on a bed made of money

prove it. (m)

a/n: i dedicate this to @wonhopes because she made me realize how much kihyun wrecks me. if it wasn’t obvious enough, it’s safe to say i’ve finally accepted it.

associated with this drabble though it’s not nearly as smutty.

rivals au; 5,490 words; smut, fluff; warnings: none.
↳ when all kihyun can talk about is how good he is in bed, you decide to shut him up by telling him to put his money where he mouth is. fortunately, you both learn a few things along the way.  

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If it wasn’t for the mere fact that Mrs. Fern told you who your partner was, you would’ve scoffed, maybe protested, or even blurted out a concise, “Fuck no.”

Out of all the people in the classroom, you’re stuck with him. Yoo Kihyun. The asshole with an ego bigger than Jeon Jungkook’s, and that was probably an understatement too. You can’t imagine the outcome of this, not that anyone can, but when you catch sight of his stare from across the room and a smirk spreads across his lips, you already glower at the possibilities.

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So tonight, I got into bed, and I was thinking:

I am so grateful to be in recovery.

Today, I got up (late) and did nothing for a bit (started the laundry and started cleaning up the kitchen), then picked up my parents’ friends’ daughter from school and took her to skating, then went home and went to the grocery store with my mom and made dinner, and then we went to Target.

When I got home, I helped my mom unpack everything and then I went and took a shower and put on my pajamas, my favorite ripped-up “lol ur not matt healy” t-shirt and a brand-new pair of pajama shorts from Target, and then I did my whole nighttime routine and finally got in bed (brand-new pillowcases and all).

A year ago, I was doing literally nothing, all day every day. I wasn’t back in school, I wasn’t making money, I never went anywhere unless it involved my girlfriend.

I didn’t take care of myself. I mean, I showered, and I brushed my teeth most of the time, but I sure as hell didn’t put lotion and tea tree oil on my face or brush my hair every night.

I never got in bed with that cool, soft, clean feeling, and I sure as hell never got in bed feeling like I had accomplished something that day.

Even if I did have a productive day, or even if I did practice some self-care, I never took any time to enjoy the feeling.

Being in recovery, being in therapy and DBT and on good meds, has honestly helped me so much.

I can actually realize and enjoy when I’m feeling good now, instead of just awful.

Maybe I am making progress after all.

Lovesick Blues Part 1

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Sugar Daddy Sebastian fic inspired by this post. New series and probably a slow burn. Enjoy. Tag List open.

When Sebastian woke up in his king sized bed and his red silky sheets, he knew he was a changed man. He got up from the bed and made his way to the large balcony with the spectacular view of New York. His divorce with the witch of a wife he had was finally over and he was free to do whatever he wanted. Him and his wife have not been getting along for a long time yet she loved what Sebastian’s money could offer to her. Sebastian didn’t mind. He didn’t care. He mad the money she spent on a daily basis every 10 minutes. What he didn’t want was another cause of stress in his already stressful CEO life. Sebastian was the owner of several European countries in the U.S and he was one of the most powerful men in the world.

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  • Aries: Is capable of other emotions besides anger. On occasion, they also experience rage, blinding rage, and murderous rage.
  • Taurus: They do other things besides eat. Such as sleep. And complain.
  • Gemini: They don't always talk. I knew one once that was silent for two minutes.
  • Cancer: Not all have mommy issues!!! Some have daddy issues.
  • Leo: Has probably cared about one other human being besides themselves.
  • Virgo: Can sometimes let loose and be wild, like not making their bed for two days.
  • Libra: Once spent a reasonable amount of money while shopping and was able to make a decision.
  • Scorpio: They were born virgins
  • Sagittarius: Does not really have commitment issues. They've had the same combat boots for years without wanting another pair.
  • Capricorn: Highly capable of doing fun activities like not wearing a bra
  • Aquarius: Hasn't made contact with aliens yet
  • Pisces: They once went six minutes and thirty seconds without crying in public
A Very NWSL Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the league,
Not a player was stirring, no HAO was #freed.
Draft picks had been traded, with thought and with care,
Each sweetened the deal on who was going where.

