omgoms! 2011

110524 [fan account] Pre-debut EXO / SM trainees

I was going to write everything that happened that day on this post but it would have taken me hours so I guess I’ll make separate posts of U-KISS and whatnot later.

Anyway, here’s my Exo fan account from last May!

- Me and my friend hanged out in front of (or more like behind of) SME’s headquarters for hours and saw quite a lot of the trainees when they spent their breaks outside.

- I don’t remember their faces well but I have a vivid memory of a handsome tall dude with a ponytail (omg Kris).

- Some of the trainees smoked, I have no idea who though.

- You might know this already but taking pictures of trainees is strictly prohibited. We were there on the day before too and a staff member checked my camera then. I was aware of the rule though so I had only taken some irrelevant pictures of myself, the building, other fans etc.

- We left to find the nearest public bathroom around… 8PM maybe? We thought it’s probably at a cafe we saw earlier, 300m away from the SM building.

- We didn’t see the toilets on the second floor (ground level), so we started walking downstairs. I peeked to the first floor from the stairs and saw around ten of the SM trainees from earlier sitting there. They looked a bit shocked at first but it quickly changed into amusement. They laughed, some of them said something to us and they started pointing upstairs. 

-We found the toilets on the third floor. :DDDDDDD

So either they knew exactly why we were there (I’m pretty sure that’s where all the fans who visit SM building go when they need to use the bathroom and the trainees had seen us many times before) or maybe they just wanted us to leave because they thought we were following them or something (which wasn’t the case at all, we had no idea they would be there and I don’t have any interest in following anyone anyway).

Credit me if you post this somewhere else, please.