omgosh so cute

i noticed an adorable parallel

Vernon seems so cute and flabbergasted and Jack seems so nonchalant like

does this remind you of anything

“i fuckin love that guy”

“*gasp* REALLY?!”

Arisha’s 3rd Fan Meeting Experience


As many of you have seen from my updates, I finally had the chance to see Arisha live at her Fan Meeting, which happened on 16 July 2017. Here is a small report of what I could remember and my spaghetti on everything that happened!

More under the cut~

(Warning a lot of spaghetti/random fanboying happened while I was typing out this post…)

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anonymous asked:

OMGOSH YOUR WRITING IS SO CUTE I CANT!! ALSO IronPanther/IronHusbands/OMGOSH OT3 PLEASE (if i can give you a prompt of sorts, if you're cool with that) Steve and the Ex-vengers being assholes to Tony and T'Challa/Rhodey just SHUTTING THEM DOWN. THANK YOU!!!

I’m glad you like my writing!! And Oh My God??? I had never thought of T’Challa/Rhodey/Tony before, but I LOVE IT!!! New OT3!! I thank you for sending me this and I cry because of a new rarepair hell that I happily enter!

“Are there any questions?” T’Challa asks, scanning the occupants of the room.

“Yep,” Clint says, holding up a single finger. He points the finger at Tony, and asks, “Why is he here?”

“Why wouldn’t he be?” T’Challa asks, carefully keeping his voice from sharpening as he’d like it to, especially at the miniscule bit of hurt Tony immediately hides at Clint’s question.

“Why bring a man that cannot be trusted?” Wanda asks, eyes unnervingly focused on Tony, “Why bring a man better called a monster?”

Tony’s eyes go wide at that, but he carefully schools his features again. Rhodey’s jaw clenches, and T’Challa knows the conversation has to change before something that words can’t fix occurs.


“Has betrayed us,” Clint interrupts T’Challa. T’Challa keeps his face blank of emotion, but he catches sight of Rhodey’s hand clenching in his lap.

Rhodey reaches out with the free hand, subtly taking Tony’s hand, something T’Challa wishes he could do now. He offers silent support that T’Challa can tell will not remain silent for long, but he’s glad of Rhodey’s unending protectiveness over both Tony and himself.

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Have you ever bought something with the expectation your animals will 100% destroy it in three seconds but then been surprised because that's how I feel with my mice and the tiny fleece pet bet I bought them. Thought it'd be shredded by now but there they all are piled into it and fast asleep...

AWh! omgosh that sounds so cute!

Unfortunately I can’t say that I have- I have bought many things with the expectation that they would destroy it

and they went above and beyond my expectations 

lil nerds. 

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Favorite flower? Favorite song? Favorite person? Favorite meal? Send this to five other people to make them smile a little & dont be afraid to add !! 🌹

omgosh this is so cute!! tysm!<3

  • flower: peonies & daisies!!
  • song: hmm difficult. one of them would be bewitched, bothered & bewildered in just about any form. i particularly enjoy samuel barnett’s cover.
  • person: probably my dad or my second oldest sister? it feels bad picking lmao. 
  • meal: any pasta. my dad’s spag bol is always a winner.