on a magic paper airplane

Leavin’ On A Jetplane Spell

For when you want to finally take that vacation you deserve!

You will need:

- Lemongrass oil 
- Blue paper
- Orange writing utensil 

In the center of the paper, write out exactly where you want to go and any details you feel are important about the trip you want to take.

Fold the paper into an airplane and write your name and the names of those you wish to travel with on the wings. Rub a bit of lemongrass oil on the paper plane. 

Throw the plane into the air and envision it taking you to your travel destination! 

Don’t understand!

I know magic is the two C’s, cool and convenient, but I don’t understand the owl thing. Hasn’t the wizarding world ever heard about the magic of the phone? I mean, the ministry of magic had a problem with owl crap so they went to paper airplanes. Why not try email? Or how about a text? 

And if there’s no internet for wizards, what do they do for porn and shopping?

I took inspiration from Pixar’s Paperman clip. An AU, modern or otherwise, where any pairing of your choosing- Newt and Tina, Credence and Graves, Jacob and Queenie, etc see each other on their morning commute to Manhattan every single morning. Character A is far too shy to approach Character B, who perhaps always has their face buried in a book or has a very stern resting face that makes bothering them seem too nerve-wracking, or  seems approachable but Character A just can’t manage to strike up conversation or catch their attention. Maybe one day this character works up the courage they need to finally speak them at the last minute, when they realize character B has accidentally left something behind on the train and disappeared. Magical antics involving paper airplanes, chasing your crush around Manhattan, and love confessions ensue.

The Last Time

This is the last time we all simultaneously lose our shit as Taylor makes her first appearance onto the stage singing Welcome To New York.

This is the last time Taylor stops partway through New Romantics to introduce herself, as if we would be at the wrong concert or not know her name.

This is the last time cities are looped into Blank Space as Taylor threatens us with a golf club.

This is the last time for “shame on HIM now” and sexy/moody Taylor as she slays us all during I Knew You Were Trouble.

This is the last time we take a trip down memory lane during I Wish You Would.

This is the last time we all “jump jump jump jump!” and learn the secrets to How You Get The Girl.

This is the last time we see Taylor playing with doors and our emotions in I Know Places.

This is the last time Taylor slays not only a chair but also the floor with All You Had To Do Was Stay.

This is the last time for acoustic You Are In Love on the B-Stage that shows us all the beauty of Taylor’s vocals.

This is the last time for life advice delivered in the most beautiful ways, followed by a song that touches us all and makes us finally Clean.

This is the last time for a new version of an old song about a Love Story.

This is the last time Taylor struts her way down the catwalk in her assortments of amazing outfits, forever flawless and never going out of Style.

This is the last time we experience the magic that is This Love.

This is the last time we see moody angry Taylor during Bad Blood.

This is the last time we hear “MUCH COOLER THAN MINE” during the rock version of We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, leaving us constantly wondering how our girl started off as country.

This is the last time we are all Enchanted by the Wildest Dreams mashup.

This is the last time we find ourselves in a magical wonderland of vocals and flying paper airplanes and confetti during Out Of The Woods.

This is the last time we, collectively as thousands of crazed fans, experience the best and biggest dance party of our lives and Shake It Off surrounded by the people we truly fit in with.

This is the last time we tumblr fans will tag the 1989 world tour with the city it is in tonight, for after tonight, the 1989 world tour will be but a memory, living on in all of us forever through time.

Some thoughts about my Hogwarts House

Okay so you know how all those posts talk about the houses and they’re like “Gryffindors are face painting and climbing mountains to watch the sun rise and Hufflepuffs are honeydew melon and lying in cornfields in the afternoon and Slytherins are splashing in puddles and cool forest paths at dusk  etc etc” But Ravenclaws are always things like old dusty books and libraries and reading and staring at pages until your eyes fall out and seriously that isn’t what Ravenclaws are about at all. 

I mean yeah lots of “smart” kids like reading and yeah I guess Ravenclaw’s the “smart” house so put two and two together and that must be the Ravenclaw AestheticTM like… ugh. Yes I like books. But almost everyone I know likes books. Books are not what make the Ravenclaw. Even learning isn’t what makes the Ravenclaw (see: Hermione Granger, the definitely-not-a-Ravenclaw)

Ravenclaws don’t sit wedged in the dark between dusty bookshelves. Ravenclaws are up on the tallest tower looking at the stars. Ravenclaws are sneaking into the dungeons to brew their own invented potions after hours. Ravenclaws are making paper airplanes and throwing them out the window because magic is cool but physics is cool too. Ravenclaw is finally sitting down to read a book but getting up and running to professor Flitwick 10 minutes later because a single line from the book reminded you of something else which made you realize that if you cast that one spell a different way it would do something completely different.

Ravenclaws aren’t passive little nerds who sit quietly with their noses in books. Ravenclaws are the innovators, the limit-pushers and rule-breakers. The eagle isn’t meant to sit in the nest all day: it soars, and so do we.

I miss the lights going out and hearing the beat of welcome to New York.
I miss screaming at the absolute top of my lungs.
I miss seeing Taylor rise from underneath the stage.
I miss hearing Taylor say “welcome to the 1989 world tour!!”
I miss seeing Taylor throw those sunglasses into the crowd every night.
I miss seeing her sitting on the bench during New Romantics.
I miss hearing Taylor say “I was born in 1989!!!”
I miss seeing Taylor bang that golf club during blank space.
I miss hearing the loop of every city during blank space.
I miss those hair flips during I knew you were trouble.
I miss seeing everyone’s hands in the air during I wish you would.
I miss seeing Taylor’s outfit light up during how you get the girl.
I miss hearing Taylor say “let me see you jump, jump, jump!” During how you get the girl.
I miss seeing the crowd jumping to how you get the girl.
I miss Taylor wearing those thigh high boots.
I miss seeing Taylor lie down on that stage during all you had to do was stay.
I miss seeing the stage rise up and Taylor fly over the crowd.
I miss hearing the whole crowd singing with Taylor during you are in love.
I miss hearing the clean speech.
I miss seeing the crowd light up pink during love story.
I miss all the amazing style outfits.
I miss seeing the sparks fly during this love.
I miss seeing Taylor dance on that table during bad blood.
I miss the rock version of we are never ever getting back together.
I miss seeing that magical piano during enchanted/ wildest dreams.
I miss seeing the paper airplane confetti fall down during our of the woods.
I miss seeing the fireworks during shake it off.
I miss seeing Taylor smile and wave to the crowd at the end of each show.
I miss seeing the crowds all lit up, and sparkling.
I miss all those amazing, sparkling outfits.
I miss seeing that amazing choreography during each show.
I miss seeing the dancers and back up singers on that stage.
I miss hearing those amazing vocals.
I miss seeing that magical stage, all lit up.

I miss the 1989 world tour.