The head coaches were nestled, all snug in their beds,
While visions of trophies danced in their heads.
They thought about game plans and on which players they’d bid,
Parsons dreamt of Portland and putting defenders in mid.

A new team was formed, they called it ‘The Pride’,
Harris and Kyle both signed up for the ride.
Morgan signed too, there was money to be made,
Swapped for Horan in a “Blockbuster Trade!”

The World Cup was held and by Canada was hosted,
Selections were made and rosters were posted.
From England and Sweden to Brazil and Japan,
Players left clubs with a dream and a plan.

With key players gone, the teams felt the sting,
But they shuffled their squads and each did their thing.
Betos scored a goal, knocked in with her head,
Dunn knuckled down and in scoring, she led.

ESPN and Fox showed the odd match,
Everything else, on YouTube you’d catch.
The sound it was awful and the picture much worse,
Fans begged their clubs for an end to the curse.

The Gals they came home and they basked in the glory,
With parades and parties and the odd cover story.
As they returned to the pitch, we saw on their feet,
Each sock covered perfectly with a yellow Nike cleat.

With Krieger & Co. each back in their spot,
Attendance at club games increased by a lot.
New fans watched nervously in fear of defeat,
Tuning in to watch players they’d never seen beat.

Some legends retired and some, they were born,
Mia’s goal record was matched by a Thorn.
Masar signed to Sweden, what about McLeod?
Angerer became a coach, is that even allowed?

Sunil Gulati appeared from below, with a black suit on and an ethereal glow;
“Here’s to the preseason, the sport and the shield,
And here’s to playing on a well kept grass field.”
“Here’s to a year of fair play and fierce passion,
And leggings under shorts in true goalkeeper fashion.”
“Here’s to equality! Well, within reason,
And here’s to the NWSL and another great season.”

“One little league and it’s ten little teams,
Of much better quality than their god awful streams.”
“Now, Spirit! Now, Breakers! Now, Thorns and The Flash!
On, Red Stars! On, Pride! On, Reign and The Dash!”
“Don’t worry, Kansas! I didn’t forget,
How you doing Sky Blue, got a coach yet?”
Gulati exclaimed as he flew out of sight -

“Happy Lauren Holidays to all, and to all a good night!”

An Accidental Break-in

A/N: Sorry this is short, I had it written for a while but just had to write a beginning to it. I also had no idea how to continue it so it ends in a weird spot. I hope you enjoy it, sorry for not posting a lot.

J growled at his phone, worried for his henchman. A robbery went wrong and he and Frost got separated.

Just go to the safe house. Frost sent him the address. It wasn’t far away, and he kept to dark alleys to get there. It was just what looked like a run down apartment complex. He went to the room number Frost texted him but the door was locked, which made him decide to climb through the window. The Joker was exhausted, he rarely slept anyways and this night didn’t do anything but give him a temporary rush and cost him money. He went straight to the bed, not even turning on the lights. He found that he slept better than most nights but he just cast that thought away, figuring it was the exhaustion.


Y/N woke up warm, which was surprising since she was so cheap that she doesn’t turn her heat on. Rolling over, her eyes snapped open when she hit something hard. There was a man, extremely pale with green hair and a myriad of tattoos.

“Holy…” She mouthed as she fell off the side of her bed. She got up, unsure whether to run or kill him while she could. What if he is a ghost? Y/N blinked that thought away. Shut the hell up, brain. Giving him a slight poke, she then jumped away. Should I wake him up? Her phone was on the other side of the bed, right next to him. Since her room was so small she decided to climb over him. She placed her knee beside his hip, bringing the other one down on the other side. Grabbing her phone, her eyes didn’t leave his face and she figured she would take a picture.  She positioned the camera above his face and her finger hit the button just as his eyes snapped open. He was met with the sight of the flash and Y/N stared back at him, eyes wide. Neither of them moved, just staring at each other. A grin broke out on his face and she snapped another picture just as his hand wrapped around his throat. She gave a yelp as he flipped her over, now straddling her.

“Now, now. Let’s try that again, shall we?” His other hand went up to the one clutching the phone and he took it from her. He growled in annoyance before glaring at her.

“What’s your password?” Y/N’s chest was heaving as she struggled to remember it, her nerves getting the best of her.

