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  • [ ] …a marriage proposal
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Some cute romantic-cliché questions :)
  • Coffee Shop: How do you take your coffee?
  • Train Station: Where do you want to travel?
  • Picnic in the Park: Do you enjoy people watching?
  • Kiss Under the Rain: What sounds help you sleep?
  • Butterflies: What unique thing would you/do you enjoy in a partner?
  • Snow Angels: What's your favorite kind of weather?
  • Bed & Breakfast: What do you like to do on Tuesdays?
  • Kiss at the Door: When you hold hands, do you interlock fingers? Swing your arms?
  • Bowling: Do you laugh loudly or giggle more?
  • Chocolates: What's your favorite kind of sweet thing?
  • Roses: Do you blush easily?
  • Cheesy Pick-Up Lines: Are you more of a comic or a romantic?
  • Candlelight: What romantic cliché do you wish for most?
How to make study dates more about studying (and have fun at the same time)

7 useful tips on spicing up and/or sweetening the productive study sessions with your luvah 🔥

  1. If a class includes requires reading, curl up on the couch and read aloud to each other. If you have the time to goof off a bit, read it in funny accents or voices, just for shits and giggles.
  2. It’s a no-brainer that during a study date, you’ll need some snacks. Stay productive and spice up the date by feeding each other *healthy* and romantic food like chocolate covered strawberries or dark chocolate in general.
  3. Use each other as a reward system. For every maths problem you correctly complete, you get a kiss or a hug or a neck massage.
  4. Go somewhere to study together. Have a picnic in the park or visit your local coffee shop and type away while playing footsie under the table. New environments are exciting and refreshing and add a sense of occasion to an otherwise boring cram-marathon.
  5. Make a game out of it. If you two have the same assignment that has numbered questions like maths, see who can correctly answer the most amount of questions in a limited amount of time. This will introduce competitive motivation and help identify where the holes in your understanding or process may be, as well as make it more fun.
  6. Make it a group date. Invite another couple(s) to join you to pool resources in case they can help you with an assignment, and to make it more fun.
  7. Flashcards can be fun with a partner, and bring in the aforementioned reward system. Boom. You’ve got a nice and steamy game show

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hamilton + marriage proposal headcanons


you had to know this one was coming next.


  • he does it in a public place of course
  • literally in the middle of the food court
  • it really wasnt safe to carry it in his pocket in the mall but. he did it anyway
  • he gets down on one knee
  • in the f o od court
  • and because of that you genuinely think hes just tying his shoe
  • who the fuck proposes in a food court surrounded by teenagers who might get wrong ideas and french fries
  • apparently alexander hamilton
  • so you’re looking around and waiting for him to finish 
  • and when you look back theres a box in his hand
  • and he… takes out a… folded up piece of paper…
  • ITS A POEM…….
  • and he READS IT OUT LOUD and its so CUTE but youre also SO EMBARRASSED because theres a part about how much he LOVES YOU IN BED
  • and after what felt like six hours he finally just says… “will you marry me?”
  • you hug him and pull him very close
  • (you mainly want him to shut up and for him to not talk about you in the nude in public anymore)
  • (he will ask you if it took too long. say yes. it was. he will then say “you know what else is long”)


  • this boy…
  • is so romantic…
  • he puts his heart into everything he does!!!
  • so he takes you to a little hillside in a park or in the countryside
  • and takes you for a picnic and everything is really nice
  • he packed all of your favourite foods and drinks and desserts and hes wearing a really nice white dress shirt and black pants
  • theres a little letter at the bottom of the basket he wants you to read
  • the dedication is really cute (”to the love of my life”)
  • but when you finish reading the letter… he is gone?
  • you are clearly very worried and you stand up and start looking around frantically 
  • and he is behind you and behind him is laf, alex, and herc
  • they’re all wearing…. matching outfits….
  • he starts s i n g ing and da nc ing
  • and when the song is finished he rushes over to you and gives you a big hug
  • and he keeps going
  • he gets down on one knee and has the BIGGEST, HAPPIEST GRIN ON HIS FRECKLED FACE 
  • and when he asks you to marry him
  • you’re probably blubbering and maybe crying because its so goddamn cute and hes so goddamn cute and hes like ”oh god did i do something wrong”
  • and you just shake your head and say yes, you do want to marry him
  • and the boys are in the background smiling, and sweating after all of the choreo they did
  • seriously. they’d been practicing for weeks.
  • (they said john even yelled at them once because he wanted it to be perfect)


  • if there’s. ANYONE who is going to ask you to marry him in a restaurant
  • it’s lafayette.
  • he takes you out to a really fancy dinner
  • and you both dress up really nice
  • and you get what you swear to god is the nicest food you’ve ever eaten
  • and you laugh and smile and talk throughout dinner
  • but he seems… somewhat…. nervous and awkward
  • and he’s normally this smooth talking guy
  • and its… very suspicious
  • and its even MORE suspicious when he says he forgot his wallet and that you have to pay
  • and you’re like “…. alright???? …. i geuss?????”
  • he apologizes a lot, more than he ever has before
  • and when the bill comes in the lil wallet holder folder thing made of leather
  • and you start rummaging through your wallet for the money
  • he looks very panicked that you actually are going to pay
  • and he’s like “no no y/n please look in the folder thing please”
  • and he snatches it before you can do anything and proposes in front of everyone!!!
  • (you see a few waitresses cry)
  • (he repeats over and over that he doesn’t actually want you to pay)
  • (kiss him. he deserves it. he was so scared.)


  • you are completely alone when he proposes.
  • he just… does it in your living room?
  • he steps out of the bedroom and he has a shirt in his hands
  • and he’s quietly like “y/n i made this for you can you try it on?”
  • and you take it and somehow wrestle it onto your body
  • you don’t even know whats on it. you just look at him and tell him it fits
  • and he’s like “go look in the mirror and tell me if you like it”
  • and when you go to the bathroom and look in the mirror it says “will you marry me?” in big sparkly pink font
  • when you go back out hes wearing… a MATCHING SHIRT…
  • and he’s already down on one knee and you approach him
  • and he hits you with the pick up line he said when you first met
  • and you BURST into laughter
  • once you’ve calmed down he’s like “in all seriousness y/n… will you marry me?”
  • and when you say yes, he j u mp s up and tackles you onto the couch
  • (like it actually slightly hurt a little bit) 
  • and he’s very apologetic
  • and to make it up to you he starts kissing you everywhere he can reach
  • (he made the shirt very revealing… for a reason)


  • its going to be big.
  • its going to be very big because she has to live up to her own high standards that she and everyone else has set for herself
  • so she takes you to a really busy tourist destination
  • that you’ve probably been to a million times
  • and you’re like “ok nice can we go now angelica”
  • and she’s like hang on… i’m waiting for something
  • and when you’re probably starting to get really annoyed because you’ve been there for the longest time
  • music starts playing that wasn’t playing before
  • and its your favourite love song
  • (whatever genre, whatever artist, your favourite song is playing)
  • and you’re like wow angelica this is really funny huh? its my favourite song
  • and she gulps, really loudly, and takes you by the hands
  • and peggy and eliza emerge from the crowd
  • and, for you, they sing the rest of your favourite love song with beautiful harmony and really cute and simple dance moves
  • and by the end everyone around you is clapping and you’re clapping but still you’re…. probably confused because… why did she serenade you in public
  • and angelica gets down on one knee
  • and she asks you to marry her in the most simple phrase
  • just straight up. “Will you marry me”
  • you stand up and nod
  • and when you say yes everyone EXPLODES
  • and everyone is cheering and clapping and she kisses you and you’re both laughing
  • (”was it good y/n” “yes angelica” “are you sure cuz if it wasn’t good then i can redo it” “angelica it was great” “are you satisfied” “ye s”)


  • the two of you are out for coffee and you both are having a good time
  • laughing and typing away at your laptops or doing work
  • and eliza excuses herself to go to the bathroom
  • and so you’re texting on your phone waiting for her to come back
  • when one of the baristas calls your name even though you didnt order another drink
  • but you go over and retrieve the cup that is apparently yours
  • and try to take a sip from it because like… free drink hell yeah
  • but theres…. nothing inside but this little hollow noise???
  • so with an eyebrow raised, you take off the lid, and there’s this… beautiful ring at the very bottom.
  • like, it probably shouldn’t be there because if someone got the wrong cup, they would not return it
  • you know the ring is for you and that it’s from eliza but you… can’t see her? 
  • even the barista seems confused?
  • and then she shyly emerges from the bathroom and is like “DO YOU LIKE IT Y/N” across the entire cafe
  • and you’re like… “yes eliza i love it”
  • and so she runs on over and takes the cup from your hands and pulls the ring out
  • and she doesnt get down on one knee but she does help you sit up on the counter top
  • and she’s like “you know what i love? you”
  • and then she proposes. and she’s blushy and really flushed and has the goofiest, sweetest smile suspended on her face and she talks about how helpless you make her feel 
  • and when you say yes, she does this lil dance and picks you up by the waist and spins you around
  • and then she realizes she can’t carry you because she is smol!!! so you climb down
  • and she slips the ring onto your finger and kisses you and she tastes like hot chocolate
  • and its… amazing


  • he just got back from a really long business trip
  • and hes been away for weeks
  • and when you go to pick him up at the airport
  • hes sweaty, and his hair is kind of flat, and he looks more exhausted than you’ve ever seen him
  • but he still looks so happy to see you
  • and when you guys are hugging, he whispers “what’d i miss” into your ear
  • (which is an ongoing joke between the two of you)
  • and you whisper “you missed me” in return
  • and you feel his smirk grow against your cheek
  • but when you finally pull away after about ten years of hugging
  • hes not smiling and he says, very seriously, “i never want to have to miss you that much ever again”
  • and he gets down on one knee and opens a small pocket of his suitcase
  • and pulls out a ring.
  • and he says this big long speech about how much he loves you
  • and how much he missed you
  • and every little thing about you he loves
  • (and backs it up with evidence)
  • eventually, he’s almost fallen asleep when he says, “will you marry me?”
  • and you get down so you’re level with him and you say “yes, thomas, i’ll marry you. now let’s go home”
  • (when he wakes up the next morning he double-checks to make sure you said yes)
  • (you say yes, you did say yes. “did you miss that thomas?”)


