on a hat

For the purposes of this experiment, let’s assume taako was wearing a hat when the IPRE first left their homeworld 

every time they are reset when they leave a plane, they are rebuilt exactly as they were when they left their original world. We can assume this means their clothes are reset as well, because there’s no way those red robes are lasting that long otherwise. It is also started that they are capable of bringing objects and lower lifeforms with them on the starblaster. 

so, is it then feasible that Taako could say, take his hat off and leave it in his room on the starblaster, and then be rebuilt by the light of creation, wearing a replica of that same exact hat. 

what i’m saying here is that taako found a glitch in the planes to make infinite hats and absolutely abused the hell out of it

Ahhhhh I’m so happy with how this came out! It’s only 30 seconds, but I’m still so proud of it since it also took me a lot of hours! >u< Ahhhhh I miss animating sm. I wanna do more of these little things, but I actually can’t download music or audio since I have an iPad Pro to do all this stuff, so I can only use bought music. ;;

This was inspired by a theatre class doing 21 Jump Street: https://youtu.be/VVlBps5L0r4
I recommend giving the video a shot, even if you already saw it. They really got into character and were really funny. 8D