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public education alert! anyone who relies on fafsa!

All friends of public education, but especially friends who live in the states listed below:
The Betsy DeVos confirmation vote was delayed due to the congressional ethics review revealing that she has 102 major conflicts of interest, including financial stake in for-profit education that she has declined to disentangle herself from. This is not someone we can trust to play fair with young people’s chances. The hearing of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions will now be held at 10 a.m. Jan. 31, according to an advisory from the committee.
If possible, give your senators a call and tell them how you feel about DeVos. If three Republican senators vote no for DeVos, she won’t be confirmed.
Susan Collins (ME) 207.622.8414..&..202.224.2523
Lamar Alexander (TN) 615.736.5129..&..202.224.4944
Lisa Murkowski (AK) 907.586.7277..&..202.224.6665
Johnny Isakson (GA) 770.661.0999..&..202.224.3643
Orrin Hatch (UT) 801.524.4380..&..202.224.5251
Richard Burr (NC) 336.631.5125..&..202.224.3154..&.. 910.251.1058..&..828.350.2437
Michael Enzi (WY) 202.224.3424
Dr. Bill Cassidy (LA) 202.224.5824
Pat Roberts (KS) 202.224.4774
Tim Scott (SC) 202.224.6121
Rand Paul (KY) 202.224.4343
If you’d like to share this, please copy and paste. Sharing won’t give all the information. And thanks to Jeff Van Dreason for passing this info along in the first place.

How to Adult: Lesson #2,375

Hey, do you want to come to this specific event at this specific time and place?

Hey are you busy on such & such day?

Give your friends and acquaintances the opportunity to bow out gracefully or even come up with a polite little white lie if necessary. If I tell you I’m free on the date you propose, and then whatever you invite me to is of absolutely no interest to me and/or with people I don’t want to hang out with, now I have to be the asshole who goes “nevermind, obviously I’m not busy, but now I have to tell you why I don’t want to go.” It’s much more pleasant for everyone if you give all of the information and the recipient of the invite can decline upfront with a general “no thanks” without further discussion.

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How were Goodbye ratings?

1.64 million live viewers and #34 ranked Friday night cable show. Don’t freak about the drop in ranking compared to last week, literally 31 out of the top 33 cable shows were inauguration or news shows related to it (the other two were sports and a Discovery Channel show). So considering we were up inauguration and its coverage, and considering the generally declining Disney live ratings, I’d say we did pretty darn well.

Not only were we the top Disney show of the night, we were the #1 kids cable show on Friday overall (runner up was Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol, which came in at #39 overall with 1.512 million live viewers)

As for the other Disney shows: L&M had 1.22 million live viewers (ranked #55 overall) and Bizaardvark had 1.16 million live viewers (ranked #57 overall).

Dating Sherlock Would Include
  • Having to explain yourself five times that “Yes, Sherlock, I am actually asking you out on a date.”
  • He blinks furiously. “As friends?”
  • “OH MY GOD”
  • Once he actually understands, you have to deal with clingy Sherlock
  • Mycroft offering you as bait during a case and Sherlock is outraged
  • Especially when you say yes
  • Pacing, so much pacing
  • Like ‘Mrs Hudson is concerned about an earthquake’ pacing
  • Instead of waking up to breakfast in bed, you find yourself waking up sounds of furious violin playing and sometimes shooting at the wall
  • Every third Wednesday of the month, you and John go out to brunch simply to talk bad about Sherlock and let out your frustrations(because, face it, there are many)
  • Sherlock hasn’t caught on yet
  • Molly is a little jealous at first, but is now a regular participant of the Wednesday brunch
  • Even Mycroft shows up every once in a while 
  • Lestrade has been invited, but declined(you’re pretty sure he will come eventually)
  • Strictly no PDA…unless Mycroft uses you as bait
  • Sometimes it’s hard to tell you’re in a relationship
  • When you ask him for reassurance in your relationship 
  • He is very straight forward, but refrains himself from saying it like you’re an idiot
  • He says I love you first(which you were not expecting)
  • To be fair, it was probably to annoy Mycroft but you tend not to think about that
  • Sometimes you feel a little bit bad for almost replacing John, but John assures that “Trust me, Y/N, it’s fine. I like the space.“ 
  • You didn’t expect Sherlock to actually propose, so you planned to casually bring it up
  • With all your "subtle” hints of wanting to propose, Sherlock, being one step ahead of you, pieces it together and brings John along to pick out a ring
  • Since he absolutely has no clue 
  • John basically proposes for him during a case, since Sherlock was so nervous, but you found it sweet. 
  • “Sherlock, just say it.”
  • “Say what?”
  • “The thing
  • “Oh, right” He starts talking about the case. 
  • “Oh my god, Sherlock! Just propose!”
  • “Oh, that thing”

Requested and my first headcanon!