  • lets face it.
  • this man probably wouldn’t go out of his way to propose
  • he loves you, of course, but you know that
  • and he knows that very much
  • and he doesnt feel the need to prove it to you with some big declaration?
  • (”i bet hamilton would do something lame like serenade you or read a poem, pssh”)
  • so you’re most likely in your bed just cuddling
  • and when you begin to pull away to get water or get changed, he looks over and just goes
  • “marry me?”
  • and you fall back into bed and tell him that you’d love to.
  • (he doesnt have the ring yet)
  • (he promises he will take you shopping when he’s not working)
  • (he works a lot)
  • (it will take a very long time to get your ring)
  • (he also doesnt want to go out when hes sick cuz he doesnt wanna cough all over really expensive rings)
  • (he apologizes profusely)
  • (tell him you love him anyway)
  • (and kiss him)


  • he is very shy
  • and has been carrying around the ring for months.
  • literally. months.
  • (he’s afraid you’re going to say no)
  • (like, very afraid you’re going to say no)
  • (he doesn’t put himself out like this a lot)
  • and hes also been waiting for the perfect moment!!
  • so one day you’re in a bookstore you both like
  • and amidst the stacks of books and paper
  • he gets down one on knee and is biting his lip because hes so nervous…
  • but he does it anyway!!! because he loves you!!! and really wants to marry you!!!
  • he wants it more than anything in his life!!!
  • he has a really!!! really cute and cliche speech about how much he loves you
  • talks about how beautiful you are every ten words
  • explains to you that you are the best thing in his life and never wants to lose you!!! but stutters his way through it
  • wants to put the ring on your finger while hes kneeling and… kisses your ring finger oh gosh…
  • he may… stay on the ground……. ???
  • (he wants you to either meet him on the ground or pull him up)
  • (pull him up by the collar and kiss him. he will smile so wide after)
  • (he might ask you later if it was romantic enough. tell him yes.)

RFA+Saeran romantic valentine’s dinner that they prepared but goes wrong? @cloudsofsand


  • He thought out this elaborate and affordable dinner
  • Literally spent 2 weeks buying up all these supplies to set up a nice dinner for you
  • You came home to rose petals scattered around the house and Yoosung’s proud face beaming at his candlelit dinner
  • He was such a cutie and pulled out your chair for you, served the food, and poured the drinks
  • However, while he was pouring his elbow knocked over a candle
  • The tablecloth set on fire
  • Yoosung was running around panicking  while you were working on a way to set out the fire
  • When it finally distinguished, were both were tired and panting
  • “I’m sorry I ruined the dinner, MC…”
  • You came over to him and hugged him tightly, “It’s the thought that counts, right? Besides, dessert is still being served right?”
  • “But dessert got burned…?”
  • When you pulled away and headed towards the bedroom, stopping to send to him a wink, his face flushed red before stumbling to join you


  • She was so stressed out
  • This was the first Valentine’s that she’d spend with you and it had to be really special
  • But goddammit, the oven was broken so it was burning everything she tried to make
  • The whole table was topped with the black-burnt dishes and you were bound to be here any minute
  • She didn’t even have time to clean up what to do, what to do?
  • “Jaehee, I used the key under the mat to get in–what’s that smell?”
  • “My oven’s broken, so everything I tried making burned to a crisp…” she sighed
  • “Aaawww, you were going to make dinner for me?” 
  • “Were”
  • You kissed her cheek and giggled at her confused expression
  • “How about we clean up here and cook together at my house?”
  • A smile immediately crept onto her face and it was the cutest thing ever


  • He really planned on coming home early today to actually make a surprise dinner because he never usually cooks but the studio was holding him back to finish another scene
  • When he was finally released, he rode home so fast he was sure he ran a red light or two
  • You would be home from work in about an hour and that was not enough time to make was he originally wanted
  • So he came up with a new plan
  • Instead of an hour of cooking, why couldn’t he just up the heat by a lot for a shorter amount of time
  • Zen that’s not how cooking works
  • Needless to say, you came home to Zen’s disastrous dinner
  • You tried to eat it for him because he looked so proud of his first meal how could you say no
  • But you ended up with food poisoning the next day so you were definitely getting pampered when you recovered


  • Jumin has never cooked in his life
  • But he wanted this Valentine’s Day dinner to be personal and special and not just by the chef
  • Problem is that he doesn’t even know how to work a microwave 
  • So he looked up everything online and tried to follow the best he could
  • But everything wasn’t like accurate
  • Like he tried to measure everything correctly but it never turned out right
  • 1 tsp of salt turned into 7 tsp or a lot of seasoning turned into a pinch
  • He was happy when he finished because he just prepared his first meal ever!!
  • When you looked at it it looked like a normal meal, but when you tasted it, all the flavors were…off
  • Jumin could tell by the confused look on your face that his cooking was bad, and tbh he agreed as well
  • He ended up taking you out instead


  • Romantic picnic under the stars!
  • The date was actually very sweet and the Saeyoung made the food himself 
  • And it actually isn’t that bad considering his HBC and PHDPepper diet
  • All was going well until it started to pour
  • “Goddammit Saeyoung you remembered to wear heart boxers today but not check the weather”
  • You both gathered everything the best you could and made a dash for home because the walk to the park was romantic in retrospect
  • Saeyoung tried to shield the both of you with his jacket but it was no use, you and him were already soaked through
  • When he dried himself and you at home, he shut off all the lights and turned on the star projector
  • He set out the food and blankets again and it was still a picnic under the stars


  • He’s never cooked before but he really wants Valentine’s Day to be special for you
  • And he actually picks it up very well and quickly
  • Like you get home from a long day and you’re greeted at the door with a happy Saeran helping you settle down
  • “Happy Valentine’s Day, MC. I made dinner for us tonight.”
  • Your eyebrow rose playfully, “Oh really now?”
  • Upon entering the dining room, you’re both met with the sight of Seven shoving the remains of the dinner down his throat
  • Saeran sighed, “I won’t hurt you…


Bonus! V:

  • Lol he’s blind, he ain’t cooking
37 little cute date ideas

• Share a coffee with me at a coffee shop
• Laugh with me at the movie theatre
• Hold my hand or hug me when I jump during a scary movie
• Go to a party with me
• Have fun eating with me at a cheesy diner, like Steak and Shake
• Take a drive around town with me, listening to music
• Cuddle in bed with me while we watch some show on Netflix
• Play a round of pool with me
• Swim with me
• Order take out with me
• Go bowling with me
• Make out with me while we listen to music
• Play a video game with me
• Go hiking with me
• Sit in a car and listen to music while just talking about our lives
• Lay a blanket out at night and watch the stars together
• Lay a blanket out at day and enjoy a picnic together
• Go jogging together
• Go ice skating together
• Go rollerblading together
• Just lay in bed and nap with me
• Let me lay on your lap while you play a sports game or a shooting game
• Go to dinner with our friends
• Or have a romantic dinner out with just me
• Make dinner with me!
• Brunch?
• Play some board games together
• Park by the lake and watch the sunset
• Watch the sunset and hang out with me so long that we get to watch the sunrise together too
• Make a list of every possible place to make out and then cross them all off as we go
• Snapchat each other our ugliest photos from right next to each other
• Go dancing in the rain with me
• Make each other breakfast in bed
• Go to the fair with me
• Browse the stores in the mall or any other stores nearby
• Take me to a library and watch me freak out over so many books
• Tell me your whole life story anywhere you want, as long as you want

Things Couples Can Do Together
  • These can be used as sort of prompts for romantic/fluffy pieces of writing or just things to day dream about:
  • 1. Making the bed together
  • 2. Tying his tie
  • 3. Him/Her zipping your dress
  • 4. Dropping hints so he'll give you his jacket
  • 5. Watching sitcoms together
  • 6. Being stuck at their house during a blizzard
  • 7. Reading together by the fire
  • 8. Building a fort together
  • 9. Hold hands
  • 10. Watching the classics
  • 11. Slow dancing in the living room
  • 12. Baking together
  • 13. Eating cereal in bed together
  • 14. Passing notes in class
  • 15. Borrowing his gloves and them being way too big
  • 16. Take walks
  • 17. Go on a picnic in the park
  • 18. Drive through the city at night
  • 19. Go on a road trip
  • 20. Give each other handmade gifts
  • 21. Go on a romantic vacation together
  • 22. Sleep on a trampoline with blankets and pillows
  • 23. Take a nap together
  • 24. Go on a photography adventure
  • 25. Play video games together
  • 26. Have a beach date
  • 27. Take a train somewhere
  • 28. Spend a day in character as whomever the other chooses
  • 29. Write sappy poems for each other
  • 30. Clean together
  • 31. Watch each other's favourite movies
  • 32. Rent a tiny rowboat on a small pond and read sappy poetry to each other
  • 33. Go to an amusement park together
  • 34. Surprise each other with breakfast in bed
  • 35. Go shopping together
  • 36. Do art together
  • 37. Play/Kiss in the rain
  • 38. Take a steamy shower together
  • 39. Take a soothing bubble bath together
  • 40. Make traditions
  • 41. Cuddle
  • 42. Go to the movies
  • 43. Pick outfits for each other
  • 44. Sneak pictures of each other
  • 45. Make bets together
  • 46. Go on fancy dinner dates
  • 47. Do couples' challenges together
  • 48. Fall asleep together
  • 49. Volunteer together
  • 50. Stay together
  • Feel free to request more!: 😊

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boyfriend head canons for charles xavier?

