The following gifs summarizes my day this far, presented my thesis and it was passed without conditions! I’m amazed and so, so very happy! I also really need to sleep. Have been working 80-90 hours a week these last two weeks. But it’s done, it’s finally done! I have two weeks before the open exhibition and then I’m officially an ARCHITECT. It’s been 7 years, I’m so ready you have no idea. Is it weekend now? :P

omgomgomgomg! @tommyish released the shots from the Mercury shoot I did with her at AUSA and Omgomgomgomgomg!!! There’s more to come but OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!! I always love working with Tommyish both when she’s a photographer and a cosplayer and her work is so stunning! Can’t wait to show you guys the rest of the shots! Or see Mercury kick ass this episode! (Only I will because my ROOMMATE booked the cat’s vet appointment for right when it is released! OTL)

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I follow you because you're just too good to be true. You're such a kind adoring person who deserves the sun and moon. Not only that but you're super talented and I always get happy when I see you in my dash. You're super funny and cute and I just want the best for you :)

alksjdlfakj aw omgomgomgomgomg this is too much thank you so much this is so nice i adore this and i adore you so so so so so much you deserve the world and the stars across the night sky leT ME LOVE YOU FOREVER 

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> tell me why you follow me on anon (or not!)