viiixviii  asked:

Yoo, I was wondering if I should build on an automatic Z, I've been getting a lot of shit for even thinking about it lmao. But a car is a car right?

hey bro, a car is a car, it doesnt matter whether its automatic or not. its powered by an engine, it runs on wheels, it takes you to places and when you build it right, it catches everyone’s attention. bro, if this is what you want, just do it. this is your car, so do it to your taste and your personality. how you build the car, it will reflect off you. cause you are the one who planned the car and built it. so even if you get shit for it, fuck it. just do it. dont let anyone stop you from what you want to build or what you wanna do. if you know what you want, you work your way there and you will get there. haha sorry for the rant xD i just had to get it out and yeah man. haha