Set up Amaterasu’s kamidana and renewed the offerings for the New Year, since I will be in Amsterdam in a couple of days! I even got Her a little flower wreath. ✨🎍⛩🎍✨

Doors open on Her request, as per our end-of-year house party tradition! My devotional necklace is under the torii gate as well, to be blessed before I travel.

Expect Amsterdam trip photos every day until I get back, and have a Happy New Year!!!

Did this while doing my homework. I really wanted to draw this fanart a long time ago. I’d be really happy if someone could do a better version. Amaterasu-sama ❤

Edit: I just realized, the way I colored her, she looks like Yukine’s girl version. Lol

god of ashes

chapter length: 4.5k
rating: m
pairing: yatori
links: ao3 /


“How long have you been seeing the god?” her grandmother asks.

Hiyori’s jaw works open and shut, but no sound comes out.

“You have hidden a shrine in my house,” Grandmother continues. “With a mysterious name on it. You have disappeared many times in the middle of the day, and you come home happily covered in sweat and bruises.”

The cloth settles in the old woman’s lap, and her wrinkled hands fold over each other.

“And you are wearing a look these days, my cloud girl,” she says quietly. “One I haven’t seen on you in many years.”

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Kamidana for the New Year! Doors are open at Ami-sama’s request, to help air out all the bad things from the past year. “Treat it as My home away from home,” She says. “I don’t like it when it gets stuffy.”

So quick story: it was super rainy this morning, which bummed me out because I was planning on decorating the Ami-sama’s kamidana and refreshing Her offerings and I like doing that when the sun is out. I go home and start fixing things. As soon as I place the last thing on the shelf (the newly lit incense stick), the sun breaks through the clouds – and these are the photos that came of it. Just some small saturation and cropping; all the light streaks are real!

Happy New Year to you, too, Amaterasu-omikami!


make me chooseapollo/artemis or TSUKUYOMI/AMATERASU (asked by hecvte​)

the goddess of the sun once sent her husband, the god of the moon, to represent her at a feast hosted by the goddess uke mochi.  while the food looked exquisite, tsukuyomi-no-mikoto found its preparation so vile that he killed uke mochi for daring to serve it to him.  upon discovering what her husband had done in her name, amaterasu-omikami was furious.  she moved evermore to another part of the sky, never again to look upon his face.  in such a way was the cycle of night and day begun.


These are photos of the Geku in Ise city or also known as Ise-Jingu or Ise grand Shrine (<=It is only a part of the whole complex :)

The whole Ise-Jingu consists or the Geku and the Naiku :)
The Geku is the part for the deity that supplies Amaterasu Omikami, who is enshrined in the Naiku, with food (^-^)
This is kind of the centre of Shinto and it is a very fascinating place to be at because you get to see a very old style of buildings :3

Aside from its cultural, religious and historical significance it is a really nice place to be at (๑´•.̫ • `๑)
I went there during summer so it was very hot and the green of the trees and plants surrounding this place felt very relaxing and peaceful :3
There are many huge trees on the precincts of the complex which makes it feel like the set of Mononoke Hime :3 
The thatched roofs of the buildings gently blend in with the surrounding green because of the moss that is growing on it and make it feel like the shrine is like an outskirt or a branch of a tree which is amplified by the clean and neat gravel surrounding the buildings ₍˄·͈༝·͈˄₎◞ ̑̑

It was fun to see how many Japanese hugged the trees around the shrine :)
I think this is a really nice thing to do (^-^) <=Koalas would agree I guess (^-^;)
I tried it too :)

I feel like it is very difficult for me to describe how I felt but I think at peace and happy would be the best ways to do (^-^)

I wish everyone a great weekend and happiness (^-^)/

Headcanon 12;

Eating habits and sample daily menu

As a whole, the Royal Family is happy and grateful for whatever food is put in front of them. Because Omikami is the only one of all of them who can actually cook, they are very humble when accepting food that is made for them, and will never complain about a meal.

Amaterasu is very adventurous when it comes to food, and she will happily try anything once, even if it looks/smells unappetizing. Her favourite food is cherry cakes.

Shiranui is much more reserved in his tastes, and will likely turn down more exotic food, but will never turn down a good meal if it is offered to him. His favorite food is sashimi.

