like…it still blows my mind away whenever i think about davesprite and jade…he really is dave, but part bird. he’s the same dave that’s known jade for years and they actually dated???? romantically dated???? in canon????? i mean, the ship would still be cute if they didn’t date, with all those cute interactions they had in the past except that never happened. they actually loved each other enough for them to start going out

and the only reason why davesprite broke up with her was because he thought he wasn’t good enough for her and she deserved someone better?????¿¿¿¿¿¿

and then there’s this

i know those parts have been posted and talked about a lot but it’s so astonishing that they are explicitly talking about their (romantic) relationships with each other (hardly ever happens in homestuck), and seeing jade literally say “you broke my heart” to one of her best friends is so awful because we know she puts on this facade for her friends (same with dave), she’s seen as this happy and cheerful girl and that plus the fact that there was a version of herself where she spent time alone on the ship without john or davesprite and she became depressed

and then jade dies, dave gets almost uncharacteristically heated, using punctuation marks and what not, i could be wrong but wasn’t that the first time he’s ever been evidently freaked out that much?

and he was so set on getting jade’s corpse to jane to revive her

just when things couldn’t get any worse, this happened

truly no offense hussie but. is this shit allowed. did he really have to die on top of her.

this was just another example, an image of dave’s protectiveness of jade that’s been shown countless times throughout the webcomic and this is probably the epitome of that character of him

davesprite or dave, they both obviously care very much about her and were always doing things for her sake, regardless if it was the best decision to do or not. there really needs to be a conclusion/closure to all of this

let jade know that davesprite broke up with her because he thought she deserved more

and that even after 3 years and all those arguments, dave died trying to get her back to life

let dave know that jade doesn’t need all his protection and that she can look out for herself

and let davesprite know that he isn’t worthless just because he isn’t the “real” version of himself. jade, john, and everyone genuinley loves him no matter what they say

#davespritedefensesquad #jadeharleydefensesquad let’s go