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My advice when folks are struggling with writing in the third-person omniscient is to Lemony Snicket it up. Give your omniscient narrator strong opinions about what’s going on. Don’t fall into the trap of assuming that the third-person omniscient perspective must also use the objective voice; those are two separate things, and many of the most popular and successful writers who’ve written in the third-person omniscient do not, in fact, use the objective voice.


The surprising story of Merle Oberon, the only Indian actress to be nominated for an Oscar

When the omniscient narrator read Dev Patel’s name during the 89th annual Academy Awards nominations announcement in January, the actor extended an incredible record. He became just the 13th Asian actor ever nominated for an Oscar, and the third of Indian descent.

The second was Ben Kingsley, the British actor of Gujarati Indian lineage on his father’s side. The first, however, was the only Indian actress ever nominated for an Oscar: Merle Oberon. But had Hollywood had its way, as it did most of her life, we likely never would have known she was Indian at all. Read more 

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Hellooooo! I’m not gonna lie, I am actually quite proud of this one because it was the first one that I wrote with an omniscient narrator and I loved it and I want to know what you guys prefer, just tell me! Hope you enjoy xx

Joe wasn’t sure of how or when it happened but he fell and he fell hard. Maybe it was when she laughed at one of his silly jokes or maybe it was when he saw her breaking down in his arms at midnight. It didn’t matter to him because he was in love with her, deeply. He was not attracted to the other girls, she was the only one who mattered. At first, it was easy to hide but as the time went by and they became inseparable, it was harder for him to act like they were just friends. Because in her eyes, they were only friends. The best of friends but that was it and it broke his heart watching her with other guys. At least, that’s what he thought. He wanted to be the one to hold her hand and kiss her neck. He knew and loved everything about her. From the way she threw her head back when she laughed to the way she hummed to herself her favourites songs when she was bored. Everything about her made his mind go wild and he couldn’t get enough of her.

Y/N, on the other hand, knew she was in love with him for a while now. She was the only one who saw him opened. She knew his biggest fears and his deepest thoughts. She saw him at his ups and downs and she couldn’t help but fancy him more and more. She could truly be herself when he was around because she knew he would never judge her. But all she really wanted to know was what is running through his mind when he’s looking at her. And the truth was, everyone knew but them. All of their friends knew. It was obvious but the two lovers were the only ones  to be oblivious.

Joe was sitting on the couch, facing her. He was over for dinner at her house in London, a few minutes away from his. His sister Zoe and her boyfriend, Alfie were coming around as well. They were waiting for the couple to arrive and talked about random things. Joe didn’t pay attention to Y/N’s words anymore, he knew she was rambling about the last book she read. It always impressed him how cultivated and clever she was. She always wanted to learn new things about life and it was one of the many reasons he was attracted to her mind. As the words came out of her mouth, he couldn’t concentrate on anything else than her green eyes and her soft lips moving. He realized how close they actually were and his heartbeats started to increase. He wasn’t used to this feelings, it was all new to him and it made it all worth it. He bit his lip, trying to not get lost in her eyes but it was too late. It was when Y/N nudged his shoulder that he came out of his trance. “I’m boring, aren’t I?” She spoke with a small smile and Joe shook his head. “Of course not!” He replied, giving her a warm smile in return. “Oh, what was I saying then?” She teased with a lovely smirk appearing on her face and Joe’s cheeks flushed. “Um, what was the name of the book again?” He said, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. Y/N hit his chest playfully and the sound of her laugh echoed in his hears. “You, bastard! You weren’t listening!” She said and Joe put his hands up in defence as he let out a small chuckle. “Don’t blame me, it’s kind of hard not to get distracted by this lovely face.” He said and he noticed her cheeks go pink. He found it adorable how she blushed because she couldn’t take a compliment. For a moment, he thought that was it. It was the moment he has been waiting for. When Y/N’s gaze felt to his lips, he moved his head to get closer from her. But the sound of the doorbell made them pull away instantly. “They’re here!” Y/N said excitedly and looked at Joe before jumping up from the couch like a child. Joe was frustrated but got up to follow her. Y/N opened the door to see a grinning Zoe and Alfie, she smiled as she hugged them both and Joe and Y/N both stepped away to let them in. Joe almost haven’t noticed that his hand was placed on the small of her back and Y/N haven’t pulled him away. He could get used at the idea of greeting their families and friends in their own home. He smiled at the thought and they followed the lovely couple into the living room, ready to enjoy their night.

