You know you are talking with a httyd fan when.....

They say (OMT) “OH MY THOR” instead of OMG

They say ‘Happy Snoggletog’ instead of Merry Christmas

They get mad at you for saying ‘I have the hiccups, how do I get rid of them?”

They start obsessing over Hiccstrid when you talk about any random couple walking past.

They post a cute gif of Toothless which has nothing to do with what you were doing.

Out of nowhere they start ranting about the release date for httyd 3.

They can somehow bring the topic of dragons into any conversation.

anonymous asked:

Chiropractors. Bullshit, right? Why do people still study it (and stuff like homeopathy) and even try to take entire degrees in them?

I mean, I don’t know a ton about what chiropractors do, but I am a bit suspicious, honestly. Especially when I hear people who say they can cure infections and cancer and junk with their manipulations. But I’m sure they can be helpful when treating the right issues. 

Osteoblrs, can someone please explain to me in a less-than-novel-length post how OMT is different than chiropractic manipulations? Because to the untrained (read: MD and layperson) eye, it all looks the same.  But I am told that it is not. medmonkey, I’m lookin at you. Maybe a PMTH morning report? Mebbe? Please?

Why do people study it? Why do people study anything? Because they’re interested in it. They believe in it. And it can provide them with a living. 


OMT this video is amazing…