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AN: It would have took me a really long time to write a scenario, since I’m not that good at it. So I hope this format is alright? If not I can write a scenario! However first Soulmate! writing! I chose where you could see all but one color!

  • you were okay with not seeing the color brown
  • well that’s what you told yourself when you were younger
  • it didn’t really matter back then
  • because you were too engrossed with learning each of the other colors not focusing on the missing one
  • but
  • now
  • you think brown is so stupid
  • that this whole thing is stupid
  • why could you see all bright colors of the rainbow
  • but not the color of the trees and some of the houses?
  • it ticked you off beyond imaginable
  • just because you couldn’t even imagine what this brown looked like
  • people had tried to explain it to you
  • but of course your brain couldn’t think of something even close to what they were saying
  • you would just have wait
  • wait until they came
  • they as in your soulmate
  • you were also kinda ticked at your soulmate
  • why did they have so much power over you?
  • but you couldn’t really be that mad because you knew were withholding a color from them
  • you couldn’t help but to think
  • what color were you holding?
  • blue? green? purple?
  • all your friends had their color wheel and life complete
  • what was taking your soulmate so long?
  • what if you didn’t have a soulmate?
  • what if they don’t want to meet you and stayed inside all day avoiding you?
  • all this crazy talk was really making you crazy
  • so you needed to go to the grocery store anyway plus it would help ease your mind focus only on your list
  • while in the grocery store you couldn’t help but to feel a nagging sense but you didn’t know why
  • so heck you continued to shop
  • buying all things that wasn’t on your list lol
  • “I don’t remember 3 cartons of ice cream being on the list buuuuut they are on sale so I might as well.”
  • it’s time to check out and while your pilling stuff on the counter
  • “paper or plastic?”
  • you could tell that paper was brown because it was that grey color
  • instead of seeing brown you seen grey
  • but you knew the item had to be brown because it was a special grey that intended it was brown
  • in school they taught you all about soulmates and your color wheel
  • they would have these powerpoints to show you what color you couldn’t see
  • each slide had a different color like for example blue
  • and the kids who couldn’t see blue would see the same color grey that you seen when you saw brown
  • so you chose paper just idk you wanted to hold something brown just in case you know
  • you ended up with two bags
  • they weren’t heavy or anything, nothing you couldn’t handle
  • they were just awkward to hold
  • you bid your goodbyes to the workers
  • about halfway home one of the bags started to tear
  • you were trying to hold the bag together with your hand
  • but eventually the bag ripped open letting all the contents slip onto the ground
  • it wasn’t eggs or anything which was good
  • it was a bunch of different things scattered all about
  • “here let me help you! it seems your bag has ripped? it happened to me the other day as well.”
  • someone says laughing
  • you look up and you’re frozen
  • he’s so beautiful
  • his nice tan skin complements his freshly dyed blonde hair
  • his bright orange button down shirt slapping you in the face next
  • paired with this nice blue pants making the shirt pop even more
  • he was just so beautiful
  • you quickly look down picking up your contents with shaky hands
  • you reach for the broken bag
  • and
  • it’s not grey anymore
  • it’s brown
  • you gasp looking at the boy again
  • “ahhh so that’s what pink looks like.”
  • and then he leans down and pecks your rosy cheeks

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Off Limits.// Draco x Reader

Title: Off Limits.

Prompt: Hello, could you do an imagine where the reader is Hermione’s younger sister by a year and she finds out that she is dating Draco by finding her in a broom closet snogging him. If you could try to have them maybe argue and eventually make up it would be great :) thank you

Could you do a Draco X reader? Just anything I’m not picky lol

Pairing: Draco x reader

Warning: upset Hermione + Reader.

A/N: this kinda sucks whoop. I have strep ommmmmg and reminder you can request imagines. new generation (albus x reader and Scorpius x reader only.) and anything form the golden generation.

You and Hermione walked into Hogwrats, she wanted to go and meet Harry and Ron, but you wanted to meet someone else. Hermione walked you to where she normally met the boys, you didn’t dare talk to her. You lived with her after all. “Any friends you’d like to introduce us to?” she asked, smirking only slightly.

