Legos, Smart Boards, and OMLA

Last week Helen Jackson, RRR’s Education Director, attended the Ohio Middle Level Association Conference to watch master teacher, Veronica Asbury, lead a great presentation called “Gettin’ on the Groove”.   Veronica has presented at the OMLA for the last two years as well as at the recent National Middle School Conference held in Louisville, KY.   She is well known as a ‘can-do’ teacher whose students repeatedly have the highest test scores in Ohio state language arts tests!  Veronica uses the RRR Language Arts album to great advantage in the classroom and has students singing and dancing their way to language proficiency.  

Helen also found two more great ways to use RRR music with other technology and manipulatives.  RRR music can be loaded into Smart Boards and used to enhance video clips, visuals and other animations easily and quickly. Jill Dennett, Instructional Technologist for SmartEd and Ivery Toussant, Education Consultant for LEGOeducation, were both impressed by RRR music and it’s applications, as well as RRR really being impressed with the terrific applications the Tap.It interactive technology and LEGO manipulatives bring to classroom learning!  All great tools for 21st century classrooms!

Here’s an example of clever use of LEGOS and RRR music by student Jake Valentine:

What is the Truth?

What is the truth? 

I like you.

A lot.


Maybe too much.


no that’s not possible.

You make me happy.

even if three thousand is a number,

You make me laugh.

My white teeth shine every morning.

All because you are you.

You are smart.

Among the most intelligent,

to ever grace my presence.

Yet you are not quite present.

You care.

In other words

You would always be there.

Clever always

slightly a pace before my own.

Creative in such,

you will construct your own throne.

The person that lays

under that beautiful hair


That soul is worthy.

I just like you,

and I like you a lot.