A bit later on the night, they were watching a movie on the couch. Zoe and Alfie were cuddled up on one side and on the other side Joe and Y/N were close but not as much as they were before. It bothered Joe to not be able to touch her. His attention from the movie was gone, he was now watching her. She turned her head, feeling his gaze on her and gave him a smile which he returned before she leaned in onto his shoulder. His smile grew wider at the action and he felt himself blush. He watched her put her legs above his and cuddle closer now onto his chest and she kept her eyes on the screen in front of them. It didn’t look long before Joe wrapped his arm around her, tracing patterns against her skin. Joe felt butterflies forming in his stomach. He was so happy whenever he was with her. He didn’t know love could feel like this, he didn’t know what love meant until he met her. Soon enough, Y/N was falling asleep. Joe looked to his left and noticed that his sister and her boyfriend were fully asleep. He looked down at Y/N and she lifted her head up, looking at him. “Well I guess, we’re all loving this film.” She said with sarcasm in her tone which made Joe laugh. His eyes dropped down to hers and he smiled. He got lost again. He was mesmerized once again. I love you, he thought to himself as he watched her intensely. It’s when Y/N pulled away from his embrace to look at him properly with a frown that he realized that the words accidentally came out of his mouth. “What?” She said, just above a whisper, a surprised expression showing on her face. “Oh my god, that just came flying out of my face.” He whispered and sighed. Y/N stood there confused but a small smile was on her lips. She heard right. Joe was still staring at her and figured that it was now or never. “I love you. I do. I just-, I love you. And I have been trying not to say it. I have been trying so hard to just mash it down and ignore it and not say it.” Joe started and Y/N’s jaw dropped. She didn’t expect that from him. She felt her heart melt and she couldn’t look away from him. “I am so in love with you. You’re in me. You’re like, It’s like a disease ,It’s like I am infected by you and I just can’t think about anything or anybody and I can’t sleep. I can’t breathe. I can’t eat. And I love you. I love you all the time. Every minute of every day. I love you.” Joe admitted as his right hand went up to her cheek, stroking her skin with his thumb. Y/N was speechless. No words could describe how she felt at this exact moment so she simply leaned in and their lips were brushing, their eyes were closed from the tension between them. “I see you’ve already made the first move.” Y/N mumbled and Joe smiled as their foreheads touched. “Make the second one then.” He whispered and she finally closed the slight distance between them and their lips finally connected. It was slow and steady and filled with passion. Y/N’s hands wrapped around his neck, deepening the kiss. After a few seconds, they both pulled away slowly but their lips were still brushing. Their breaths were heavy and their hearts were beating out of their chest. “God, that was…something else.” Joe said and they both chuckled and turned their heads when they heard someone laughing. They shook their heads and pulled away from each other when they saw Zoe with her vlogging camera pointed towards them. “I’m sorry but I had to capture this moment. So iconic.” Zoe said as Y/N hid her face in Joe’s chest feeling the awkwardness filling her cheeks. Joe kissed the top of her head and finally came to the realization that she was now his and only his.

jane the virgin has like very well crafted episodes that make you need to watch the next episode more than any other show i’ve ever watched because every episode is a fuckin cliff hanger and the narrator is omniscient and he says things like “and he believed this until his dying breath” like when is he going to die? now? in 2 months? next season?? when he’s had a full and wonderful life???? tell meeee

queenie reads minds, but she’s isn’t some omniscient, “all knowing” narrator who knows everything. it’s a terrible, beautiful, large flaw in her abilities.

even though newt is very much still in love with leta, his expulsion led to him harboring bitter feelings towards her, thinking of her as a “taker”. this implies that he gave a lot to her but felt as though she only took, never gave. hence queenie: “she’s a taker, you need a giver”. however…

this doesn’t mean leta is a bad character. she is described as damaged, confused, complicated. a tragic figure. for all we know, she might have not fit in with slytherin because she didn’t possess the associated quality of self preservation. for all we know, it could be a quality as to why he fell in love with her. i don’t think newt could possibly fall in love with such an inherently, irrevocably wicked soul. i don’t think he’d still have her picture placed in the open of his safe place, and still possess such profoundly strong, fond feelings for her after all this time.

she didn’t make newt take the fall, he did so on his own accord, but it resulted in his soured feelings towards her and it also damaged their relationship and friendship; he still is in love with her, but that’s how it is. they fell out or their maintained relationship faded away.

newt has a big heart and i don’t doubt that as a youth, he had an even bigger heart. he said in comparison to his youth, he changed, and it’s likely because of what happened with leta. i highly doubt that leta was abusive. but i also don’t doubt that young newt was naïve, and gave too much either; though i don’t think he is gullible. older newt is more aware of the nature of human beings, but he still is in love with leta. in light of this, if she was as bad as some people think, i don’t think he’d still have such strong feelings for her.

regardless, as the saying goes, no good deed goes unpunished. and i’m pretty sure that it applies perfectly to newt scamander.

