Hello July!!

In the blink of an eye, half of 2013 is gone~! How has the year been treating you?

For me, many wonderful things happened, I learned a lot and I hope to be a better person each day. Childish perhaps, but the person best to start with is always oneself.

And JLPT is finally here! Guess I will spend lesser time online from now.

My groupmates and I are also back on our group reports, more pictures of eating in front of the computer. xD





About a year ago I saw the Hari Raya design for the first time. That day my lesson was cancelled but my friend and I was not informed. As he has other things on, he went off after that. While I was drinking my bubble tea, I can’t help but feel pretty lonely. 

However, a year later, I was with 3 friends, drinking bubble tea at the same place and one of them made waffles for us!

I think people should always carry a grateful heart.

After drinking green tea latte last night, I couldn’t sleep at all! I was really tired but I just can’t fall asleep. The moment I lie down, I got up coz lotas things just appeared and keeping running in my mind.

By 5-6am I was already dying and my hands shaking.

Got some McD breakfast and this ISN’T scrambled eggs!! Not to mention the bread in both the Big Breakfast and Chicken McMufin has some burnt bits and the sausage was over cooked too.

This is probably the worst McD meal I got but since I was so tired and hungry and whatnot, it is also one of the best McD breakfast I had.






Project Time just now!

It is a blessing to eat with friends.

The pig head without a body is macabre.