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Let me tell you about the siblings Sonic never talks about, Manic and Sonia!!

Sonic, Manic, and Sonia are siblings! Once upon a time, Queen Aleena, the hedgehog’s mother, had to separate her three children. It could be due to the fact that their large heads disturbed her or she was just trying to fulfill a prophecy. I’ll let you decide!  

Let’s talk about Manic the Hedgehog. No, Manic isn’t a fan-character. He’s a real boy! And don’t worry, Manic isn’t Scourge in disguise, even though they do look similar. oo Could Mr. All hail the king really be pretending to be Manic in order to kill Sonic? Someone should ask all hail the king Scourge. ^^; Anyway, Manic is the unlucky triplet because he was raised by thieves and sometimes he had to gnaw on his own leg in order to survive. Maybe that is why he is so manic..ful. To add insult to injury, Manic is the only triplet without magic super powers. At least he can take out his anger on his magical drum set! His percussion skills are so amazing, he can cause the entire world to shake and he can make mountains crumble! I guess that makes up for his lack of super speed and strength! He doesn’t let his tragic past ruin his outlook on life though! 

Now let’s talk about Sonia! No, that’s not Sonic in drag! She’s a real girl! Sonia was raised like a princess, so she sometimes thinks of her brothers as peasants. Sonia also has the gift of super strength, so it’s best not to anger her. Have you noticed that pink-haired girls are usually very strong? Examples of this include Sakura from Naruto and…yup! 8D Anyway, Sonia’s musical instrument is the keyboard! Her keyboard skills make people burst into flames, mainly because she can shoot lasers from her keyboard.

Did you know that Knuckles is in a secret relationship with Sonia? That echidna sure is popular with all the ladies! 

When Sonia, Sonic, and Manic aren’t looking for their mother, they can usually be seen playing rock concerts! Many people don’t attend these concerts since their music is kind of dangerous. I think they are more destructive than Team Chaotix! Did you know that all three siblings are voiced by Jaleel White? Yes, even Sonia is voiced by him. It kind of makes you feel weird about Sonia kissing Knuckles, right? 


Let me tell you about Dark Sonic!

In Sonic Adventure, it was discovered that one could use the harness the powers of the Chaos Emeralds using positive and/or negative energy. On a similar note, Shadow’s quills resembles Doom’s Eye. Like father, like son!

^^; Anyway, Sonic was somewhat upset when he saw Chris bleeding to death and Cosmo completely terrified. This was all Black Narcissus’ fault. Black Narcissus also created two weapons that would test Sonic’s strength and speed. Black Narcissus was not only toying with Sonic’s life, but also Sonic’s friends.

This enraged Sonic so much that he became consumed by hate and anger and transformed into Dark Sonic. The fake chaos emeralds may have also contributed to Sonic transform into Dark Sonic, since we know that positive and negative energy plays a role in transformations. Dark Sonic took great pleasure in destroying Black Narcissus’ creations. Just look at that evil grin! That ladies love an evil grin! Dark Sonic was mad with power. Surprisingly, it was Dr. Eggman who helped Sonic return to his normal self. That was Eggman’s good deed for the entire year.

So remember kids, the power of anger can give you the ability to transform and become stronger than you ever imagined! 8D


Did you know that today is Father’s Day? Father’s Day is a day to celebrate fathers and father figures on a specific day which is today. There are many father figures in the Sonic universe! But what is a father?

A father is someone you can look up to. It’s a person, or an armadillo, that attempts to replace a main character in a popular franchise and fails. It’s someone who ruins their career and that of their best friend!

A father is someone who looks quite terrifying when they smile, but also has award-winning perfect teeth.

A father is destroy an entire race if you try to hurt his children. They also play dress up in front of their babies. Sometimes crossdressing can relieve stress.

Lastly, a father is a person who will always give you a boost of confidence and let’s you know that it is okay to go fast. He’s a brother, best friend, and even a picket fence. Someone who will always be there for you no matter what!

I hope you gained some new information today! And remember, to be shine, to be free, nothing to be afraid of..except pink aprons. 

Let me tell you about Tails Doll, the best racer in all the land, minus the part about being the best racer. “R” you ready? Get it? Because Tails Doll was featured in Sonic R. 

Tails Doll was created by the very lonely Dr. Eggman. Sewing and creating dolls are just a few of Dr. Eggman’s greatest talents. He hopes to pass on his talents to his robot babies, Cubot and Orbot. 

