Most people wait until the New Year to make changes in their life. I don’t want to wait another minute to make the changes I need to make so that I can live a happy, fulfilled life.

Every so often, I’ll be posting little love letters to myself. You can reblog them, just make sure you source my blog.


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How it works: shuffle your music library and write down the first 20 songs that come up. Only rule is that you can’t skip any songs. Then you tag 20 people.

1. Pink Floyd - Apples and Oranges
2. Guano Apes - Underwear
3. Machine Head - This is the End
4. Anathema - Empty
5. Eluveitie - Omnos
6. Capsule - Melting Point
7. Gojira - Oroborus
8. Slade - Rock n Roll Bolero
9. David Bowie - Somebody Up There Likes Me
10. Boom Boom Satellites - Pill
11. Enya - Someone Said Goodbye
12. Dorlene Love - Don’t Care What U Say
13. Slipknot - Circle
14. Nine Inch Nails - The Day the World Went Away
15. Awwen - Our Realities
16. HORSE the band - Treasure Train
17. City of Caterpillar - And You’re Wondering How A Top Floor Could Replace Heaven
18. Lamb of God - Confessional
19. Exhumed - Enucleation
20. DIR EN GREY - Rinkaku Eternal Slumber Mix (remixed by Akira Yamaoka

Considering I have like 20 000 songs and 200 artists in my music library, this is at least a fair enough representation haha

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1. Spell your name using song titles

Auli- Karotajs
Krauka- Óðinn
It Follows [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (I don’t remember any bands starting with I)
Lindemann-Children of the sun

2. Why did you choose your URL?

because that’s my world of warcraft main characters name

3. Middle name?

3 strong men (but my passport says emilija)

4. If you could be a fictional being, what would you be?

The not stressed student 

5. Favourite color?


6. Favourite song?


7. Top 4 fandoms?

butts, pasta, butts, butts.

8. Why do you enjoy Tumblrl

I made a pact with satan and now I’m forced to use this forsaken site for the rest of eternity

9. tag nine mutuals

don’t tell  me what to do
(but if you read this far you are so fucking tagged muhahaha)


omg this is gonna take so long, thanks to teamlosblancos​ ❤❤❤❤❤

  • f: from yesterday- 30stm
  • e: eyelids- PVRIS
  • e: emmylou- first aid kit
  •  l: lost- stream of passion
  • s: smother- daughter
  •  l: lost kingdom- god is an astronaut
  •  i: i’ll reach you- delain
  • k: king and cross- ásgeir trausti
  • e: empty gold- halsey
  •  i: illusive consensus- epica
  • m: million dollar man- lana del rey
  • w: wait- M83
  • a: auf achse- franz ferdinand
  • k: killing is my business… and business is good- megadeth
  •  i: i’m not afraid- lacuna coil
  • n: never let this go- paramore
  • g: gunpowder chant- diablo swing orchestra
  • f:  feel for you- nightwish
  • r:  return to life- leaves’ eyes
  • o: omnos- eluveitie
  • m: memento audere semper- cadaveria
  •  t: take me to church- hozier
  • h: hardest of hearts- florence + the machine
  • e: e.v.o.l.- marina and the diamonds
  • d: delirios de grandeza- avalanch
  • e: enter sandman- metallica
  • a: all the rage back home- interpol
  • d: drive- warpaint