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TONIGHT! My last episode of Steven Universe boarded with the wonderful @jeffliujeffliu! Hope you enjoy and thanks for all the support! It’s been a huge honor to be able to board on the show and I hope you look forward to all the great episodes yet to come! 

For the episode I made an ube roll from scratch with Christy Cohen, our amazing production coordinator and resident sugar witch. Ours wasn’t quite as good as a real Filipino ube roll (my fault) but we did pretty good for our first time I think! 

<3 you all, hope you enjoy!

Who’s to say that young girls who like pop music – short for popular, right? – have worse musical taste than a 30-year-old hipster guy? That’s not up to you to say. Music is something that’s always changing. There’s no goal posts. Young girls like the Beatles. You gonna tell me they’re not serious? How can you say young girls don’t get it? They’re our future. Our future doctors, lawyers, mothers, presidents, they kind of keep the world going. Teenage-girl fans – they don’t lie. If they like you, they’re there. They don’t act ‘too cool.’ They like you, and they tell you. Which is sick.
—  Harry Styles, Rolling Stone


Honestly at first I just want to draw more of Error being a gud(very bad) uncle- then I thought- OH GAWD I FORGOT I WANT TO DO MORE CROSSEMBER-



challenge by @byutak​ °˖✧ b( ● ∀ ● )d °˖✧

Death in the family

During our campaign, the prince of the kingdom was planning to meet our female barbarian player at night, by the fountain, to exchange information to continue the campaign.

Prince: Now, before I spill on the location of the royal tomb, I need to know if I can trust you intimately.

DM: The prince advances on (barbarian’s name) and corners her between the flowing fountain and his commanding presence, making a move for a kiss.

Barbarian: I slap the prince for disrespecting my honor!

The barbarian rolls for accuracy against evasion and passes, then rolls for a barbarian multiplier (house rules) and lands a nat 20

DM: You wind up, ready for the slap, but some otherworldly force seems to guide your hand. The hands of a million barbarian warlords seemed to be lending you strength as you slap the prince’s head clean off, sending it careening into the stone walkway with a meaty thud. The prince’s body slumps into the fountain and the water turns a deep crimson. Whatever the prince knew is lost to all who do not see past the veil.

(The story only continued because our thief tailed the prince’s casket as it was taken to the royal family tomb)

This is literally me right now


So I was cleaning my room out and found two notebooks from senior year last year (that I forgot to destroy in a symbolic bonfire muwahahaha).
I looked through them and thought I might share some of my doodles!
They’re mostly Beatles related cause duh. (I did draw other stuff tho- including my first ever attempt at Roberto🍋!)
All these were done from memory so please look passed the scribbling haha.


(Context: I’m a part of a large D&D group online that contains multiple micro-groups that run their own individual campaigns. We hold a monthly “Fight-Night” where every single member can participate if they wish, and beat each other up. It’s not my turn.)

Other character: I’d like to attack the Orc with my whip.

DM: Done. Roll for it.

Me, fucking around and hitting things on accident: -rolls for my dagger, and crits the air @ 24-

All: …

Me: I commit honorable seppuku,,, -tries to laugh it off-

DM, who is also laughing, almost too hard to speak: No, no no. You roll for that, legit. You said it.

Me: Fine. -proceeds to roll ANOTHER crit 24-

DM: …

DM: You actually commit seppuku. You’ve been eliminated.

He proceeds to put my name on the scoreboard, “Eliminated by: Self” and everything.

Random Politics For D&D

Use the following table to create a quick political profile for any medieval-style kingdom. 

Roll randomly only when required to come up with an idea on the spot—for example, when detailing a distant kingdom or a place the PCs merely pass through. 

If you expect politics to play a large part in your campaign, pick an item from the table, based on your story requirements and the environment your players prefer. 

Better yet, create your own unique variation. 

When rolling randomly, you can skew the result toward a stable, well-run kingdom by adding a negative modifier to the roll. 