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  • He did not believe in love at first sight till he met you. As cheesy as it sounds, he was oblivious to the concept till you walked into his life. 
  • He believed in taking things slow, meaning that in the first few weeks of dating he insisted on asking permission for everything he wanted to do. 
  • Your first kiss together was after the two of you went on a romantic picnic in the park. Walking hand-in-hand you both made your way back to the mansion, in the dead of night. Just as you reached your bedroom, he cupped your cheek and asked if he could kiss you. Instead of answering, you leaned in and kissed him. 
  • Between keeping order at the mansion and recruiting new mutants, Charles doesn’t really have a lot of time to be going out on dates. Therefore, the two of you improvise. 
  • Most of the time, you end of bringing food to his office. The two of you having a makeshift date, prompting him to take a break from his incessant stream of work to spend time with you. 
  • When you manage to drag him away for longer periods of time, the two of you enjoy taking long walks around the mansion grounds. 
  • He enjoys the scenery, fresh air, and of course the view; however, he often becomes distracted by your presence. Instead, spending more time staring at you than the view. 
  • He’s usually the first one up in the morning, but after his alarm clock rings and you don’t wake up, he honestly doesn’t have the heart to wake you up. 
  • Instead, he opts to let you sleep in—even if it’s only for a little while longer. This often times leaves you to scold him, after you wake up nearly a half an hour before you’re scheduled to report for work.
  • However, on the days that you are able to sleep in, he enjoys wrapping his arm around you. Both of you sleeping well into the morning.
  • He loves cuddling with you, as you’re always the small spoon and he’s the big spoon. Truthfully, he always initiates the cuddling, loving the feeling of you pressed against his side and curled up into his chest at night. 
  • Charles loves sneaking you up to the roof of the mansion, both of you watching the twinkling stars late at night, whispering shared secrets in the dark night. 
  • Both of you are dubbed the parents of the mansion, if anyone had a problem, they wouldn’t hesitate to come to either of you for help. 
  • While being a cuddler, he is also a hugger. Whenever you have a stressful day at work, he loves to embrace you and place his chin on  top of your head. 
  • When he has his accident and ends up in pushing you away, but you swear to God that you will never leave his side. 
dating jughead jones would include

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» i feel like you would have to ask jughead out.  like archie or betty or even ronnie would be all like “Y/N, jughead likes you more than anything in the world and you’d be silly to not ask him out.”

» just hinting the idea that you do so bc he’d be too uncomfortable to.  

» not to continue the trope that jughead is confused about relationship stuff bc i don’t necessarily think that’s true.

» but i think he’s the type to question his own skill in the area and while he’s actually good at it… just not be able to convince himself he’s capable so he never makes the first move.

» but once you’re together i feel like he’d still be u know pulling out chairs and opening doors.

» he’d probably like… only take you to pop’s though.  because it’s familiar.  it works.  a sort of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” sort of mindset.

» you wouldn’t mind.

» “i can’t believe you’re one of those people who dips fries in their milkshakes.”

  “jughead, you’re only saying that because you hate nice things.”

  “i don’t hate you”

» *rolls eyes at your boyfriend who is so smart but … so dumb*

» he’s a reader and a writer so while he my act like hes not a romantic we all know he is.

» it’s not like he’d want a perfect relationship picnic in the park but… he’d kind of expect it.

» so when you have your first fight and it’s not in the rain he gets a little confused.

» always thinking he’s right.

» nobody talks about the fact that he really knows how smart he is.  he’d act on that, too.

» so he’d need somebody to tell him that what he did wasn’t the best move.  probably unintentionally making you feel stupid.  it would be a learning curve.

» “jughead i love you but…”

  “I messed up.  i know, now.”

» i feel like he’s the type to just not say sorry and that’s something you’d need to understand.  like he’d really never understand that he’s wholly wrong in a certain situation and never be able to take blame.  idk is this just me?

» but when he realizes he kinda messed up like someone tells him he did he’d be really sweet.

» he’s a cuddler.  but not a big spoon little spoon type.  he’d like to look at you while you guys are together, facing one another.  

» i wouldn’t say he thinks you’re like… the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen.  he’d think you’re beautiful, sure.  but he’d be much more in-tune to the things that make you interesting.  scars, freckles, stretch marks… that sort of stuff.

» i think it’s bc he’s really into the human element of people and things that make you .. well..  not a god are what he find beautiful.

» another kinda quirky thing you’d have to get used to.

» dating jughead i think would be a 100% unique experience.  like literally nothing else.  and not always in good ways but in kinda strange ways.

» he wouldn’t be into intense pda but he’d like little things like playing with your fingers while you two sat next to each other or making little braids in your hair.  the pda would be because he wants to be near you, touching you, not because he needs everyone else to know you guys are a thing.

» he’d get so smushy.  he acts all intense but you know if you make a joke he’s always laughing.  

» “jughead, you’re being a drama queen.”

» just thinking you have this incredible mind in your head that he loves so much.  anything that comes out of it he’d find interesting and beautiful.

» your intellectual teasing fights would be so confusing to everyone around you all the time.  

» *cue your friends googling words and then mouths agape at the word you just used against one another*

» you guys would probably argue about the best meter in which to write or some shit nd have competitions to make up the best words

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We met late October and i instantly fell for him. He had just gotten out of a relationship where his heart had been stomped on and he’d been cheated on incessantly, so he wasn’t ready to commit. We became friends with benefits, but the benefits were so much more than simple sex. We’d stay up talking until the early dawn, we would text everyday because little things reminded us of each other constantly. I started realizing that i’d put myself in a difficult position: I was giving him everything he needed in order to be happy (attention, kindness, sex, friendship) but i wanted so much more. When he told me he could never see himself in a relationship with me, i tried to cut things off. I deleted his number, his messages, everything - and told him i could not keep seeing him because my feelings increased every time. Three days later, he came running back. We went for a drink and decided we’d be friends, so that we could do all sorts of things without there being the ‘girlfriend’ implication resonating in the back of his mind. 
But we started sleeping together again. By mid-march, not only were we having sex on a weekly basis: we were hiking, skating, making music, watching movies, taking photos, having picnics in the park and even romantic dinners out on the town. I thought our relationship was going somewhere, that he’d changed his mind. That he wanted me. That he liked me as more than a friend.

I was wrong.

I confronted him about it yesterday. We met up on a park-bench overlooking the city. I felt like we were in 500 days of summer. But he was Summer, and i was Tom. I told him i couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted him to give me something new, something extra. I was tired of feeling like he was ashamed to introduce me to his family and his friends. I was tired of not being kissed in public. I didn’t want to be the bridge between his past and future girlfriend.

He never took my goodbyes seriously. And though i hope he got the message this time, part of me is still waiting for my phone to ring and it be him, telling me he made a huge mistake.

face family boyfriend headcanons

❀ i’ll probably do abt three bullet points per character, but if i ever get a request for one character’s boyfriend/girlfriend headcanons, i’d do abt five ❀

♡ allies ♡

America / Alfred F. Jones

‣ He loves to surprise his significant other with date nights every once in a while, but they may only consist of staying in and binge watching old 90′s movies.

‣ He loves to sing in the car and will expect his significant other to join him in a duet every once in a while. He also enjoys holding hands with his s/o while driving, which could be a bit dangerous because he’ll only have one hand on the wheel.

‣ He likes to show off his relationship on social media every once in a while, so his s/o should expect many selfies of the two of them being posted to Instagram and Twitter. If his s/o is uncomfortable, however, he’ll keep the selfies to a minimum.

England / Arthur Kirkland

‣ A romantic date to him would be going to a quaint coffee shop and reading a book with his significant other or just going on a quiet stroll throughout the park.

‣ He loves to give his s/o kisses on their hands and arms. If they’re just sitting down on the couch, relaxing, he may grab their hand out of the blue and leave kisses on their wrist and knuckles.

‣ He may leave notes for his s/o, reminding them how much he adores them and how he treasures them.

