on a romantic picnic in the park

Some cute romantic-cliché questions :)
  • Coffee Shop: How do you take your coffee?
  • Train Station: Where do you want to travel?
  • Picnic in the Park: Do you enjoy people watching?
  • Kiss Under the Rain: What sounds help you sleep?
  • Butterflies: What unique thing would you/do you enjoy in a partner?
  • Snow Angels: What's your favorite kind of weather?
  • Bed & Breakfast: What do you like to do on Tuesdays?
  • Kiss at the Door: When you hold hands, do you interlock fingers? Swing your arms?
  • Bowling: Do you laugh loudly or giggle more?
  • Chocolates: What's your favorite kind of sweet thing?
  • Roses: Do you blush easily?
  • Cheesy Pick-Up Lines: Are you more of a comic or a romantic?
  • Candlelight: What romantic cliché do you wish for most?
Fantastic Beast Fic Ideas

- A story of Creedence and Modesty (I think that’s her name? Of the little girl?) and how they are cute siblings and protect each other and might share a sweet together once in a while

-Also dude the real story encounter of how Creedence and Tina met, or just how Tina got into her whole cult situation

- Newt being a fluff. I need something where he is maybe hurt and all of his animals come out and band together to help him awh

- or like daily life Newt romance gah like going to adventures with him to natural parks and using magic to make secret picnics
But like you would be the romantic one Newt would be awkward (and adorable) and you help him relate to humans

- Queenie!!! I need one where she is just being this mind reading sneaky girl and it’s awesome and she uses it to like innocently help Tina get the higher position she wants or something

-A rap musical. Fantastic Beats


BTS Date Types

Seokjin - Picnic
Jin likes the girl that’s feminine, a girl who is sweet and caring, who can cook and clean, a girl who would make a good wife and mother. He also can cook. I think ideal date types for Jin would be something sweet and romantic, like a picnic date. You both could bring your home cooked food and also  would talk, get to know each other better, and soon realize just how much you liked one another.

Yoongi - Sleepover
He would like girls who were similar to him. He would want a super hardworking, but still lazy, passionate girls who were artistic and independent. I think Suga’s ideal date types would be simple and casual. He would invite you over to his house to watch a movie, write songs, listen musics, and also a lots of cuddles.

Hoseok - Night Club
J-Hope would want a fun, optimistic girlfriend with an amazing sense of humor, intelligence, bright, kind-hearted girl, always be smiling and cheerful, and one who shared his interests. I think because he is rapper and dancer, his girl would enjoy the music and dance like him. So, it’s ideal to have date in the night club.

Namjoon - Cinema
Rap Monster would like confident and intelligence girls, a girl who was super dedicated to her hobbies, and had a wide variety of interests, someone he can have an intellectual discussion with, someone he could cuddle with in bed as you debated philosophy, and would listen to him whenever he needed someone to talk to. A simple trip to the movies where he could finally talk some, get to know each other with popcorn and coffee would be perfect for his ideal date types.

Jimin - Dinner
Jimin would want to be with a girl who was very open and warm, very friendly and charismatic, a girl with a cuter personality, who despite all of her charisma would still be slightly awkward and clumsy. He often on diet, so a girl who could cook healthy food for him would be perfect. He spent so much time at practice room and would come home tired. I think Jimin would like date types that included candle light dinner, you would realize just how sweet Jimin really was.

Taehyung - Amusement Park
He would want to be able to see his partner as a best friend before a girlfriend, a girl he had fun with, someone who could make him smile no matter what, a dorky, awkward girlfriend who was goofy and charming, a super laid back girl, who can take care of him, someone who could get him to smarten up and act mature when he needed to be. An ideal date types with V would be a trip to something casual and fun, like Amusement Park.

Jungkook - Park
He would prefer more shy girls, someone who like music, art, and reading, a girl who liked staying at home and rainstorms and cuddles with tea as you both talked, a smart girl, someone who would care about him, that would always be there for him, and someone with common sense with him. He likes games, dance, skateboard, and do anything adventurous. An ideal date types with Kookie would be a trip to the park. This way, he could talk to you, get to know you.

more blitzstone headcanons:

• i really love chef!hearthstone and everyone seems to agree on that
•when blitzen realizes hearthstone can cook, he installs lights on the timers so that hearth can use the kitchen
•whenever hearth cooks he wears one of those “kiss the chef” aprons and it always makes blitz blush
•blitzen will eat the ingredients behind hearth’s back
•and they’ll get into food fights and end up with food EVERYWHERE - on the walls, in their hair, on their clothes (which ofc blitzen freaks out about)
•hearth is in charge of the food for their wedding and it’s delicious
•hearth will prepare them food for a picnic and then take blitzen on a romantic date in the park
•and he’ll make them breakfast in bed

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Can you please give me a list of ideas and WPC for the silly/cute/heart-warming things this couple would do? One is a police officer (serious type) and the other's a mafia lord (drama queen).

