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I’m very lazy while doodling and Evan is definitely not a morning person

(the only reason connor wakes up is because he likes drinking his jet black coffee)

Shoutout to SuperYoumna

As you can probably tell lol I reblogged a ton of commissions that @superyoumna did for me, and I’m doing this post as a shout out.

Youmna has been an extremely friendly artist to commission, very nice, very efficient and VERY flexible. I’ve expressed my opinion on her prices which, from my perspective of course, do not define the amount of details and the speed at which she is producing her animation commissions. She has proved to be AMAZING at her work, finished her orders in honestly excellent deadlines, and has not let me down on any product <3

So my point is, even though her commissions are closed at the moment, I highly recommend @superyoumna if you ever are interested in very good quality commissions!! Thank you again love <3 :D

bloo-the-dragon  asked:

In response to that last post, i remember a smol kitten once said... "A potential host needs to have a soul... DON'T THEY?"

Yep. And what’s so bad about not having a soul?

Really though, what’s everyone so scared about? I’m not even sure I’m gonna finish that comic. That ask just seemed like an invitation for a lil’ game of sass, and I had just the right WIP to use as a response! *shrug*

Ink belongs to Mye, and Fresh belongs to CQ, btw.