Which one are you afraid of, 

silence or clamor?

Which do you steer clear of,

loneliness or the crowd?

Why are you crying 

when someone’s child is laughing next door?

You are deep water,

an unreachable mountain

A forgotten attic,

you are a titanium shell

Why are you crying

when someone’s child is laughing next door?

Why are you crying 

when someone sings about love on the radio?

Talk with a voice I can hear,

with words I can understand

with poems I can comprehend

To you I need a caption,

someone to explain your secrets,

an omniscient narrator to tell me 

what is going through your mind.

Talk with a voice I can hear

I am simple minded, always in need of an explanation

You are an intricate map, a journey to stranger lands

Why are you crying

when someone sings about love on the radio?

Talk with a voice I can hear,

with words I can understand

with poems I can comprehend

To you I need a caption,

someone to explain your secrets,

an omniscient narrator to tell me

what is going through your mind.

Talk with a voice I can hear

What if we don’t know?

Last week I answered a question that I’ll be elaborating on a little today. The question, and a few other’s we’ve received, expressed some uncertainty on how to handle trans or nonbinary characters being misgendered when other characters aren’t aware of their gender; either due to the character being in the closet, or for some other reason.

Obviously a character misgendering another can usually be handled as any other transphobic act in a story, but it gets more complicated when you’re talking about the narration. Or when you’re concerned about clarity of writing as to what’s going on. So below, are a few tips on how to handle this gracefully and clearly:

  • If your narrator is omniscient, just be explicit. Do not be afraid to make it clear that a trans woman is a woman, or a trans man is a man, regardless of any individual’s actions or knowledge. Make it clear that the characters that don’t know about their gender, don’t know.
  • If your narrator is a character within your story, or using a more limited viewpoint….well. I’d honestly still suggest just being explicit about it then too. 
    • Here it might be better to tell than to show, even if it’s something like: “That was when we still thought she was a boy, and she hadn’t decided on Alice, yet,” and then continue to gender your character correctly.
  • All around, it’s better to be explicit and clear about what’s going on. Gender your characters correctly, make sure it’s known why characters might not be doing so, if they aren’t aware of a character’s gender, etc. 

Please feel free to send us your favorite trans authors, a little bit about your favorite trans characters, or any questions or topics you’d like to see me address, too. For some of our new followers, you can find past Writing Trans articles here in the tag.


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If you're interested in more dinosaur comics with a decent amount of shrink-wrapping and lack of feathers, but interesting nonetheless, check out "PALEO" by Jim Lawson! It's similar to "Age of Reptiles", but it's in black&white, and it also has a omniscient narrator! (Don't worry, it's not WWD 3D!)

Huh, okay!

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WHy did you leave Waterfall? Did you ahve problems there?

“I’d r-rather not t-tell you the reason w-why I l-left, but I can t-tell y-you some of t-the problems I have with Waterfall, definitely.”

“Ok, o-one, t-there’s t-the fact that, confidentially, t-there may be s-several crazy n-neighbors; not n-naming names, but c-crazy angry fish c-children, c-creepy seahorses w-who h-hit on you and r-refuse to r-realize that; A. Y-you’re not interested in h-him, and B. T-that you’re not a g-girl, and… Temmies... L-look, I d-don’t want to t-talk about T-Temmies.”

“T-then t-there’s the E-Echo F-Flowers. It’s k-kind of amazing t-that I l-like flowers, considering t-that Echo Flowers are a thing. Ok, first off, t-they’re EVERYWHERE down there. And I m-mean, e-everywhere, in c-cracks and c-crevices and growing l-like the little w-weeds they are. And considering, you know, t-they’re Echo Flowers, t-two g-guesses as to how that t-turns out?

.Y-yep, you have y-your every word on r-record if you don’t s-spend every second looking out f-for the t-things. A-and that m-means Waterfall is a t-total hotspot f-for vicious r-rumors. Y-you have to w-watch what you say w-walking along a r-road just because of h-how t-the flowers are l-listening in and anyone who w-wants can j-just… listen to t-them repeat w-whatever secrets you have!

