New comic! This one’s based on a true story – all but one line in here was real! Shout out to Shibo Shasu, Chachamu Chamu and Grey Form for one of the most entertaining dungeons I’ve had the pleasure to run! :)

This actually started with that snarky comment from Shibo, our elezen tank. I decided to start try and annoy him because I like to annoy Lala-haters. Much to my pleasant surprise, everyone including Shibo started playing along, all the way to the end! I had a lot of fun and laughs and Grey said it cheered him up from a bad day as well, which made me very happy :) I just had to draw it out.

  • FF writer: *wants to write that Klaus killed Esther at night when it was raining* *goes to watch 308* *Rebekah says Mikael went on a rampage and killed a village then killed Esther* Ok it's plausible that it happened at night, rampages take a while. *checks that the ground they buried her in is soft* *checks time of day; figures they might have buried her the morning when they found her body* Ok it's possible she died at night and it was raining.
  • TO writer: *wants to say Esther died by strangulation* *glances at TVD DVDs* *starts writing*