omnipresent man

Eight-Legged Heroes

Pairing: God!Chuck x arachnophobic!Reader

Request: “Hi! I love your writings! ❤ Could you write a God!Chuck x Reader, where the reader has arachnophobia and, after she saw a spider and freak out, she asks Chuck if he was high when he created spiders? With some fluff and funny puns? 😂 Thank you! 😄” Thank YOU anon! 

Warnings: swearing, spiders

A/N: I may have gotten some arachnophobe-details wrong, so please excuse me! I myself am an arachnophobe, but it’s the kind where I’d fly out of the room in a heartbeat to avoid contact with said spider, so I have no experience in spider-related encounters. By the way, that title was a play of the Louden Swain album Able-Legged Heroes on a very sleepless night and lots of hysterical laughter afterwards so yeah. 

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Good Girl! - Part 3

Summary: Werewolf!Reader Story. Readers a young doctor and uses her skills to keep her condition hidden, until she transfers to the Enterprise and tries to deceive a certain grumpy Doctor

Bones x Reader

Wordcount: 1787

A/N: I haven’t written smut in ages. I really really hope you like it anyways and I haven’t embarrassed myself too much with this. Next one will be pushing the story I have planned out :)

This fiction is set in AOS

Warnings: Smut. srsly, There is sexy time in this part. Like - a whole paragraph.


„Someone has stolen provisions.“
Doctor McCoy had been furious all day. You sipped at your coffee and hurried to join your co workers. It was a slow day and so everyone had to report in for inventory. He wanted every vial, every medicament, every hypo to be accounted for. Of course you knew where the missing sedatives went. But you couldn’t tell him and so you joined the others, counting and sorting everything in every cabinet in the Enterprises’ medbay.
„He sure is mad…“ mumbled Morgan and everyone giggled.
„I’d be too“, you confessed and gave them a wry smile. „Think about it, five year mission, stops far and wide in between, we’re never going to know what’s happening next.“ There was general consent about this and you felt a twinge of guilt nipping at the back of your mind. It was immediately silenced by what felt like a deep growl in your head. Silenced by the urge to run, stretch your legs, bury your teeth in raw flesh - with a whip of your head you snapped out of it, exhaling audibly.
„Everything okay, Y/N?“ three pairs of concerned eyes met yours and you forced another smile: „Yeah, everything’s fine. Bit of a headache.“- „You shouldn’t work so much and give yourself more rest.“, one of them patted you on the back and you had to bit your lip to not growl at her.
Yes, you felt guilty about all this - but you needed those sedatives.

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