“ Tao. I like Tao, I just don’t know if he likes me back and I’m so shy and awkward when he’s around.”

*Ok, I’m way better than Tao, keep calm, keep calm You got this Luhan. Don’t say anything stupid*



Originally posted by a-tao-b

“ Do you think Kris likes anyone? And by ‘anyone’ I mean ‘me’.”

“ He likes himself.”

“ Bro..”



Originally posted by ohyaahkkaebsong

“ Baekhyun is so .. I can’t even describe him. I just like him so much ! What should I do? I don’t think he likes me back.. What do you think? “

Kris is both surprised and doesn’t understand how can a person be so blind? He is a bit hurt and offended, but he tries to hide it and be cool about it.

“ Uhm.. I think, I mean any guy would like you.”

“ Really? You think so?”

He doesn’t know what to say, he is your friend, but regrets not making a move earlier and even if he doesn’t want to admit (not even to himself) He is jealous.

“ Yeah..”