France / Francis Bonnefoy

‣ Francis, being the romantic type that he is, would take his significant other out on dates at least once a week. These dates would consist of moonlit picnics, balcony dinners, or going dancing.

‣ He would love to cook for his s/o, especially if they let him cook let breakfast in the morning.

‣ He’d bring up thoughts about the future frequently with them. He would inquire about whether or not they would want to be married or have children or move in with him. He wouldn’t be asking because planned on asking them to marry him anytime soon (unless he thought they were both ready to take that next step) but because he is genuinely curious.

Canada / Matthew Williams

‣ Matthew would take his significant other ice skating or to a hockey game if they liked the sport. Those are the kinds of dates he thinks are best for him to connect with his s/o and get to have fun with them. However, he will probably let them decide the dates most of the time since he wants them to have a good time with him.

‣ He’s the type to send his s/o sweet good morning messages and the type to constantly ask them how they’re doing. He’d send them lovely messages, telling them that he was wishing them well throughout the day and that he hoped the stayed safe.

‣ He loves being affectionate with his s/o, though he is very shy about it. Even if they’re just chilling on the couch, he’ll cautiously place his arm around their shoulders and softly play with their hair.

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Supercorp: Lena always seems to leave for work early before Kara can open her eyes. Just once, Kara would like to wake up before Lena to give her a very good morning.

Kara yawned as she started to wake and rolled over to snuggle into her girlfriend. She squeaked slightly when instead of rolling into Lena’s warm body, she face planted into the pillows.

Kara mumbled into the pillow and continued rolling until she hit the edge of the bed. She scooted until her feet hit the floor and padded out to living room where she knew Lena would have left a note for her.

Sure enough, next to the three sticky buns was a note in Lena’s swirling handwriting;

Morning beautiful :) It looks like you had a busy night from what I saw on the TV. I’ve left three sticky buns for breakfast- I can’t have you wasting away on me!

Kara chuckled as she tucked into the first sticky bun and went about getting ready to head to CatCo, thoughts running through her mind of all the little things Lena does for her; the notes she always left; the breakfast pastries she always put to one side; the flowers she kept buying for Kara, even after they had been together for years.

Kara had been wondering how to repay Lena; she had a few thoughts- a picnic in the park, star gazing at the planetarium, lovely romantic ideas, but Kara wanted to do something different.

She suddenly remembered the morning six months ago; the morning she had stirred from her sleep, hips rolling, moans escaping her lips as Lena’s tongue lapped at her soaked folds. Kara had whimpered at waking up to the sight of Lena between her legs; it was something they had discussed, but Kara had forgotten. Until now.

Lena hadn’t said anything, she had simply made eye contact with Kara when she felt Kara’s fingers tangle into her hair, raised an eyebrow and sucked hard on Kara’s clit.

Kara had come hard, her body wrecked from Lena’s ministrations rousing her from her sleep; she was soaked, her arousal dripping down Lena’s chin as her tongue flicked her clit in hard strokes.

Kara shuddered and twitched her way through her orgasm and flipped Lena over to pin her below before grinning and sliding down Lena’s torso to return the favour.

Kara’s breath hitched at the memory, her mind made up as to how she wanted to wake Lena the next morning. The only problem; Lena was an incredibly early riser.

That night Kara had checked the alarm on her phone three times before she was completely satisfied that she had actually set one. She snuggled into Lena and shivered in anticipation of her plans for the following morning.

It never happened.

At around 2am, her phone blared out; Alex on the other end informing her that Supergirl was needed. By the time Kara actually made it back to their apartment Lena had already left for L.Corp, a note next to the coffee pot reading;

You weren’t here when I woke up- I’m guessing today is a huge caffeine fix day. Love you x

Kara persisted, determined to wake before Lena at least once. After a few ill-fated attempts; Supergirl getting called out, Kara forgetting to set her alarm and a conference call that required Lena to be up at a ridiculous hour, it finally happened.

Kara’s hearing picked up the quiet alarm she had set and she blinked her eyes open. She couldn’t quite believe it when she saw Lena gently snoring next to her, her dark hair splayed across the pillow. She had told Lena her plans which had caused Lena to chuckle, ‘only if you can manage to wake before me, my sleeping beauty…’

Kara placed a gentle kiss to Lena’s shoulder before gently pushing Lena from her side onto her back. She ghosted her fingertips across Lena’s nipples smirking as they went hard, straining against the material of the worn out Supergirl top she insisted on sleeping in.

Kara lightly ran her finger down Lena’s body until they brushed through Lena’s curls; after Kara had divulged her plans, Lena had taken to sleeping commando, something which was driving Kara wild. Lena shifted slightly in her sleep and cocked one of her legs.

Kara started circling Lena’s clit with a single finger, occasionally sliding it down to run through Lena’s folds, while sliding her body down, littering Lena’s body with kisses. She carefully placed herself between Lena’s legs and removed her finger, sucking it clean.

She inhaled the scent that was so Lena and ran her tongue in one long stroke from Lena’s folds up to her clit. Lena’s hips rolled slightly as Kara repeated the motion and she heard a little sigh escape Lena.

Kara continued to tease Lena with her tongue, delighting in the little moans that Lena emitted every time she ran her tongue across her clit.

Kara felt Lena stirring; her centre was grinding against Kara’s mouth and her breathing had become heavier. A few minutes later Kara heard her name leave Lena’s lips as her hand came down to thread itself into Kara’s curls.

‘Oh… Kara’ Lena moaned out as her head rolled back, her lower lip secured between her teeth.

Kara stroked her tongue harder, flicking Lena’s clit after each stroke.

'I’m so close darling’ Lena panted out.

In a repeat of the move Lena had previously pulled on her, Kara simply retained eye contact with Lena, raised an eyebrow and took Lena’s clit between her lips, alternating between sucking and flicking it with her tongue.

Lena cried out as her orgasm washed over her, her hips bucking wildly. She squirmed as Kara kissed the top of her thighs before the Superhero scooted back up to gather Lena into her arms.

'Morning beautiful’ Kara grinned as she placed a soft kiss to Lena’s forehead.

'Mmm, very good morning’ Lena chuckled out as she snuggled into Kara. 

700: sapphic rates

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gayley kiyoko song: girls like girls | cliff’s edge | given it all | pretty girl | one bad night | palace | feeding the fire | sleepover | gravel to tempo | ease my mind | this side of paradise

stereotype: flannels. flannels everyday | locker rooms = torture chambers | beanie obsessed | softball stan | snapbacks af | short hair | buying stuff from the men’s section | short/unpainted nails. always. | cats. cats??? catssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | watching v gay shows only for the gay content | theater geek

sappho quote: someone in some future time will think of us | what is beautiful is good, and who is good will soon be beautiful | their heart grew cold, they let their wings down | once again love drives me on, that loosener of limbs, bittersweet creature against which nothing can be done | although only breath, words which i command are immortal | what cannot be said will be wept | may i write words more naked than flesh, stronger than bone, more resilient than sinew, sensitive than nerve | i know not what to do, my mind is divided | love is a cunning weaver of fantasies and fables 

gay meme: harold, they’re lesbians | she said with surprise in her voice for some reason | there is absolutely no heterosexual explanation for this | that gay shit: / me: | “as a lesbian—” supporter? “AS A LESBIAN” | all the cool girls are lesbians | we popping the biggest bottles when makorra happens tomorrow | just gals being pals

people wlw love: katie mcgrath | zendaya | hayley kiyoko | dodie clark | stephanie beatriz | melissa benoist | cate blanchett | grimes 

date: amusement park | retro diner | ice skating | romantic candle-lit dinner | coffee shop and bookstore | walk through the woods | beach | going to the park at night | picnic

conduitstr  asked:

Happy Valentine's Day 💖 McKirk headcanons?

