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Finally, I have a giveaway that I am happy to put up. This is my first giveaway, but I am extremely happy to introduce you to the things I have for any diviner. These are all tools that have helped me in my own practice and I hope that they can help the winner just as much.

Up for Grabs

  • One handmade scrying mirror
  • One pendulum made of rainbow fluorite to help with psychic development
  • One jar of sage
  • One jar of fennel seed
  • One jar of salt, half belonging to the dead sea and half volcanic salt
  • One slab of amazonite to aid with communication and psychic abilities
  • One of my handmade diviner’s candles in a 3 day jar (Should you want it)


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  • Reblogs and likes count
  • Reblog as many times as you like, just don’t bother your followers with it
  • Must be 18+
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Giveaway will be decided through a random number generator at MIDNIGHT ON APRIL 21st! Winner will be announced and contacted the next day, Saturday, April 22nd, and will have 48 hours to claim their prize. In the following days after that, I will be hosting a second giveaway for my birthday month!

If you have any questions, please let me know and I’ll answer as best I can! And good luck!

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Got7 & their April Fools Day Pranks
  • Youngjae: Literally too pure and sweet to even pull a prank. Tries something innocent like telling you he dropped your phone and cracked it...ends up laughing and giving himself away in .5 seconds.
  • JB: Does the cliche "I'm breaking up with you" bc he honestly forgot what day it was so he couldn't plan anything else
  • Jackson: Wakes you up in the middle of the night with a serious expression. He leans in close, deadass serious as he whispers in panic "I'm pregnant"
  • Jinyoung: Doesn't partake at all in pranking you, instead he focuses his energy on pranking Yugyeom and Bambam.
  • Mark: Plants whoopee cushions under all the cushions. Goes and spends money on that trick gum that turns your teeth black although he backs out of that part and gives Jackson the gum instead. None of the members tell Jackson.
  • Bambam: Pulls that prank where he covers the entire floor with cups full of water. Fucks up and accidentally corners himself in the kitchen.
  • Yugyeom: Spends a lot of time planning to make you think he's cheating. you walk in on him about to kiss some random girl and you flip shit until the girl turns around and it's really just jackson in a dress and wig with balloons as boobs.

Sometimes you work hard on your happiness for weeks, doing all the right things, and still, you’re not quite where you want to be. But sometimes, on a random Thursday in April, you get up early, you breathe the fresh air, and the happiness is back. You can try all you want to control your life, but you can’t, and any belief you can is an illusion. Anytime spent denying yourself what you know is the truth is wasted time. You know what you need to do. 

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Why am I imagining the others in the studio just changing bendy's design for laughs and gags on random days or April fools and bendy is just screaming and chasing them around and telling them to change him back xD

ok I imagine Joey’s the only one who can really change real bendy’s design because demon magic/creator reasons so like I can just imagine all the other animators and maybe toons crowded around him like “ok ok give him Mickey Mouse ears” “give him a tail” “turn the bow tie into an ascot” or whatever and bendy’s probably in another room like “WHAT IS HAPPENING”

I reached 1k followers! thank you! :D I first started using this site around this time in March 3 years ago so I find it interesting to see how much my art has progressed since. To celebrate, I’ll be doing another thank you raffle! I’ll randomly select 5 people and I’ll draw the character of their choice!

To enter the raffle: Just like this post. That’s it really, No “reblog this post”, no “you must be following me” (you can still reblog if you want).

Raffle ends next Saturday at 11:59pm EST(April 8th). After that day, I will choose 5 random winners. I’ll be bumping this post throughout the week just to make sure people have the chance to enter. Thanks again!

Okay but April Fools day in Bitty’s sophomore year, the entire team dresses up as Jack Zimmermann and swears to be him. Like and they wont drop it either. Like Jack is so confused and then mildly put off. And everyone’s doing their own Jack impression. Ransom padded his ass a lot. Bitty keeps saying every song is by Taylor Swift. Shitty makes up random history facts and shouts them through out the day (even though they’re wrong). 

And they may or may not pay a random freshmen to recognize one of them (who is not Jack) and ask for an autograph and then she ends up with like ten.

Dex doesn’t even bother to buy a wig. But if anyone asks, yes he is Jack Zimmermann.

