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“Thanks!” With a nod, Cassie sat down across from the pink-haired girl. She’d finally managed to get out of the League for a break, and decided to head to Akala for some Moomoo Milk. After all, they made it best here, what with the Ranch being nearby.

“…hey, is that a Sylveon?” she asked, leaning a bit for a better view. “I’ve only ever seen a few in person before.”

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Umm, I know the rules and FAQ, but I just wanted to drop by and say this. (Ofc, no need to reply AT ALL. It's even in the rules XD) I'd like to say I love your art. The lineart,colors, expressions, everything. I also usually am not fond of fanon characters, but I love your Felipinas! It's the first fanon ask blog I've ever followed! Thanks for running the blog; I enjoy looking through it!

omigosh thank you! Messages like these keep me motivated despite my busy schedule. I’ll be updating more often pretty soon, just watch!

So uh yeah i just wrote the first chapter of my first ever Dragon Age fanfic so if you guys wanna maybe read it please like this post or say something to me or something like that so that i know that there is some interest? like honestly even if its only one person saying they wanna read it i might post it so yeah??? please??? thank

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Congratulations on 1,000 Followers on your work, Indie! That's so amazing and such an achievement. Imagine a room full of 1,000 people reading your writing!

Omigosh!! Thank you so much!!

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I’m honestly having a bit of trouble wrapping my head around it. That’s pretty much the entirety of the secondary school I went to. 

It is sooo surreal, and I have cried a couple times since. I have, all happy tears, but I’ve been writing FTT for over a year and a half, and it has a huge chunk of my heart (like all my stories really), but I’m so happy that people like it. Just so, so happy.

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hihi!! i just want to let you know that you are a princess! and youre amazing and i love you!! and im sending you lots of hugs! ♡

omigosh thank you so much!!  ♡ ♡ i’m going to cry you’re so sweet ;w; <33 i love you soooo much!! hugs!! i hope your day is as wonderful as you!!


“Where did all of these foals come from!?”

((Omigosh, thank you guys so much for reaching such a tremendous milestone! 600 followers! That’s just freaking amazing!

For such a situation, I thought I’d draw a few of you guys as babies! I drew as many of you guys as I could today! I hope you enjoy <3

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And a few Ponies from the LoE Forum!

Seriously guys, I couldn’t thank you all enough. ;u; ))