aight so listen peeps lend me yo muhfuggin ears please. Theres a girl im a little crazy about her name is Sim or as i like to call her Super Omicronian Galaxy Destroyer Sith Lord <– True shit. This girl is amazing she likes hockey metal and my geeky ass so yknow thats a plus for me. Shes the type of girl that would beat the fuck outta me then make me a burger cause she loves me. 99% sure that she wants me for my extensive knowledge and comic collection. Shes pushing me to get my GED and a whole bunch of things that i woudnt even give a second thought to if i hadnt met her. She keeps me sane and stays up late with me if need someone to talk to or if my paranoia sinks in and im to afraid to asleep shes there and i couldnt ask for a better friend and girlfriend, so thank you for everything. nrml-ppl-scre-me