To skew toward evil and misrule, add a positive modifier.

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Thanks But No Thanks

Requested: No

Summary: Pennywise tries to lure you into the sewer just like he did with Georgie but you don’t fall for his trick leaving him confused but impressed

Warnings: None

Originally posted by le4therfac3

You were walking around your neighborhood in the cool weather. It was fall, the leaves were falling, the temperature dropped, and Halloween decorations were up. Many thoughts wondered your mind as you played with your ring spinning it around.

This was a daily routine of yours to walk around your neighborhood after a stressful day of completing homework. You were in highschool and had both AP and Honors classes so everyday your butt would be kicked with plenty of homework and school work.

As you kept thinking your ring suddenly slipped out of your hand falling onto the cement but then rolling off into the road. Your footsteps hit the pavement as you ran after your ring. How was it even moving? There was no wind, was one of the things that you thought.

You smiled thinking your ring would stop before it went into the sewer but you were wrong. The ring continued to roll and eventually it fell into the sewer. Your heart sank in disappointment.

“No!” You exclaimed and you fell on your knees in front of the sewer’s opening.

“Dammit!” You said angrily. You huffed as you caught your breath from the running you did.

Suddenly a pair of eyes caught your attention, they glowed inside of the dark sewer.

“Ahh!” You shrieked as a face appeared through the little bit of light in the sewer.

“Aww did I scare you?” The voice asked.

“No you just startled me.” You lied.

“That’s a lie.” They said.

“No comment.” You replied.

“I’m assuming you’re looking for this?” The person asked as they raised your ring with their gloved hand.

“Yes that’s my ring! But who are you?” You asked.

“Y/N nice to meet you I’m Pennywise The Dancing Clown.” He said as he shook a little. You could hear the sounds of bells as he shook his ruffles.

You knew exactly who Pennywise was you just wanted to make sure it was him and you were hiding the fact that you were the oldest member in the Losers’ Club.

“How do you know my name?” You asked.

“I have my ways.” Penny replied. Typical answer from the shape shifting demon.

What you didn’t know was that Penny also knew exactly who you were but he decided to follow along with your little not being honest game.

“Well what are you doing in the sewers? You need help getting out of there? Are you stuck?” You asked.

“I’m perfectly fine it’s my home and I’m about to enjoy a delicious meal.” Penny smirked as drool fell out of his lips and into the sewers’ water.

You knew exactly what he meant, “As long as it’s not me.” You giggled slightly but Penny just smiled sinisterly.

“Well how about that ring huh? Could you give it back now?” You asked.

“Of course. Here take it.” Penny said as he extended his hand.

You went out and reached for it being extremely careful to not get a limb ripped off. As you were about to grab your ring Penny pulled it down further into the sewer.

“Okay yeah I’m not doing this. You can keep it.” You smirked.

“What? No come on take it.” Penny said evilly.

“No I was going to but since you took it down into your home you can just have it consider it a gift.” You said as you stood up.

“What no come back.” He said.

“No can do. Have a nice day Pen.” You smirked as you waved at him leaving him in shock.

A/N: I’m taking Pennywise requests so make sure to go to my ask and send them in😉

Authority Problems

I’m in a party with a dragonborn fighter, an earth gensai Druid, a frog, a bird monk, and a Fire gensai cleric (me). We are all about to defend a major city from a host of goblins that’s about to charge the gates. The leader speaks out above the crowd.



DM: *cracking up* “roll for intimidation”

*rolls nat 20*

DM: You all hear sobbing ring out over the tense crowds.

Mae Gjallarfjall & Co. VERSUS: Mae "Perfected". Or: The Time the Magic College Dropout Aced the Final.

Context: So, Mae Gjallarfjall back at it again pissing off my GM with my ridiculous damage power and high rolls. We’re assaulting a Maciedon fortress set up in Gaeleaed (this world’s equivalent of Ireland) with the goal of eliminating the evil “perfected” versions of ourselves and the forest spirit Ferauna. I bashed the gate down and vaporized the guards at the front gate with a well placed Fist of Havoc. We bust inside, and get to my character’s evil clone. We had 4 of our members at the start, but at this point it was just me and Tim the Magician.

