omniscient theory

Through solitude I finally see.
Where I once simply believed
I get now that it has to be.
We are the waves that keep traveling.
Where we go and where we’ve been
is orchestred by the night,
bright before our eyes.
And it seems clear to me,
that if space and time,
simple observants such as I am,
are filled and emptied so often,
then there is a rythm,
a never ending poem,
grand scheme
complex and unwavering.

The day someone lays this omniscient theory,
maybe I’ll know how it happened
how i became so lonely.

—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write -68

Honestly, way more than the idea that somewhere in the nebulous afterlife Rose is steepling her fingers going “all according to plan” like an altruistic version of one of those stereotypical anime antagonists, I like the idea that a bunch of things already happened that Rose had no way to plan for and didn’t know about?

The Cluster. New Gems arriving from Homeworld with unprecedented technology. Steven’s immunity to said technology.

Steven finding Lapis’s mirror and the Lighthouse Gem (you don’t have to agree with me that LG is a component of Blue Diamond to notice that she breaks the established pattern set by the corrupted Gems and thus is probably pretty dang suspicious/likely to be important) and in Lapis’s case, actually bonding with her, not enough to secure her as an ally but at least get some of her good opinion.

Steven befriending Peridot and securing her as an ally to the point where she directly lied to Yellow Diamond and chose to stay on Earth.

I don’t think Steven was part of a plan for Rose. I don’t think he was her masterstroke. I think that to Rose, Steven represented an idea that she had grown to believe in, and she believed in that idea so much that she was willing to trust him with whatever might come.

Rose never abandoned the Crystal Gems. Not Pearl and Greg, her lovers, not the planet that she loved, not Garnet and Amethyst. Rather, her faith in Steven, in what she represented, was so strong that she was willing to give up everything she had to give him a chance. 

I like that better, because it suggests there aren’t strings attached, that Steven’s not just an equation that Rose could have just set up the right variables for and solutions falls out. It means that Steven’s triumphs, while they come with the support of his family, friends, and allies, are wholly his

WTNV Theories and Ramblings - Episode 45: A Story about Them

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