So today is one of the best days of MY life! 

I just got this surprise scholarship this morning and I was in total shock, I honestly thought I was going into the school to talk to people about the Scholars Program and its huge benefits but was slapped across the face with this today!

I got to eat breakfast in the most beautiful restaurant with some of the most influential people I’ll ever meet in my LIFE TIME!

These people Included Joel Towers who is the Dean of Parsons, Kay Unger a renown and known by all elite fashion designer, Dee McDonald-Miller a top dog real estate master, and last but not freaking least Sheila Johnson, the founder of BET and the 2nd wealthiest African american woman after Oprah!

I was just a kid of poverty who was forced out of my dream school, SVA, because I could not afford it and Parsons took me in with the warmest hand. Parsons pushed so that I could stay in school and I was already incredibly grateful to the Scholars program for the opportunity they’ve given to me. I was so happy to re-enter school and restart my education. I never went home I gave my projects my all and I worked day in and day out designing characters and work that the people of Parsons grew fond of. I didn’t think things could get better for me as this point but THIS is cherry on top of the cake!

These people have personally told me that they are here for me and that they will see me to my goals and dreams. I’m just shaken up to know that I’m no longer alone in my journey and that the people who are following me to the end are some of America’s very best.

I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. They’ve given me a scholarship that will cover my tuition for the rest of my years at Parsons New School, maybe even more than that!

I will never forget all of the amazing support I’ve received in this school and WHEN I become successful It will be my MISSION to give back to people who are in my shoes.those who have given up hope on going to a dream school, those who are settling less, and give them the opportunity to get a fair education because they deserve it. 

Thank you again Parsons, The New school for Design, this kind gesture will not be forgotten!