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Viktor's 'Stay close to me' performance theory

So, I’ve always thought Viktor had some kind of interest in Yuuri since I saw episode one and now I know I’m right.
I’ll try to explain my thoughts about Viktor’s performance to ‘Stay close to me’ after seeing the newest episode.

Episode 10 spoilers ahead!

So as we know, Yuuri got really drunk after his failed Grand prix and had many dance-offs with the other skaters including Viktor. After seeing photos we get to a scene where Yuuri asks Viktor to be his coach may Yuuri win the dancing.
Viktor looks absolutely SMITTEN by Yuuri at that moment. Probably because Yuuri wanted him, him to stay by his side and lead him through his career and life. Yet, Yuuri quit skating and forgot about the whole night, about ever interacting with Viktor and that’s why Viktor skated ‘Stay close to me’ the next season.
He felt like Yuuri left him, hurt him and he wanted Yuuri to stay with him as Yuuri asked of Viktor.

After seeing him imitating his performance he decided to be Yuuri’s coach after all, since Yuuri did win the dance-offs but also showed Viktor that he still cared for him.