“Uh,um… PB&Jlover123… with the and symbol instead of the ‘and’. Y’know like an 8-” He glared at her until she mumbled a, ‘sorry’, He typed agonizingly slow, and then he raised an eyebrow.

“Look what we have here.” He turned the phone towards her, showing a picture she had of her when she was little.

“Oh, god why is that in there-” J chuckled as he continued to flip through her photos.

“These are some interesting photos.” He said with a smile. Her face turned red, knowing she always screenshotted the fanfictions she wanted to read later. Please don’t be any smut, please don’t be any smut…

“You into this stuff?”

“Uhh, not very?” If she wasn’t too afraid to move she would have facepalmed. “I-I like your tattoos.” OK think, Y/N, what were the things to do if you got kidnapped? She thought back to the article she read on WikiHow. Sympathize with them? Care about what they have to say? Create a bond?

“I respect your opinion.” He gave her a weird look, before continuing to scroll through the photos. Way to go, why don’t you just tell him he has a nice ass while you’re at it?

“I work out too, y’know. We have that in common. The working out part, like I lift weights, and I enjoy going to the bank, which you do to right? See, we have that in common.” Lies, lies, lies, lies…

“Ah, here we are. Oh, I look good in this one.” He found the pictures she took and deleted them.

“Y-yeah I think so too. We have another thing in common, thinking you look good.” She grunted after that sentence, desperately wanting to stitch her mouth up. His eyes moved from the phone to her and he smiled, getting close to her face and laughing his weird laugh. He leaned back and exhaled, rolling his eyes toward the ceiling before looking back down at her.

“So, what are you doing in my house?” He questioned as his hand crept up to tug on a lock of her hair.

“Um, excuse me? This is my house-” The man lost all trace of amusement on his face and she could tell he was thinking about what she told him.

“What’s the address?” She told him the address of the hotel and watched his eyes roll shut in annoyance, mumbling a, “God dammit Frost.” So his name was Frost? He seems like the person to talk to himself.

“Listen, Frost, it’s no problem. It was just a misunderstanding, trust me, I get lost a lot too.” Which is another thing we have in common. She noticed the guy’s eyes widen when she called him ‘Frost’ and he looked amused as hell.

“How long have you lived here?”

“Um, a week? Three, maybe. Thought Gotham would have something to offer, but I can’t seem to find a job.”

“Something tells me you’ll find one.” He leans down in her face, smiling. She can’t help to notice that he has beautiful eyes, but there was something about them that scared her.

“So, uh, that’s what this was, right? You just getting lost? I mean, we didn’t do anything, right?” His eyes locked with hers and he purred.

“Oh I hope we did.” He leaned in close growling, making her eyes widen and her head pushing back against the pillows. He laughed at her discomfort and got off. “C’mon then, girlfriend. Make me some breakfast.”

And now on the topic of Dex’s little displays of affection

Nursey being super fucking frivolous and spending too much goddamned money? Dex rolls his eyes, cancels the orders Nursey doesn’t need and sits Nursey down with a bowl of soup he made from a recipe one of Nursey’s moms sent him

Nursey whining about something? For once Dex laughs and calls it cute even if a bit spoiled and Nursey can’t actually breathe for a solid two minutes. He just. Cannot take in air.

Nursey’s sick and milking it hard? Dex lays in bed with him when he asks and showers him with kisses because he doesn’t do that on a regular and Nursey will hoard every opportunity he gets to have that and keep it close

Nursey just causally minding his business? Dex walks up and says “I love you” because Dex loves his boyfriend and sometimes he just wants to tell him and Nursey feels like the luckiest man to ever exist


