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What if as time passed Mabel reincarnations have Alcor's summoning circle bound to their souls, like they can't even read but they can do a perfect summon circle of the scariest demon in existence

ommmmmgg this mod thinks this is adorable but also hilarious like

Baby’s First Summoning

Baby Fights: Demon Edition

impromptu Babysitter!Alcor because toddlers dont know what deals are or how to make them so Dipper’s kinda just stuck there looking after Babies

OITNB *spoiler

I wish people would shut the fuck up about “ommmmmgg I can’t believe they killed the poc lgbt’ like the show isn’t filled with poc and lgbt? It was supposed to shock you and make you mad. It’s a TV show, it still has to entertain and surprise you. Well done, you’ve discovered television foreshadowing reality. Leave your triggers and conspiracies at the door.

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