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Probably a simple answer to this, but what would the humans' fear of the monsters which caused the war stem from in the first place?

(undertale spoilers)

To put it simply, what scared humanity wasn’t something the monsters have already done, but the mere potential of what they can do.

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Monsters are capable of absorbing human SOULs. It’s something presumably all of them can do. However, nobody has been able to confirm whether humans can do the same. Even if they could, monster SOULs aren’t nearly as durable as that of humans. Only boss monster SOULs can persist after death, and “only for a few moments.”

The possibility of a monster taking a human soul was more than enough to provoke humanity into a devastating war against monsterkind. Chara and Asriel’s attempt, however, revealed an unknown variable: if a monster takes a human SOUL, control over the body is split between them. Therefore, unless both parties were to agree on causing havoc, even such a powerful combination could be rendered relatively harmless. Whether this knowledge could have prevented the war is, of course, questionable at best.

For better or worse, humanity saw no better alternative, other than a massive preemptive strike.

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i've kept my hopes pretty low on getting tickets for harry's tour, so if i get one, i get one and if i don't then i don't. i think either way i'm just so proud of him and what he's doing. this whole album i already know is going to change my life. it feels very intimate from the venues, to the album itself, the pink. it's all really intimate and private and even if i only get a snippet of that through the album and not the show, i'm happy. i'm proud of harry, beyond it.


‪Like to me, the retcons of 417 are like tptb slapping a cowboy hat on Red after 4 seasons of fedora and trying to convince us that this whole time Red was wearing a cowboy hat not a fedora.

Like don’t try to convince me that was a cowboy hat, that was a fucking fedora!

Things about 12x19 “The Future” #4

Oh Cas… Just listen to your instincts. When something feels wrong and you’re feeling wrong doing it, there’s a good reason for that. And you shouldn’t be so afraid to act upon them. Yes, your wish to protect the Winchesters is pure, but how many times have all of you been around this block. Just be honest with each other, don’t let this “I don’t want to burden them or see them harmed” damage your friendship over and over again. Just talk to each other ffs. Sighs. Seriously, I hope this season will be the last time of this repeat after repeat to stretch out Castiel’s decision to become human or at the very least completely withdraw from any heavenly ties, it’s getting really jarring at this point.


Everything I Need to Know I Learned from Easy, Hitman, and the First Marines
Band of Brothers, Episode 10, Points

People, this was NEVER just about Bluepulse; this was about the greater potential for trauma that can occur when someone who is not yet developmentally mature is exposed to sexually explicit behaviour directed at them, REGARDLESS of the intent of the older person regarding the well-being of the kid, REGARDLESS of the relative maturity of the kid in relation to their peers (guess what; a ‘mature’ 13-yr-old is still in fact a 13-yr-old).

So not only have you had this explained to you again and again, that romanticizing a ship between a 13-yr-old and a 16-yr-old could be legitimizing an idea that is dangerous to children in real life, but you pushed the person you forced to explain to tell you how that idea literally hurt her when she was a child … and then you used that trauma to dismiss her point.

I’m not playing around; if you ship Bluepulse you need to block me, bc I sure as hell don’t want you around if you’re not only going to support a toxic ship, but also willing to actively piss on someone who has literally had to deal with the traumatic consequences romanticized by that ship. You can’t say it’s ‘just fiction’ or w/ever, bc you were given a real-life example and you ignored it bc the ship was more important than the well-being of its potential victims. Assholes.

Beyond The Rim: Sheridan - Chapter 1 - Jameson9101322 - Babylon 5 [Archive of Our Own]
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New Chapter for the Beyond the Rim fic. Sheridan visits with one very important friend that throws a new wrench in how he feels about this new world. 

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