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Jeremiah is rescued from CADMUS and after having a touching and beautiful reunion with his family he has but one request, he wants to talk to Maggie Sawyer privately. Although it may seem strange and awkward, Maggie goes and is surprised when he cries to her and thanks her for being there for his daughters, one in particular. Maggie expresses her love for Alex and asks for permission to marry her (Kara obviously eavesdrops and nearly crying and gets so excited to tell Alex but its a secret)

Alex invites her and Kara says she’s family and Eliza reasons that Maggie rescued Jeremiah, for crying out loud, of course she should come to their first dinner back together as a family, and Maggie declines each time, because you need time just with your dad, babe and you’re sweet, kid, but I don’t want to intrude and oh no, I couldn’t, I was just doing my job, ma’am.

It isn’t until Jeremiah himself calls her – I got your number from Alex, Detective, I hope that’s alright – and insists that she come to dinner does she concede, because he’s the one who’s back from the dead, and it is his party, after all.

So Maggie slips on her black jeans and her red collared shirt and her most fitted black suit jacket and shows up with flowers and chocolate liquor because Alex said it’s your favorite, sir.

She helps Jeremiah cook and she helps Eliza set the table and she watches as Alex clings to Jeremiah’s side like he’ll disappear again if she dares to do so much as blink.

She’s quiet during dinner, because Alex has so many questions, and Jeremiah puts a calm hand on Eliza’s when she tries to interject that I’m sure your father doesn’t want to have such intense conversations at the table, Alexandra and then Jeremiah has questions and Maggie smiles because she gets to hear all about Alex’s teenage years, all about her surfing trophies and her science awards and research grants, none of which she actually tells him about – it’s all a combination of Kara and Eliza, with Alex blushing and Alex squeezing Maggie’s hand under the table and making knowing eye contact with her father, her father, because her father is home and he’s beaming at her like she’s his entire world, and her heart might burst any moment.

Maggie tries to slip out when they settle onto the couch, Alex snuggled against her father but extending a hand up to Maggie, but Maggie shakes her head with a soft smile.

“You guys should spend time together.”

“Actually, Maggie, I was hoping I could talk with you, if that’s okay.”

“Me, sir? Um, yeah, yes, of course.”

He kisses Alex’s bewildered forehead and stands, gesturing Maggie into Alex’s room as Kara’s eyes widen, Eliza’s eyebrow arches, and Alex tries not to hyperventilate.

Maggie tries, too, because the last time she was summoned by someone’s father for a private chat, she left with a bloody lip and a limp that lasted a week.

But Jeremiah smiles softly at her, and she can suddenly see where Alex learned to be so gentle with Kara, so patient.

He pulls out Alex’s desk chair and sits on it, giving Maggie the more comfortable spot on the bed.

“Detective Sawyer – Maggie – I just… I wanted to thank you again for helping get me out of that hellhole. For bringing me back to my family.”

“Best part of the job, sir.”


“Yes sir. Uh, yes, Jeremiah.” He chuckles compassionately at her nerves, at the way her fingertips are pressed gently together, containing and disguising her fear, but barely.

“I also wanted to thank you for taking such good care of my daughters. It’s clear how much you care for them both. One, in particular.”

Maggie breathes in, breathes out, slowly, steadily. Alex had shakily told him Dad, Maggie’s my girlfriend, and he’d smiled and he’d nodded and he’d shared a private glance with Eliza, and they’d discussed it, as far as Maggie knew, no further so far.

And suddenly there are tears coating Jeremiah’s words, sparkling in his slightly shuddered eyes. “Alex has always been so strong, but she hasn’t… she hasn’t been very good at doing what’s good for her. Probably the only thing she’s not good at. And I couldn’t be there for her, I wasn’t…”

His voice cracks, and he lets a tear drip down his face, and Maggie wants to reach out and take his hand, but finds that she can’t move.

“But you were. She lets you take care of her, and I’ve never seen Alex let anyone do that. And I know, I know I missed so much, but I… I had my sources, and I was able to keep tabs on my girls, at least a little, and I… she… thank you, Maggie. Just… thank you.”