Anyway, Tails doll is somewhat difficult to unlock because you have to come in third place while racing in Radical City. It’s well worth the hassle though because Tails doll is a great racer. He is extremely slow and it’s difficult to maneuver around any obstacle with this character. The good news is that the hit song “Can You Feel the Sunshine” will randomly play if you choose Tails Doll as your racer. Isn’t that great?

Let me tell you about the newest villains in the next Sonic game, the Deadly Six! This ragtag bunch of baddies are going to teach Eggman what it truly means to be evil. They did manage to make this game rated E10! You know the Deadly Six are villains because their name uses the number six which is a very bad number. It’s not as evil as the number seven though. Seven is a cannibal. 

Anyway, let’s start with Zavok, aka the red ranger/the leader of the gang. Zavok is really strong and he has a really bad attitude. The reason behind his madness is due to nails. Zavok wanted purple nail polish because he thought it would bring out his eyes, but his stylist insisted on using a teal color. Because of this injustice, Zavok is determined to destroy the world in hopes that Sonic and other people will understand his pain.

Next up is Zazz, aka the pink one/the Knuckles of the group. Zazz also has a bad attitude and is short-tempered. He believes in punching people first and asking, “I got tricked by Eggman? What about you?!” later. If the whole destroying the world thing doesn’t work out, Zazz plans on starting a career as a musician. There’s always that one member in a group who wants to go solo.

Next we have Master Zik, aka the old one/the Old Man Owl of the group. Master Zik was the founding father of the “Aliens Whose Names All Start With The Letter Z” club, which you know as the Deadly Six. Zik was the strongest member of the group, but then he became old and started to shrink. Before he became too small, he decided to pass on his strength to Zavok. He knew Zavok would need all the help he could get because Zavok is a silly name.

Let’s talk about Zor, aka the white one/the Espio of the group. Similar to our chameleon hero, Zor is a ninja-spy minus the ninja part. He goes on stealth missions and uses his spy skills to gather information, which is exactly why he carries around a bright blue rose. If he is ever caught by the enemy, Zor is fully prepared to recite James’ line of the Team Rocket motto.

Next is Zomomnomnom, aka the yellow one/the Big the Cat of the group. Zomomnomnom enjoys eating everything he sees, including people. His character design was modeled after Gluttony from Full Metal Alchemist. Some scientist believe that Zomomomom may be Gluttony’s long lost brother.

Last, but certainly not least, is Zeena, aka the green one/the Rouge of the group. Zeena is a lady who has pretty hair and an even prettier method of murdering her enemies! Zeena is often confused with Xena the Warrior Princess because their names are pronounced the same! 

The Deadly Six also happen to resemble the same colors as the wisps. Some theorists believe that the Deadly Six were originally wisps and that the color blue is the color of the sky. That’s all I can reveal for now. Chao!

Next up on our list is Queen Aleena from the hit show Sonic Underground!

She was once the queen of Mobius, but Dr. Robotnik forcefully took that title from her. In order to save her children, she gave them to three separate families (some families better than others) and went into hiding because a prophecy told her to do so. 

She watches her children from a distance and leaves clues for them much similar to a game of Blue’s clues but not really. She has even placed herself in danger to save her kids from harm. On the day of prophecy, she can reunite with her children and take back her throne…however, the show was cancelled and Robotnik is still in charge of Mobius. Sonic, Manic, and Sonia are still looking for their mother. It’s kinda sad once you think about it. :D


Let me tell you about a popular furry character, Sonic the Werehog!

Sonic the Werehog made his first appearance in Sonic Unleashed. It all started when Dr. Eggman extracted the power of the chaos emeralds from Sonic’s body. Dark Gaia’s energy contaminated Sonic’s body, thus causing him to transform into Sonic the Werehog…at night! The transformation can be compared to a magical girl turning into a horrific beast!

There are some perks to Sonic having a werehog form. It’s the only time in his life that he could experience the joys of chest fur. His voice becomes deeper in this form allowing him to experience manhood/pighoof for the first time ever since the word “werehog” really means half-man, half-pig. He also gets to expose his naked hands and Amy still can’t recognize him! At night! 

Not only does Sonic’s werehog form give him a daring new look, he also gains amazing strength! The strength of two hedgehogs! He can extend his arms like a rubber band which comes in handy when he drops a chili dog. He can also run on all fours like a dog and when he gets too excited, he will run off a cliff! 

He may move slow, he can’t jump high, but this werehog is one heck of a guy! That was a reference to a DK rap. Speaking of salads, did you know that Sonic can learn over 50 combat attacks in his werehog form? One of these combos is named after a knuckle sandwich!

Despite his appearance, his GRAAAAHH is worse than his bite. He’s still the same nice hedgehog, so adopt a werehog today! At night!

part of chao world
Professor Omochao
part of chao world

You enter Chao World and the first thing you see

A little blue robot who is kinda creepy

Just looking at him you know that he’s annoying

Press “A” to jump

Collect rings or you’ll die

The chao garden is filled with little blue chao

Glaring at him you think, “Wow. You’re so not helpful.”

Omochao gives out weird information

Claims that Mephy is Shadow’s bestie 

He knows about Eggman’s secret Sonadow collection

That’s disturbing

Omochao knows everything

He wants to be where the chao are

He wants to be in those kindergarten classes

And be named by totally legit “fortune teller”

Being a robot won’t get you far

He wants a real mouth for eating and biting

He wants some food from that shady black market

Up where they run and swim in blood

A place that represents heaven and hell

Getting kicked for days

He wants to be part of Chao World

What would he give to spend a day in random races  

To be yelled at for always coming in last

Bet’cha as a chao Sonic understands

Bet he won’t throw him off of buildings…or into fire

For giving bad advice

He’s ready to know what the principal knows

Ask him a question and get some answers

What’s up with Jet and why is he, what’s the word, fierce?

He wants to be real and learn karate

And be forced to merge with animals

Neglected for days

Wish he could be part of Chao World


Let me tell you about everyone’s favorite game, Sonic Battle! Did you know that the original Japanese title for this game was “Sonic no b-baka!” It was later changed to “Sonic Battle” because Emerl didn’t notice Eggman and this made Eggman throw a hissy fit. It’s a real tragedy.

Anyway, Sonic Battle is a game that teaches the importance of neglecting robots and beating up your friends! You see, a million years ago, Professor Gerald Robotnik discovered a gizoid. Not be confused with a gizzard, a gizoid is a fight robot. The professor tried to awaken the robot by staring at it, but it was no use. He decided to let someone else deal with it.

Some time later, Dr. Eggman found the gizoid, and just like his grandpappy, he also could not awaken the robot. The egg-shaped doctor tossed the gizoid into the ocean, never to be found again….and then Sonic found it! 

Sonic decided to keep the robot and raise it like a tamagotchi. He named it Emerl because sounds similar to that one chef who says “bam!” all the time. Anyway, Sonic’s friends had a major influence on Emerl. By hanging out with them, Emerl learned many things. 

Emerl learned the importance of being cute from Tails. He learned what it takes to be a good mother from Amy. He learned the importance of blackmail from Rouge. He learned how to raise the roof from Knuckles. Shadow taught the gizoid how to obliterate everything that’s not his friend. Lastly, Cream taught Emerl the true superpower of friendship and using flowers as jewelry. 

Now that Sonic and his friends turned Emerl into a fabulous robot, Dr. Eggman wanted Emerl back in his life. When Emerl called the doctor an idiot and refused to help Eggman conquer the world, Eggman wobbled away and Metal Sonic locked him in a closet.

In the end, Emerl could not handle being a happy-go-lucky robot and a deadly weapon. He also couldn’t handle hanging out with all of Sonic’s friends. It was too much to bear, so Emerl exploded. Sonic was going to miss his new friend, but he knew that Emerl’s spirit would come back to haunt him and his friends one day. 


Let me tell you about the most popular princess besides Elise, Princess Sally!

Her full name is Princess Sally Alicia Keys Acorn and she is from a palace in Mobius. In Mobius, everyone’s last name are not very original. That is law. Moving on, when Sonic CD was released, people thought Amy was Princess Sally. It’s easy to understand the confusion. The two are practically twins.

Did you know that your entire opinion of Sonic SatAM rests solely on whether or not you like Princess Sally?  

Because she is a princess, she does not have to wear any clothes which sometimes makes Sonic very sad. Sometimes she puts on a vest to ease Sonic’s mind. Please donate to the Freedom Fighters Foundation and together we can put pants on Sally.

Princess Sally often talks to a computer named Nicole. Nicole use to match Sally’s boots, but now she can take the form of a Mobian. They usually spend their time pretending to understand technology! 

She was Sonic’s girlfriend but the two broke up due to Sonic’s need to follow his rainbow. Before Sonic left her, Sally slapped his face~! When Sally isn’t slapping Sonic, she’s kissing royal monkeys and then breaking up with said monkey just in case Sonic ever decides to stop following his rainbow.

Although Sally’s head is gigantic, always remember that her hands are small. And please remember to donate to the Freedom Fighter Foundation. 


Let me tell you about the most stylish robot in America and Eggmanland, Bokkun!!

I bet you’re all wondering why there is an “M” on Bokkun’s belt since his name doesn’t even have that letter. The answer is simple. Bokkun’s belt is magical! The “M” stands for mini or “W” stands for wumbo! You know, wumbo. Wumboing. 

Anyway, Bokkun first appeared in the hit anime series Sonic X. Contrary to popular belief, Bokkun is not a talking pokemon! He is a robot that was created by Eggman. Dr. Eggman always wanted a child but he could never find a woman to fulfill his eggy needs. He built Bocoe and Decoe but soon grew tired of them. He decided to spend a little more time on Bokkun. He even gave the robot a pair of boots and a stylish messenger bag! He treats Bokkun as if he were his own child and he likes force the little robot to eat his terrible home-cooked meals.

When Bokkun isn’t getting food poisoning, he can be seen delivering messages to Sonic and his friends. Did you know Bokkun is a messenger robot? Bokkun is the only robot to deliver two things everyone needs in their life: tv and explosions. The world needs more explosions and Bokkun is the only one who can fulfill that need.

Just like Dr. Eggman, Bokkun dislikes Bocoe and Decoe and everybody hates Chris! He likes to pull pranks and spread rumors facts about people! He may or may not have a huge crush on Cream. Only Rouge knows the truth about that situation because Rouge has dirt on everybody!

If Bokkun delivers a tv to your house, don’t run away. Accept your explosive fate! 


Let me tell you about Mighty, aka the dad no one remembers!

You might remember Mighty from popular games such as Knuckles’ Chaotix, SegaSonic the Hedgehog, and Road Rage Mighty! Anyway, this misshaped armadillo was in charge of taking care of Ray the Flying Squirrel. He taught Ray the importance of having a great smile and most importantly, he taught the young squirrel how to manipulate people with his cuteness.

It wasn’t easy for Mighty to raise a baby squirrel all by himself. Thank goodness he bought my book series, “Omochao Explains Parenting”, which is still available at the low price of $99.99. :D /plug. Anyway, he managed to teach Ray to fly by tossing the little guy across shark-infested water. When Ray wanted to become an underwear model, Mighty told him that starring in games would be a better career move. Well, we all know how that turned out.

Despite these two getting neglected and forgotten by Sonic and his friends, please know that Mighty and Ray doing just fine living out in the middle of nowhere. They may not have money, but they have each other and that’s all that matters.


Let me tell you about classic Amy.

Classic Amy first appeared in Sonic CD in 1993. Don’t worry, wearing old lady shirts was totally the thing to do in the early 90s! Anyway, back in the day when bread was only 50 cents and planets were chained to other planets, Amy was in to tarot cards and fortune telling. She used these powers to stalk find the whereabouts to her true love, Sonic the Hedgehog. She held on to him in Palmtree Panic, but Sonic quickly placed a restraining order on her. How rude!! She didn’t hug him in Collision Chaos and by doing so, she was kidnapped by Metal Sonic as Sonic just sat there and let it happen. Amy had a fun date with Metal Sonic until he tied her up for talking too much. Robots can be rude sometimes.

Because of crazy robots trying to attack her and Sonic’s restraining order, Amy had to create a few new identities. You may remember her as Rosy the Rascal because she is a rascal. You also may remember her as Princess Sally. She quickly had to change her name back to Amy Rose since she did not want to be mistaken with the real Princess Sally. That’s the only princess in history that doesn’t wear pants and Amy the Rascal is not that kind of girl!!


Let me tell you about Sonic and the Secret Rings.

Once upon a time, Sonic the Hedgehog had difficulty sleeping. He read the script to this game and instantly fell asleep! It was then that Shahra, the exotic ring dancer, randomly appeared in Sonic’s room! Her smooth dance moves terrified Sonic. Shahra told the hedgehog that she would stop giving him a lap dance if he agreed to visit the world of the Arabian Nights. Sonic asks for a handkerchief first, which foreshadows the ending of this game!!

The players have no way of controlling Sonic since he runs automatically! Isn’t that great?! :D Who doesn’t like running into enemies or falling off of a path???

