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BTS Reaction To: Morning Sex.

NSFW! Read at own risk.


“How do you even have any energy in the morning?” Jin groaned as you crawled on top of his body, soon leaning down and peppering kisses down his neck. Jin laughed at your neediness, but it turned out, he felt just as horny as you.

“Always so needy for me, (Y/n)..”

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Yoongi was pissed when you had woke him up, as he had told you before to not disturb him when he’s sleeping, and usually you was able to keep to this rule until now. Once he had asked bitterly what you wanted, you told him you felt needy.

“Fine, but you’re topping.”

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Namjoon loved morning sex. If you was in the mood to have sex, he would be too. Normally, he was the one to wake you up for sex - sometimes crawling inbetween your thighs as you laid still sleeping, or simply waking you up and straight up asking you.

“Hey,” He whispered to you, shaking you ever so slightly so you would wake up. Your eyes opened. “Daddy needs your help, Kitten.”

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Hoseok and you had never tried morning sex before as the both of you were usually lazy in the mornings. However, you couldn’t help but feel horny when you woke up as you had a very wet dream about Hoseok.

“Hoseok~.” You cooed into his ear. His eyes slowly opened, looking at you with confusion. He cocked an eyebrow, wondering why you had awoken him. “I need you, Hoseok, please.”

Hoseok debated it for a little while. “I don’t know, it’s just that I feel tired..”

You pouted at this.

“But I promise you, baby, I’ll give you exactly what you want later, okay?”

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Taehyung and you never asked each other to have morning sex as it would usually come naturally to the both of you. If you woke up, and he happened to be awake too, you’d both end up making out, and it would always lead to lazy, morning sex, which the both of you enjoyed. And afterwards, you would both take a shower together.

“Care to join me in the shower?” He asked, smirking.

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You didn’t want to wake Jimin up when you felt needy at times like this because he always looked so peaceful. But sometimes you couldn’t take it, the desperation for him becoming too much.

“Jimin, wake up.” You said, patting him gently. He woke up, stretching his arms out wide.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Um..” You trailed off, feeling flustered. You told him that you felt desperate, to which he chuckled.

“It’s 3am, (Y/n), you seriously can’t wait till morning?”

“It is morning.” You shrugged.

He laughed yet again at this. He finally gave in, but told you he didn’t have much energy, so you had to do most of the work.

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This boy has all the energy in the world, oh my God.

As you had finally woke him up, you asked if the both of you could have morning sex. He agreed to your idea quickly. Thinking it was just going to be lazy sex, he surprised you when he placed himself on top of your body.

“This is your punishment for waking me up.”

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