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can i request some....oumasai angst heh

daily oumasai doodle - day 31

first of all, HAPPY MONTHSARY!! thats what i meant by 1 day left lol
hm? what does this drawing has anything to do with the ask? well ..

Im going to start a comic/series, 32 pages in total so = 32 days
and just like how the anon said, its gonna be angst!!!! yay
i’ll post 1 page a day,and im trying to draw the comic not too straightforward? bc i wanna hear like theories or some shit from u guys hoho but its p straightforward so eh

i’ll be focusing on the series > requests

the tag for the series will be #oms-com #oms-com pg 1

also this drawing is like the cover or smth??? idk ueh (not all pages has both ouma and saihara btw but i’ll still tag ouma)

thats all! have a good day(boi i hope this works out)

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Did you and Kukui recover the friendship after all that?

Couldn’t tell ya if I wanted to. I guess we ended on a pretty bad note, ya know? I didn’t really think there was any comin’ back from it. I didn’t even WANNA come back from it!! Figured I was a whole new person who didn’t need nobody.

But. APPARENTLY, I’m goin’ over to his place next week for dinner or somethin’. I dunno who bribed him to invite me and how much they payed ‘im (IT WAS PROBABLY HALA), but whatever. Might as well, right? Free food.


Om Hare Om Radha Krishna
Om Hare Om Rama Radha
Om Hare Om Bala Shiva
Om Hare Om Rama Sita
Om Hare Om Gopala Krishna
Govinda Jai Gopala Jai Jaya
Om Hare Om Gopala Krishna
Govinda Jai Gopala Jai Jaya
Gopala Krishna
Govinda Jai Gopala Jai Jaya

Happy Birthday George. Haribol, bolo Krishna, bolo George ॐ

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Francis=dat boi. Alfred=fuck boi. Allen= pretty boi. Ollie= pink boi. Arthur=will stab a boi. Toni=booty boi. Gil= toi boi (< Gil was very proud of making up these names for them all, and wants them all on matching bomber jackets)

((this has gotta be on the list of the many things i love you for omg Francis made them get creative and make shirts uwu. Artie might of written on Alfie’s a bit more than Alfie would have liked. ;3c))