Adrienne Shelly was an up and coming American actress, known for her roles in The Unbelievable Truth and Waitress, which she also wrote and directed. Sadly, her promising career was cut short on 1 November, 2006, when she was discovered dead in her Manhattan apartment by her husband, Andrew. She was found hanging from the shower; a noose made from a bed sheet around her neck. NYPD originally ruled the death as a suicide regardless of the fact that money was missing from her wallet and the door was unlocked. Her husband insisted that there was no possible way she would have ended her own life - she had been extremely happy within her personal life and also her professional life and was a doting mother to a little girl. Andrew later said of his wife: “Adrienne was the kindest, warmest, most loving, generous person I knew. She was incredibly smart, funny and talented, a bright light with an infectious laugh and huge smile that radiated inner and outer beauty… she was my best friend, and the person with whom I was supposed to grow old." At the persistence of her husband, the case was reopened and re-examination of the crime scene uncovered an unknown shoe print on the toilet. The print matched that of a construction worker who had been in the apartment block on the day of her death, 19-year-old Diego Pillco. He confessed that he had attacked Shelley and hanged her from the shower in an attempt to conceal the murder. Her autopsy revealed that she was still alive when he tied her up. He was charged with first-degree manslaughter and sentenced to 25 years in prison. 

Forever Home

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Rating: Explicit

Word Count: 51220

Louis heard humming, soft and melodious, and the scribble of a pen on paper, before he blinked into awareness, his vision focusing gradually to make out the person standing at the foot of his bed.
It was a young male nurse, dressed in light blue scrubs. The morning autumn sunlight streaming in through the window lit up the hair that escaped from his bun like a halo.
“Hi,” Louis croaked.
The nurse’s head whipped up from his notes. “Oh, you’re awake—” When he looked at Louis his voice broke off and his face went slack. “You’re awake,” he repeated.

Louis never had much of anything. No family. No money. No luck. But he had this one thing that made it all bearable… Until he didn’t.
Then he meets Harry, who is willing to give him everything and more.
If there’s one thing Louis has learned through the years, though, it’s that nothing is forever, and everything gets taken away eventually.

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Well-Oiled Hunting Machine

By anon: You think you broke me y/n? You put me back together for dean drabble

Word Count: 1002

Ever since you started hunting with the Winchesters a year ago, you always shared a motel bed with one of them. Getting your own room was just adding more money and more risk. So logically and economically, sharing a bed made sense.

But after the first few weeks, you realized that there were emotional and psychological benefits as well.

When it came to choosing which brother to sleep with, you tended to pick whichever Winchester had the rougher time on the hunt. Like when Dean was trying to save the little boy, but the monster killed the kid right in front of him. Or when Sam had to endure a demon dredging up all of his past regrets.

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On July 7, 1984, a registered nurse named Linda Fortuna awoke to find a man standing over her in her bedroom. She instinctively knew it was the terrifying ‘Night Stalker’ the newspaper was warning people about; a tall skinny man with Hispanic features, dressed all in black.

The man pointed a gun at her head and demanded she stay quiet. He led Fortuna to the bathroom, where she cowered while the awful figure ransacked her house for money and valuables. After he grew bored of that the Night Stalker fetched Fortuna and attempted to rape her vaginally and anally on her bed, but failed to achieve an erection. Fortuna was convinced the man would blame her and kill her, but instead he merely screamed gibberish at her and waved his gun half-heartedly in her face.

After the attempted rape the Night Stalker collected his loot and made a quick escape, leaving the old woman completely unharmed. Fortuna immediately called the police and gave a description of the man, telling the officer on the line “I can’t believe I’m alive. I cant believe I’m alive” over and over.

Is it mine? Leto!JokerXReader Chapter 1: Stay Calm

Summary: Reader is pregnant but with everything she’s been through she wants better for her child. JokerXReader Sibling!FrostXReader. 

Words: 511


Is it mine? Masterlist

I stared at the test. It has a red plus sign, meaning what I hoped it did not. I sighed and threw it in the trash. I mentally made a promise to myself and the child I would soon have. I was to protect him or her from any life where it would be harmed. This meant keeping it from its father. How I would do that? No clue. I just knew in that moment, I would do everything in my power to try.

I took a shower and laid in bed reading. After getting bored of that, I decided I could not wait to deal with the problems. I needed money and a fast trip out of Gotham. I looked out my window and sighed. This city, despite how fucked it truly is, was beautiful and everything I have ever known. I knew nothing of kindness or of a good home. Though, I knew my child would.

After a couple of rings, he finally picked up.

“(Y/N/N), is everything alright?”

“Depends. Do you think you can come over? Just you. No one else can come, please.”

“Is someone hurting you?”

“No, I-I just need your help. Well someone’s. Who better than my big brother?”

“I’ll be there in an hour, sis”

“Thank you, Jonny.”

“Anything for you. See you soon.”


Jonny’s POV

“Boss, I have to head out.”

“Where you going?”

“Taking care of some personal business, sir.”

“Go ahead. Keep your phone on, I might need ya.”

“Of course, sir. I’ll be back in five hours.”

“Goodbye, Frosty. Stay warm.”

I was leaving the room as he started laughing at his own joke.

(Y/N)’s apartment

“(Y/N)?” I dropped the key on the table at the entrance.


“Yea, it’s me.” I walked into the kitchen to see her making dinner.

“Do you think you can stay for dinner?”

“Told boss I would be back in five hours. Think that’s enough time?”

“Should be.” She brought the plates to the table. “Dinner is served.” She said laughing after.

I took a bite and smiled. “Missed your cooking.”

“Is that a smile I see?” She snickered.

“Can I not smile when I get to see you?”

“Considering that you always have a stoic look, I would say no. But here you are.”

“I’m just happy to see you. It’s been a while.”

“I’ve never thanked you for everything you’ve done. Thank you. You’ve always taken care of me, even when it meant working for your boss.”

“I will always protect you. You know that.”

“Thank you.” She looked down. She sounded like she was laughing until I noticed tears dripping down her face.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. What’s wrong?” I kneeled down before her.

“Nothing, I’ll be fine. I’ll go get dessert.” She got up and brought back a pie. I sat back down in my seat.

“I know you. So tell me what’s wrong?”

“Just please don’t be mad.”

“I need to know what’s wrong.”

“I did something bad, and when I tell you, I need you to stay calm.”

How in the hell could a man enjoy being awakened at 8:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress, force-feed, shit, piss, brush teeth and hair, and fight traffic to get to a place where essentially you made lots of money for somebody else and were asked to be grateful for the opportunity to do so?

The Yamaha GX-1 is one of rarest and most expensive synthesizers ever built. It Debuted in 1975 at a cost of $60,000 (close to $320,000 in 2016 money), and  served as a test bed for future synthesizer technology (mostly the Yamaha CS80). Fewer than 100 were made, and only about 13 are estimate to exist outside of Japan.

Mostly notable users include Keith Emerson who used it on Works Volume 1 & 2, Love Beach, Emerson Lake & Powell, as well as using it on the Works Tours (the famous Fanfare for the Common Man synth) .He eventually ended up owning 2 GX-1s

John Paul Jones used it on the Zeppelin album In Through The Out Door an the 1979 shows. He later sold his to Keith Emerson.

Richard Wright owned one briefly, but never recored any music on it.

Stevie Wonder owned one and used it on Songs In The Key Of Life

Benny Andersson of ABBA used it on several records an live shows.

Meeting the Shelby’s Pt. 3

When your eyes fluttered open and you took a quick look around, you were surprised to find yourself in an unfamiliar room. It was cozy, but your heart started to beat faster as you began to realize you didn’t know where you were. Your head was aching as you slowly remember everything that happened the day before. Your father was alive and dead all in the one day. You had lost everything you had, but possibly gained so much more.

You force yourself out of bed and to get dressed, walking downstairs to find that you were alone in the house. You were very grateful for the Shelby’s; for Tommy honoring your Father’s wish to give you the money, for Polly for letting you stay here in her house. You made yourself a cup of coffee and paced around the house, admiring it. You examined the pictures on the mantle piece, family photographs and individual pictures of her nephews and niece and children. You looked at them all, but found yourself drawn to Thomas’ picture.

Then the door suddenly slammed open and shut, causing you to jump. Polly entered the room, looking angry.

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Hearts and Candies

Request: Can you do a Tony x reader where he bought her some expensive gift and she is unwilling to take it saying that it is too much. She makes him return it.

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You couldn’t stand Christmas. 

Somehow, that made you a terrible human being without a soul. The idea of people gathering around and spending money on each other didn’t seem very fun to you. 

Perhaps it had something to do with the fact you were so used to not having any money to use. Your childhood wasn’t exactly “desirable” to most. 

