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They're not incest apologists like you.

OMG this is so nostalgic!! 2013 fandom all over again!!
aaaahhhh the feels are hitting me straight in the heart! all I wished is for S2 to be able to bring 2013 fandom atmosphere again and I wasn’t sure until I read your ask!

omigosh thank you anon!! the memories are hitting me, S1 feels like it was yesterday 😍 I’m so glad the fandom is rising up from the dead! 

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I loved those nose kiss reactions, you think you could do ones for Tfa Blitzwing, Ratchet, staracream and slipstream (I don't remember if they have noses or not )

Omigosh! Thank you so much! I like the idea of kissing someone on the nose/kissing my nose (even though I’ve never had nose kisses before x3)

-Icy chuckles lightly and gives you a kiss on the nose as well saying how sweet you are
-Hothead growls but he’s just fussy, that’s all
-Random laughs because your kisses tickle, then he offers you a kiss… by licking your face, ew

-he’s a grump and probably busy so he tells you to go away
-you tell him it’ll only take a second, so he rolls his optics and says “let’s get this over with, what do you want?”
-You quickly kiss his nose and he cracks a smile, “thank you. I’ll return the favor when I’m done”

-He’s grumpy because his plans to overthrow Megatron are all going wrong
-he leans on you and asks you to make him feel better so you lift his chin and give him a kiss on the nose
-“I meant overthrow Megatron for me, but I guess that works too” he says trying not to smile

-She’s going on about something that’s annoying her and you’re patiently listening to her go off questioning everything
-You can’t take it anymore and grab her face and give her nose a kiss
-She smiles and taps your nose, “thank you, I feel better now, but why didn’t you do that earlier?”

The moment you open you mail and see this… I’m sooo close to have an heart attack, damn it! QwQ
Got that from @nasty-bones / @keksbela but I duno whyyyyyyy QwQ it’s all made by her and her sis, and it’s AMAZING!
I luv u soooo much, you can’t tell TwT
Thanks thanks thanks ❤❤❤
Fuscisgis if you excuse me now, might as well run around screaming now! Boiii~

“Seventeen’s reaction to when you guys are casually walking around with then at then then you suddenly wanted to stop and slow dance under the stars?” 


He’s actually been wanting to do that for awhile now, well ever since the walk started to be exact! Before he actually gets to romance you with his sweet romantic moves he’s going to act a bit…Seungcheol (childish).  Yaaah, why didn’t you ask sooner? I was going to ask but looks like you beat me to it~ Now after his Seungcheol moment is over, it’s time to romance you to the max with his sweet dance moves under the stars. 


In his head he’s just so excited to dance with you but on the outside he just shows a calm smiling face. While dancing you he’s going to occasionally spill a couple compliments and sweet talk you~  Wah, your eyes shine so brightly under the stars, we this more often~Then he’ll place a small kiss on your head. 


Bless this kid would just do it, he wouldn’t say anything. He’ll just take your hands and wrap them around his neck, then wrap his own around your waist and start dancing. He’s not going to say anything because he wants to cherish the moment he has with you. 


He’s not even going to take this dance seriously because he’s such a nub. He’s going to of course dance with you but occasionally make make jokes or do cute things to just ruin the romantic moment. I mean yeah it’s cute but come on Jun, your suppose to take this seriously. 


He’s going to be caught a bit off guard because one moment you want to take a walk and another moment you want to slow dance? But of course after a couple seconds of processing this he’s going to slow dance with you till you practically can’t slow dance anymore cause your just so tired, then that’s when he takes advantage of this and carries you home~ 


Hello yes, he’s totally up for this because one it’s better than just walking, and two he gets to be really close to you! He’s going to start the dance off with a bit of space between you two but the longer you guys dance the closer he brings you towards him. Once you guys are barely inches apart he’s going to lean down and place a kiss on your precious soft lips~ 


I can see our small little man being a little shy about just dancing randomly at some random park! He’s going to try to convince you to slow dance back at home but he’s just going to give up because he can’t resist your cute pouty face. “ Why do you hate me so much? Why do you have such a cute face that I can’t say no to, hm?” 


This kid is just so excited to dance with you that it’s crazy. He’ll smile so brightly hearing you ask to dance with him. He’s not holding anything back, he’s going to use all the cute and fun dance moves he knows to make it the best dance you’ve ever had! (basically the only two cheesy dance moves he knows): Twirling you around and dipping you down. 


This big kid is going to be kind of shy to dance with you because that means he needs to be close, like really close to you and that makes his heart flutter. Yeah he holds hands with you and stuff but you guys aren’t chest to chest when you guys hold hands! So give him a bit of time to mentally prepare himself for this and he’ll dance with you to make you happy.


He’s not really going to say anything before and during the time you guys dance because he just wants to cherish the moment with you like Joshua! Plus he needs to think of romantic moves to use to impress you because he’s a big sweetie! In the end he doesn’t really cherish the moment due to the fact that he was trying to think of romantic dance moves to impress you. 


He wouldn’t mind that you suddenly wanted to dance! So of course he will dance with you since it’ll make you happy but while you guys dance he’s going to serenade the heck out of you because the sky looks beautiful, it fits the moment, and he just knows you’ll appreciate it. 


Omigosh he’s going to cringe while doing this because it’s so cliche and corny in his book. Of course he’s going to dance with you but he’s just going to be smiling and lightweight cringing at how corny this is and make comments about it. I can’t believe we’re doing something that people in romantic comedy movies would do..” 


This kid right here is going to try to negotiate with you. About what? About how you guys shouldn’t slow dance but do a dance that’s a bit more sped up! He loves you and all but slow dancing just isn’t his thing. But in the end he’s going to give in with his  negotiating and slow dance with you because he loves seeing you happy. The things I do for you Jagi~” 

Hello sweet sweet babies!!o('∇'*)o Tis bubbles here again ofc with another reaction that is absolutely adorabubble like me! jk~(●≧▽≦●) But thank you so much anon for sending in a request!!(。ノuωu)ノBut omigosh thank you all so much for sending in so many ask yesterday, it was really sweet and nice of you guys! ★-(ゝ∀・` Thank You!´ゝ∀・)-☆Annnd guess who watched seventeen’s MBC performance like a milllion times today!! Me!!!!! *ヾ(○´∀`) Gosh they were all so perfect that it hurts.(●>_<●) Last thing for today, tomorrow school starts so please wish me a lot of luck because I will need it! ヽ(●≧Д≦)ノ Other then that please enjoy this reaction and give it and me lots and lots of love like always~   ゚☆,。・:*:・゚★o(´▽`*)/♪Thanks♪\(*´▽`)o゚★,。・:*:・☆゚

**Gifs are not mine! All Credit goes to the original makers, thank you!!**

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Please write a "prompto x reader" romantic fan fiction ^_^ it can be funny sobby or anything I love reading your stories they are amazing 😍

Oooh, romantic with Prompto you say? I can certainly do that~ you just gave me an open window for pain, love, saying it can be sobby… I can balance it, making it a bit angsty but keeping the comfort.

Also omigosh thank you, I’m glad you like how I write, hehe!

Heavy spoilers for chapter 13 and many, maaany self doubts here coming from him. I tried to get into Prompto’s mind and messing with it for a bit, pulling some stuff out.

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I saw this rap video about Milo Murphys Law on Youtube and as your bosses rapped I saw YOU Like three times XDXDXDXD I squealed when I saw you, you look so beautiful

omigosh thank you :)
*blushes like crazy* It’s hard sometimes for me to see the same things others see so it’s a nice reminder :)

for those of you who are interested, here’s the Milo Rap: