Horizon Zero Dawn “Cast”:

Aloy - Rose Leslie

Rost - Russell Crowe

Teersa - Judi Dench

Sylens - Lance Reddick

Helis - Javier Bardem

Erend - Russell Tovey

Olin - Omid Djalili

Varl - John Boyega

Resh - Lennie James

Teb - Joseph Gordon Levitt

What do you think?


Comedian Omid Djalili on Iranian culture

Classic Omid:

‘Why don’t you America give up your nuclear weapons program and we’ll send you 20 trucks of pistachio nuts!’

anonymous asked:

Now I love the '99 Mummy film, but where does the big post of the great stuff get the idea that the Egyptian characters were played by Egyptians? If memory serves there's Imhotep (Afrikaner), Ardeth Bay (Israeli), medjai-museum-curator-whose-name-escapes-me (Indian American), Anuksunamun (Venezuelan) and the prison warden (Omid Djalili - British Iranian. Speaking of Omid, ever seen "The Infidel"? strange film. Didn't hit my sense of humour, but ah well.) Did the OP mean the extras in the film?

I’m guessing that’s who it was referring to? Not sure TBH. But yeah you’re 100% right. 

I’ve never seen The Infidel, but maybe I’ll check it out. 


i have been thinking about this episode every day for the past six years

i can’t stop singing

send help