You spent time on the streets with your mom and dad, scrounging up what money you could find to eat and sleep. 

When you had joined the team, it was incredibly insane to see that you could sleep in a warm bed every single day, as well as have a bundle of everything you could want at your disposal. 

So that is why when Christmas came along, you were extremely angry when Tony bought you at least a million dollars worth of things. 

“Uh,” you drawled, rubbing your eyes. You blinked, looking around at the main room where dozens and dozens of boxes cluttered together underneath the pine tree. “What is this?”

“It’s your Christmas presents,” Tony said with an obvious tone. “Plural?” you asked hesitantly. “Tony, I don’t know. I mean, we said that we weren’t going to splurge on each other?”

He shrugged. “Yeah, well, I thought you deserved more than a ‘splurge.’”

You bit your lip. “I only got you one one thousandth of what you got me.”

“Honey, I really don’t mind!” he insisted. 

“But I do,” you replied, crossing your arms over your chest. “Tony, I thought I told you about this,” you sighed, waving an arm around, gesturing towards the gift pile. “I-listen, I appreciate the thought, I really, really, really do. But-”

Tony crossed over, holding your face in your hands and kissing you sweetly. “Okay,” he said. “If you don’t like it, I’ll return them. Whichever ones you want. I just want you to be happy!” 

You blushed and hugged him, hiding your face in his chest. “I’m glad you want me to be happy,” you told him. “Can it just be on my terms? I feel like this is a waste of money.”

“You’re not a waste of money,” he chastised. “But, I am willing to do whatever you want me to. So, what can I get you to make you happy?”

You looked up at him and thought. “Candy. And kisses.”

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Child Labooooor

Yo alright so this isn’t a fuck-CUSTOMER story but more like a fuck-EMPLOYER story. It’s probably gonna be a long one so idk. Stay tuned folks.

When I was 12 I was working at a horse farm and was getting payed under the table for working. I worked all seasons and any weather type and looking back on it now that I’m 16 I’m kinda amazed by how strong pre-teen me was.

It was mid-summer and it was scorching hot out to the point where even when you’re walking outside you can feel the tops of your boots burning your feet because the sun made them so damn hot. Me and about 3 other girls were in charge of transporting hay bails and pine bedding bags to all of the barns on the property. We had to use wheelbarrows and stack them as high as our 12 and 13 year old arms could reach, and then pull them up and down the trails to each of the barns (which were fuckin shit like this place spent zero money on good landscaping jfc), and then literally have to stack as much of the hay and shaving bags as we can in the storage rooms. I forgot to mention that if we were lucky and really fucking determined we could stack roughly 7 hay bails, but it would require a second person to follow the transporter and make sure the wheelbarrow doesn’t tip. Each barn would usually need roughly 20-30 bails/shaving bags each, which makes a lot of trips and also very tired girls. Once we finished we’d all head to the main barn and have a few cups of water from the dispenser, and sit down for a few minutes before returning to work. One day I had a bit of an accident and kind of twisted my body in a weird way which hurt my back, so I had to sit for a while and the other girls were fine with it. In comes the Employer and she sees me sitting and instantly starts eyeing me and looking annoyed so she comes over and asks why I’m not working. I told her that I hurt my back and she said to take a few more minutes and get back to work. I didn’t really know how to explain to this probably 50-something year old lady that I was in pain without her getting more snappy. I complied and got back to work and once we were all done for the day and thoroughly exhausted and covered in hay, pine shavings, dirt, sweat, and shit (on our boots of course), she came in and saw us all finally resting and asked us to drop a few hay bales for her. We all looked at each other and I think we all collectively mentally started screeching, but stood up and did it anyway. As soon as I stood up though, my back felt even worse than before and I had no choice but to sit back down. She (once again) asked why I was helping and I gave her the same answer, only adding “I told you earlier, but wasn’t sure if you hear me.” To which she just shrugs and walks away from me.