Anyways, back to the story! A wild Erazor Djinn appears!! Erazor is mad because his name sounds like “eraser.” He then places a curse on Sonic because he doesn’t want to look for seven rings himself and he’s secretly jealous of Sonic’s pretty face! 

This is where the dinner play gets interesting!! In ancient times, Dr. Eggman was King Shaoirblahrar! Did you know that sultans were forced to dress like clowns? Sonic wanted to beat him up, but Shahra kept egg-blocking him! uu Geesh! Tails was also in this story as Ali Baba, but his only purpose was to tell Sonic to go bother Knuckles Sinbad! This is the only game in which Knuckles is referred to as “wise” and “good-looking.”

Five years later, Sonic collects the seven rings and hold them in his hands. Hey, that’s why that song is called, “Seven Rings in Hand!” Did you know that song plays every 5 seconds in the game? You can hear it playing on the main screen, level select, at the end of levels, when you use the bathroom, and in your sleep!! Anyway, it turns out that Shahra has been dancing for Erazor behind Sonic’s back!! *dun dun dun* She is then murdered by Erazor because he’s the world’s greatest boyfriend! Sonic doesn’t approve his Erazor’s actions and transforms into Darkspine Sonic! In this form, Sonic is almost naked because he isn’t wearing gloves. Amy regrets not being in this game.

Like all great stories, the dancer is brought back to life and the bad boyfriend gets trapped inside of a lamp, just like Jafar from Aladdin!!! Sonic sits on a throne like a boss and Shahra begins to cry because she misses Erazor Djinn. Sonic doesn’t feel comfortable when women have feelings, so he wishes for a mountain of handkerchiefs because that’s the comforting thing to do. He then runs away, never to be seen again! The end!!


Next we have Mrs. Cream’s Mom, aka Vanilla the Rabbit! Vanilla is definitely a MILF - Mother I’d Like to Friend on Facebook! 

Vanilla cares for all of Cream’s friends as if they were her own children. Vanilla makes sure Sonic eats his vegetables. She is trying to teach him that chili dogs are not a vegetable but he refuses to listen.

Whenever Amy needs to let off some steam about Sonic ditching her, Vanilla is always there for the little hedgehog. She also gives Amy cooking lessons in order to poison win over Sonic. Vanilla also likes to spoil Tails by giving him an unhealthy amount of delicious pies!

Vanilla has many admirers because she is a nice lady. Vector knows it may be wrong, but he’s in love with Cream’s mom.


Let me tell you about Fiona Fox, the lady who can hold on to a grudge for all eternity.

Fiona is similar to Princess Sally except for that fact that she wears pants and she likes to abuse Tails! 

Fiona’s tale is quite depressing. She was born in a prison and forced to work for Dr. Robotnik. She was also forced to work with Mighty and Ray which some might consider punishment. Anyway, Sonic came to the rescue and saved everyone from Robotnik’s reign. Well, everyone except Fiona Fox. 

Fiona learned at a very young age that she could only rely on herself. Once she freed herself from her cell, she met a great influence: Nic the Weasel, the male version of Nack the Weasel. Fiona learned how to become a great thief, but not as great as Rouge and that’s why she holds a grudge against Rouge.

Fiona wasn’t always a bad seed. She tried working with the Freedom Fighters but that didn’t work out. She even started dating Sonic, but he was no Scourge. Fiona thought that if she squinted hard enough and ignored everything Sonic said, then he could be Scourge. Tails even had a crush on Fiona, but she made sure to break his heart and to add insult to injury, she slapped him~!

Fiona is a complicated girl who likes bad boys. She chose to be a villain because with a name like Fiona you have no choice but to be evil. She has lived an inconsistent life, but one thing remained the same: she’s forever in love with Scourge. Oh, and her past has scarred her for life. 


Did you know the musical group, M-Flo, wrote a song called Tripod Baby? Did you know that M-Flo loves Shadow the Hedgehog?

In this video, Shadow demonstrates his mad dancing skills to a race of golden dancing robots! They got served. Shadow thanks M-Flo for featuring him in this video by trapping them in a box. That’s our Shadow!


Let me tell you about the awesome band, Crush 40!

It all started back in 1993, when life was simple and Knuckles chuckled everyday. Jun “magic guitar fingers” Senoue was hired by Sega and he was asked to write some music for Sonic 3. Soon Jun was asked to write even more music for upcoming games such as Sonic 3D Blast! He was writing music as if it was his job or something! 