(And Jack actually ends up really enjoying it by the end of the day, because these are his friends and he loves their way of showing affection)

Imagine Loki visiting earth just in time for April Fools day. Once you explain to him the history and purpose of the day, he couldn’t be more excited. He knows he shouldn’t use his powers on earth, but he just can’t help it. He spends the day sitting at a corner café, and with a wave of his hand, trips random passers-by and pinches ladies’ behinds.

General Fluffy headcanons with RFA

this started out as a request, and I was done and finished with it, really proud of myself,,, then I looked at the ask and saw this isn’t what they wanted and misread it. I really wanted to post twice today, so here is this!! -Green


-what part of this boy ISN’T fluff and domestic?

-the yandere side woops

-you two always try to play games together but you REFUSE to play Lolol. You know you’ll get addicted and one person in this relationship needs to be responsible

-Yoosung, when not distracted by Lolol, will cook for you!! If you’re having a down day, he’ll make you the sweetest things he knows how and the two of you will have a cuddle party with homemade snacks

-god i want me a Yoosung honestly

-the two of you are great with communication

-you guys don’t go on a lot of money dates, but you frequently bring Yoosung outside just for a walk around town because it’s cute and also Yoosung needs to get out of that chair

-sometimes you’ll see him rolling around the house in it and while you want to stop him

-you join in

-Yoosung frequently gets jealous of the most random things. The cat is cuddling you? Fuck that, he’ll throw the cat off of you and replace her gladly.

-the cat is a girl right


- Y Eas,sHS

-of course you two are the best thing on the planet

-c o n s t a n t prank wars

-every day is April Fools

-every day is Halloween

-every day is something new!

-Saeyoung is so unpredictable and you love it that is when it doesn’t include him pushing you away lololol hhaa….

-you two will blast music throughout the entire house so that it’s shaking and you can’t hear anything else but the music and just jam out

-who can annoy Saeran the most

-you like to sit on Saeyoung’s lap while he’s hacking

-you find how fast he can work really interesting and you just like being close to him

-you guys will feed each other instead of feeding yourselves

-when you got more involved with Saeyoung, you got him a cat! His name is Yoosung because you guys like fucking around with him

-when Yoosung comes over it’s a disaster

-”Yoosung, you’re so pretty pretty, yes you are!! You want some pets, Yoosung??? you want some love?? Oh, good boy, yoosung!! you’re such a cute little boy!!”

-he just l e a v e s

-he hates you guys


-he goes out for work a lot which means your home alone with Elly a lot

-you’ll get random knocks on your door throughout the day, and when you open it a present from Jumin is waiting

-he spoils you so much that you almost feel guilty

-a l m o s t

-you try to surprise him when he comes home

-it varies from a homemade meal, a present of your own, or something in the genre of huheuehuheueh.

-random calls in the day of Jumin saying how he loves you and wants to kiss you

-sometimes you’ll come into his office and surprise him with a hug and kiss, along with Elly

-when you do this he has this look on his face you will never forget

-full of love, admiration and maybe even shyness. it’s amazing



-jaehee is fluff. look up fluff. u get jaehee


-you guys are on a date and you hold her hand?? she’s blushing

-you give her a kiss on the cheek? she’s already on fire

-when you guys are home alone, you don’t like to go on dates

-instead you’ll cook together, maybe practice some new recipes for the coffee shop

-Jaehee will be cutting up something and you’re behind her, hands around her waist and telling her something that happened during the day that was funny

-you can feel her laugh against your stomach and it makes you burst with butterflies

-lots of cuddling and late night watching television

-Jaehee has a horrible sense of humor and you guys will watch horrible rom coms and she’ll be crying from laughter

-you guys sleep together every night

-when you guys go on dates, it’s usually to somewhere quiet like a park or book shop.

-after your relationship furthers, you two get a small shiba dog

-she was hesitant but she’s grown into it and now she can’t imagine a world without Jalapeno

-she named the dog

-if you’re gone, she will cuddle Jalapeno until you come home.


-you help him with his acting a lot, and he does a BUNCH of romances

-you’ll be acting and he’s so fixated on you he forgets his lines and you guys just end up making out

-cannot contain his beast

-god i hate that term

-when you go on dates and fans come out, that’s the only time he rejects their affections and asks them to go away while he has dinner with his lovely s/o

-he can make you blush without even thinking about it

-”you know you’re the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen?”

