Captain Jack Harkness is omnisexual, not pansexual and not bisexual.

Even if the people involved with the show used omnisexual in a way that it doesn’t actually mean, and seem to not know that it is a real label, that doesn’t mean that it’s not his label. His chosen label is omnisexual, so please don’t use other labels (other than multisexual and/or queer).

(If you need a description of what omnisexuality is, see here.)

Happy Pride to my mythicals: the bisexuals, asexuals, pansexuals, aromantics, demisexuals and anyone else who “doesn’t exist”. We are real and we are here to kick ass

anonymous asked:

I'm so sorry for that dumb ass person saying omnisexuals and pansexuals don't exist. They are a rasist piece of shit anyway that thinks calling people retarded and making fun of mentally retarded people is ok

Thank you for your sympathy on that matter. Very rude of him. I can 1000% say that I am living proof that he is wrong. 
What a disgusting creature that person must be. 

100% DONE with this rhetoric

I am 100% done with the rhetoric of ” I’m pansexual/omnisexual/any thing but bisexual and my partners gender isn’t important to me because I am oh so enlightened”
And this is often said as some sort of statement of trans* solidarity.
Listen up people.
My gender is REALLY important to me. And if you want to have anything to do with me AT ALL, not even being partners, to be FRIENDS with me it had better be important to you. If you want to have sex with me my gender had better be EXTREMELY frelling important to you. Like number 2 on your list after ” are you a human, alive and consenting?”

You do NOT get to determine if my gender is important or a factor. If I were to find out a partner ” didn’t care about” my gender I would be very hurt.

Larger LGBT community you need to knock this off to. ESPECIALLY in graphics you peddle to cis hets AND the community.

DO NOT tell people their genders do not matter. It is not a compliment, OR a statement of solidarity.

Go ahead. Send me hate for this. I only tell the truth.

Being a woman doesn’t make you better than men.
Being fat doesn’t make you better than thin people.
Not shaving your legs, wearing makeup, using deodorant etc. because you think it’s antifeminist doesn’t make you better than people that do. (In the last case, it just makes you smellier!)
Being a PoC doesn’t make you better than Caucasian people.
Being homo-, bi-, pan-, poly-, or omnisexual doesn’t make you better than a straight person.
Being transgender or anything that falls under that umbrella doesn’t make you better than a cisgender person.
Being polyamorous doesn’t make you better than monogamous people.
Being asexual doesn’t make you better than sexual people.

Why is it that if these statements are reversed, they’re met with “Hell yeah!”s or “Amen sister!”s, but this post will probably get hate?

I believe in true equality. Reblog if you do, too.

Are you of a nontraditional sexuality or gender?

Dear friends,

I am planning on expanding upon my recent piece “When No Gender Fits” to be a series of illustrations on alternative gender and sexualities. I need your help! If you classify as one of these (for example asexual, genderfluid, bisexual, transgender, etc) it would be very helpful if you would shoot me a message describing what its like to be that gender or sexuality. Try to use as much visual imagery and metaphor as possible, as this will help me form visuals of my own. For example:

"I classify as agender. This means that I do not feel I am male or female. This makes it hard to live in a world that wants to put gender in neat little pink and blue boxes. I wish people would see gender as a spectrum instead. Some people dont think its possible to be agender; I feel a bit like a mythical creature, and its frustrating when others refuse to see me the way I see myself."

THANK YOU so much if you do decide to participate and give me some insight into this subject. If you know someone who is of a nontraditional gender or sexuality, please show them this as well. I look forward to reading your responses!