//Sure thing. However, I must say that you, as the writer of your couple, would probably know what they like.


  • Staying home to watch a movie or make a meal together.
  • Going out to eat or to a picnic.
  • Going to a museum or art gallery.
  • If any of them like to read, maybe they spend time a book store or library.
  • Maybe they go out to sample wine.
  • A hike or maybe skiing. Some sort of outdoor activity. 
  • Hot springs or a spa day.
  • A walk downtown, to window shop or see the sights.
  • A trip to the beach, if it’s nearby, or a lake.
  • How about some romantic dancing?
  • Revisiting where they first met.
  • Maybe one of them likes to watch birds in the woods.
  • Going out to see an improv/comedy show.
  • Carnivals or amusement parks.
  • Serenading each other, if they’re cheesy like that.
  • Writing poems about each other, even if they end up goofing about halfway through.
  • A nice stroll through the botanical gardens.
  • A small road trip is always fun.
  • Consider going to their local animal shelter to pet the animals.
  • Dinner party with friends.
  • Stargazing.
  • Going apple picking.
  • Local flea market or farmers market.
  • Browse an antiques store.
  • Take a local tour through a haunted building (professional tour; exploring abandoned buildings is dangerous).
  • Kayaking or going for bicycle ride.
  • Skydiving or bungee jumping.
  • Go to an arcade and let loose.
  • Go to a bar and play pool.
  • Go bowling.
  • Seeing a concert together.
  • Mini golf.
  • Horseback riding.
  • Rollerskating or ice skating.
  • Take a pottery class.
  • Play instruments for each other (bonus if they can’t play instruments at all)
  • Watch a musical.


“Try not to make a scene.”

“I hope you don’t mind what I have planned for this evening.”

“Look, this was the best thing I could think of in such a short amount of time.”

“If I’m not swooning, you’re doing something wrong.”

I remember, some time before we first went out
you told me to look up a poem by Li Young Lee
and it was the most romantic and erotic poem I had ever read
and I thought to myself,
“I can’t be that. I can’t do that. That isn’t me.”
But we went out anyway
and I couldn’t be that, couldn’t do that, it wasn’t me
big surprise: I didn’t really want romance
but romance was the closest approximation I could find for what I did want:
a mutual favorite person
a partner for life
I’m sorry I couldn’t like you like that
I’m sorry I disappointed you
I’m sorry we never went to shakespeare in the park
or had a picnic in the woods
I’m sorry I thought to myself after two months together
“Nah, I don’t want to make this weird and romantic”
—  an original poem for aro-spec awareness week, 2017

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Happy Valentine's Day 💖 McKirk headcanons?

