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Twilight Moonbeams and Befuddlement Droughts: A SVT Hogwarts!AU

Word Count: 6912

Characters: Hansol Vernon Chwe/Original Female, (matchmaker) Joshua Hong, Boo Seungkwan, Jeon Wonwoo, Wen Junhui + various

Prompt: Hansol drinks a love potion and makes more of a mess of himself than usual. 

SVT Hogwarts!AU: Mingyu, Woozi

Ashwinder eggs, peppermint, rose thorns, powdered moonstone and Pearl Dust.

Ingredients ticked across her brain like a grocery list, as she reached for the pink tinted bottle. Her eyes lingered questionably over its contents due to its overzealous advertising, from the gaudy pink label of a kissy-faced woman to the glittery pink ribbon adorning it. At 93 Diagon Alley, of all the things for her to be interested in,  for some reason her eyes drifted to a love potion.

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Just a little imagine; 

 You’ve been Axl’s girlfriend since the 1990, you have witnessed the greatest tragedies of the band and is the only one that can calm Axl, Slash is yor best friend and Duff likes you, Axl knows that and he’s jealous of you two together even if you’re just friends. All your sadness began when Steven left the band just because Guns N’ Roses means a lot to you. Izzy left and everything starts to get worse. The media has bagun to focus on you and transforms your relationship with Axl into a product. But you still have your happy moments with the band and with your boyfriend even being in depression.

1994; you lose that baby you expected, your mental health just worsens. Axl trying to show you he loves you, he asks you to marry him and you get married in Las Vegas. The whole world worships you both as a couple, and you are one of the most influential personalities in the world. You and Axl are magazine covers, you do interviews and photoshoots but the pressure on you two only increases. You go with them on more tours and everything seems to be very confused.

1996; Everything that seemed o be so fun ends when Slash decides to leave the band, in his last show he asks you to choose between him (your best friend) and Axl while Axl looks at you, you choose go with Slash knowing that this band was no longer the same one that you loved and that Axl was not the same as six years ago. 

December 1996; the media does not know that you and Axl are on a break when you decide to visit him. You ask him if he is gonna be fine because you are going away, he asks if you are still going to see each other and you say it is going to be difficult. He does not believe you when you say you are leaving and he thinks he is still going to find you so he lefts you go out of the house withou say anything. 

20:04, same day; Izzy, Duff, Steven, Slash and Axl begin to feel a bad feeling and get a call.

22:18: Everyone is around a hotel bed where you are lying and dead. 

– She killed herself with pills.  – the investigator says but they can not say any word.  – Mrs…

– Rose. – Axl says with a hoarse voice.  – she is… my wife.

 On the next day your death comes out in the newspaper and everyone goes in mourning. You were very loved by the medie and the public. 

On the funeral when all left the cemetery, but the five memebers stayed:

– Do you think we killed her?  – Izzy asks.  – she loved the band, did everything for us to be together.

– She had depression and it started when I left the band.  – Steven says totally sad. 

– An overdose… I never thought this would happen to her.  – Duff murmurs.

–  Axl…  – Slash starts to say but Axl do not want to talk.

– Just… Leave me alone ok? Please.  – he asks.

– Do not forget man you are not the only one who is suffering.  –  Izzy says turning his back.

2015; Many documentaries about you and Axl were released, you are still considered and icone of the 90s but God knows hoe hard is for the boys to talk about you in interviews. You are still remembered by the whole world and of course as the only woman who was able to calm down Axl Rose and the muse of the Rock N Roll. 

Mane couples maked the history of rock: Elvis and Priscilla, John and Yoko, Courtney and Kurt, Axl and (y/n). 

yourchangelingoverlord  asked:

I just love trixie she makes everything too cute she doesn't have to try. Starlight likes to tease trixie in how she makes everything cute and of course trixie will try to play it up causing star to giggle. Trixie will say how she thinks starlight's laugh is adorable and thus making star blush.

