omnipresent man

The Future Is Clearer Than The Past’s High Definition

We look back towards prior times
with widened eyes,
for they were spaces
that held both mortal and magic
in the same body.

Theese superior regularities
strode the streets continously
without shadows follwing,
visual reverberations,
spiritual reflections,
metaphorical darknesses,
constantly tailing them.

These shadows weren’t shown
until under the LED sun
bright with harshness,
burning with rage,
and invasive.

Inspired by a conversation with @rhapsodyinblue45​:

I want to live in a time in the past. Is that strange?
Not at all! Which one?
20s.  30s.  40s.  50s.  60s.
What attracts you about those time periods?
They were innocent.  They are not now. Unfamiliar and romanticized.
They weren’t overexposed
True.  Decency still seemed prevalent
Also true