  • Jim’s never celebrated Valentine’s day. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. The only way he’s ever really celebrated it is by going out and finding someone to spend the night with. So he doesn’t even think about it the first time valentines day rolls around while he’s dating Leonard. Bones thinks about it, though. Mr. Sensitive and all that.
  • And so Jim finds himself in the park on their day off. “What is this?” he asks curiously as Bones sits down in the soft grass, and Bones frowns. “It’s Valentine’s day, man. I arranged us a picnic.” “A picnic,” Jim repeats, sitting down next to Leonard with a grin, “you’re so cheesy.” “Oh, you have no idea,” Bones replies. Turns out, he’s right. It’s not overly romantic to sit and eat together, and Jim is grateful for that because he doesn’t really know how to romance. It’s still just nice to sit together, the artificial sun warm on their skin and Leonard’s eyes somehow lighter because he’s not worried or annoyed. Rather than actually enjoying most of that food Bones has brought, though, Jim’s more interested in pressing Bones down to lie on his back, and just leaning over him to kiss him and run his fingers over those always smoothly shaven cheeks.
  • They’re in space the year after when Valentine’s day rolls around, and one day feels like every other, so again - Jim doesn’t really think about it until he comes home to his quarters and finds an expensive bottle of bourbon (– that’s definitely contraband). “What’s this for?” Jim asks, holding up the bottle and facing Bones when he enters his quarters, too. “Dude, it’s Valentine’s Day,” Bones says, “C'mon. Take the bottle.” And so Jim follows him to the bar, where they quietly sit together in front of the giant window that displays the countless stars, planets, and galaxies they pass. It’s the most romantic thing, and Jim’s often just distracted by the view - every bit as amazed by space as he was since day one. “What’s your biggest wish, like, within the next five years or so?” Jim asks eventually, and Bones just shrugs. “I’m pretty happy where I’m at right now,” he says, and Jim smiles. He reaches out for Bones’ hand, squeezing it gently. “How ‘bout you?” Bones asks. “Oh,having sex in the captain’s chair. Definitely,” Jim says, and laughs when Bones pulls his hand back. “You’re the worst.”
  • Jim doesn’t forget the year after, but he doesn’t do romance as much. Or so he claims. They’re on Earth, so he drags Bones along to an old fashioned laser game match. “Why are we doing this?” Bones asks, and Jim grins. “Because. Valentine’s day. Keep up.” “This is your idea of a date?” “Hey, I’m going to protect you from angry aliens, okay?” Jim says, leaning in to gently to press a quick peck to his lips. “Cover me,” he says, and then runs towards the battle zone – and then gets shot down by Bones almost immediately.  
  • They come up with ridiculous things: Going on a long walk around the ship at night. A movie marathon in the holo dec room, they go on a pub crawl through York Town one year to hit every single happy hour they can find.
  • They’re back in space, and Jim largely forgets about it again because he’s kept  busy for most of the day (and night) on the Bridge. He receives a bunch of nagging messages from Bones, too, so he’s busily typing away on his PADD to keep the other off his back. It doesn’t work, though, because Bones arrives on the Bridge just seconds later. “Bones,” Jim groans when the other approaches, though he smiles when Bones leans in to press a kiss to Jim’s lips, “I’m fine, I don’t need a check up.” “I know,” Bones says, and it leaves Jim momentarily confused. Especially because Bones’ lips are on his chin, and his neck, and Jim shivers. “Bones, we’re on the Bridge-” “Wasn’t that your biggest wish? Been almost five years,” Bones says, and Jim’s eyes widen. “But the Bridge-” “Empty,” Bones says, taking Jim’s PADD away, “we have 30 minutes.” “I don’t need that long,” Jim replies, grinning lightly and Bones rolls his eyes. “I know.“ 
  • Jim pulls him in, arms sliding around Bones’ waist when he pulls the other down on his lap. Jim smiles, almost arrogantly so because he’s definitely the first captain to get laid on the Bridge - which has been one of his fantasies since day one in the Academy. How Bones even pulled this off is beyond him, but he’s not gonna question it. His mind just blanks when Bones’ hands gently push up his shirt. “Marry me,” Jim breathes, before he even realizes it, and both of them just freeze at the same time. “… what?” Bones asks, sitting up straight. Jim briefly regrets it, but then; “marry me,” he repeats. “Are you drunk?” Bones asks, and Jim shakes his head. “No,” he says, “Bones. Leonard; you should marry me.” Bones glances at Jim’s expression. “Okay,” Bones says, and Jim looks up. “Really?” “Yes,” Bones says, “figured, since I’m already stuck with you, I might as well-” but Jim doesn’t let him finish his sentence. Instead, he pulls him in closer and kisses him. Bones’ arms wrap around Jim’s shoulders, and both of them feel a little breathless by the time Bones pulls away. “Happy Valentine’s day, Jim,” Bones breathes, and Jim smirks. “Happy Valentine’s, my fiance,” he says, his fingers running through Bones’ hair. “So, my love,” Jim continues, lips still curled into a devious grin, “you going down on me or what?”
Picnics-Isaac Lahey

Valentine’s Collection:#1

Teen Wolf Imagine:#100 holy shit!!!

Word Count: 936

Warnings: None that I can think of?

Summary: Isaac and Y/N go on a picnic.