Aww! It’s a beautiful cycle ^^

You know what’s great is their canon relationship is sort of similar. We’ve seen other ponies like the Mane 6 just roll their eyes at Trixie’s egotistical claims and boisterous behavior, but what’s adorable is that Starlight just kinda laughs. She finds it endearing.

And for an entertainer like Trixie, I really think she really loves a positive reaction like that. It doesn’t take me to point out Trixie loves attention, so the fact that she can get a reaction like that from Star is super adorable.

Mommy’s Little Hell-Raisers: A Jaspis + Pups Oneshot

For cldrawsthings. Well, here’s the story I promised. A fic about the most adorable fucking babies I’ve seen come out of the Jaspis tag. Your art is so beautiful and sweet and I genuinely smile whenever I see it pop up on my dash. Never stop being amazing, and never stop making fluff!

Rolling waves lapped gently at the shore, their dull roar a lulling melody to the ears. A light breeze played through the Gem’s hair. It tossed up the wild white locks as she lounged in the sand, and she hummed lightly in pleasure as the afternoon sun warmed her skin. Rolling on her back, she reveled in the heat across her skin and all but purred with the bliss of it. It was the rare afternoon that Jasper actually got to enjoy a nap like this: nothing but her, the waves, the sunrays–

“Momma? Moooomma! MOMMA!”

–and the muffled pattering footsteps (and handsteps) barreling towards her – and the not-so-muffled shouts of her gemlings.

“Mrrrr…” Cracking an eye open, she rumbled sleepily. “Sardy? Mal? S’that you? C’mon now, can you keep it dow- AAAH!”

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So M decided to start Out of the Abyss for their little siblings (and me bc we’re 2gether4ever). I made a Gnoll monk named VYARRAG SWIFTREND, who lost his tribe to Yeenoghu. His only equipment is the trinket I rolled for, a silver spoon. It was braided into his mane at one point, but now it’s stuck there.

ANYWAY so far it’s a really fun, well-written campaign with GORGEOUS ART AND GREAT NPCS.

Design based on herding/sheepdogs 

Collewe (Collie + Ewe) - The Nipping Pokemon

Dark or Normal/Dark

This highly energetic pokemon loves to chase around pokemon much larger than themselves. It is often used by ranch owners to keep their flocks in control.

Collewe’s fur is very similar to a Mareep’s wool. It tends to hide amongst large flocks of Mareep to avoid capture.

Manegrel (Mane + Mongrel) - The Charging Pokemon


When faced with something unfamiliar, Manegrel will charge at it with full force. Even trainers of this pokemon have to be very cautious of its mood.

It is said that when a Manegrel pack charges through an area, it means a devastating storm is soon to follow.

Lupiter (Lupus + Jupiter, Roman Zeus) - The Gatekeeper Pokemon


Despite its intimidating appearance, Lupiter are known for being great and gentle protectors. They will often let smaller pokemon rest in their soft mane.

Its howl resembles that of loud rolling thunder. In battle it runs around its opponents charging up powerful amounts of static electricity. Its horns shine brightly when it is fully charged. (Note: This is more like an in-battle animation rather than an alternate form)

"Make new friends but Keep Discord" review (spoilers...duh

“Make new friends but Keep Discord” review

External image

WOW! This episode! Hjhjhajhdjahjhajhjzjfhjh

Okay let me calm myself for a moment to give a straight review.

In the beginning, the fact that we get to see Discord and Fluttershy having tea together was a plus in my Fluttercord moments scale. So let me just separate my shipping sense and my friendshipping sense in two points, side by side.

So the fact they call their get-together’s Tuesday Tea. This was great to SEE and not mentioned. The one downside about it was that they were inside and not outside. I thought that when they have tea it would have been outside. But that was okay, I just loved how they interacted with eachother, they tell stories, they have inside jokes, and they laugh together. It was so lovely to see that.

