[Bunny Mail!]

Puff sits at the foot of his bed with a single letter attached to him. He looks up anxiously and nuzzles against your hand as you open the envelope to see an array of photographs and some written words behind each polaroid.

“This is how you look when I make you smile.

And when I ask you to go to places.

And when we talk and we bicker and we make up.

And this is how you look when I’m annoyed at you and you end up trying to make me smile anyway. With bubbles.

This is when you’re talking about your mum, your brother, or anyone else you love.

This is how you look when I tell you something and you don’t believe me.

And then you find out I’m telling the truth.

But you love me anyway.

And maybe I’ll fall in love with your smile this way.


Leonidas Zabini

…Maybe Juliet can get his guy, then.