…O-oh, and, s-side note, w-while it’s certainly a very s-sweet tradition and I w-would like to say I t-think it’s a b-beautiful sentiment, but t-the Graveyard E-Echo Flowers, t-the tradition w-where someone w-who knows they’re going to fall down soon t-travels to a certain patch of flowers in W-Waterfall and whispers t-their last words s-so their f-family never forgets their voice or w-what the fallen wanted them to hear… It’s an amazing thing, y-yes, it’s incredibly sweet, b-but…
L-let’s say someone lives n-next to that p-patch, or lives n-nearby and h-has to go past it e-every day to g-go shopping… T-that monster w-would have to h-hear monsters o-on their d-deathbeds confessing t-their love for their family constantly i-if they accidentally, say, b-brush past the wrong one…. L-let’s just say that if s-someone lived n-next to that, c-constantly hearing h-heart wrenching messages f-from dead monsters m-might bring someone down…. If any of y-you followed Dr. G-Gaster’s blog a w-while back, and c-cried over E-Edna’s Echo F-Flower… j-just imagine how it w-would feel to live r-right next to that. C-constantly. F-forever. Every t-time you go to the store.”

”T-that might b-be s-some things someone m-might have problems w-with. I-it’s a pretty p-place, y-yeah, and if y-you like f-free stuff, it’s really g-great, but… t-there’s a l-lot m-monsters don’t tell you about actually living there.”

*Wow, looks like there’s something that does get Shystablook genuinely angry! That’s a shock.

Gastby and Daisy

Hey can you do an imagine where he has a girlfriend but he likes you at the same time and he tries to avoid you cuz he’s confused

It’s been 3 days. 3 boring days. It all started on last Friday when you guys had a moment. You were at his house studying for English…


“5. Is Nick Carraway necessary? If we got the story through a third person omniscient narrator, what would we lose? Gain?” Y/c read aloud.

“I think he is necessary because you get to see in someone else’s eyes, and see his opinion in it all.” You state.

Y/c shrugs.“ In all honesty, I think Nick is the most useless character. Without him what do you lose… Nothing.”

“How could you say that! Without him, Gastby and Daisy would never have reunited.” You say frustrated.

“I’m sure Gastby would have some balls sooner or later, Nick just sped it up, that’s all.”

“Uh, no. He-” you look up at y/c. His cheeks displayed a smirk. He was only arguing with you to get a you irritated. He knew that Nick was one your favorite characters.

“You jackass! You only like to piss me off. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” You say this while trying to push him off his bed.

“Oh wow such a threat Shehulk.” He holds your arms so you wouldn’t push him off.

You try to hold in your laugh but you couldn’t hold it anymore, so your limbs went limp. Making you laughing so hard you fall back on the bed.

“What’s so funny?” He laughs along with you. He hovers over you slightly.

You finally settle down and look up at him.“ I’m just happy that’s all.” You make me happy.

You loved hanging out with y/c. Especially since you’ve liked him for over a year now.

“Happy? Happy that I was getting you angry.”

You shake your head, closing your eyes. “Why do you like pissing me off?”

“Your adorable when your mad.”

Your cheeks redden. You cover your face to conceal the pick cheeks and groan.

“Let’s finish this assignment before it gets to late and we end up bingeing on The Walking Dead and pushing it off till Sunday night at midnight over Skype.” He grabs your arms and pulls you up.

Suddenly his phone rings. He looks at his phone and clicks it off.

“Who was that?”

“Just (crush’s girlfriend’s name/ c/g/n).” He says casually.

“She’s going to be pissed if you don’t answer, especially if she knows I’m here.”

“She doesn’t…”

“Y/c!” You slap his arm.“ You do like to piss me off, don’t you. You remember last time that happened. She was livid.”

“Can we not right not.”

You groan in response.

“6. Do you think Daisy really loved Gastby?” Y/c read.

“Nope.” You say easily.


“If she truly loved him she would have left her husband and went with Gastby.”

“Daisy was in a hard situation. Her old love, over her new one. She just chose the most logical choice. She loved both.”

“Instead of choosing “logically” she should have used her heart. You shouldn’t just think ‘oh since I’ve been married for so long that I should stay with my husband.’“ You put your hands up for quotes.

“And that’s where your wrong y/n.” He says softly, he moves his body towards you. “I’m sure that Daisy thought about Gastby everyday. Every hour. And I’m sure her husband would be livid if he found out that Daisy and Gastby were sneaking around as well. But that didn’t stop Daisy, she wanted to be with Gastby, but things just got in the way.” By this time his face was mere meters away from you.

