Stranger Suns (1989), Cover of Amazing Stories magazine, illustration for a story by George Zebrowski, by Bob Eggleton

The blue sphere is an alien spacecraft in orbit around a triple sun solar system where one sun has become a black hole. A tractor beam from an ancient civilization reaches out in desperation towards the vessel. 

Is there extraterrestrial life out in the void? Will the Fermi Paradox ever be answered?

Drunkard’s Walk Also used for the cover of Orson Scott Card’s classic Ender’s Game by John Harris

“Above the matrix city the lemon-colored starship twists through the air, emitting noxious fumes for misguided residents to choke on. A planet covered in lights and concrete. Wherever the ship lands there is sure to be trouble." 

Biomechanoid 70 by H.R. Giger

The Swiss-born artist blended human bodies and surrealistic machines. He called his style “biomechanic,” and few artists have scratched at recreating the fantastical worlds Giger manufactured with his brush.

“I never do harmless things like flowers. If they are flowers, they are the flowers that eat someone.” - H.R. Giger

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