“None.” You muttered she nodded. Seeing the boys she started running, leaving you behind. She had just started her sixth year, and you were starting your fifth. You walked behind her and Ron hugged her. “Okay boys; now just remember she’s off limits.” Hermione laughed, “Ah, so that means you’re off limits too I suppose?” you piped in, Hermione rolled her eyes. “Of course not. You are the baby sister, I am the big sister.” She said, it was your turn to roll your eyes. “Okay whatever.” You muttered walking away. You wanted to go and find your long time boyfriend, Draco.

You guys hadn’t been able to see each other all summer, barley got to send letters to each other. You bite your lip as you walked around, not being able to find the tall blonde. When you did find him he was with Pansy, Crabbe, and Goyle. You made eye contact with him, smiling. He smirked.

You guys spent the next few days making eye contact and smiling. Not wanting anyone to really know.

But one day you guys couldn’t help it. You both had decided at six o’clock you would go and see each other. You needed to see each other. You needed to touch each other. And that’s what you did.

You both met at a broom closet, he was there earlier than you, since you couldn’t get away from the Golden trio without them questioning you.

You opened the door slowly before you saw Draco. Walking in you shut the door, Draco smirked at you. You giggled. “God I missed you.” He whispered coming up to you.

He quickly began to kiss you. It was slow and sweet, but soon turned into a messy kiss. Draco started moving his hands, just above your waist, not wanting to do more than what you’ve done before. Draco’s mouth quickly left yours, moving down you jaw to your neck. You let out a small sigh, before light flew into the room. You kept your eyes shut before you opened them, seeing your worst nightmare.


She had rage on her face, your eyes grew and Draco and you pushed away from each other. “Merlin’s Beard, what have I told you?” she asked, her voice booming, “He’s going to use you to get to Harry Y/N! He’s no goof.” She hissed at Draco, you rolled your eyes, “Hermione you don’t understand,” you tried reasoning, she laughed arms crossing.

“I don’t understand? Okay, were we not the ones being taunted by him? He taunted you the very first day you got here, and who stood up for you?” Hermione asked, eyebrow raised, “It sure as hell wasn’t you, or Ron, or Harry.” You sassed, “it was me. You’re so blind Hermione,” you laughed, she looked between you and Draco, “Ron likes you and you like Ron. You’re taking out your anger for not being with him, out on me. I’m in a bloody relationship and you’re not, and you’re scared I’m going to get hurt, but guess what Hermione,”

You took a deep breath, “This relationship has been going on for years, and you’re too blind to see it!” you started laughing again.

Hermione looked at you, “If you get hurt it’s your problem, not mine.” She muttered, walking away.

“Well, that ruined the mood.” Draco whispered, you giggled. “Later,” you smiled kissing his check.

“Bye mudblood,” he laughed out, “Remember Draco, that’s a naughty word and you shall not say it.” He stuck his tongue out at your words.

Days had gone by and not a word was said to Hermione. Harry and Ron started ignoring you which lead you to become closer to Ginny, Neville, and Seamus. You laughed with them at some joke Seamus had said. You noticed Hermione starring daggers into you, which you kept ignoring, but Ginny didn’t.

“Why is she looking at you like you betrayed her?” Ginny whispered in your ear, “Long story short, Malfoy and I were caught snogging in the broom closet and it was a mess because she caught us.” You said, face glowing a bright red. Ginny nodded. “That sure does sound messy. And she’s upset?” she asked, you nodded.

“Go and talk to her,” she then whispered, you looked at her before nodding.

“Hermione you will sit there and listen to me, you understand?” your voice was harsh as you looked ay her, she nodded.

“You will not come after Draco and I, you will allow Draco and I to be together, I love him. You cannot force me away from him, you understand?” she nodded, agreeing. “Okay now good.” You began to walk away before she spoke up, “I’m sorry.” She said, “Me too.”


Ommmmmg 😭😭😭😭