You now understood that he wasn’t talking about Gastby and Daisy, more like you and him. You couldn’t believe he liked you.

“What things got in the way?” You whisper back. You were shocked and couldn’t move a muscle.

“Things.” His lips are the closes they can be before pressing to yours.

“I don’t want us to be Gastby and Daisy.” You whisper. And you also weren’t a homewreker.

He breaks out of the trance and moved back. He shakes his head back and fourth slowly.

“I think I should go.” You say hastily, as you get off the bed.

He stays silent, breathing heavily.

As you grab your books, you head to the door, right before you shut it, you here him call out to your name and then rustling from getting off his bed. Once you step on the first step of his stairs you bolt outside and run to your car so you won’t be tempted to hear what he has to say.


You thought the weekend was enough time to clear the air, but then here came 3 days.
You thought everything was going to blow over. Yes, you liked him, but your friendship meant more since you knew that there was know possibility of him choosing you.

You didn’t want to be Gastby.

You saw him by his locker. This was it, he can either take it or leave your friendship.

“Hey.” You say cheerily as you walk next to him.

“Hey.” He mumbles not even giving you a second glance. He walks away towards the other direction.

“Y/c! Why is my best friend avoiding me?” You scream at him.

He doesn’t say anything, but he stops walking.

“I thought this whole thing would blow over by now.”

“It has.” His voice says chillingly.

“Then stop avoiding me.”

He turns to you and walks right in front of you, making you get pushed into his locker. His minty breath fans over your face, making your breathing lose control. For a spilt second, you would let his lips touch yours. For a spilt second, you would thread your fingers through his hair.

Instead he stops right before his lips touch yours.“ This is why I’ve been avoiding you. Every time I’m near you, all I want to do is touch your lips against mine, but it wouldn’t be fair to c/g/n or you.”

“Then break up with her.” You say simply.

“It’s not that easy.” He groans.

“What’s not easy. You like me, I like you.”

“You like me?” His vulnerability showed through his eyes.

You nod.
You see slight happiness within his eyes. He moves closer to and you close your eyes, expecting a kiss, but instead you receive a kiss on the cheek.

“I need time.” He says.

“Then I need space.” You push him away and walk away from him.

“Wait!” He pulls your arm.

“You’re just like Daisy!” You scream at him trying to pull your arm away.

“I’ll prove it too. I promise you that I’m nothing like Daisy. If anything I’m Nick.”

“I thought you hated him.”

“I only said that to only see your bright pink cheeks.” He says trying to make you smile.

“Don’t try to swoon me.” You look away from his face so you won’t crack a smile.

“Please, I need my time to think.”

You wait a second trying to collect your thought.

You sigh with defeat.“ Fine, I’ll give you a week. After that, if you choose y/g/c, we pretend all this never happened.”

“But you don’t know if I-”

“Don’t get my hopes up.” You grit out.



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what do you think of "riverdale"? i've never been a fan of archie comics but i am a fan of Teen Shows and murder mysteries so i'm into it. a lot of the archie stuff is probably going over my head though. my biggest pet peeve about the show is the weird semi-omniscient narration in jughead's voice (although i love jughead as a character! esp his hat -- that translated really well from comics to tv) and how weird it is that everyone knows that jughead is writing a novel about jason's death haha

oh i absolutely love it. it’s so weird and sensual. i can’t believe tumblr isn’t having more of a fit over it because there’s sexual tension between every single character, even like, kids and their parents.

jughead really needs to eat more hamburgers tho

How To: Take Notes for What You’re Reading in English Class

When your teacher gives you a text to read for class and they want you to be prepared to discuss the novel, play, short story etc. it can be difficult to know what notes to take on it. It might seem impossible to read a text and gather significant information on it at the same time. Through the example of The Simpsons, I’ll show you a few easy ways to recognize what aspects of a text you should “sticky note” without feeling like you’re highlighting the whole thing.   

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1. To Start, consider what perspective the story is told from, not just what type of narrator the story uses. Your text might be told by an omniscient third person narrator, but which character’s thoughts are being focused on and what biases do they have? In The Simpsons episode where Lisa worries she’ll become stupid because of her genes, she sees her fate as doomed and horrifying. The perspective of this episode is from Lisa, an eight year old girl, who is highly intelligent and looks down on her brother and dad’s couch potato lifestyle. Therefore, take notes on your narrator’s judgement, reliability and their sense of identity, (if told from the third person perspective,how does the narrator portray the main character’s sense of identity?). 