A/n: So here is the other thing I’ve been working on! My Valentine’s Day Collection! I’ve been working and stressing over this for pretty much the entire month of January okay so I wasn’t working on it until like 2 weeks ago but I was stressing the whole time I swear and so here is the first of 14 romantic/sweet/cute imagines. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. And make sure you check out what get’s posted on the 7th, big surprise for everyone then or maybe not so big idk if you saw it coming or not ;)

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Jackson Wang as your boyfriend
  • Oh god okay at first you’ll think he’s annoying because he never shuts up
  • Like literally never shuts up
  • He constantly would brag about himself and try to impress you
  • But you soon would learn to tolerate his annoying self and actually fall for him because he’s a precious cinnamon roll even though he tries to tough on the outside.
  • He’ll do this huge romantic gesture to ask you out on a date and then he would do something sweet to ask you to be his girlfriend.
  • He’ll buy different types of flowers every week.
  • Constant cuddles.
  • if you were upset and on the verge of tears, he’ll get your favorite food, snacks and put on your favorite movie to distract you
  • forehead kisses!! SO MANY FOREHEAD KISSES
  • Different types of dates every week
  • one week it’ll be a amusement park date, to a picnic, to just watching a movie and cuddling on the couch
  • Him being completely needy and wants your attention when you’re busy.
  • “jackson stop!! I NEED TO DO MY WORK.”
  • Movie marathon’s once a week
  • when he can’t sleep he’ll poke you till you wake up
  • “Jagi I can’t sleep.. Let’s talk.”
  • “jackson I’m tired. Can it wait till morning?”
  • “but IM BORRREEDD.”
  • so then the both of you will talk about childhood memories and what you want to achieve in the future.
  • You being too scared to meet his parents and he’ll calm you down by telling you it’ll be okay
  • But when it comes time for him to meet yours it’s WW3 happening.
  • But your relationship would be so incredibly great people would envy what the two of you had, even if you have fights it’ll be okay because you love each other enough to just fix whatever was wrong.
Valentine’s Day;

Hello! I hope everyone is having a good day with your loved ones and just having a great time. I did this little headcanon about what they would give his s/o in valentine’s plus how they spend the day. Hope you like this and if you want some characters i would do it but as a headcanon.

Viktor Nikiforov: 

  • He would surprise his lover with tons of gifts including a big teddy bear or any favorite animal plushie.
  • Romantic af all the way he would take you out such as a restaurant.
  • So many surprises kisses on public to know everyone that theirs but also he loves seeing them with a blushed face.

Yuuri Katsuki:

  • Would probably make a nice picnic with your favorite food at some park when the sunset is setting to make it more romantic.
  • With shyness, he gives you a bouquet of your favorite flower.
  • After the picnic, both of you will be laying down in the blanket you cuddling up against his chest while admiring the stars.

Yuri Plisetsky:

  • He gives his partner a small book of the little things he loves about them, plus a bouquet of roses and also two movie tickets that they wanna see it so badly.
  • Forehead kisses while watching the movies while holding hands with a small smile on his lips. 
  • Afterward, he would take them home and order some pizzas and just chill out.
date ideas for the signs!

aries: go to an amusement park / water gun fight

taurus: local coffee shop / picnic with candles

gemini: ice skating / stargazing & snuggling

cancer: park / play at a paintball arena

leo: bake cookies / long walk on the beach

virgo: arcade / admire the botanical garden

libra: build a bed fort / stop by the history museum

scorpio: drop by the art gallery / concert

sagittarius: bike rides/ leave on a road trip

capricorn: fancy restaurant / visit the aquarium

aquarius: drive-in theater / go to the observatory

pisces: romantic dinner on the patio / flying kites


I honestly had the most amazing day yesterday
Full of new experiences and so much excitement for our future adventures after we officially stop being a long distance couple!
What an adorable Valentine’s Day picnic we had and look at that Brie, it was un-brie-leavable!!! ;P
And look how beautiful this place was, but it didn’t even compare to how beautiful my sweetheart is, I miss him so much

Dating Jinyoung would be like...