Also I believe Discord won best face in this episode because from all of his jelousy moments, he had the best expressions. Plus two points for the animators! From the mere mention of Treehuggar he is sent to a jealous fit. Yet in the tea party moment, he gets up and leaves early! He acted so rude! He had his paws clenched, he stomped towards the door and he took all of the tea cakes! I would have never thought of him doing something like that to Fluttershy! UGH! It made me so angry at him “Bad Discord!” *slaps him with rolled up newspaper*

When he went to see the mane 5 and Spike was another good scene I saw, From Spike, he got a bit of a fright to find Discord underneath his blanket and too close for comfort. He even shook from fear! Lol. But I belived the reason Discord went to see the mane 5 was because he wanted to see if they were taking somepony to the Gala, almost a way to get into the party. The interaction with the CMC was an interesting one because we only seen them in the comics. In the comics they actually like eachother…

External image

but in the show…they don’t…and I liked that. It showed that the CMC and the rest of the Mane 5 don’t really trust him completely.  Apple Bloom used SLAP!….its super effective.

When Discord goes to see Pinkie Pie, she already knew he was there…showing that there are still some power within Pinkie Pie if she was able to “sense” him and Discord still does not like Pinkie Pie and still finds her annoying. (Don’t be offended Pinkie fans, I don’t mean anything bad about this) .  

(Turns around and does a fist pump) no but seriously, that one scene might have fueled the Pinkiecord shippers.  Breaking the fourth wall and doing great refrences went along with his character and I was so glad to see that present itself throughout the episode.

Once Discord sees TreeHuggar he is already on his jelous-train.

External image

  Once he heard Fluttershy laughing, you can tell that he is feeling hurt and betrayed because he thought that what he and Fluttershy had was something special.

External image

 But while it was, he still felt betrayed because it seemed that Fluttershy could say the same things to anypony else. Treehuggar was an interesting pony, she shows not fear or hate towards Discord and calls out on his “sweet vibes”. Somehow that made Discord turn angry finding it as an insult.  Did you see his eyes glow? I loved it ^_^ it is so nice to see some “evilness” still inside him.

Discord’s dimension, (which is what we are going to call it)

External image

was awesome! We finally got the chance to see where he lives! Kind of….I mean is it like a pocket dimension? But either way if the mail pony can find it then I guess anypony can. Also a moment of silence for Mail pony…who got taken by a monster….

Once Discord got his ticket, he is already planning what to do. He takes the Smooze as a last resort because he has no other friends to take. The moment he makes it to the Gala, he really does make his presence known throughout the gala. He is the center of attention, of course. Immendiatly he goes to find Fluttershy and his excitement to find her was so great and it fuels my ship even further. ^-^

He tries EVERYTHING to get her attention and to get Treehugger to go away.

  1. Attention grabbing-

    External image

    External image

    External image

    he introduce her to the smooze, the way he said that the Smooze and him were bestest friend, it was almost as if he wanted Fluttershy to experience the same jelousy he was feeling, but that failed.
  2. Insults- he tries to get rid of Treehugger by “forgetting her name”, that fails too.

    External image

  3. Story telling- he mentions the story about Fluttershy and him getting cakes together to show how “great” they are “together”.

  4. Jokes- once hearing that Fluttershy called treehugger funny, he tried to get his place back to be the funniest being she had ever known.

    In this episode, it really focuses on Discord to understand that sometimes Fluttershy and him could have other friends to discuss things with eachother. Fluttershy talks to Treehugger because they love nature. Im sure Discord finds that boring to talk about and if Discord want to cause some chaos, Fluttershy wouldent like that very much, so it really shows how their different interest really clash but it does not mean that they don’t like eachother. Its obvious that they do but don’t really express and spend time doing what the other wanted. They shared one thing and that is spending time together in their tea party by just..talking. Which is nice.

    The smooze…was…a side character, that became a “problem” by devouring anything that is shiny, but I think taking the main villain and turning him into a “minor” problem was not the way to go but, it seems that they needed the smooze for some reason. In fact, if the smooze wasent there everything would have ended the same, with Discord trying to send her to anouther dimension. Adding the Smooze did not make sense at all, I think that the writers and animators just threw the Smooze in there just to bring back an old villain.  The way Discord treated the smooze was so unbelievably rude and Discord is really a huge JERK…like always. But yikes.

