yes, in fact, this is a good a time as any to talk about the effects of depression, and to let people know how omniprescent it is and to motivate people to move past it, because a lot of people are suffering with their own and a death can make things hard on everyone.

so do not tell people to shut up about depression. it’s a very serious topic and this is a very good time to spread word.

It’s not disrespectful to robin williams at all. It’s mindful. It’s informative of what he was going through, and what others are going through.

I respect robin williams enough to try to make sure no one suffers the same fate.

RWBY Info post
  • Russel IS getting lines
  • Kingdoms; Vale, Vacuo, Mistral, and Atlas/Mantle
  • Sun is from Vacuo!
  • Haven is an Academy
  • Neptune was apart of a whole different team and different design
  • Sun’s team is SSUN! (Or SSSN?) (Its pronounced Sun.
  • Semblances are Semi-hereditary, they can be similar but its not 100% transferred.
  • Humans and Faunus can Interbreed!
  • Vehicles use Dust as a fuel source
  • We don’t know if the Shop Keeper is Nurse Joy or Omniprescent
  • Yang and Ruby’s relationship will be explained later
  • There are Rarer types of Faunus, Mammals are just the most common!
  • Faunus traits are not very apparent! Like Tukson’s was his claws!
  • Dust is a limited resource… ruh roh
  • There are sheaths that attach their weapons via magnets
  • theres something with Jaune’s symbol and under his breastplate?
  • The Moon is currently ascetic, but will probably play into the story
  • The dragons on the map are coincidental.
  • Beacon is the school for Hunters, but there are other combat schools that wield other titles!
  • Next history lessons are after Episode 7 and Episode 10
  • Mercury’s weapon does not have a name yet.
  • betting 10 bucks the board game will actually come out
  • Plush dolls are coming out
  • and Kara fell on Arryn, Miles s creams “MONOCHROME”
  • and the couch is NWBY at the moment.
  • okay now its RWBY
  • Cinder is Older than the rest of the kids, but she is around the age of a senior student. Edit: Er well sorta, it seems like they implied she was around that age but she definitely passes as it.
  • “We need someone with a Semblance of Beer”
  • “It hasn’t been a season if I don’t have a blade in my face” -Grey
  • Miles has a Arryn Boobies sense
  • Apparently Jaune swearing is hilarious.
  • There are religions but we dunno when they’ll talk about it
  • Animals have Auras (maybe plants)

This is all the stuff I got

  • Neo is TORCHWICK’S right hand woman.
  • Shes going to come into more detail