Maggie’s eyes are full of tears, now, too, and her throat is lined with them as she wets her lips, as she opens her mouth to speak, shakily, shakily, steadily. “I don’t know if I deserve her, si – Jeremiah. Your daughter – both of your daughters, but god, Alex – I’m in love with her. I am… I am so, so in love with her, and I wasn’t gonna ask you, not yet, but, since we’re talking, I… All I wanna do is be good to her, all I wanna do is make sure she has everything she could ever want in her life, and I… I wanna give that to her, so I want… I want to marry your eldest, sir, and I… I know you don’t know me yet, but I’d be honored if I could get your blessing before I ask her.”

A loud thud and excited squeal outside the door makes them both start, forces the hovering tears in their eyes down both of their faces, and Jeremiah is the first to laugh. “Kara’s super hearing,” he says. “We’d better get out there before she can’t contain herself and tells Alex she’s getting engaged before you get the chance to pop the question.”

“So… yes?”

“Welcome to our family, Maggie Sawyer.”

Why have we had such a decline in moral climate? I submit to you that a major factor has been a change in the philosophy which has been dominant, a change from belief in individual responsibility to belief in social responsibility. If you adopt the view that a man is not responsible for his own behavior, that somehow society is responsible, why should he seek to make his behavior good?
—  Milton Friedman (1912-2006) American economist.

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Ah I'm so sorry about the whole Ultima situation! I never knew he would be such a asshole. It's a shame to hear my favorite artists who inspired me would be a victim to such an awful thing! I hope you all will be able to pull it through, even with this amount of drama going on. And I hope in the future things will turn out better. I'm surprised at this..he seemed like such a kind man..

Yeah, he does, that’s why we all gave him a chance, but then we all found out who he was past the person he made himself out to be on a a screen in his videos. and then apparently won his heart over too easily to a point where he refused to accept out decline to him. 

but none the less. I’m fine. it’s more the others that made me pissed about it. Either way I hope this blows over soon. 

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Could you recommend some really good post-1st movie episodes? I love the old stuff up to the movie but I stopped watching a long time ago because of the decline in quality after Hillenburg stopping playing such a big role. But I LOVED Sponge Out of Water and want to get back into the show again. What's your fave newer eps?

Thats actually a hard question for me lol. Season 6 as a whole is pretty great imo. Friend or Foe, Atlantis Squarepantis, Banned in Bikini Bottom, Pest of the West, The 2 Faces of Squidward from Season 5. Greasy Buffoons, Kracked Krabs, The Last Stand, One Coarse Meal, Grammas Secret Recipe, Rodeo Daze, The Great Patty Caper, Krusty Dogs, from Season 7. Drive-Thru, Sentimental Sponge, Frozen Face-Off, Walking the Plankton, Plankton’s Good Eye, Bubble Buddy Returns, Restraining Spongebob, Home Sweet Rubble, Face Freeze, Treats, Chum Fricassee from Season 8. Season 9 and 10 are all pretty great as well.


French Royalists commemorate the anniversary of the murder of King Louis XVI.

On January 21, 1793, after 5 months imprisonment at the hands of anti-Catholic Jacobite revolutionaries, King Louis XVI was executed by guillotine.

The Jacobites, heavily influenced by freemasonry and Enlightenment philosophy, led the charge against the ancien régime of Throne and Altar. After the murder of King Louis XVI, the Jacobites began what became known as the Reign of Terror. Over a 1 year period, they enforced bloody persecution against priests, monks, nuns, and lay Catholics.

They cast God out of France and enthroned “reason”. This was to be a new era of humanism and Enlightenment. An era marked by terrible bloodshed.

The France of 2017, with it’s moral decline, social and cultural decay, racial tension, gender war, and so on, is the legacy of the French revolution.

One thing I want white moderates to understand is that white racism CREATES white poverty.

Racist policies, redlining, strategic defunding, infrastructure neglect etc that is behind certain towns declining financially- they are like bombs. And like bombs, they damage more than just their targets.

When white people think an area is mostly minorities they attack it. It works out for them that poverty keeps people disempowered and silenced and it works out for them that racism is such a good distraction because it keeps poor whites from taking one clear look around and seeing how the system is fucking them, too– and not because minorities did that to them.

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mycroft's reaction to finding out that his s/o sings beautiful?

Upon finding that his S/O sings beautifully Mycroft might offer them help to do so professional if they wish.

If they decline the offer Mycroft will be content to listen to them sing as often as they can.

Mycroft might coerce his S/O to sing for his ringtones or have personal recordings for him to listen to during his lonely work hours.

There might be times that Mycroft will be bashful to sing along with his S/O but with their persuasion I’m sure Mycroft won’t be too bothered by it.

Just make sure Sherlock is not in the area.  