Inspired by


  • arguing about the dumbest shit (like who gets to shower first) ((and then showering together))
  • compromising
  • a lot of teasing
  • a lot of showing off (he swears he has a six pack but where are the receipts?)
  • making out in the weirdest places
  • waltzing around the living room
  • dom jinyoung
  • cuddles and affection
  • spontaneous romantic dates (like moonlit dinners on a terrace) (bringing you your fav food to have for lunch) (picnic anyone???)
  • random flowers
  • hugs always and a lot of mushy-ness
  • saying “MUAH” rly loud when he kisses your forehead or your cheek
  • him forgetting your birthday and then make up sex ;)))))
  • backing off if you start crying in an argument
  • breaking up to make up because the makeup sex is just that good
  • couple outfits
  • playful dirty talk
  • trying new things together
  • check up messages
  • letting you borrow his clothes and then smiling really big to himself when he sees you wear them
  • him constantly reminding you how lucky you are to have him
  • him being quiet for a while and then telling you in a small voice how lucky he is to have you 

Jaebum | Jackson | Mark | Youngjae | Bambam | Yugyeom

When You’re Gone

Pairing: George Washington x Reader

Word Count: 1872

Warnings: Kidnapping mention

Summary: When you are visiting your family, some jerk decides to tell George you were kidnapped and he believes it.

It had been a long time since he had seen you.

The war was dragging on and on, and he was only able to come home to you every few months.

Falling in love had been the easy part. He had always been the romantic type. You couldn’t count the number of times he had surprised you with flowers, which he had picked himself, or a picnic in the park under the stars.

He would do anything for you.

It had been four months since you had seen him last. This post was the longest yet and you were lonely.

The days were long and the nights even longer, the empty space where he should be weighed heavy on your heart.

The last letter he sent was vague on if he would be returning anytime soon. He had many words about a particular General who had completely ruined a battle in Monmouth.

He had no words of home or his return and his frustration was evident in the words. He had half-heartedly thrown words of love in at the very end and it was signed with just his last name, not the usual “Yours Truly, George” that graced the parchment.

You were lost at what to do. Being in this empty home had been getting to you these last few weeks and you really needed to be with family, even if it was only for a short time.

You missed George more than words could ever try to explain and the his place in your heart was vacant. Not only because he was not with you, but because you never knew if he was safe. Was he eating? Sleeping? You knew how he got when it became overwhelming. The man was stubborn and he will do anything to help others, even if that meant putting off his own well-being.

As you sat at the table reading his letter over again, the tears fell relentlessly.

You wish he wasn’t the General. Although you knew very well they all needed him, you selfishly needed him too.

You crumple the letter and throw it to the corner of his study. You always felt so close to him in here. His handwriting was everywhere and the desk was in the same disarray as it was when he left months ago.
You decide it is time to go. You needed to be with people who understood your longing and who could make the hole seem smaller while you awaited his return.

You decide not to pack anything, your parent’s home still stocked with clothes from when you visited the times before, and the only piece you really needed to bring from home was the present George had given to you after a few months of courting.

It was a necklace, but it was unlike anything you had ever seen. That was because he had made it himself.

You still remember how much he blushed and kept saying it looked stupid and ugly, he had even tried to take it back after showing it to you. You had only laughed and kissed his lips. It was beautiful.

Sure it was kind of short and the chain had an uneven texture, but he had made it himself, and whenever you wore it or mentioned it the smile he beamed in return was enough to make it your favorite piece of jewelry.

Now as you pull it out you are flooded with more emotion. Anger creeps up and bubbles. Before you can understand what is happening you throw the necklace at the wall.

You regret it immediately and check to see if it has broken from the impact and are relieved when it is still in one piece.

You leave it there nonetheless, your heart beating furiously as you open the door and head toward your parents’ home at the opposite end of the city.


George was utterly exhausted.

The days were beginning to blur together and he was ready to be home.

He had been awake for too long and it was clear it was getting to him. He had completely lost it with Alexander earlier in the day, snapping at him to go home to his wife, who had just happened to be pregnant. He couldn’t wait to hear from him when he arrived home only to learn he had known for the last month.

He sighed as he stared at the tent wall.

He wanted to be home. Y/N was home.

He had been so caught up in the happenings of the last battle that he hadn’t been thinking straight when he wrote his last letter. He couldn’t stop the messenger in time and now he was staring at a blank piece of parchment trying to come up with some form of apology.

He just wanted to be with Y/N and make it up to her in person.

Another hour of staring and he was interrupted.
Apparently Charles Lee was stirring up some commotion outside the camp.

When George arrived Lee was being held by two calvary men.

“I told them I just wanted to speak to you!” He struggles against their hold.

“Calm down Mr. Lee, what is it you needed to speak to me about?” George ushered the soldiers to release him.

“It’s about Y/N.” George’s attention was now fully on him.

“What about her?”

“She has been taken.”  he replies in a flat tone.

George can only hear his heartbeat. It had increased to an unhealthy pace and he cannot breathe.