  • Jim’s never celebrated Valentine’s day. Not in the traditional sense, anyway. The only way he’s ever really celebrated it is by going out and finding someone to spend the night with. So he doesn’t even think about it the first time valentines day rolls around while he’s dating Leonard. Bones thinks about it, though. Mr. Sensitive and all that.
  • And so Jim finds himself in the park on their day off. “What is this?” he asks curiously as Bones sits down in the soft grass, and Bones frowns. “It’s Valentine’s day, man. I arranged us a picnic.” “A picnic,” Jim repeats, sitting down next to Leonard with a grin, “you’re so cheesy.” “Oh, you have no idea,” Bones replies. Turns out, he’s right. It’s not overly romantic to sit and eat together, and Jim is grateful for that because he doesn’t really know how to romance. It’s still just nice to sit together, the artificial sun warm on their skin and Leonard’s eyes somehow lighter because he’s not worried or annoyed. Rather than actually enjoying most of that food Bones has brought, though, Jim’s more interested in pressing Bones down to lie on his back, and just leaning over him to kiss him and run his fingers over those always smoothly shaven cheeks.
  • They’re in space the year after when Valentine’s day rolls around, and one day feels like every other, so again - Jim doesn’t really think about it until he comes home to his quarters and finds an expensive bottle of bourbon (– that’s definitely contraband). “What’s this for?” Jim asks, holding up the bottle and facing Bones when he enters his quarters, too. “Dude, it’s Valentine’s Day,” Bones says, “C'mon. Take the bottle.” And so Jim follows him to the bar, where they quietly sit together in front of the giant window that displays the countless stars, planets, and galaxies they pass. It’s the most romantic thing, and Jim’s often just distracted by the view - every bit as amazed by space as he was since day one. “What’s your biggest wish, like, within the next five years or so?” Jim asks eventually, and Bones just shrugs. “I’m pretty happy where I’m at right now,” he says, and Jim smiles. He reaches out for Bones’ hand, squeezing it gently. “How ‘bout you?” Bones asks. “Oh,having sex in the captain’s chair. Definitely,” Jim says, and laughs when Bones pulls his hand back. “You’re the worst.”
  • Jim doesn’t forget the year after, but he doesn’t do romance as much. Or so he claims. They’re on Earth, so he drags Bones along to an old fashioned laser game match. “Why are we doing this?” Bones asks, and Jim grins. “Because. Valentine’s day. Keep up.” “This is your idea of a date?” “Hey, I’m going to protect you from angry aliens, okay?” Jim says, leaning in to gently to press a quick peck to his lips. “Cover me,” he says, and then runs towards the battle zone – and then gets shot down by Bones almost immediately.  
  • They come up with ridiculous things: Going on a long walk around the ship at night. A movie marathon in the holo dec room, they go on a pub crawl through York Town one year to hit every single happy hour they can find.
  • They’re back in space, and Jim largely forgets about it again because he’s kept  busy for most of the day (and night) on the Bridge. He receives a bunch of nagging messages from Bones, too, so he’s busily typing away on his PADD to keep the other off his back. It doesn’t work, though, because Bones arrives on the Bridge just seconds later. “Bones,” Jim groans when the other approaches, though he smiles when Bones leans in to press a kiss to Jim’s lips, “I’m fine, I don’t need a check up.” “I know,” Bones says, and it leaves Jim momentarily confused. Especially because Bones’ lips are on his chin, and his neck, and Jim shivers. “Bones, we’re on the Bridge-” “Wasn’t that your biggest wish? Been almost five years,” Bones says, and Jim’s eyes widen. “But the Bridge-” “Empty,” Bones says, taking Jim’s PADD away, “we have 30 minutes.” “I don’t need that long,” Jim replies, grinning lightly and Bones rolls his eyes. “I know.“ 
  • Jim pulls him in, arms sliding around Bones’ waist when he pulls the other down on his lap. Jim smiles, almost arrogantly so because he’s definitely the first captain to get laid on the Bridge - which has been one of his fantasies since day one in the Academy. How Bones even pulled this off is beyond him, but he’s not gonna question it. His mind just blanks when Bones’ hands gently push up his shirt. “Marry me,” Jim breathes, before he even realizes it, and both of them just freeze at the same time. “… what?” Bones asks, sitting up straight. Jim briefly regrets it, but then; “marry me,” he repeats. “Are you drunk?” Bones asks, and Jim shakes his head. “No,” he says, “Bones. Leonard; you should marry me.” Bones glances at Jim’s expression. “Okay,” Bones says, and Jim looks up. “Really?” “Yes,” Bones says, “figured, since I’m already stuck with you, I might as well-” but Jim doesn’t let him finish his sentence. Instead, he pulls him in closer and kisses him. Bones’ arms wrap around Jim’s shoulders, and both of them feel a little breathless by the time Bones pulls away. “Happy Valentine’s day, Jim,” Bones breathes, and Jim smirks. “Happy Valentine’s, my fiance,” he says, his fingers running through Bones’ hair. “So, my love,” Jim continues, lips still curled into a devious grin, “you going down on me or what?”

amistillfeeling  asked:

B! B! RAE!

I knew someone was going to ask :P

  • who hogs the duvet: 
    RAVEN. She is a notorious blanket hog! She is actually the worst, especially if it’s cold. BB has threatened to buy a new blanket if she doesn’t learn to share. Now, he’ll force cuddle because at least this way, he still gets some covers. (Also, spooning <3)
  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going:
    Beast Boy. Raven is more likely to text, but BB will call. He loves hearing her voice, and, so help him if he hears something’s happened, her phone rings immediately. 
  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts:
    Raven. She is super meticulous about what to get him because she wants him to LOVE it. She spends a lot of time doing research (aka, asking Vic, snooping around his social media, etc).
  • who gets up first in the morning:
    Raven. She’s an early riser and often likes to meditate on the roof as the sun is rising. BB is a night owl and usually stays up late binging shows/movies/games.
  • who suggests new things in bed:
    Mostly Raven, but she does ask BB about his ideas. They need to both be comfortable with it, otherwise it’s a no go. 
  • who cries at movies:
    BB. Raven is way more composed with her emotions, for obvious reasons. However, there’s a certain movie about a certain dog she won’t name that had her come pretty damn close. 
  • who gives unprompted massages:
    Beast Boy; any excuse to touch her, and nine times out of ten, it leads to sex.
  • who fusses over the other when they’re sick
    They both do. Raven is way more subtle. Beast Boy will dote on her; make her soup, tea, get her her favourite book, etc. Raven merely gets super overprotective, as whenever BB gets sick, it’s usually from a super strong bug. So he’s literally almost dying. She doesn’t leave his side when he’s sleeping, and when he’s awake, everything is somehow there and ready for him. 
  • who gets jealous easiest:
    Both. Beast Boy and Raven both feel as if they are out of each other’s league, and are often easily intimidated by other potential love interests, especially if they happen to fall into their said ‘types’.
  • who has the most embarrassing taste in music:
    Beast Boy. He listens to every genre. Everything. Even the stupid stuff if it’s funny. Rae is a bit more particular. 
  • who collects something unusual:
    They both do. BB likes to collect some sort of memorbilia from every epic showdown the Titans have (even something as simple as a piece of concrete from the building Plasmus crashed). Raven will collect strange flowers/plants and dry them in books before framing them. 
  • who takes the longest to get ready:
    Beast Boy when they’re going out somewhere nice. If it’s for a fight/emergency, Raven takes longer. Leotards are not easy. 
  • who is the most tidy and organised:
    Raven. She’s not exactly a neat freak, but she likes organization because it makes finding things easier.
  • who gets most excited about the holidays:
    Beast Boy. He gets them couple costumes for Halloween every year, and one Christmas, when he was Santa, Raven dressed up as his little sexy helper. He hadn’t expected it and nearly fainted. 
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon:
    As mentioned in the cover hogging, BB is the big spoon because, otherwise, Raven will steal all the blankets. It never lasts if he’s the little spoon. 
  • who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports:
    Surprisingly, Raven. She rage quits a lot. Sometimes, BB lets her win. It isn’t worth her feeling all down and glum for the rest of the night.
  • who starts the most arguments:
    Raven. Have you met her? She’s a bit of a grouch. She lightens up eventually, but I do feel like Rae would be argumentative with anyone she dated.  
  • who suggests that they buy a pet:
    BEAST BOY. Rae cannot even begin to explain the amount of times he’s given her the whole ‘it followed me home’ spiel. 
  • what couple traditions they have: No matter what, they always spend New Years together. Once a week, they have a game night and a show/movie binge night. Every Sunday, they go out for a nice breakfast.
  • what tv shows they watch together:
    GoT, most anime, anything sci-fi/magic related, Gordon Ramsey cooking shows.
  • what other couple they hang out with: Usually Rob/Star and Cy/whoever he’s dating at the time. 
  • how they spend time together as a couple: 
    They’ll go out for dinner and a movie, sometimes a trip to the park if it’s nice, and have a small picnic. When they’re at home, they’re perfectly comfortable in one another’s company. Whether it’s cuddling under the covers while watching horror movies, or Raven reading while BB catches up on comic books, they simply like being around one another. Eventually, they do some travelling. 
  • who made the first move:
    Raven. It was hard, but BB is pretty oblivious, so she definitely kisses him first. Plus, this is how it went down in the comics, too.
  • who brings flowers home:
    Beast Boy. He likes being a sappy romantic, and Rae won’t admit it, but she likes it, too.
  • who is the best cook:
    Probably Beast Boy. If it weren’t for him and Vic, that girl would be living off cup noodles. She burns everything she touches. BB can cook, even non vegetarian dishes. He’d just prefer not to handle the meat. His desserts are actually pretty delicious, though. 

anonymous asked:

What would be your headcanons of what the ideal/perfect date would in title for the GOM + hanamiya + hayama + nijimura?

…I read this as ideal ‘first’ date… My bad. I hope you enjoy it anyway!


  • someplace nice and a little quiet where the two of you could talk with each other would be his ideal first date spot
  • despite not being particularly fond of coffee, he wouldn’t be opposed to meeting you at a cafe and sharing a drink or two


  • he has a lot of fans in the more popular places now, so he wanted to avoid those; someplace private would be ideal — and very romantic!
  • Kise has an idea for a beautiful picnic at the park, but he has no real plan of how to execute it


  • Aomine actually likes visiting the shopping district with you while on dates; not only is he spending time with you, but he can buy things he wants
  • the only downside he could ever see to this kind of date with you is that he ends up carrying everything


  • Midorima has a traditional view on dating and courtship; the classic dinner, movie, stroll through the park always seemed to be high on his list
  • he doesn’t want the date to seem mundane though, so he lets you choose a surprising fourth thing the two of you can do; go easy on him!