-oh my god Zen stop being such a kissass HONESTLY,,

-”I mean, not as stunning as I am”

-g o d okay ruin the mood

-he likes to show you off and you’re always attached to his hip when the two of you go somewhere

-he frequently asks for your critique in his acting and you’ll stay up until dawn starting off from practicing, then joking around, then late night confessions, and then a bunch of just

-“i love you, you’re amazing” “no you’re amazing” “i know” “good fucking night” “WAIT BABE”

Hi guys

How was your easter? Did you find any chocolate eggs? Did you see easter witches? Eat lots of food?

I was supposed to draw an easter’s greetings for you guys but I’ve just been super exhausted. I came to Lapland to spend easter with my family, I arrived here a week ago, and will stay a few more days. My parents have been renovating here and they still are and me and my brother helped a bit. Even though I haven’t done much I’ve been kinda tired all the time, but it’s nice to spend time with my parents.

I post more random shit on my twitter and instagram, check those out if you wanna see what April in Lapland looks like.

Hey ya’ll, little update to answer some reoccurring messages/questions…

Is this an April fools day prank?

Sorry, nope. It’s real

Can you tell us how it ends at least?

I didn’t really have a set in stone ending to be honest. Just some random plot stuff that was gonna happen and possible ending ideas depending on how things went. Maybe someday I’ll compile my notes into a more legible format and post it here for those who are interested.

Can we finish the story? Continue from where it left off, etc?

Sure, go right ahead

I do want to say thank you very much for all of the kind words and understanding. I appreciate it very much

700 followers art give away!

hiya!! bunni here! i hit 700 followers a little while ago and i thought i would give a little back to my followers by having a lil art giveaway! 

to enter this giveaway you must have been following me since before this post was made! maybe some other day i will do an open giveaway, but right now this giveaway is for my followers!

if you wanna enter, then all you need to do is reblog this post! you can reblog as many times as you want, but you will only get one entry. you can also like this if you wanna, but likes do not count as entries!

there are gonna be three winners, and the winners will be announced on april the 24th at 3AM GMT! (that sounds like a super random time but my timezone is inconvenient (^◇^;))

first prize winner get a lined and coloured full body (or less) drawing!

second prize winner gets a coloured full body (or less) sketch!

and third place winner gets a simple lovely little sketch!

just a quick note i will not draw nsfw or gore! and im pretty terrible at drawing animals, but i can try if that’s what you really want!

good luck to everyone!! and thank you again for 700! you guys are amazing and i love you all to bits!!

flyy0ufools  asked:

Hi Sera :) So both panels yesterday were amazing! I was so happy (and relieved). One thing that stuck out to me was during the gold panel when the Js were talking about their kids...I mean, their comments? Things happening that weren't the plan, having to "match" the number of kids...wow. From a tinhat perspective, it just sounded like they were bitching about how that all went down. (Not that that's to say they don't love their kids, of course). But it just cracked me up. Have a good day!

Anon: Hi Sera! I know that you don’t like to talk about the children but seeing the gold panel I’d noticed that Jared wasn’t really “haappy” about his  newborn child… I don’t know I find it really odd, thoughts?. okay, that’s all… have a happy week!

Hello, lovely people!

These two panels had the strangest vibe when they mentioned the kids. I’m going to put my opinions below the cut. I know a lot of people don’t want this stuff on their dashboards, so I’ll spare them.

This might not be entirely pleasant. Consider yourselves warned!

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This Means War (An April Fools Drabble)

A/N– Approx. 605 words (I usually don’t celebrate this dumb day because it gives people an excuse to be jerks to one another if you ask me LOL But this idea came to me because of a random late night conversation. And this is set in the future where their Chris and Billie’s daughter is about 3 years old.  And not to worry, there’s no actual warnings except a little foul language. Hope you guys enjoy it!) 

“Okay, Mom’s gonna be back any minute. So just hide in here and wait for the signal.” Chris said as he placed the mask on Leila’s tiny head.

“You sure she won’t get mad?”

“Well she might get a little upset. But it will be with me, not you Cuddle Bug. And besides she deserves it after what she did to me this morning, right?”