“Who!?” Lee is taken aback at the sudden raise in his voice and does;t answer.

George advances and grabs the man’s shoulders.

“Who took her!?”

“Th-the B-british?” He sputters out.

George misses the phrase being formed as a question and runs towards the horses.

His men try to stop him and Lafayette has even tried to get him to dismount the horse.

“She is my love. I am going to get her.”

“I understand, sir. But this is not the best way. We can send some men to investigate and…” The General cuts him off.

“No, I am going to get my love, no one else.” He rides off without another word.

When he finally arrives at home a day later, it is empty.

His heart stops when he finds his latest letter crumpled in a corner and in their bedroom the necklace he made for her was carelessly thrown near the legs of the dresser.

He hurries back downstairs to search for anything else that may help him. Everything seemed to have been recently used and even a pot in the kitchen was left unwashed. She had just been here.

He takes a moment to to grasp the wall and let out a long sob. She had been taken.

Who would take her? The British didn’t know his home address. No one did, only Alexander. But he wouldn’t have had anything to do with this, he knew this for a fact. Alexander held him in the highest regard as he did in return to the expressive right hand man.

He was going out of his mind.

The last thing he had said to her was how upset he was. He was sure he didn’t even say “I love you” in the letter at all.

If he had been taken because he was a general he would get her back and quit. Country be damned.

He prayed she was alright. Whoever had her better be treating her fine because when he finds her, if she has been harmed in anyway, the kidnapper would be begging for death.

He runs back out of the home and to the horse. He wonders if he should tell her parents. They had a right know just as much as he did. They loved her endlessly too.

He decided to ride for their home.


It had been two days since you had been home and even though it was a relief to be around family, you missed all the George influences that you had around every corner.

You were sitting in the living room and there is a frantic knock at the door. You went to stand but see your mother has gone to answer it herself, so you snuggle back into your book reading position.

The door opens and you can hear someone huffing, out of breath and slightly yelling. Whoever it was was wildly out of sorts. Your mother’s reply is quick and reassuring.

Then the door is closed and footsteps are nearing.

When you glance up from your book, George is in front of you.

He dissolved look almost make you laugh. He has lost his General hat, his coat is frayed and caked with dirt, and his face is a mess of tears and snot.

You give him a confused look.

“George? George! Are you alright?” You jump up and drop the book losing your place and the blanket falls off of you.

He smiles through the tears and sniffs loudly before coming to right next to you and grabbing the back of your head into a hard, desperate hug.

“What’s wrong? What are you doing here?” He doesn’t speak, only continues to hold you. New tears hit your shoulder.

“I thought you were gone.” He mumbles into your hair.

“Gone? I left the house only a few days ago.” He laughs and moves to take your face in his hands.

He strokes your cheek with his thumb.

“Someone told me you had been kidnapped. When I arrived home it seemed as if it were true. You were not there and your necklace was on the ground and I- I didn’t know what to do.”

He chokes on his words and you grab his hand from your face.

“You thought I had been taken so you completely abandoned the war and came to find me?” He nods and you can’t help but kiss him multiple times.

“You are sure you are ok? Why are you here at your parents’ home?” He was suddenly concerned yet again.

“I just needed to be around some other people. I wasn’t thinking when I left, I was upset. I’m sorry about the necklace.”

He just shakes his head.

“No I’m sorry the last letter was..less than perfect. I’m just so glad you are alright.”

He takes a seat on the couch with you before explaining more about the situation.

He fumes when he mentions Charles Lee, the man that had caused the frustration in the previous battle, was the one who had told him you had been taken.

George goes into a long rant of how he was going to talk to Lee privately about lying to a man about his wife but before he can get completely heated you steal his lips mid-sentence.

“I’m so glad I get to see you.” You say after pulling away.

He smiles and grabs your hand in his.

“I’ll stay for a few more days. Lee can wait.”

You chuckle and bring him in for a longer kiss.

After all, you would take every moment you had him because you never knew when it could be the last.