  • he’s actually not opposed to an at-home date, preferring it over going out and getting stuck in the bustle of city life
  • Murasakibara actually prepares in advance when the two of you decide to have dinner together for a date, finding recipes in advance


  • he wants the perfect date to be as memorable as possible, so of course Akashi picks something that he knows you’ve never done before
  • depending on just how close the two of you are, he may let you go with him to visit Yukimaru on one of your dates


  • anything outdoors would be fantastic for him, just as long as the two of you were getting plenty of sunshine
  • if you don’t already know how, Hayama actually has a bit of a fantasy of teaching you to skateboard on a date; he thinks it’d be cute


  • a bit of a traditionalist, the perfect first date would have to include a nice dinner at a local restaurant
  • Nijimura tends to overthink his restaurant choices sometimes; it can’t be someplace too expensive, but it can’t be cheap either!


  • just because he had some doesn’t mean he likes spending money; Hanamiya would much rather a date be at home
  • a dinner at your house or his would be perfect because he could get a good meal and not have to go through the hassle of reservations
Guys ask me questions please! I'm so bored!! Ask as many as you like, I'll be 100% honest

Simple Life Questions:
1. Selfie
2. How Many Pets Do You Have?
3. Dog Person or Cat Person?
4. Diet or Regular Sodas?
5. Biggest Fear(s)
6. Favorite Food(s)
7. Best Friend’s Name(s)
8. Favorite Color(s)
9. Number Of Siblings
10. Favorite Animal

Love Life:
11. Crush’s Initials.
12. Hugs or Kisses?
13. Would You Have Sex On The First Date?
14. Do You Kiss & Tell?
15. First Kiss Story
16. Are You Single?
17. Reason For Your Last Break Up
18. Tall & Blonde or Brunette & A Little Nerdy?
19. 5 Turn Ons
20. 5 Turn Offs

21. Childhood Best Friend
22. Favorite Childhood Memory
23. Favorite Childhood Teacher
24. Favorite Childhood TV Show
25. Favorite Childhood Movie
26. Favorite Childhood Book
27. Childhood Crush’s Name
28. When You Were A Kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?
29. Favorite Childhood Activity
30. Favorite Elementary School Subject

31. Favorite School Subject Now
32. College Major (If In College)
33. If Not In College What Do You Want To Major In?
34. High School Graduation Year
35. College Graduation Year
36. College Of Choice
37. Private School or Public School
38. Did You Have To Wear A Uniform In School?
39. Was/Is Your High School Big or Small?
40. What Do You Want Your Career To Be?

More Fun Questions:
41. Describe Your Fashion Taste
42. Have You Ever Had A Secret Crush On A Friend?
43. Ideal Date
44. Favorite Nickname
45. London or Paris?
46. Favorite Store
47. If You Could Go Anywhere For A Week, All Expenses Paid, Where Would You Go?
48. Do You Know What You Want To Name Your Kids?
49. If You Could Meet Anyone, Dead or Alive, Who Would It Be?
50. Are You A Light Sleeper?

TV, Books, Movies and Music:
51. Comedy Movies or Musicals?
52. Favorite Book(s)
53. Favorite Movie(s)
54. Favorite TV Show(s)
55. If You Could Bring Back ANY Cancelled TV Show, What Would It Be?
56. Favorite Actor
57. Favorite Actress
58. Favorite Singer(s)
59. Favorite Band(s)
60. Favorite Song(s)

61. If You Were Stranded On A Island, What 5 Things Would You Want With You?
62. Do You Have An iPhone?
63. If You Have An iPhone What Is Your Favorite Game and/or App?
64. Favorite Fruit65. Favorite Vegetable
66. What Toppings Do You Get On Your Hamburger?
67. What Is Your Middle Name?
68. 3 Words To Describe Yourself
69. Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt?
70. Do You Play Any Sports? If So, What Are They?

This or That:
71. Pizza or Chicken Nuggets?
72. Broccoli or Cauliflower?
73. Cantaloupe or Honey Dew Melons?
74. Math or Reading?
75. Flowers or Chocolates?
76. Christmas or Your Birthday?
77. Hot or Cold?
78. Pool or Beach?
79. Cake or Pie?
80. Picnic In The Park or Romantic Dinner?

Getting Deep:
81. How Has Life Changed For You Over The Passed Few Years?
82. Would You Say Your Friends Are Truly There For You?
83. Do You Miss Someone Right Now?
84. Have You Ever Had A Friend Turn On You?
85. Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years?
86. Where Do You See Yourself In 10 Years?
87. What Are You Looking Forward To The Most Right Now?
88. Have You Ever Cried Yourself To Sleep?
89. Who Was Your Last Argument With?
90. Are You Happy With Your Life Right Now?

Etc. Part 2:
91. Do You Cry Easily?
92. What Was The Last Movie You Cried At?
93. Do You Save Souvenirs From Vacations?
94. How Many Kids Do You Want?
95. What Are You Listening To Right Now?
96. One Thing You Love About Yourself
97. One Thing You Dislike About Yourself
98. Biggest Insecurity.
99. What Does Your Last Text Message Say?
100. Any Question You Want

anonymous asked:

Seventeen x Joshua Playboy au?pls???

SVT: Playboy!Joshua

Wow, I got really carried away with this one

  • Jisoo’s not the type of playboy that’s extremely obvious
  • meaning he’s really sweet opposed to being an obvious jerk who’s breaking hearts on purpose, but usually gets bored after 3 or 4 dates and ends up breaking up with them
  • his good looks, his singing and guitar skills usually are the main reason people still agree to go out with him
  • because even if it doesn’t last long, at least it was memorable and he was a true gentleman during the time they spent with him
  • he’s really classy and usually brings his dates to either fancy, romantic restaurants on the first date and slowly starts to become more relaxed until the last date where it’s usually something like a candlelight picnic at the park
  • ALWaYs has his date swooning on the last date because that’s when he plays guitar and sings for them
  • you on the other hand, were pretty close with Jisoo and always disproved of his activities that consisted of a new date every week
  • he had tried wooing you, and somehow managed to fail (leaving him quite confused and dejected)
  • until one day you two decide to meet up with a couple of friends and go get smoothies
  • well, everyone ended up bailing and Jisoo believes that it was the perfect opportunity to turn the charm on since he was intrigued by you
  • the “date” ended up seeming pretty normal, except Jisoo kept shooting winks at you and tried to hold your hand whenever he could
  • you finally get annoyed and tell him to cut it out
  • “I’m not doing anything” wide-eyed look with an innocent smile “well, unless you want me to” ;)
  • you give up after a couple more attempts to hold your hand, grabbing his hand as you two walk
  • “this is not a date,” you say sternly, ignoring the fact that he’s grinning and blushing because it’s just a show!!! (not) and you don’t want to fall for him and have your heart broken obviously
  • “ok”
  • five seconds later, he tries to kiss you
  • you pulled away from him and said you’d walk yourself home
  • the next day, Jisoo came to your house looking upset and apologizing profusely for attempting to kiss you
  • you, of course, forgive him since he genuinely looks upset (totally not because you actually might have started to fall for his stupidly handsome face or his stupidly amazing skills and charm)
  • for once, since you’ve met him, he’s doesn’t have a date for that week, or the next week, or the next
  • and he’s taken to hanging around you more and compliments you every chance he gets and holds your hand when he can get away with it
  • “you’re totally are in love with (y/n)” constantly being teased by his friends about his developing crush
  • “no!!!!” Because Jisoo the playboy doesn’t fall in love, he’s the one who makes people fall in love. it’s not true!!! (yeah, ok Jisoo)
  • realizes it when you begin walking alongside him on your way home and you subconsciously reach out to hold his hand as you chat with him
  • and his heart’s like !!!!
  • “I like u” he stares straight ahead but you can see him blushing
  • “I was wondering when you’d admit it” you gently kiss his cheek making him grin like an idiot “i like u too”

Send in a group, idol and an au and I’ll write a headcanon.

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ya shade bois matt murdock and scott summers for the new ship meme please!!

Who hogs the duvet?

You do! Oddly enough, Matt doesn’t really move much when he sleeps, unlike you. He’s perfectly content with having one arm draped over your frame while the blanket covers the two of you. However, throughout the night, your tossing and turning somehow allows you to end up with most of the blanket and him with none. But truth be told, he doesn’t really mind.

Who texts/rings to check how their day is going?

You do! Despite the firm not being as busy as others, Matt still has tons of paperwork and errands he needs to do on behalf of his firm. Therefore, those hours on end he spends working leaves quite a bit of distance between the two of you. What had started off as an occasional thing, soon become somewhat of a daily reminder. Whatever you seemed to find the time in your already busy schedule, you would call him–allowing him to take a break from his job and even for just a moment, relax into your comforting words.

Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts?

Both of you! Despite the fact that Matt cannot see the creative wrapping paper nor the gift that you specifically picked out for him. Even with his disability, you make it a priority to describe every single detail to him, making sure that he knows exactly what that gift is. Both of you are really attentive to the other, resulting in it being fairly easy to pick out gifts for the holidays or birthdays.

Who gets up first in the morning?

He does! His mornings usually start early than most, giving him ample time to take a shower and prepare for the day. Despite being the first to rise from bed, his day doesn’t truly start till you press a kiss on his cheek and ask him what he wants for breakfast.

Who suggests new things in bed?