Oshi is somewhere between his mother and his uncle on the subject. He will gladly eat whatever is put in front of him, but if he’s unsure of something on his plate he will nibble at it like a child (and because of his physical form, no one will argue with him over it– he does still look like a child after all). His favorite food is nigiri.

Omikami, being the “chef of the family”, is more picky than the others. He will gladly try new things, but prefers the finer side of dining, as opposed to comfort foods. He loves caviar.

Headcanon meme requested by lastofthemoontribe

Have the muses recite this. It is the Amatsu Norito, or prayer to Amaterasu and the heavenly kami:

In the divine spiritual world of infinitesimal but truly existing high energy particles
 in the throne of heaven where the spirit of God is now manifesting itself as fire
by the power of the divine fire and water principles
Father of all living existence and man, Amatsu Su of True Light, Creator God…
and great gods of purification
our various impurities of the spirit
please purify by True Light
please revive in us the original power of a child of God
these our wishes…
most humbly and respectfully we pray
Father Creator, original God of True Light
please bless and protect us
Father Creator, original God of True Light
please bless and protect us
Bless our spirit, may it flourish in Thy kingdom forever.
Bless our spirit, may it flourish in Thy kingdom forever.

A little teaser of what's to come...

// Alright, the three of you have convinced me. Hehe~

And an explanation for those who are unaware? Although I typically play Omikami as identifying as a male, he is a genderless Deity. He simply changes his form to make people more comfortable to be around “him”. He has little preference between the genders, but finds that he is more emotionally attuned to others as a female, thus took that form during this RP.

Kurow frowns a little bit, sitting down beside her. “…Mama…? …are you listening…? I have something important to tell you…" She doesn’t answer, but her eyes seem to twitch in his direction when he talks.

”…Mama…? Are you listening now? Dad is old, now…his hair’s starting to turn white, like he said it would…but, Mama, he doesn’t want to be alone. And you went away. So…Dad went to Aunt Omi…he doesn’t wanna be alone when he dies. Dad and Aunt Omi really love each other now…“ he sighs, sounding apologetic. "I’m sorry, Mama…I just thought you would like to know that Dad had found someone else…”

Amaterasu’s eyes widen at his words, first at the mention of Waka’s age, as if she had forgotten; second upon the mention of “aunt” Omi; and third at the word ‘love’. Her eyes are quite open now, though they had been nearly closed when he approached her; she looked almost frightened as her head very slowly in his direction. She blinked once, twice. “Found…. someone…. else…?”

Kurow nods a little in answer to her words. “Yes, Mama.” There is a seriousness in the boy’s eyes, amidst the sadness there. “Dad was able to find comfort and love that he would otherwise miss out on in the final year or so of his mortal life…”

Amaterasu was on her feet immediately, the madness of the few days past returned to her eyes. Her menu fan was in her hand, and her Celestial Markings glowed brightly as she flooded with power. It came off her in waves, fueled by her grief and anger. “Where are they? Take me to them. Now.”

The boy instinctively flinches away, nodding again a little. “They are in Aunt Omi’s room, Mama,” he answers softly, getting to his feet. Kurow fights the urge to flee from his mother, instead calmly leading her out of the room.

Her breathing was stable but heavy as she followed her son to where that traitorous pair stayed. The mind of the Goddess was racing with all the ways she’d like to see Omikami suffer. But questions first. Always question before you strike, Amaterasu. Not that anything Omi might say would change her mind. No one took Ushiwaka away from her. No one.

When they arrive outside Omikami’s door, he quietly peeks in. “A-Aunt Omi? Dad…? Are you still in here…?” he asks quietly, glancing back at his mother.

“You should leave, Kurow.” Amaterasu’s voice is steady, but her eyes seem to be looking through him. There’s a feral nature to her stance. “Go find Oshi. Stay with him. I don’t want either of you to be present for what is going to occur here.” She waits for him to go, looking to the door instead.

// Omi’s eyes…

I gave this description to Tabbi, and this is the colour she gave me. I love it.

Like the color that trees seem to be at the beginning of spring, when the buds of the leaves are just starting to appear, and the tree itself seems to be sort of tinged a sort of subtle soft green?