And I won’t claim that they saved my life, because I know a band can’t save your life, but they made me willing to save myself.
—  Sometimes I marvel at how I ended up with such an amazing, profound girlfriend. (10wordlife)

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Do you work digitally in PS? And if so, what brushes do use or would you recommend? Love your art so much btw omom ;^^;


thank you lots~ and yes anon! i work in PS CS6! (not that the version matters ;;) please keep in mind that i’m still a beginner when it comes to digital, so a lot of my advice is based purely on personal preference and experience! 

please see under the cut for pictures of my brush settings and the texture brushes that i use!~ 

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Ratatouille remind me of Daehyun




Omom… it’s mine bitch… don’t think about this!

Bleach couples pick baby names: The Sequel

As requested by…someone

Once again, various Bleach couples are going to sit down and discuss names for their future child!

1. Ukitake and Kyoraku

Ukitake: I have the perfect solution!

Kyoraku: Let’s hear it!

Ukitake: Well, if we have twin girls, then we’ll name them after your and my maternal grandmothers. And if they’re twin boys, then we’ll name them after our paternal grandfathers. If it’s a twin girl and a twin boy, then one grandparent each!

Kyoraku: And what if we don’t have twins?

Ukitake: No…….twins……..?

Ukitake: [sad look of sandess!]

Kyoraku: W-what am I talking about? Of course we’ll have twins!

2. Kira and Rose

Rose: How do you feel about composer names, Izuru? Like “Mozart” or “Bach”?

Kira: Seems cruel to the child.

Rose: A flower then? Flower names are wonderful, you know!

Kira: I like flowers.

Kira: How about ‘Marigold’ for a girl?

Rose: …maybe we’ll keep thinking.

3. Hitsugaya and Karin

Karin: I have a list of the names of famous soccer players, going back twenty years.

Hitsugaya: Our baby’s name is definitely there.

4. Shinji and Hinamori

Shinji: Oooh! Here’s an idea!

Shinji: What if we named our baby after one of us - only backwards!

Hinamori: …you want to name our child 'Ijnihs"?

Hinamori: Or “Omom?”

Shinji:  Well I meant reordering the kanji, but we should talk about “Omom.”

Hinamori: Don’t you even joke about that.

5. Urahara and Aizen

Urahara: Sosuke! Sosuke! I came up with the perfect name!

Aizen: Impossible. I have already come up with the world’s most ideal name.

Urahara: I dunno. My name is pretty great.

Aizen: It cannot possibly be as great as mine.



Urahara: We’re thinking of the same name, aren’t we?

6. Bazz-B and Cang Du

Bazz-B: We must give our child a name that is as awesome as it is alliterative!

Bazz-B: Jo-J? Susan-S? Griz-G?

Cang Du: Let’s just ask His Majesty.

Cang Du: He may have a letter for us.

Bazz-B: You’re really cramping my style here, Cang Du.

7. Yamamoto and Sasakibe

Yamamoto: Obviously our child should have a solid, traditional Japanese name.

Sasakibe: Or a cool edgy Western name.

Yamamoto: Or a Japanese one since we are Japanese.

Sasakibe: Or a Western one since western stuff is cool.



Yamamoto: Or one of each?

Sasakibe: Middle names save so many relationships.

8. Hisagi and Kira

Kira: I’ve always thought “Rangiku” is really pretty.

Hisagi: I dunno, Kira. I don’t want to name our child after somebody I had a crush on, you know?

Hisagi: Oh! What about Kensei if it’s a boy?


Kira: What did you just say?

Hisagi: What are you implying??

9. Ichigo and Hinamori

Ichigo: Well obviously our son or daughter should have a fruit name.

Hinamori: Obviously. 

Ichigo: Banana?

Hinamori: We’ll keep looking.

10. Soul King and Ichigo

Soul King: I have it all figured out, Ichigo!

Soul King: A daughter must be named Regina!

Soul King: A son must be named Rex!

Ichigo: Latin for queen and king?

Soul King: You are as smart as you are adorable. Our children are so lucky!


Ichigo: You know we’re not dating, right?

Dialover S2 ep 10: shuu
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Me:</b> omg the ep!!<p/><b>Sensual music as background:</b> <p/><b>Me:</b> oh my..<p/><b>Shu:</b> *sucking blood sounds*<p/><b>Me:</b> o///o<p/><b>Mom:</b> Are you watching Porno?!!!!!!<p/><b>Me:</b> OH GOD GEEZ MOM,NO WTH?!!<p/><b>Yui:</b> nng..!!<p/><b>Mom:</b> ANGELICA OF THE SEA<p/><b>Mom:</b> R U WATCHING PORNO?!!!<p/><b>Me:</b> NO,LOOK ITS JUST CARTOONS! ITS VAMPIRES!!<p/><b>Mom:</b> hmm..okay. I still got my eye on you young lady.<p/></p><p/></p>