GM: So you are in a perfectly square room, with four support pillars holding up the ceiling. Evil Mae turns to look at you and says “I knew you’d come. You can’t resist a fight.”

Me: You’re not wrong, you’re just a bitch.

GM: She screams at you in anger. Roll Initiative for combat order.

Me (OOC): *crits* So that’s a crit. I get three questions. First: What’s her base Bare Knuckles and Block?

GM: Her base is 7, but she gets a -2 to hit rolls and a +2 to damage rolls, so her base is actually both 5 and 9. Her block is a 6.

Me (OOC): What’s her HP?

GM: 140.

Me (OOC): Do I currently, due to my time charging up during the Freedman encounter, have a Fist of Havoc ready?

GM: Yes you do.

Me (OOC): Alright, so I’m going to start this shit off by spending two Fate Chips. First I’m going to activate Honor Guard at the ultimate level *rolls for Persuasion and passes check* That gives me and Tim a +3 to my Initiative, Combat stat, and Block for the first 10 turns of combat. I’m then going to run up to the bitch and spend another Fate Chip to activate Ward of Dawn at the ultimate level, which immediately grants me +2 Armor and Damage in the bubble, as well as for 3 turns outside the bubble. And for my last action this turn, I activate Fist of Havoc.

GM: *generic shocked stammering* fucking okay roll Fist of Havoc.

Me (OOC): *rolls my first 40 damage Fist of Havoc* Hey GM, you’re going to hate my guts. That’s a 40. 45 total due to my damage buffs.

GM: Jesus… Alright so you slam Evil Mae for 45 points of damage immediately out the gate. She’s now rolling to punch you. Initiative.

Me (OOC): That’s not a -4, so I notice. Rolling Block. That’s a 6.

GM: You take grazing damage. *rolls* Nevermind, she critfailed the damage roll. She hits your helm and winces in pain from her knuckles hitting your armor.

Me: Looks like all of the brains AND all the brawn went to me.

GM: She screams at you, furious.

Me (OOC): She can be pissed all she wants.

*a couple turns later*

GM: Tim! What are you doing?

Tim (OOC): To what extent am I allowed to interfere with your fight?

Me (OOC): Deal a single point of damage and I will punch you after this fight is over.

Tim (OOC): I want to walk over to Evil Mae and tap her on the shoulder.

GM: She screams in your face after turning to face you.

Tim: Would you like to see a magic trick?

GM: Roll that Magic.

Tim: *crits*

GM: So you reach behind her ear and pull her entire suit of armor out from behind her ear. She looks down in horrified shock to see she no longer has armor. She also has a serious Initiative debuff.

Me: Hey bitch. Rule three of Fight Club: never take your eyes off your opponent. (OOC): I spend another Fate Chip to instantly take Fist of Havoc off cooldown, and Smash her again. *rolls 25 damage*

GM: She looks up, beaten and bloodied. Meta here, she’s 4 points from death. 

Me (OOC): I end her with an uppercut. *11 contact, 7 damage*

GM: Jesus…


Based on the 5th edition rules for combat this fight is about 20 rounds long (based on the assumption each round is 6 seconds). Longer if you consider each strike a round unto itself. A 20 round exchange of attack rolls would be painful at best, but theres more happening here than that.

I like this fight because it’s a reminder that 2 characters in a room with no objects or obstacles can have an interesting fight that incorporate:

1. Athletics, Acrobatics, Insight, Intimidation, Deception and Perception contests.

2. Parrying, disarming, unarmed combat and grappling.

3. A moment of character development in regard to honor.

4. An ending without a character death that results in gameable rivalry.

Don’t make the mistake of letting combat be determined entirely by attack rolls. Don’t be afraid of some flavor.