    In the end with the confrontation, we see a really interesting fight. Discord plays off sending anouther pony to a dimesion as if it was a light problem. This is the first time we had ever seen him so angry. He was very very angry, did you see him on green fire?!!! The color of envy!!!


    External image

    After calming down he saw the errors of his ways and tries to win back Fluttershy forgiveness by playing the “pity-card” but that does not roll with Fluttershy who demands he apologizes and He presents HER with a flower,

  6.  with does not bode well with Discord as she does not accepts it and points to Treehugger. Did you saw how he stammered when she did not accept the flower? So cuuute, so much fluttercord!

  7. But in the end, he understands that Fluttershy is free to hang out whoever she wishes and that Discord would have to respect that and not be so jelous about it.

    I also made a list to separate the friendship aspect and the shipping aspect to Fluttercord. Check it out below.

Fluttercord ship

  1. They love spending time together and tell eachother

    Jokes and stories. Fluttercord LOVES their Tuesday teas and

    Discord loves it too. Mostly if its Fluttershy, the mere mention

    Of Treehuggar already sent Discord in a mild jelous fit which

    Quickly escalated to an uncontrolled jealous rage.

    He showed excitement when he heard about the

    Grand Galloping Gala and she took Tree Huggar

    Instead of him. He wagged his tail when he

    Quotes “I was wondering when you were

    Going to ask me”

    Like how a girl acts around a guy, or boyfriend? Hmmm?

    But with the roles switched.

  2. Asking around to see if the Mane 5 were taking somepony else to the

    Gala. It seemed he was looking for a way to go to the Gala, because

    He assumed he did not have a ticket. Finding a way to get close to

    Fluttershy in any means possible seems to hone in on his

    “stalkerish” or “clingy” personality. He seems to really revolve all of his

    Energy to get rid of the competition and have Fluttershy all to himself.

    He wants her to be jelous too, because I bet that was the reason for taking him. Fluttershy is his only friend but he does not want her to know that. As if he is embarrassed? And wants to keep in good graces with her.

  3. The way he wanted to get rid of the competition was a malicious one at that.

    When he is sending Treehugger to the other dimension, he was really really angry. He even quotes that “I can’t have you interfering with my relationship with Fluttershy!” AHHH! That quote! But in all seriousness, I think the writers made Treehuggar a girl to avoid any “romantic connections” from that quote. If Treehuggar was a guy, it would have been better…but whatever…

    Discord thinks that he is doing nothing wrong once Fluttershy calls him out, but he just plays it off that “they’ll have a good laugh” about it. Looks like someone was reading “bride of Discord” in Hasbro again…

    When Fluttershy tells him to apologize, he presents her with a single flower, I thought it was very sweet only for Fluttershy to slap it out of his paw. (okay I laughed at that) hitting the flower aside made sense because she was pretty mad at him and him trying to butter her up won’t work on her.

    Again this is something from Disneyfanatic “bride of discord”.

    But Fluttershy was the one that got him to calm down

    Fluttershy got him to apologize

    Fluttershy got him to understand. (pretty sure he is going to get jelous again…)

Fluttercord Friendship

  1. In regards to their Tea Time, it seems like any get

    Together that friends like them should have,

    Which is perfect to building back the trust that

    He lost with the Tirek-incident.  It is so nice

    To see the everything seems to be back to

    Normal in their relationship together, him being jelous

    Is relatable because if one of our friends went to a party

    That we wanted to go but took someone else instead.

    So his anger and annoyance towards it makes sense.

  2. Yet with his “clingy-ness” and apparent jelousy, Fluttershy

    Is his “oldest” and “bestest” friend he has, even if Twilight

    Is his friend, they don’t really hang out, so is Celestia. There are

    Two different friends in this, one who says they are friends but don’t

    Spend time together and ones who are like Fluttershy-who has tea parties

    Dinners, and you know, friends stuff.

