SVT: You Taunt Him

You tell him ‘You get so horney, it is cute’ while grinding against him

Hansol: Was just getting really into shit when you called him cute and you are a mean bitch and you need to be shown who is boss, so he topples you over and starts grinding on you.

Jeonghan: Makes a sex face in hopes you will forget your teasing and keep grinding so he can find his groove again.

Jihoon: Oh now you have done it. He’ll make you get on hands and knees and spank you for teasing him. Bad boy/girl you have been.

Jisoo: He is into this omo. He will moan ‘yes, yes I am’ in his cute kitten voice. He will back and writhe and need more of your teases.

Junhui: Yeah, no. He will tease you back and you will soon be fighting for dominance.

Minghao: He will play the bad boy for you, pouting and saying he is not cute, while you deepen your grind to hear him whimper.

Mingyu: Teases you back with a mild pout, which soon breaks through into a wicked lusty smile. He’ll topple you over and kiss your breath away. “Fuck yes baby you make me horny as fuck.” He murrs.

Seokmin: He barely hears your moans, his moans with every grind drown out your teasing, he is so into the way you move on him.

Seungcheol: “Ugh fuck why do you have to tease me like this. Just get to the real deal.” He will slap your ass and grab your hips to show you he is serious.

Seunggwan: No! He is not cute! You will have to work you hardest to convince Boo to continue now.

Soonyoung: “Am I a good boy for you now, do you like me cute, do you like me horny?” He whispers lustily. A game two can play, really.

Wonwoo: He is not having it. He is not cute, he is a stud dammit. He will push you off, crawl on top of you and bite your neck to make you see who is the cute one, namely, you.