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Team Captain - Fred Weasley

Prompt: Gryffindor and Hufflepuff students meet up at night to play a friendly game of Quidditch against each other. Y/n Y/l/n, also Fred Weasley’s girlfriend, is chosen as a captain. Fluff

Word Count: 3,308

Warnings: None- fluff. Possible minor swearing. 

It was an odd sight, truthfully; jogging down the slopes of the castle ground. The blowing breeze pushing the cotton material of your pajamas backwards. Your Gryffindor shorts provided as an accurate choice as the humid, nearing summer, air drifted in. The material of your maroon and gold tie dye tshirt, a gift from your boyfriend Fred, stuck snug to the skin of your stomach as your speed increased. 

The sight of the Quidditch pitch neared and you had no intention of being late to the party like last week. At least you would beat Ron and Lee to the game; those two were always the last to show. Ron got tied up chatting up a giddy group of Hufflepuffs- who mistakenly believed he was one of the twins. Their cheeks were smacked by cherries and their unstoppable giggles filled the air.

You had chuckled at the sight while sneaking past. Lee Jordan stuck around to see the final turn out but they weren’t far behind. Neither one wanted to miss the face off which would begin shortly.

“Y/n, where’ve you been? I reckoned you’d beat the lot of us down here.” Greeting you near the entrance was Fred. His hand was extended towards you as he thrusted a sleek wooden broom. The bristles were finely brushed and kept in the best condition.

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Twilight Moonbeams and Befuddlement Droughts: A SVT Hogwarts!AU

Word Count: 6912

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, (matchmaker) Joshua Hong, Boo Seungkwan, Jeon Wonwoo, Wen Junhui + various

Prompt: Hansol drinks a love potion and makes more of a mess of himself than usual. 

SVT Hogwarts!AU: Mingyu, Woozi

Ashwinder eggs, peppermint, rose thorns, powdered moonstone and Pearl Dust.

Ingredients ticked across her brain like a grocery list, as she reached for the pink tinted bottle. Her eyes lingered questionably over its contents due to its overzealous advertising, from the gaudy pink label of a kissy-faced woman to the glittery pink ribbon adorning it. At 93 Diagon Alley, of all the things for her to be interested in,  for some reason her eyes drifted to a love potion.

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fave songs part 2

• bank roll - diplo • oxygen - bones • 15th and the 1st - gucci mane • butterfly effect - travis scott • magnolia - playboi carti • uzi loogies - suicide boys & germ • xo tour llif3 - lil uzi vert • 5 - willow smith & jaden smith • on me - smokepurpp • barbie doll - night lovell • contraband - night lovell • we up - chris travis • april mourning - suicide boys • iron veil - suicide boys • bitchcallmecaptianmorgan - xxxtentacion • kisses in the wind - lil peep • julia - sza • splur gang - playboi carti • god damn - post malone • lil shorty 2 - icytwat

Just a little imagine; 

 You’ve been Axl’s girlfriend since the 1990, you have witnessed the greatest tragedies of the band and is the only one that can calm Axl, Slash is yor best friend and Duff likes you, Axl knows that and he’s jealous of you two together even if you’re just friends. All your sadness began when Steven left the band just because Guns N’ Roses means a lot to you. Izzy left and everything starts to get worse. The media has bagun to focus on you and transforms your relationship with Axl into a product. But you still have your happy moments with the band and with your boyfriend even being in depression.

1994; you lose that baby you expected, your mental health just worsens. Axl trying to show you he loves you, he asks you to marry him and you get married in Las Vegas. The whole world worships you both as a couple, and you are one of the most influential personalities in the world. You and Axl are magazine covers, you do interviews and photoshoots but the pressure on you two only increases. You go with them on more tours and everything seems to be very confused.

1996; Everything that seemed o be so fun ends when Slash decides to leave the band, in his last show he asks you to choose between him (your best friend) and Axl while Axl looks at you, you choose go with Slash knowing that this band was no longer the same one that you loved and that Axl was not the same as six years ago. 

December 1996; the media does not know that you and Axl are on a break when you decide to visit him. You ask him if he is gonna be fine because you are going away, he asks if you are still going to see each other and you say it is going to be difficult. He does not believe you when you say you are leaving and he thinks he is still going to find you so he lefts you go out of the house withou say anything. 

20:04, same day; Izzy, Duff, Steven, Slash and Axl begin to feel a bad feeling and get a call.

22:18: Everyone is around a hotel bed where you are lying and dead. 

– She killed herself with pills.  – the investigator says but they can not say any word.  – Mrs…

– Rose. – Axl says with a hoarse voice.  – she is… my wife.

 On the next day your death comes out in the newspaper and everyone goes in mourning. You were very loved by the medie and the public. 

On the funeral when all left the cemetery, but the five memebers stayed:

– Do you think we killed her?  – Izzy asks.  – she loved the band, did everything for us to be together.

– She had depression and it started when I left the band.  – Steven says totally sad. 

– An overdose… I never thought this would happen to her.  – Duff murmurs.

–  Axl…  – Slash starts to say but Axl do not want to talk.