He does, and damn, you become flustered just thinking about it. While most of his suggestions are purely for fun, there is always truth hidden behind his words; and when neither of you can contain yourselves, Matt sometimes arrives a tad bit late to work that morning.

Who cries at movies?

Neither of you. Since Matt really can’t see movies and listening to them doesn’t really have the same effect as watching them, he’s pretty emotionally unfazed by their effect. You never really watched the sappy chick flicks with him, instead you were into more action or thriller movies.

Who gives unprompted massages?

He does! And damn, you can swear that his fingers are magical. Whenever you have been having a rough day at work or just a stressful and tiring day in general, he loves to run his fingers across your back rubbing and applying a bit of pressure. You rant about awful your day has been and he just chuckles while massaging your shoulders gently.

Who fusses over the other when they’re sick?

You do! Spending long nights in a thin suit is bound to give Matt some kind of cold. Which is why, when he does become ill, its your job to force him to relax and take a break. It’s such a struggle to get him to stay in bed, constantly you have to check up on him to make sure that he didn’t sneak out the window or something. Usually, you feed him some soup and tuck him in and against his protests; snuggle with him.

Who gets jealous easiest?

You do! There is no use disputing the fact that Matt is a hot guy. Any girl would be more than willing to switch places with you in a heartbeat, and with his overall kind nature, has a lot of ladies mistaken it for flirting. Most of the time, you’re passive aggressive towards his action. Making snarky comments and giving the cold shoulder. It takes him a while, but by the end of the night he figures it out. Where he shows you exactly who you belong to.

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music?

Neither of you! Matt doesn’t really listen to music, but when he does, it’s usually classic rock and your music taste isn’t really out of the ordinary either.

Who collects something unusual?

Neither of you. Matt is so busy with work and being a vigilante that he simply does not have time for something like that. You are busy from work and generally have something better to do than scourged the city for odd objects.

Who takes the longest to get ready?

Both of you do! Since Matt really can’t see, you make it your personal duty to help him out with his clothes every morning. Of course he protests that it is going to make the both of you so late, and most of the time it does, but he secretly enjoys it anyway.

Who is the most tidy and organised?

He is! Because Matt is blind, consistency is a big thing for him to remember where he’s left things. Most of the time if you moved something or put something new in the apartment, you would first need to notify Matt–making sure he doesn’t accidentally trip on it–like when the two of you had gotten a new sofa.

Who gets most excited about the holidays?

You do, and you make sure to decorate the apartment accordingly. Whether it be putting the Christmas tree up directly after Thanksgiving or hanging string lights all across the apartment walls: you make sure to go all out. Matt doesn’t really mind, in fact he secretly enjoys hearing all of your cute plans.

Who is the big spoon/little spoon?

Matt loves the feeling of protecting you, which is why it only makes sense that he’s the big spoon and you’re the little spoon. You absolutely adore hearing his heartbeat, indicating that he was safe and with you, as it lulls you to sleep. Plus, late at night, he loves to just come home and wrap his arms around your frame–reminding him of his purpose for securing Hell’s Kitchen.

Who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports?

Neither of you! Since Matt can’t really see, sports and games are pretty much out of the question. Neither of you are really the competitive type, but instead enjoy quiet pleasures together.

Who starts the most arguments?

You do! Matt is more of a passive aggressive type of person, where he would let his anger bubble up till it explodes. You, on the other hand, have a short fuse. Of course, you would try to avoid conflict with him as much as possible, but sometimes you can’t contain yourself for long. After time the two of you argue, both of you regret it at the end–turning apologetic and sincere. And the makeup sex is fantastic.

Who suggests that they buy a pet?

You do! It’s a running joke between the two of you about how adorable it would be if Matt got a seeing eye dog. But he notices the way you would excitedly talk about the dog that saw on your way home from work. So, for your birthday that year, he was more than happy to take you to the shelter to adopt a dog.

What couple traditions they have?

None of you really have specific couple traditions, but enjoy celebrating the simplest of things. For example, your one year anniversary and every year after that as well as Valentines Day. You both enjoyed the simplicity, but didn’t really care much for traditions, instead enjoyed spending time with one another.

What TV shows they watch together?

You two don’t prefer to watch shows, but instead read novels together. Matt absolutely adores it when you read to him, your soothing and melodic voice easily relaxing him.

What other couple they hang out with?

None, you and Matt prefer to keep your relationship private, the two of you spending most of your time together. Plus, Foggy and Karen are single, leaving both of you limited options.

How they spend time together as a couple?

Even through he doesn’t show it, Matt is quite the romantic type and enjoys spoiling you to the fullest extent. The two of you indulge in simple picnics at the park or small coffee shop dates, but once in a while he splurges for both of you to enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner.

Who made the first move?

He did! Both of you guys had a mutual friend, Karen, who you were far too nervous to ask for Matt’s number. However, being the fantastic friend she was, she managed to get his number for you and score a date with him as well. After that, you knew you owed her big time.

Who brings flowers home?

Both of you do! Matt enjoys the romantic aspect of flowers, giving them to you whenever there is a special occasion or if he’s feeling a bit more romantic on dates. You enjoy bringing some to the hospital, whenever he somehow lands himself there, or whenever you feel bad that you’re the one getting bouquets and he’s not.

Who is the best cook?

You are! Matt really can’t see and therefore is a terrible cook. This leads you to take on the responsibility of making food for the two of you. It not such a terrible job, after all in the groggy morning he loves to come into the kitchen and wrap his arms around your waist while you cook, pressing soft kisses on your cheek and neck.


Who hogs the duvet?

He does! This boy does not know how to share, already he moves in his sleep, occasionally kicking you rather harshly in legs. He likes to wrap himself in the blanket, leaving you to wake up and forcibly untangle him, before going back to sleep.

Who texts/rings to check how their day is going?

You do! It doesn’t matter if he’s in the middle of a mission briefing or training, he will always somehow manage to make time for you. Despite living under the roof at the X-Mansion the two of you hardly run into each other, besides in the halls and sometimes during class. If you can’t wait to see him at night or if you have too much homework, you’re always interested in how his day went.

Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts?

He is! Scott is a very mission-oriented type of person, and he knows there is something that you really want, he will go to the ends of the earth to get it for you. And somehow whenever your birthday and or holidays come up, he manages to wrap your present perfectly, something you have never managed to do.

Who gets up first in the morning?

He does! Both of your days start fairly easily at the mansion, but unlike Scott, you savor the moments you have left in the comfortable bed. Sometimes, when you are not awake when his alarm clock rings, he doesn’t have the heart to wake your sleeping form. Instead, he gives you a peck on the cheek and lets you sleep in a little as he gets ready for the day.

Who suggests new things in bed?

Neither of you do! Honestly to both of you, sex is sex. The two of you were lucky enough to find time alone with each other let alone think about what you’re going to do together. It’s a kind of spur of the moment thing, but  if either of you are feeling a bit frisky, you might something new.

Who cries at movies?

You do! Scott is pretty good at keeping his emotions in check, meaning that if a movie is particularly sad or makes him feel emotional, he’s prone to keeping a stoic face on. Still, he believes in keeping the idea that movies are made for the purpose of entertainment and nothing more. This means, he does not necessarily believe everything he is seeing on the screen.

Who gives unprompted massages?

He does! Every time he notices a particular look on your face will he sit you down and rub your shoulders as you chat about your day. And while he doesn’t necessarily give the best massages, they are certainly better than anything you could have done yourself.

Who fusses over the other when they’re sick?

You do! Even though it is quite rare, when Scott does get sick you make sure he is well taken care of. He is prone to slipping out of bed when he is supposed to be resting, claiming that his responsibilities to the team and to his students outweigh the fact that he has a ‘slight’ cold. No matter what he says, he cannot resist the pleasing look that you give him; ultimately forcing him to return to bed.

Who gets jealous easiest?

He does! Scott is very protective of those he is close to and those he holds dear. He does not have the highest self confidence, which often leads him to wonder if you would probably be better off with someone else. However, all these thoughts fly out of the window the minute he sees someone else touching you or flirting with you. In less than a second, he’ll be by your side, one of the meanest glares he can muster present on his face.

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music?

He does! This boy is into 80’s and 90’s pop, which you hear every time he takes a shower in the morning. At first, he tried keeping it a secret, but he discovered that you enjoy that type of music as well. When no one is around, the two of you have some jam sessions, involving some terrible singing and cliche dance moves.

Who collects something unusual?

Neither of you do! Between being apart of the X-Men team and managing your personal time, neither of you really has time to collect anything special. However, Scott does have a personal collection of old records of some of his favorite songs. While, it’s not something unusual, he still becomes pretty embarrassed when you bring it up with your friends.

Who takes the longest to get ready?

You do! Scott doesn’t really think about how he dresses, nor does he really mind how others view him. You, on the other hand, take pride in the way you look and like to look at least presentable for every occasion. While he sometimes becomes aggravated because you are a taking too long, most of the time he does not really mind because you always take his breath away in the end. 

Who is the most tidy and organised?

It depends. Both of you could either be the neatest people in the entire mansion or the messiest people: and there is certainly no in between. During the times where both of you are super stressed out and simply don’t have time to pick up after each other, your room will be absolutely disgusting. However, as soon as that busy period in your lives is over, the two of you spend a weekend just sorting through all your junk. 

