OMGcon Homestuck Photoshoot!

Are you going to OMGcon?
Are you planning to cosplay Homestuck?
Wanna meet up with other Homestucks and take goofy pictures and just generally have a good time?

Of course you do!

We’re gonna meet up on the second floor, at the end of the hallway where Artists Alley usually is (if you can’t find it, just follow the grey skinned congoers, we shouldn’t be too hard to find) at 4:13 on Saturday.

Please, spread the word! And I hope to see you all there! (I’ll be going as God Tier Hussie, if you want someone to look for) If you have any questions, just send me an ask!

OMGcon was, like. whoa really fun. uvu Besides some other stuffies that happened, but whaaaaaaaatever!.u.
So, Friday I was Humanstuck Default Vriska and Promstuck Vriska.
Saturday I was God Tier Vriska and Female Jake English.
And Sunday I was Jane Crocker and Female Jake English.
Feel free to tag me in any photos and talk to me(psst that would be rad.)!
I saw and met a bunch of cuties so if you talked to me at the con you should def talk to me more because ily. uvu