“Yeah what she did was pretty mean!”

Chris hated that Billie always teased him for his fear of spiders, but he had his reasons. Still, he didn’t think that she would actually use it to her advantage on April Fools Day. But to his horror, he woke up and saw that she placed a fake tarantula on his chest. And when it actually started crawling, he screamed bloody murder and ran down the hallway. And the worst part was that Billie had taped his dramatic reaction and sent to the rest of his family. Chris was naturally upset, but he was also impressed that she had scared him so easily, especially since he was known as the master prankster in their house. But now that she had dropped the gauntlet, he knew that he needed vengeance.

Once Billie left for work, Chris took Leila to go to the mall for some father/daughter time. And that’s when he formed the perfect plan for revenge. He decided to stick to what he was good at, and he figured this was the perfect time to teach his daughter a well-known tradition.  After that, he kindly asked Billie to stop by the grocery store to pick up something sweet for dessert just so he could buy some extra time. And when she called later that evening to say that she was almost home, Chris told Leila to hide in the pantry and to wait for the green light.

“Honey, I’m home!” Billie said as she walked through the door, “I picked up some banana pudding just like you wanted.”

She heard him shuffling around in the kitchen as she threw her keys on the coffee table and peeled out of her coat. Chris said that he had just started dinner, and he couldn’t hide his excitement as he quietly told Leila to come out on the count of three. And the second Billie entered into the room, she damn near pissed her pants when she heard Chris yell and Leila had jumped out of the pantry with a can of silly string while wearing a Deadpool mask.

“Cheese and fuckin’ rice!” Billie screamed and she noticed that she spilled banana pudding everywhere.

“Ooh! Mommy said a bad word!” Leila giggled. She took off the mask and said that she was sorry. Then she asked if she was in trouble.

“No but only because I know this was Daddy’s idea.”

“Yup! And the best part is I have it all on tape…” Chris said with his phone pointing right at her, “And I just sent it to Scott. So we’ll see if he puts this on his Instagram.”

“Well tell him if that happens, Lisa will be mourning the loss of her two sons. And I will make sure your deaths are slow and painful!”

“Hey no murder talk in front of our kid.”

“Says the man that let her buy a Deadpool mask!”  

Billie was livid that she was covered head to toe in pudding. But then her anger quickly disappeared the second she saw her husband and daughter laughing in unison with their hands across their chest. Chris then handed Billie the paper towels and he apologized with a quick kiss.



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Random stuff

1. Atra and Kudelia are married (probably mostly for child raising?)

2. Apparently same sex marriage is legal in the IBO universe

3. Host: “So it wouldn’t be weird for Shino and Yamagi to get married?”

    Murata: “BTW yesterday was Shinoyama day”

4. April 8 is Shinoyama Day (Shi-4, Ya-8) (not official, but even shino’s voice actor knows) (seriously taishi murata how much do you ship them

5. Akatsuki’s full name is: Akatsuki Augus-Mixta-Bernstein (this kid is probably going to get bullied in school

6. Gaelio x Julietta is not canon/official :(

7. Fan: “What would Shino say if he met with Yamagi today?”

    Murata: (in a gentle voice) “sorry to keep you waiting”

8. Q: Who was the character you were happy survived?

    Kawanishi (Mika): Dante

    Murata: Y-Host: “anyone else besides yamagi” murata: ehhhh

    Takumi (Akihiro): Yamagi. Murata: Oi

9. Q: So post time skip Atra & Kudelia, who do you like the most?

    Kawanishi: Orga

10. Orga’s voice actor’s (Hosoya) manager spoiled the fate about Orga to Hosoyan before he read the script; tho Hosoyn said he had a feeling Orga would die since Season 1

11. also i just want to mention congratulations to Terasaki (kudelia’s VA) for her pregnancy! 

source: reports from twitter https://twitter.com/OrpMeg ; https://twitter.com/AMS_129

The violin played by the Titanic’s bandleader in 1912.

The famous violin that played during the disaster sold at auction in 2013 for $1.7 million dollars.  According to survivors, Wallace Hartley’s band played to calm passengers, even as the ship sank beneath them.

Hartley’s body was pulled from the water days after the April 1912 sinking with his violin case still strapped to his back.