Who gets most excited about the holidays?

He does! Scott is an absolute madman when it comes to Christmas, insisting the both of you celebrate to the fullest extent possible. There are multiple of small Christmas trees decorating the room, including mistletoes that he carries around in his pocket, waiting for the perfect moment to hold one over your head. And even though both of you don’t have a lot of money to begin with, he insists on purchasing an abundance of gifts for you.  

Who is the big spoon/little spoon?

Most of the time, Scott is the big spoon and you are the small spoon. He loves the feeling of you fitting perfectly within his arms and the thought that he is protecting you as you sleep. With his arms wrapped around your frame and your face snuggled into his chest, he can swear it’s one of the most peaceful feelings on the planet. 

Who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports?

You both do! Both of you enjoy making almost everything a competition, from doing chores to actually betting on who do the most squats during training. While, you both bet on the most obscure things, both of you are determined to defeat the other. Especially, if you bet Scott that the loser needs to do laundry for the next week. 

Who starts the most arguments?

You do! It’s not intentional, of course, but most of the time you hold in your anger too long and need someway to release it. Scott is known for keeping his feelings inside and not speaking to others about his issues. Whenever he is feeling down or particularly stressed, he will be giving you the silent treatment and throw himself into his work. This often leads you to confront him about his actions thus ensuing an argument between both of you. 

Who suggests that they buy a pet?

He does! For a while, he has noticed how every time the two of you would walk by a pet store, you would often stare longingly at every single one of the animals. He never really thought much of it truthfully, until he started to think about it in depth. Later, asking if you wanted a pet, and watching your face light up as you talk passionately about animals is something that he will never forget.

What couple traditions they have?

Around Christmas, both of you will spend Christmas Ever baking cookies together. While, both you know that Santa Claus will not actually eat the cookies that you make, you both decide to leave a plate out for him anyway as well as a glass of milk. The tradition may not seem like much, but spending time with each other around the holiday season is all you could ask for. 

What TV shows they watch together?

Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy. 

What other couple they hang out with?

Most of your friends are single, so there isn’t really a specific couple the two of you hangout with. However, both you and Scott are determined to set your friends up with each other, whenever you guys hangout. Because, it’s becoming quite awkward being the only couple hanging out with all your single friends. 

How they spend time together as a couple?

Since the two of you rarely get days to yourself, between Scott’s leadership of the team and your training and teaching, both of you enjoy spending as much time together of your days off. For a few hours, you spend time in bed together, talking or doing some other things. Then you take a shower together and spend a day watching some movies or binge some episodes of your favorite television shows together. Both of you really don’t mind what you’re doing, as long as you are with the other. 

Who made the first move?

He did! Scott was so nervous to ask you out, you were one of his closest friends and he did not want to destroy the special bond the two of you shared. Jean was the one who finally pushed him over the edge, where she enlisted the help of Peter Maximoff to make Scott feel jealous. Immediately, within a few seconds of seeing Peter flirt with you, Scott had dragged you away from the speedster and kissed you passionately on the lips. 

Who brings flowers home?

He does! Despite not acting like it, Scott is actually quite the romantic. He enjoys bringing you flowers and chocolates, wherever and whenever he can find them. Even though these plants tend to wilt within a week, you are still grateful for his sweet gesture.

Who is the best cook?

You are! Under no circumstances is Scott allowed in the kitchen unsupervised, because the last time that happened, the whole mansion was almost burned down. This is why, he most of the time leaves the cooking and meal preparing in your hands. You may not be the best of chefs, but your cooking surely tastes pretty good.  

state of grace is for the boys and girls who make another person their religion and silver jewelry and early morning walks through the city and smelling spring in the air and the moment you realise that you are alive right now and this is all there will ever be and shards of bright stained glass and the way the light looks through them and waking up next to someone you love with the sunlight spilling through the curtains and onto their face and crisp white shirts and pretty underwear

red is for anyone who is recklessly impulsive and always wonders what would happen if they just didn’t hit the breaks and burning things with a lighter you found on the street and the way paper curls up under a flame and remembering something awful that happened a long time ago and feeling like you’ve been stabbed and brightly coloured winter coats and burning your mouth on your coffee and being so angry you burst into tears and wearing your mother’s perfume and oversized jumpers

treacherous is for the soldiers built on suburban lifestyles and nine to five routines and the people who get underneath their armor and seep into their veins like stardust and flowers that are destined to wither away but are beautiful right now and nights at restaurants and cinemas and parties that you know can’t last forever and snowflakes before they melt and light reflecting rainbows onto floorboards in your childhood bedroom

i knew you were trouble is for the jilted lover who has been left for dead one too many times and the way they rise from the ashes reborn and old songs your parents used to play that warn you about love and smirks across cafe tables and adrenaline rushes and poetry that doesn’t rhyme and taking the blame to ease the heat and the sky on an overcast day when it looks almost white and heavy doc marten boots

all too well is for everyone caged inside their own head like a songbird not allowed to fly and classic romance novels and cups of tea alone on cold mornings and crying while sat on hard bathroom tiles and marking the lowest moment in your life so far and knowing that things will get worse before they get better and old vinyls and postcards from lovers in bygone eras and red ribbons in hair and trying to enjoy doing things alone and all the letters to people you don’t know anymore kept under your bed and inside your head

22 is for anyone who stubbornly refuses to grow old and who will still be as bright and bold as times square in everyone’s memories long after they cease to exist and spontaneous adventures and metallic candy wrappers and pencil crayons and sitting up so late with your friends that everything is funny and drinks in blues and greens and pinks and tiny cocktail umbrellas and listening to old songs from your childhood and still remembering all the words and where  you listened to them and sitting on kitchen sides and swinging your legs against the cabinets

i almost do is for the delicately hesitant and how moments pass through their hands like grains of sand and constantly thinking of what could have happened and now never will and unfinished paintings and when you walk into a room and suddenly forget what you even needed and daisy flower crowns made on mild spring days and fruit teas and planning your whole life out with someone who chose not to stay and empty photo albums that you bought with good intentions and letting candles burn out and lying awake thinking of the person you love an hoping they are doing the same

we are never getting back together is for the people who feel like balloons finally cut free and getting dressed up even though you aren’t going anywhere and the party you didn’t think you’d enjoy but is really the best night of your life and pastel nail varnish and carnivals and candy floss and carousel music and slowly distancing yourself from people who aren’t good for you and bright yellow shirts and people who similarly remind you of sunshine and the lengths you go to hold onto those golden people

stay stay stay is for the desperately hopeful lovers who can’t hold grudges when they’d rather hold hands and someone pressing their cold limbs on your body under the covers and bath bombs with gold glitter and slightly messy and overgrown gardens with bright flowers and weeds mixing together and novelty sunglasses and blowing bubbles and when the light glows out from behind someone’s head like the halo you’ve always known was there but have never actually seen

the last time is for the girl or boy that has no heart left because they’ve given out little bits of theirs to everyone else to make them happy but received no pieces in return and silk dresses and marble statues and wandering through art galleries and museums alone and looking at other people just as much as the art and vintage glasses frames and high ceilings and tall drinks with ice and the gravitational pull toward people who are like black holes

holy ground is for those who remember life through rose tinted glasses and the way they repaint their life to the colours of something more romantic and knee high socks and printed floral tea dresses and repainted retro furniture and ivy crawling up old buildings and the feeling you get at a concert when you realise the person you idolise is real and there and long hair slightly tousled from the wind and days at aquariums and picnics in the park

sad beautiful tragic is for everyone tied to the tracks but wishing the train would come back and foggy mornings and window seats and ripped faded jeans and chandeliers and cracked gold gilded mirrors and the way you feel loss like a physical ache and sea foam and silent rides on public transport and the beautifully planned out architecture and the shapes it makes against the sky and mournful words scrawled on white walls

the lucky one is for those who feel like nothing more than someone else’s means to an end but are really the brightest star in the sky and don’t need to be part of a constellation and wide brimmed hats and matte lipsticks and cashmere jumpers and not belonging to anyone not a person or a place or a time and lace bralets and fur coats and coffee to go in minimalist cups and rehearsing what you need to say in the bathroom and reminders scrawled on hands in biro that contrast with effortlessly manicured nails

everything has changed is for the lovers from the wrong era straight out of a john hughes film and denim jackets that drown you and rollerblading dates and diner booths and awkward slow dancing at prom and grinning like an idiot alone in your bedroom and butterflies in your stomach too perfect to digest and tulle skirts and passing notes and being someone different today to the people you have been before and will ever be again

starlight is for anyone with a mind full of clouds and shooting stars and the cautious dreamers and their silent night prayers and unfinished to do lists and promises on ring pops and emulating 1940s power couples and expensive brogues and borrowing someone else’s jacket and being thankful that the universe created something so perfect and that you got to experience it and holographic bags and scarves in hair

begin again is for those who are secretly on the run from all the things they’ve left behind and seeking a fresh start and taking up journalling to learn from yesterdays mistakes and writing in silver ink and pleated skirts that perfect to spin in and exploring your hometown and finding new things you never saw the first time and the smell of new books and filling your home with scented candles to mask their smell still on the other pillow and grass stains on white things and singing loudly and alone in your kitchen while cooking