I’m in a friendly debate, and I’m trying to find all the documentaries, speeches, post, essays, ANYTHING about how/why humans are not omnivores and WHY humans shouldn’t eat animals. Some help would be greatly appreciated!

Specifically, I’m looking for a post about why humans do NOT have the teeth or digestive system to eat meat.


Last Tuesday, I attended a book reading/signing at Omnivore, San Francisco’s entirely food based book store. It’s an easy trek, since I live within walking distance, and they have interesting people come to speak*.

Brad Thomas Parsons recently published Bitters: A Spirited History of a Classic Cure All, with cocktails, recipes and formulas. He spoke at length about the history of bitters, and then went on to talk a bit about how to build your collection, and even make some at home. 

Brad’s advice on building your collection: start with the usual suspects, Angostura and Peychaud’s. Next, add an orange bitters, though he was quick to point out that there are quite a few variations on orange. The next came as a surprise: mole bitters. (He mentioned them several times through the night, so I suspect he’s a big fan.) Past that, he warned not to buy oddball bitters just for the thrill of having it. Go from the opposite idea; think about what you already like to drink, and what will compliment or even raise the flavor.  

Nico Vera was also in attendance, and made two cocktails for attendees to try: a pisco sour, and play on the sazerac with pisco. Both were delicious (though, having to serve 50, much too small). Read his account of the night here

Despite telling myself I wouldn’t, I bought the book. Expect to hear some of my adventures in bitters in the future! 

/LARC - Mace

* I’m still kicking myself for missing Christopher Kimball, who is one of my heroes.