Me, scrolling through the Sanders Sides tag for the first time: Wait wait wait, hold up…What do you mean Logan is not the fan favorite of Sanders’ Sides? Then who on earth–

The fandom: vIRGil is s u c h a CuTiE!!!! omgomfg look at tgis ADORABLE gif of P A T T ON I ma d e!!!!!!!1!

Me, using the gif because okay it is kind of cute:

Originally posted by logan-logic


I drew these on my own leg, they’re not super recent but I did have to draw them upside down on my thigh. Both are in sharpie.


Is this for real @kaliauditore !!!

THIS IS AMAZING, I’m shocked !

a fucking sharpie and ur leg and u did this ?!!?!? can’t wait to see when u start tattooing your friends. congrats babe, submit more of your art whenever u want !