on a roll mane

things in my life without background info

  • got sneezed on by an elephant
  • braided a mane of horse hair not attached to a horse
  • rolled down the street in a tire
  • nearly fainted while pushing a handcart
  • crossed a river and almost fell on barbed wire
  • got accidentally punched in the face
  • rollerbladed unwillingly into a hydrangea bush
  • started a grade school wrestling group
  • got kneed in the back of the neck
  • believed a moose attacked my tent
  • almost died by way of firework
  • almost died by way of llama
  • almost died by way of bull
  • was ‘possessed by the devil’
  • valued a samosa over my life

The Burrprint • Tumblr IRL

Tumblr IRL has taken on a new twist, as TWELVE unique creators unite to celebrate the story and influence of Atlanta’s visionary trapfather, Gucci Mane. You can watch it all go down online over at theburrrrprint. But if you can make it to New York next week, and we recommend you do, you are in for a very special, one-night-only event.

An artist’s story has never been told like this. 

Monday, August 10th, 2015 @ 7pm
50 N 3rd St.
Brooklyn, NY

FREE / 21+


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Little lion baby, insane, black mane 
changed up my whole view, teach you to roll this joint for two
you’ve come to steal me from my queen
your claws passionately embedded in me, feels like a solid grip
a fresh breath of reality, come snatch me from this fairytale
take me back to the life I knew
reality how I’ve missed you.
-Roan Orian

So M decided to start Out of the Abyss for their little siblings (and me bc we’re 2gether4ever). I made a Gnoll monk named VYARRAG SWIFTREND, who lost his tribe to Yeenoghu. His only equipment is the trinket I rolled for, a silver spoon. It was braided into his mane at one point, but now it’s stuck there.

ANYWAY so far it’s a really fun, well-written campaign with GORGEOUS ART AND GREAT NPCS.

Design based on herding/sheepdogs 

Collewe (Collie + Ewe) - The Nipping Pokemon

Dark or Normal/Dark

This highly energetic pokemon loves to chase around pokemon much larger than themselves. It is often used by ranch owners to keep their flocks in control.

Collewe’s fur is very similar to a Mareep’s wool. It tends to hide amongst large flocks of Mareep to avoid capture.

Manegrel (Mane + Mongrel) - The Charging Pokemon


When faced with something unfamiliar, Manegrel will charge at it with full force. Even trainers of this pokemon have to be very cautious of its mood.

It is said that when a Manegrel pack charges through an area, it means a devastating storm is soon to follow.

Lupiter (Lupus + Jupiter, Roman Zeus) - The Gatekeeper Pokemon


Despite its intimidating appearance, Lupiter are known for being great and gentle protectors. They will often let smaller pokemon rest in their soft mane.

Its howl resembles that of loud rolling thunder. In battle it runs around its opponents charging up powerful amounts of static electricity. Its horns shine brightly when it is fully charged. (Note: This is more like an in-battle animation rather than an alternate form)