Frogs of MTG in D&D

Folks who know me personally will know that frogs are probably my favourite animals, and since it’s my birthday on Monday July 3rd, I thought I’d do something a little self-indulgent. So, following the Gitrog post, I thought it would be fun to celebrate my birthday by celebrating my love of frogs, making more of Magic’s frogs as D&D creatures.


The frogmite’s stats are a combination of multiple frogs, and the rules for an Iron Golem (obviously lowering the appropriate stats for something small). Instead of a standard bite attack that most frogs have, I decided to go with a claw attack since those back legs look pretty sharp! In addition, I gave it the ability to cast locate object, which acts as a mechanical translation of a way for them to hunt blinkmoths, another artifact (and therefore an object), but also to the effect of representing “affinity to artifacts.”

Haze Frog

The haze frog’s main ability is Sedative Fog, which I chose to inflict the Stunned condition (over unconsciousness or exhaustion) as it worked well for representing a drowsy character with difficulty fighting, but also makes the haze frog’s other attacks more likely to hit. Another addition to the standard giant frog rules i added was Spider Climb, as the art hints at the haze from being a species of tree frog, so a climbing ability seemed appropriate.


I based the omnibian’s stats more on the giant toad than frog (it gives off more of a toad vibe what with the bumpy skin, and the two use the same creature type in MTG so it could certainly be a toad). Since a core part of the creature’s lore is camouflage, I felt it was appropriate to give it a stealth bonus as well as the main ability. Since on the card it is a tap ability, an action made more sense than simply having it as a passive aura.

Plaxcaster Frogling

A frog mutant is still a frog! Or at least, frog enough. The most interesting part of writing the rules for this creature was working out an appropriate translation for the Graft mechanic. While I tried stat-modification, I feel that what I currently have works well, as it can lead to the frogling’s death in the same way that it can on the card. I’m happy with how Graft worked on this, I think I will definitely revisit it in the future to see if I can find alternative ways to translate the mechanic.

This post is a bit away from my normal work since it’s four different creatures as opposed to one with extensive description, but I hope you like it! You can find another of Magic’s frogs here, in the post where I designed D&D rules for the Gitrog. Also, my 1000 followers celebration is still open, ending tomorrow at around 6:30 BST; You can find the post here