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71 for the Drabble thing with Tyler Seguin

You were visiting your friend Tyler Seguin.  All week he had been dragging you around Dallas to show you the “hot spots”.  He had tried to drag you along to the promotional thing he had today but you had declined craving a moment of solitude and quiet.

Currently you were sitting next to the pool enjoying the warmth of the sun and the newest release from Jim Butcher, your favorite author.  You had just gotten to pivotal part of the book when suddenly you felt arms coming around your back and under your legs, causing you to jolt and the book to fall from your hands.  

“you look hot maybe you should take a dip in the pool” Tyler teased, walking towards the pool still carrying you.

“Tyler Seguin, don’t you dare!” You warned.

“Give me one reason why I shouldn’t” Tyler asked stopping right at the edge of the pool.

“You have a cute nose, don’t make me break it.” You informed him, half joking, half serious.

Tyler threw his head back laughing. “you think I haven’t broken it before, so nope not gunna work.”  Starting to swing you towards the pool.  

Knowing you were going in no matter what, you wrapped your arms around him and held on as tight as you could.  When Tyler went to drop you in the pool, you kept your arms tight around him and used your weight and momentum to pull him off balance and into the pool with you.  

You both came up sputtering.  

“oh its like that Huh?” Tyler said advancing on you.

“Let the games begin”

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Hey! I see that you made Nack and Bark some parents. Plan on doing Bean someday?

YOU KNOW WHAT, when I first read this ask I thought about declining because the thought of Bean having parents was really odd to me? 

I’ve always thought of Bean as this unknown anomaly that just decided to exist one day PFFFF. chaotic little duck. 

BUT DONT WORRY, I’VE GOT AN IDEA. I’m working on that right now. >:)

Surrounded by Carnelle Forest, Chateau de Carnelle is an alluring abandoned castle. The castle was once used as an infirmity but due to advances in tuberculosis medicines, there was a steep decline in patients. It eventually closed for good in 1992 and has been abandoned ever since.

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Ignis is of a high class as a Count or something, right? How do you think he'd react to find he's got an arranged match too, only he doesn't know his intended?

Okay this question stresses me out about as much as I think it would stress Ignis out lmao But yeah, seeing his position and class, an arranged marriage situation might not be unlikely!!

I think it this could go a lot of ways- if it was a situation where he could accept or deny the offer, he would likely decline, especially if we’re talking pre-game events. Ignis has quite a lot to tend to as advisor, and his duty to Noctis comes first before anything else; he wouldn’t want anything to deter or interfere with that and would worry more about the pressures an arrangement would bring upon himself and therefore his job than he would over the fact that he’d be meeting and marrying a complete stranger- he imagines he could deal with that part fine. 

Even in a perfect timeline, where Noct and Luna get married, Ignis absolutely will not allow himself to settle down for quite awhile. His job has increased tenfold now that he has a king to advise— he would politely decline until the time was right to potentially reconsider.  

Now!! If this was some sort of family tradition or expectation that was non-negotiable and he had to accept, the idea would probably be ingrained in his life plans already; he would be expecting it. Having his whole life built upon other people’s interests, and rarely his own, makes this easier. He knows how to socialize well in forced interactions, how to say what he knows needs to be said, and would be determined to make their courtship a successful one, but one a bit lacking in truthfulness on his part.  

In the beginning, it would all be calculated. Ignis would have it all worked out in his mind, from the courting, to their first meeting, to the flowers at their wedding and the color of the damn napkins on the tables. But what he doesn’t have worked out is after the ceremony, when all the guests leave, when it suddenly becomes just the two of them, it all becomes very real and entirely unformulated. 

This is what scares him the most as he receives the first letter from his betrothed. 

With royal company demanding his attention daily, when it comes to his own personal conflict, Ignis has a tendency to live in his own head; the unknown leads him to be quite an over-thinker and his reluctance to divulge in what’s troubling him only succeeds in stressing him out. Perhaps this leads to him avoiding the letter for a day or two, taking to apologizing for a late response due to strenuous work days eking into late hours, instead of admitting his own apprehensions. Like with all strangers, he would keep his guard up for awhile. He wouldn’t mean any harm by it, but he finds it difficult to genuinely express interest in them until they catch his attention as something more than political bargaining between families.  

It may not end in being a love story for the ages, but Ignis will follow through if it remains a part of his duty to his family name. He doesn’t account for how much he finds himself to be less of a realist than he once thought, someone who believes in love for loves sake rather than royal benefits and ties— yet he keeps this far buried in the back of his mind.