Skip to 1997, Jun cidnapped asked Johnny Gioeli to be the lead singer in the newly formed band, “Sons of Angels.” :D Get it? Because their sound is heavenly like an ice cream float!! 

The first song they recorded was, “Open Your Heart” and it was used in Sonic Adventure, but you already knew that! That was the beginning of the hit Sonic songs! Crush 40 also writes non-Sonic songs too in order to fight the power of Sega! >.> Or something like that. Anyway, they became so popular, they had to change their band name to Crush 40! ^^; Well, that and the real Sons of Angels reunited and Jun and Johnny had to rename the band. Jun picked the word “crush” because the band will crush all who oppose them and Johnny picked the number 40 because he’s in his 40s!! :O Did you know that Jun is 41?? Did you know Johnny rocked the 80s glam rock look?

Anyway, Jun and Johnny work well together! Sometimes Johnny questions Jun’s lyric choices, such as the lines, “Try to reach inside of me. Try to take my energy!” :O How do you reach inside of someone and why would you do something so icky? No worries though. Jun simply bitch-slaps Johnny whenever he steps out of line~! |D Jun and Johnny make a great team!! The other members of Crush 40 include Takeshi Taneda on bass and Toru Kawamura on drums! Just because their names start with “T” doesn’t make them less important D:

Crush 40 is currently working on three new songs right now. We can see a few of the lyrics: “I’ve opened my heart. I’ve lived and learned.” Hmmm..this song might be about finding the computer room. 


Let me tell you about the fairest maiden in all the land, Tikal the Echidna.

Tikal is from a thousand years in the past! She is the daughter of Pacajawejnakskdachamac, chief of the echidna tribe. We’ll just call him Pachy for short. Anyway, Tikal was like a princess and like all Disney princesses, we have no idea what happened to her mother! 

Tikal is pretty and a pacifist and she just wanted to live in peace amongst the baby chao, but the other echidnas had other plans in other places. Pachy and friends wanted to use the power of the Master Emerald to take over the universe. They also wanted to beat up poor defenseless chao. Tikal tried to tell her father that his greed would only lead the tribe being destroyed. No good can ever come from attempting to enslave the planet. Just ask Eggman! Of course, because she was a female, her father didn’t listen to her. Like any good father, he ordered his men to knock her out and he attempted to take the Master Emerald. The Master Emerald had other plans though and Chaos, Tikal’s bestie, wiped out the entire echidna clan~! Knuckles’ ancestors are fine, outstanding role models!

Anyways, in Sonic Adventure, Tikal spends her time forcing innocent people to relive bits and pieces of her traumatic past. When she’s not kidnapping people, she gives helpful hints to Sonic and his friends! She’s just like meeee!! Tikal then asks Sonic to beat some sense into her bestie, Chaos.  

In the end, our brave princess Tikal, along with Chaos, disappear into the closet of forgotten characters only to be seen in a 20th anniversary game~ 


Let me tell you about how Alex Kidd lost his title as the Sega mascot!

It was the 1980s. Nintendo had a middle-aged plumber as their mascot and Sega didn’t know how they could compete against a plumber. Things were looking grim and that’s when Alex Kidd came in! Alex Kidd was a beautiful boy with great fashion sense. He had amazing sideburns and a fabulous jumpsuit that was the envy of all Mega Man…s. 

When Sega launched it’s very first system, Alex Kidd starred in tens of games! His first game, Alex Kidd in Miracle World was a great success! His other games were definitely games!! Yes, things were going quite average for Alex Kidd. Alex and his sideburns would rule Sega…that is until a certain blue hedgehog appeared!

The people at Sega wanted to release a game starring a blue dude with an attitude. As you know, 90s kids love things with attitude! Alex Kidd felt no threat from Sonic and allowed Sega to create this game. He never expected that Sonic would gain instant fame. The people couldn’t get enough of Sonic! The blue blur was even offered a tv deal and he was even made into a float for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The only deal Alex was ever offered was for socks that were buy one pair get one pair free. 

Things were looking bad for Alex. Sonic pretty much owned Sega and he could get the Sega folks to obey his every command. Sonic wasn’t a fan of sideburns, nor was he a fan of Alex Kidd’s box art. There could only be one mascot, so Sonic had Alex Kidd fired from a cannon, never to be seen again. Did you know Alex Kidd is an unlockable character in Sonic and Sega’s All-Stars Racing?

Now with Alex Kidd out of the way, nothing could stop Sonic from taking over the universe!!! |D And that’s why you should never underestimate blue hedgehogs.