So yeah

Obviously I started on some writing then got distracted by other things (Overwatch and other games) and never finished it. The new season begins tomorrow and I’ve been wondering all week if I even want to put in the effort to get screencaps at least and produce my usual Sunday posts. I’m really not feeling motivated to participate in any online fandom atm. =/ We’ll see how I feel tomorrow I guess, but there’s a good chance I might just retire. I won’t delete this blog but it wouldn’t be updated again. Sorry for the bummer update.

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anonymous asked:

Omq, A Whole New Galaxy, so cute. Sooooo wishing that some hot Adam Driver doppelgänger from a galaxy far far away will come rescue me from this hot mess called America. Will there be a part 2? Did she adapt. Honestly her first week would be so funny, like she must miss the simple things: pizza tv, social media, shopping, food (I love food sorry)

I know right?! That’s like the ultimate dream 😍❤️

Haha, I’m glad you liked it!
Hmm, I honestly wrote it as a one shot, but now that you bring up the idea, I’d be down to write another part! Granted it would take a lil while cause I’ve gotta get my other fics out haha but I’d be willing to do that!