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I cannot believe she mentioned he was drunk and went with it anyway. I'm not excusing Robert in anyway drunk or not you don't do it, but she literally acknowledged he was vulnerable and then a few words changes her mind and she's meant to be a friend of his? It's times like this I'm reminded just how far behind we are in stuff. Disgusting ED, they should be ashamed.

Yep. It’s gross. I’d really started to like Bex as well but ED shat all over her character just as they did Robert (and Aaron, for that matter).

It’s just gross all round and I hope they’re ashamed too. This isn’t even about us being like “omgzzz our ship is ruined!1!” it’s about poor, irresponsible and inconsistent writing that should be a disappointment to the show, let alone to the viewers. 

They dropped the ball here big time and I will LOL when Eastenders of Corrie scoops Best Soap at the BSA’s this year because they need to realise that the same people they’re toying with and baiting are the same people that vote for them (multiple times) to get awards and if they think they can screw us over and basically mock us then lmao kiss goodbye to your awards!!! xo

Justin Bieber fans: OMGZZZ Justin Bieber iz a musical genius!!!!!!
Michael Jackson: lol
Ronnie James Dio: lol
Kurt Cobain: lol
Axl Rose: lol
Bob Marley: lol
Nikki Sixx: lol
Gerard Way: lol
Frank Iero: lol
Billie Joe Armstrong: lol
Mike Dirnt: lol
Dave Grohl: lol
Chester Bennington: lol
Paul McCartney: lol
George Harrison: lol
John Lennon: lol
Ringo Starr: lol
Freddie Mercury: lol
Brian May: lol
Roger Taylor: lol
John Deacon: lol
Elton John: lol
David Bowie: lol
Brendon Urie: lol
Ryan Ross: lol
Damon Albran: lol
Dan Campbell: lol
Synyster Gates: lol
Joey Ramone: lol
Dave Mustaine: lol
James Hetfield: lol
Corey Taylor: lol
Ozzy Osbourne: Who the fuck is Justin Bieber?


Still can’t believe Nathan’s voice change.

Could it get anymore hotter?
SNSD to appear on Late Night with David Letterman and Live! With Kelly

It’s been announced that SNSD will appear on two popular American TV talk shows next week. According to SM Entertainment, the girls will be on “The Late Show with David Letterman” on CBS next Tuesday, January 31. The following day, SNSD will perform “The Boys” during their guest appearance on “Live! With Kelly!” on ABC.