    Him wanting to be the center of attention, from “interrupting” her and her friends

    By laughing with them, all awkward and also expressing the fact that the Smooze and

    Him are BEST friends to Fluttershy and everypony else to show that he is not alone.

    But really he is.

  3. Getting rid of the completion, was the final push for Discord because he actually felt threaten with his relationship with Fluttershy. The whole time that Fluttershy is spending time with Treehugger she makes comments that she made towards Discord. Those same comments must have hit Discord because it seemed that he was being replaced as a friend to her and from getting rid of Treehuggar was the only way of establishing his place. Yet, in the end, he realizes that he overreacted and that he shouldn’t be jelous if Fluttershy spends time with anouther friend because in the end they can still be friends.

    The things I like:

  1. Discord attics-it was so funny, any episode with Discord is a good episode in my case.

  2. Treehugger- eh, she’s nice, I don’t really hate her.

  3. Fluttercord moments

  4. Discord’s house!

  5. FACES!!

    External image


    The quotes:

    DISCORD: “We like eachother!”

    And so many more ^_^ Im so want this on a shirt!

    My overall score:


    I really loved the interactions, Discord was really the focal point in all of this, what I did not like is that ending with Twilight and Celestia it seemed to really pull away from Discord and his friendship lesson and also A DANCE WITH FLUTTERSHY, from all that time! THEY SHOW US A SMALL TALK WITH TWILIGHT AND CELESTIA!



“The Weeping Worm” by Lil Ugly Mane

The thing I like about these extended retirement roll outs is that it never feels like anyone’s actually retired. It’s like Lil Ugly Mane’s announcement came and here we are a year later still getting dope little releases on a pretty regular basis. If this is what quitting rap is like, then maybe a few more rappers should take a break.

- Clever Tom

Bike Pt 1 (RWBY)

This is the first part of what most likely will be a three-parter. It’s part of a trade between me and Adamantred. Bumbleby ahoy! Part 2 here.


Blake sat idly on the bench, pulling her hair back into a ponytail. She was currently staring at her partner’s twitching legs as she worked under her suspended bike. She had been complaining that bumblebee was making a weird clicking noise all week and finally had the time to head down to the Beacon garage and try and fix it. Blake wasn’t one for mechanical stuff, but she didn’t exactly want to be in her room with Zwei running amok, knowing just how badly Zwei had it out for her. Her predator aside, she was also avoiding Ruby and Weiss who were bickering about midterms. Weiss seemed determined to make sure Ruby scored well for once, while Ruby insisted she was fine and didn’t need to do any extra studying.

Knowing a war zone of a bedroom wouldn’t be the best place to read, she elected to follow her own partner down to the quiet garage, save the few curse words yang let out when frustrated now that she wasn’t censoring herself around Ruby.

Satisfied with her ponytail, she resumed reading her book letting out a content sigh.

“Wrench?” Blake dismissed it, figuring she was talking to herself. When she heard it again.

“Wrench?” Blake’s head twitched upwards, but her eyes stayed glued to the page, drawn in at the dramatic moment she was currently enthralled in.

“Wrench?” Yang repeated, this time her face inches from Blake’s.

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gerudo hair headcanon

ok so in light of the recent explosion of worship regarding Ganondorf’s luxurious mane in the upcoming Hyrule Warriors, I thought I should share this thought of mine– one that I’m pleasantly surprised to find kind of supported by this development.

It’s my belief that Gerudo do not have White People Hair. This would make no sense, considering there are no white people in this game– even if the setting is kind of vaguely European-ish sort of in that there are “castles” and “knights” it’s a Japanese game with enormous slatherings of rehashed Shinto creation/divinity-of-the-emperor myth buttered into its lore. We can say that the Hylians are racially dominant in the setting (and we can assume they have a lot of the advantages such a position would imply), but even they aren’t white. They’re more of an analogue for the Japanese, and even then they’re a fantasy elf race. The Gerudo are even father away from what we’d consider real-world racial analogue, other than that they are a people of color that obviously are considered a pariah race/society by the dominant Hylians. The alternative is that they’re “supposed” to be representative of middle-eastern peoples and ew ew ew the “Arabian Nights bellydancer girls” theme is pretty racist and not great so let’s just keep away from that.

So it’s my belief that the Gerudo have very thick, dense, coarse hair– but straight. It’s not silky or sleek, and if left alone sticks straight out and droops down like a shaggy mane. Cut short, it stands almost straight out from the head and can be brushed back or down neatly but does not lay flat without serious help. In the oppressive sun of the desert, Gerudo hair is thick enough such that it protects and prevents sunburn on the scalp, and does not pick up parasites or nits as easily as the finer hair of other “human” folk with rounded ears (such as the peoples to the South, such as the Ordon province.)

However, it retains water and takes a very long time to dry out if it gets wet and can be quite heavy when soggy – not common in the desert, but another reason why the Gerudo famously dislike swimming. Most day-to-day maitenence is taken care of with combs and fine powder (we would call this talc, and it is easily gathered on the mountain line between the desert and Hyrule proper that keeps the area arid), but hair washing with oils and soaps is considered a great luxury and indulgence, and often is enjoyed every few months, or after a battle, great achievement, or a childbirth. Other forms of washing are of course mandatory to stop irritation from dust and sweat– with less precious water than drinking or cooking water, and then the water is re-used for tasks such as laundry or boiled to sterilize bandages which then will bleach in the sun.

Gerudo wear their hair short and long, depending on preference, fashion, status, and occupation/job. While some positions are made more hazardous or dangerous with long, loose hair (smithing, building, stablekeeping) just as many wear elaborate braids, plaits, cornrows, buns, as cut their hair short. Others may feature elaborate updos, but just as many can be found with simple ponytails. Beautiful combs and hairpieces for these hairstyles are fashioned out of wood, bone, bulbos ivory, steel, or even precious metals like silver or gold, depending on the Gerudo’s status and individual accomplishment. The most accomplished or distinguished Gerudo may even wear bejeweled ornaments in their hair and as jewlery, beyond their own individual diadem of status (often topaz, tourmaline, or amethyst). While the Fortress pools its wealth, most individual Gerudo are permitted to keep one or a few spoils or rewards for their work, and because they live communally, Gerudo tend to wear their personal possessions rather than store them or invest them into private endeavors– there’s no individual houses, or private property to worry about. Hair combs or jewelry are popular, and portable choices.

As for hair color, it does vary among Gerudo, but shades of red and orange are considered the most common– with some red-brown and red-yellow in Gerudo of more diluted traits (the “can only produce babies with hylians except for a little while once a century” thing and all.) As with all things color varies individually but typically gerudo hair is very vibrantly colored, and bleaches highlights in the sun. Guards, scouts, riders, and builders who work primarily outside may be seen with more copper and less rust shades, though all Gerudo but the most fit and hardened guards (and the young girls whose duty it is to bring them water) take shelter when the sun is highest and most dangerous.

So basically, when we see Ganondorf with his elaborate crown, tightly-twisted hair rolls, or a long shaggy mane, he’s dressing like other Gerudo– it makes no difference that he’s coded more masculine than they are, he wears the same clothes and styles his hair the same ways they do. When his hair was short in OOT, we saw him being an emmisary to the Hylians, and that was also when his clothes were the most “different” from his sisters– possibly not to freak the sensitive and patriarchal Hylians out… and seven years in the future he had not reconnected with his people (possibly because getting his hands on the Triforce of Power was not great for his state of mind.)

In Wind Waker, not only are there no more Gerudo, he’s also been alive in a world without them for quite some time. While he keeps some of their customs and manners of dress, there’s no one who could have plaited his hair for him, so he’s cut it short.

In Twilight Princess, there’s no more Gerudo as well… but we also see him in the PAST at his execution when presumably there WERE, and his hair is done to Gerudo custom. When he resurrects his body after hitching a ride out of the Twilight Realm on Zant, he seems to merely re-create the form he had at the moment of his execution– including the touch of some sister that did his hair, hundreds of years after her death.