Check out our latest artist interview with illustrator and maker, Rose Wong! Rose is one of the participating artists in the Omnibus Treasury Exhibition, is a recent graduate from Pratt Institute, a talented maker, and a great person to talk to about style, studio practice, and inspiration!

You can check out her interview on the Light Grey Blog, see her work for the Omnibus Treasury Exhibition on the Light Grey Shop, the online gallery, or her website here!


The opening reception for Light Grey Art Lab’s, Omnibus Treasury: An Illustrated Jewelry Exhibition opened last night and this is my illustrated collection!

It’s called Wood Maki and you can purchase the set, or the individual pieces ~*~here~*~ Also check out the other amazing sets ~*~here~*~

Thanks LGAL for giving me this wonderful opportunity!!

I’m SO excited to announce that I’m going to be a part of the Omnibus Treasury at the Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis! There are some really talented artists that are a part of this show, you can check out the full list of artists on their website.

The reception is May 30th, if any of you live close enough to swing by. The pieces will be on sale at the Light Grey Art Lab Shop online, and you can buy them as a set or as individual pieces. 

I’m really excited for Light Grey Art Lab’s new show opening tonight called The Omnibus Treasury! It’s all collections of illustrated jewelry; my collection is titled Geometricameo, and I bet you can figure out what that means, no? Above is the pendant I came up with. These were so fun although I felt challenged by the small size; I would love to experiment with bigger statement jewelry at some time (ceramics maybe?)! That’s just how I roll anyway. Lots of gold and lots of bold.

In retrospect, this palette almost looks exactly like the blanket I had when I first moved to Arizona. It all comes full circle!


I’m thrilled to be participating in Light Grey Art Lab’s Omnibus Treasury show, which opens tonight!

The show displays collections of jewelry designed by a number of different artists. For mine, I decided to do a collection of cute kitty jewelry, no surprises there.

For those of you local to Minneapolis who want to check it out, the opening reception is tonight, from 7-10pm and the pieces will be on display in the gallery through July 3rd.

If you’d like a set of kitty jewelry for yourself, you can purchase the pieces at the show in person, or online here!


(photos courtesy of Light Grey Art Lab)

Just a heads up!

My collection, ‘Wood Maki' is only for sale until the end of June! It’s a limited edition illustrated jewelry set made for Light Grey Art Lab’s ’Omnibus Treasury Exhibition.’

You can either buy it as a set or separate pieces. I ordered mine and I can’t wait to see them in person!

~*~Head over to Light Grey Art Lab’s Store to check them out~*~

Preview for my piece for LGAL’s upcoming Omnibus Treasury show, combining the two biggest things in my artistic life: illustration and jewelry. I know I pretty much never (except that one time) post any of my day job stuff here, but since I actually work on designing and modeling (sculpting) jewelry about 8 hours a day, and pretty much have to think in a considerably limited palette of shapes and colors, it was very refreshing to work on a piece that involved illustration as the finished product.  Be sure to check out the other (awesome) artists participating as well.


Everyone is posting their peeks for The Omnibus Treasury show over at Light Grey Art Lab, and here;s mine! My theme was Fat Fruity Dovers, where I focused on the colors and patterns of fruit doves like the Luzon Pigeon and black Naped Dove. No pictures of the actual finished jewelry yet but here is my sketch for how it should go and the finished artwork. Undecided about whether or not I should flip the necklace idea with the bracelet.

If you’re in Minneapolis you should check out the opening, May 30th from 7-10pm. You can also order the finished pieces online one the show opens. Another post with links later!

Facebook event page

Here are the finished pieces from my jewlery collection with lightgreyartgallery!  All of the collections just blew me away, you should definitely take the time to check them out and shop around!

Click here to purchase online!  Or if you live in the Minneapolis area, you can take some treasures home with you in person! The show opens tonight :)

Check out this fabulous jewelry collection by Meg Hunt! 

“Geometricameo is a modernized take on classic cameo jewelry. Facets, angles, and colors play together with portraits and birds. These pieces are bright and ready for summer!”

You can view her collection along with the other unique pieces on the Light Grey Shop here:

You can also find more of Meg’s work on her portfolio here:

My Illustrated Jewelry series for Light Grey Art Lab’s “Omnibus Treasury” show! Currently on display in the gallery until July 3rd. Check out a synopsis of the show on Light Grey’s website here. About 30 artists created beautiful, adorable, wearable artwork. The best thing is that it’s all available to purchase in LGAL’s online shop!!!! 

Here is a shop link to my moth jewelry series if you’re interested in purchasing it :)

Illustrations by Rebecca Olene, Jewelry assembled by Light Grey Art Lab’s Lindsay Nohl


Wow! The jewelry illustration that I did for the “Omnibus Treasury” show at Light Grey Art Lab is finally released!!!  The design becomes a real piece of jewelry. You couldn’t know how exciting I was when I first saw it. Although I cannot attend to the opening reception tonight, I am so proud of this show and all other collections in the show are so well-done!! 

Again, big thanks to the Light Grey Art Lab crews of their hard-working and helping each artists to assemble their unique collection.

Hope you like the show and please check it out here!

You can get my collection here!

Thank you!



I recently had the honor to work with Light Grey Art Lab again and create a collection of jewelry for their current show, The Omnibus Treasury. I’ve worked with them three times before, and they consistently come up with the coolest ideas for shows. 

Here’s the artwork I did, inspired by melanistic jaguars and protea flowers, and the beautiful jewelry collection, titled Jungle Lord, they made out of it!

Here’s a link to the show, please check out the pieces everyone created! They all turned out fantastic!