omni directional mobility gear

i feel like the snk english dub is gonna be like the last airbender movie where they say/pronounce literally everything wrong to the point where death seems like the only escape


Woo! 3D maneuver gear progress from the last two weeks! Also, the crushing realization that, once again, I won’t meet my intended deadline… But it’s progress and I’ll take it!

Also, observe! The very first prop I ever made! thirteen-year-olds in wood shop should not be making Buster Swords.

honestly i don’t know if i’ll watch the snk english dub because all the characters will call Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear, “Omni Directional Mobility Gear” and i just don’t think i could handle my babies embarrass themselves like that.

Real Talk: ODMG

Omni Directional Mobility Gear makes sense from a technical perspective, but it’s such a bloody mouthful. Only a few extra syllables, but Omni Directional also doesn’t shorten the way 3D does, that’s honestly my biggest issue.

3D-Gear/Maneuver Gear/toaster ovens are probably going to stay as my default phrasing, I just hope they figure out a better way to shorten it in-show (probably just “gear” after the first few times) lest it become a giant, morbid game of chubby flubber.

That said, I’m pleased with Erwin’s 2 words. Yes.