Basically this fucking lady couldn’t be bothered that a child got injured on her property while DOING HER WORK ILLEGALLY, and regularly skimping out on the already shit paycheck she gave to said child. I did that shit for almost 3 years before my motivation to work for this lady completely died. She ended up completely cutting off pay for me and the other girls, and still expected us to work for her. That’s not exactly how things function, even if she paid people who could legally work. I’m glad I’m not going to that place anymore.


fabrics interseason “cash” 1998

CaSH Fabrics® is a clothing and accessory line accompanying Sabotage Communication’s perfume CaSH; a perfume that smells of money. The clothes bestow a further avant-garde note and give the hard, unorthodox scent a visual edge. CaSH Fabrics® are offered in certain sizes and as original prototypes. These include sweaters in moth design, exits made in tied-together bed sheets and an appropriate packaging; “An einen Haushalt” engraved urns. CaSH Fabrics® not only sets itself apart through stylistic breaks, but also through reduced, wearable design and functional surprises: leather pants with front pleats, ski-shorts with pressed pleats, creased jeans, stretched rib top 80’s, t-shirts with sweat marks with fitting accessories such as 100kg bags, chokers, ties, denim hoods or 3,3m blue denim stolas with babyblue silk fringes. CaSH Fabrics® was presented on the 5th of June at 10pm in the parking garage “Parkhaus Westbahnhof”, Felberstraße, 1150 Vienna.


So I’m curled up in bed this morning thinking about the cake I made yesterday and contemplating having some for breakfast and I suddenly think…What Would Tom Hiddleston’s Characters Do?  What would they say?

William Buxton: “Did you earn the money to make that cake or did it come from your privileged and anti-progress father?” *adjusts cravat*

Dr.Laing: *paints the cake grey and then smashes it all over himself*

Freddie Page: “I say, old thing, this reminds me of a cake I once disposed of back in ‘41…”

Adam: “Zombies.  Zombies are crazy about cake.” *despondently strums guitar*

Bill Hazeldine: “Cake is so beautiful, isn’t it?” *takes drag* “You have flour and eggs and sugar and mix it all together and boom…cake.  Cake is always right, that’s why it’s…cake.” 

Sir Thomas Sharpe: *whispers* “We can only eat the cake if Lucille isn’t watching.”

Edward: “But…but…shouldn’t we find out if the cake actually wants to be eaten? What if it’s the wrong decision?!”

Captain Nicholls: “This is the last piece of cake I shall eat for my country.” *wipes away lone tear and offers a nibble to Joey*


The Great Escapo: *hides behind cake and tries to flee the room*

Estate Agent: “Wouldn’t you rather sell the cake instead?”

Magnus Martinsson: “Save me a piece, have to answer the phone.”

Jonathan Pine: *strides purposefully into room in order to liberate the cake*

Captain James Conrad: “Cake is for weenies.  Wanna see my gun?”

Hank Williams: “Ya got any ketchup to go with it, darlin’?”

Prince Hal: “CAKE AND WINE AND REVELS FOR EVERYONE!” *laughs lustily*

F. Scott Fitzgerald: *begins writing Coming of Age tale about the futility of trying to bake cakes*

Loki: “If Thor wants that cake, I’m going to make him think that I ate the whole thing, but I’ll actually save it and keep it in my room for when I need to feel loved.”


Henry V: “Thou canst only embark on this action if the Archbishop of Canterbury informs thee that the eating of the cake is thy right of birth and sanctioned by our Lord.” *crosses self*

And the man himself:

I love eating cake.  I have no problem with eating cake.  Here’s the thing is, I think eating cake is a genuine pleasure and so I don’t feel guilty about it.  Very happy to eat as much cake as I choose.  And I think people should eat more cake if they want.  Don’t if you don’t.  I try not to feel guilty about pleasures.  I think if it’s a pleasure that’s not hurting anyone else, I think you should indulge it and not feel guilty about it.”

So, WWTHCD? Employ this method when you are faced with a decision.  It won’t help you decide, but it will entertain you!

sometimes when I’m having a bad day I remember how steve and bucky once blew their train money on hotdogs, hitched a ride in the back of an ice truck, how bucky made steve ride the cyclone with him, how they were inseparable in school and during the war, how bucky remembers the newspaper in steves shoes, how they went to the beach together, to starks expo together, to a baseball game together, shared the same apartment, accidentally synchronized their movements, went on double dates together, slept on couch cushions on the floor as kids, hid away at the bar together and I just…