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——— I’ve noticed a TREND ascending slowly into ‘I see this more often than not’ category, and I’d like to make a PSA on it before it goes any further.

Guys – if someone is asking you a question about CODING or GRAPHICS, please answer it. Please don’t encourage the trope that only ‘QUALITY’ people should be able to know about these things. Link people to posts if you don’t know how to explain things. Help people out where we know how to help. If the people asking aren’t being rude or trying to steal and are genuinely curious about how to do the things others know how to do, HELP THEM.

The whole point of a roleplay community is that it is a community – we are supposed to help each other and guide each other through this wonderful experience of creativity and creating small families that have special places in all of our hearts. We are supposed to promote this in the community, not ‘save’ it for only those who deem themselves as holier than thou.

let’s help to create a fun n creative experience for everyone!

[C]ommunism will not mean the end of mediation. It will mean the end of those mediations that fix us in our social roles: gender, race, class, nation, species. Just as the end of abstract domination will not mean the end of abstraction, so too, the overcoming of these mediations will leave plenty of others intact: language, music, games, etc.
—  Spontaneity, Mediation, Rupture - Endnotes