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2. Next, write down or sticky note each conflict and look at how they are resolved. Consider how minor issues are solved and compare them to the climax. If you are unsure what the climax is, always remember it’s the major problem that happens before the story’s action plateaus. There might still be an overarching problem that’s not resolved if the text is part of a series, but the story still has a specific problem that gets resolved. For example, in the early seasons of The Simpsons Homer is homophobic. In one episode he worries Bart is gay because they meet a gay man, John, and after this encounter Bart shows what Homer thinks is homosexual tendencies. In each of Homer’s attempts to stop Bart from “becoming gay” he fails at instilling this sense of hyper masculinity in his son. The climax of this story is that Homer’s final attempt almost gets him, his friends and Bart killed, but John saves them. Consequently, Homer recognizes that his ignorance is dangerous and his prejudices about homosexuality being negative and contagious are wrong. The main issue of Homer fearing homosexuality is resolved, however there is still the overarching issue of Homer not fully understanding the LGTB community.  

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3. After you analyze narration and conflict, take notes on the hierarchy of relationships between the main characters. Compare, how certain characters are below and above others in the story. See if any characters challenge their power position, do they achieve more authority or are they content with the position they’re in? It’s also important to note characters that lose power and how they lose it. Although Lisa is a child, she often holds more authority over Homer, but she obey’s Marge’s parental guidance. Consequently, Lisa respects her mother and sees Homer as inferior to her.

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You don’t have to make lengthy notes while reading, but knowing what to sticky note and make point form notes on is important. Before you know it you’ll find reading and analyzing is an easy thing to multitask! 

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Ignoti Nulla Cupido (6/).

Prompt: Nat came to you in order to keep her and Tony’s promise to keep you safe, but how would they react when they’ll learn about the secret you’ve been keeping since you left Bucky’s side?

Word Count: 821

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader.

Warnings: More angst for my beautiful little gremlins.

A/N: Third person omniscient narrator.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 |

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Bucky, Steve and Natasha entered together, together they walked towards the medical bay where shouting was heard. Bucky felt like a robot, it felt as his Winter Soldier years.

He was able to see and feel everything around him but his movements felt like another’s, as he was trapped in his own body. Only one word replaying in his head and it was her name, the name of the person who gave him the whole word and dragged him from the darkness in his soul.

“There’s no pulse” He heard Tony said as the three of them made their way into the medical bay. “There’s no pulse, c’mon kiddo. You can’t do this to me, you hear me?” Iron Man’s voice was shaking and full of terror.

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The latter part of Byrne’s Avengers West Coast splashes – note that #48 and #55 break with the main pattern not only by featuring objects and not people, but also including omniscient narrators instead of dialogue. (From #48-56.) – Graeme

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General tips/stuff to avoid while writing an omniscient PoV?

Omniscient POV allows you to portray the thoughts of all parties involved in a scene. Be clear about whose thought you’re giving. Use names! Don’t fall into the trap of ambiguous pronouns. Even when you feel like you’ve used names too many times in a row, do it again if there’s more than one character in a room. Clarity over flow every time.

Omniscient also lets you skip from one location to another to follow various events even when your main character isn’t present. Don’t give away your secrets. Maybe it’s crucial for the audience to see a scene with your antagonist in it, so you cut away for that dramatic moment, but be aware of what you’re telling. You can so easily destroy all hope of suspense and intrigue with omniscient because your narrator can tell and show anything they want.

Don’t talk too much. Because your narrator has the power to tell everything about everything, being omniscient and all, you have the power as the writer to include details about anything–any point in a character’s history, any stray thought, any moment in a character’s psyche. Keep a lid on it unless it’s important. First drafts of omniscient stories almost always have too much world-building or character details that aren’t pertinent. Stick on-task.

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honestly like

i LOVED when iron man comics would just up and randomly wax lyrical about some aspect of tony stark for virtually no narrative purpose. like these (multiple) page-long splashes of 3rd person GUSHING about tony’s BRAIN or his HEART or his COURAGE or his GENEROSITY or his EXISTENTIAL ANGST

and it was either done by an omniscient narrator (esp re: existential angst) but other than that it was all OTHER PEOPLE talking about tony WHEN HE’S NOT LISTENING

these days people have this whole idea that when tony walks out of a room it’s like *annoyed eyeroll* time for everyone when originally it was pretty much a tony stark fan club behind his back

lmao you can fight my tony-centric ass on it but i absolutely fucking L O V E it