– Just… Leave me alone ok? Please.  – he asks.

– Do not forget man you are not the only one who is suffering.  –  Izzy says turning his back.

2015; Many documentaries about you and Axl were released, you are still considered and icone of the 90s but God knows hoe hard is for the boys to talk about you in interviews. You are still remembered by the whole world and of course as the only woman who was able to calm down Axl Rose and the muse of the Rock N Roll. 

Mane couples maked the history of rock: Elvis and Priscilla, John and Yoko, Courtney and Kurt, Axl and (y/n). 

L.I.B (MT Fanfic) I

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Title: L.I.B

By: AntiVisual

Rating: (M) for Angst and Smut (in later chapters)

Dedicated to my fellow chocolate 아가새 (ahgasae) and whoever else is interested (your attendance is greatly appreciated ❤)

Summary: You, Sara Park (age 20), have been a trainee at Pledis along with your best friend Mina Kim (age 22), for nine years since you were eleven, until you suddenly get cut out of the trainee program. Feeling defeated and discouraged, you decide to make plans to move back to America…that is, until you get a mysterious email from a manager that claims to work for JYP Entertainment. Nothing could have prepared you for the roller coaster of events that would ensue as you try to find balance between the hectic life of being an idol and finding yourself falling in love with one.

Disclaimer: Long conversations between two or more characters that are speaking in Korean will be italicized. If it’s not italicized, assume that it is in English. *was edited to a version without Hangul* > 기분 나쁘게 했다면 죄송해요…

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Paradoxical Labour (Epilogue)

Summary: Y/N wanted her husband back and she didn’t care if she had cross through a million parallel universes, she’d find him but she nor he had any idea just what would happen when she would. (I haven’t gotten up to season 3, but I couldn’t wait to write something about Savitar, considering I spoiled it for myself, so if Savitar seems OOC, then I’m sorry and this is more AU than anything else.)

Disclaimer: I don’t own The Flash (2014) or anything associated.

Warnings: The word: shitload and shit but other than that, nothing. Just a lot of family fluff with both Allen families.

Savitar x Reader (and Barry x Reader from Earth 1)

||Please don’t repost or plagiarise||

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“Barry and Nora Allen, I want you down these stairs in three seconds!” Y/N hollered from her place against the banister of the staircase, her foot tapping dangerously as she rested her hand on her heavily pregnant tummy, her wedding and engagement rings displayed easily.

It had been eleven years since they had gotten back together.

Eleven years since Void Y/N and Savitar had barrelled into their lives and left with their baby Thomas and a matchmaking session in their wake.

Now, Y/N was Dr. Allen, the most promising and talented obstetrician of her generation in Central City hospital along with her husband, Barry who was the head of the CSI Department in the CCPD and also Central City’s hero: The Flash.

Married and already having furthered their careers, Y/N and Barry a beautiful baby girl, who was now a four-year-old kindergartner.

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anonymous asked:

A young Robert Plant IS Lestat.

Oh definitely, he is alot of ppl’s headcanon for Lestat <3 here is a teeeensy collection of him being Lestatuesque… if u wanna reblog these, reblog from their links instead of this post, or from both ;)


[X] by @anaryawe

[X] by @anaryawe


[X] ^this may or may not be red f*cking velvet but close enough for me, and that  blond mane just grazing his shoulder and rolling down behind his neck… <333

Why aren’t you afraid of me?

Prompt by @justsomewritingprompts

Reianna/Caiden - Cause I’ve felt like writing my cuddle buddies. Though this is a far cry from the usual fluff I write with them. XD 

*Warnings for death and gore.

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Mommy’s Little Hell-Raisers: A Jaspis + Pups Oneshot

For cldrawsthings. Well, here’s the story I promised. A fic about the most adorable fucking babies I’ve seen come out of the Jaspis tag. Your art is so beautiful and sweet and I genuinely smile whenever I see it pop up on my dash. Never stop being amazing, and never stop making fluff!

Rolling waves lapped gently at the shore, their dull roar a lulling melody to the ears. A light breeze played through the Gem’s hair. It tossed up the wild white locks as she lounged in the sand, and she hummed lightly in pleasure as the afternoon sun warmed her skin. Rolling on her back, she reveled in the heat across her skin and all but purred with the bliss of it. It was the rare afternoon that Jasper actually got to enjoy a nap like this: nothing but her, the waves, the sunrays–

“Momma? Moooomma! MOMMA!”

–and the muffled pattering footsteps (and handsteps) barreling towards her – and the not-so-muffled shouts of her gemlings.

“Mrrrr…” Cracking an eye open, she rumbled sleepily. “Sardy? Mal? S’that you? C’mon now, can you keep it dow- AAAH!”

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sloppilycraftedpizza  asked:

Yes please. I find it to be information worth letting people know about (I'm glad it's recorded on your blog [just in case]). I've made a solid post about double markings no longer working (for now >.>) and about a king's markings rolling first. I really wish the staff had all these small breeding tidbits collected in a place for users. -.-

Yeah, Kings marks and manes tend to roll first even though it’s supposed to be 50/50 which is why so many cubs are king clones 8/