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valentine with yanan
  • this little prince would probably plan a little picnic and would prepare some of his favorite chinese dishes/snacks for you
  • yeah so the picnic would probably be at a park or near a river before the sun sets bc he thinks it’s romantic and you’d walk around the park or whatever hand in hand
  • would definitely want to take cute pictures of just the two of you and with some of the dogs you see
  • and his smile is so bright bc he’s so happy to be with you and he expresses this through actions and words
  • and like despite him never being in a relationship before, he’s a great bf like he’s always there for you when you need him
  • would randomly serenade you but probably when you’re at home bc he’d be kinda embarrassed to do it in public
  • i feel like he would enjoy watching rom coms at home with bc it doesn’t really matter as long as he’s with you and your head is on his chest and he’s so content
  • gets you flowers or whatever you like and chocolates and probably something like a necklace or something bc it reminded him of you
  • kinda seems like changgu in the sense that he would be 100% okay with you smothering him in kisses or vice versa
  • the two of you would get distracted bc you’re telling each other about work and stuff and he’d just let you talk bc he loves listening to you and he has this soft smile on his face
  • all in all, it wouldn’t really matter what the two of you did during the day bc he’s just as content as long as you’re by his side
  • valentine with yana is so cute and soft and gives you life bc he’s a literal angel and sometimes savage that loves you so so much

Request; monsta X’s reaction to them going on a first date with you. @surrealscars , I’ll post the other members reaction soon!

Since Shownu has been training for so long, I imagine he doesn’t have much dating experience, and it’s been some time since he last had a nice date. The first time you go out together would be awkward but you’d both eventually warm up to each other and talk. An ideal place for you both would be a small restaurant or café.  

Wonho would want your first date together to be memorable, I imagine him doing something romantic, like having a picnic or him cooking you dinner. He’d also probably like to get to know you better- he knows the basic but he want to know everything, from your childhood to where you are now. An ideal place for you both would be at a park!

Minhyuk knows how to have fun, he’s so talkative and cheerful. I imagine he’d like to have a date outdoors or at an amusement park. He’d want to do something where he can see your personality without asking a million questions. An ideal place for you both would be an amusement park.

Hmmmm, I imagine Kihyun wouldn’t mind what you do together as long as you’re both comfortable. For a first date he might like to show you around his studio, he’d play guitar for you and sing for you. While there, he would introduce you to some staff as well as the rest of monsta x. An ideal place for you both would be his studio.

NTs vs Romance

ENTP: So…I finally got that date.
ISFJ: omg, with INTP??
ENTP: Yup.
ISFJ: Oh this is so great! I’m so happy for you!
ENTP: Yeah but I have a problem. I don’t know what to do for our first date. I mean, we’ve known each other for years so it shouldn’t be awkward. And yet it feels awkward. Fuck, idk what to do.
ISFJ: I think a cute “traditional” date would be pleasant. You know, dinner and movies and then a sweet goodnight kiss.
ENTP: Oh! INTP likes ice cream.
ISFJ: um…Okay then. Oh! Maybe you could have a cute “park date” with a little picnic and everything. This includes ice cream, of course. And you could share. Aw, that’d be so cute.
ENTP: Share it? What, why would we do that?
ISFJ: because it’s the romantic thing to do.
ENTP: but I can just buy each of us our own ice cream?
ISFJ: *facepalms* yes, you’ll do that but you’ll get different flavours and then you’ll eat them together.
ENTP: Oh no, that won’t happen. We always get the same flavour. Chocolate.
ISFJ: well then, change it.
ENTP: but I thought we were going for traditional here? This is mine and INTP’s rare tradition.
ENTP: Well please do enlighten me then.
ISFJ: You’re not supposed to do what you always do. It’ll be like a regular hang out with friends, but that’s not the case anymore.
ENTP: Um no, I’m pretty sure we’re still friends.
ISFJ: No no that’s no-
*INTP walks up to them*
INTP: Why is ISFJ so flustered?
ENTP: Dunno. Something about dates and traditions. Speaking of dates, you’re still up for that right?
INTP: Ah? Yeah, of course. What do you say we get ourselves each a giant tub of chocolate ice cream and marathon Harry Potter for the 5th time.
ENTP: My place?
INTP: Deal. Now come with me to the bookstore. I wanna show you this great book I found.
ENTP: Alright. See ya, ISFJ!
*they walk off discussing lasers and standing slightly closer to each other than usual*
ISFJ: *looks up to the sky* Lord, I tried.

anonymous asked:

where would Shiro take a guy on the first date?

On Earth it’d probably be somewhere cute and romantic, like a wine and dine then a walk through the park ordeal? But!! If it was in space, he’d take his boyfriend into his lion and find a nearby Planet he finds romantic and have a picnic or something in the lion! He’d a big romantic boy god bless.